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Organized by: Hololive English Fan ServerReleased on: 27 December 2022

HoloEN Fan Advertisement Project Project Info


Hololive did an ad for their very first HoloFes blu-ray DVD back in 2020 at Yunika Vision, before Myth's debut, so in order to show our apprecation and to congratulate EN on all being featured in HoloFes (and CouncilRyS on their 3D models!), we thought it was fitting to make a return to Yunika Vision!

We also chose Yunika Vision because this is THE PLACE to do fan ads for idols. Many popular idols such as Blackpink, Twice, Aespa and Jin of BTS were featured in Yunika Vision!


Unlike Ina's and Kronii's birthday Time Square, we can't show fan art or message submissions directly on the fan ad. However, we are still taking text submissions and art submissions, and everything will go on the website for our oshis to see, which will be accessible through a link on the advertisement similar to the Kronii project! (We had to change as the ad agency said no QR codes)


Yunika Vision, Tokyo, Japan

https://goo.gl/maps/xircY81E3bWhcTAo6 (That's the same place as Cover used for advertising [hololive 1st fes]!)


Mar. 13~19th, 2023

(During the week of 4th Hololive Festival)

It will show 18 times (once every hour, exact time not decided yet) a day for 60sec each time

  • Myth on left screen
  • CouncilRyS on right screen


  • To celebrate HoloMyth's second anniversary of being part of Hololive Festival and all of their hardwork
  • To celebrate CouncilRyS' most likely first 3D concert and being part of Hololive Festival for the first time and all of their hardwork

Ad Agency

Cublic Media (Fanlab)

Hololive Fan ads they did:


What will happen to extra money raised?

As fans of Hololive EN, we will donate through an organization.

All additional proceeds will go to: https://jvoad.jp/

I can't go to Japan to see this billboard how am I going to see it?

  • There is an youtube live video feed that shows Yunika Vision. It is a billboard on the top left. Also when the billboard goes up we will be there to see it personally and will post video of it.


Project Manager


Billboard Art



Discord Servers


From: JohnCoolWhip

Congratulations to our HoloMyth idols! Thank you for your hard work, especially on your recent 3D debuts. All of your dedication shows in your ambitious projects and streams. It will be exciting to see what you all will create in the coming years. We’ve seen you grow so much from your debuts, yet it feels like this is just the beginning. I hope this journey has been as fun for you as it has been for us. I can’t wait to see where this wonderful journey takes us next. Here’s to more memories with you! Myth Forever! ❤️🧡💛💙💜

From: Mintylicious

Congrats Fauna!! This lil' sapling is so excited for you and wishes ya all the happiness in the world!!

From: KuwoHerlin

Congrats my super cute GOOOOBAAA!! words are not enough to express my happiness, love and gratitude for you! I wish can give you lots of headpats and hugs with tons of love (─‿‿─) ♥ im so happy and proud to see you on stage again and now in your idol outfit!! Yeah baby!! cant wait to see you shine! even more than last time! my heart and soul are excited and racing for you~waku waku! I know it hasnt been easy for you these last few months but you keep surprising us! you are and always will be my beloved, sassy, adorable, blue shark gamer/idol that i love SO MUCH!! my tears and chumbie heart will be cheering you on again! \(≧◡≦)/ Gooba! Gooba!

From: Light - Space KoroKFBeat

First Kiara, i am so excited to see you on the Stage again, in the last Fest you blew many People away with your Performance and you really knew how to hype up the Croud. I know you will again shine bright like the Sun, you will bring so much joy to everyone. I know how much this means to you, so i am so happy for you to be there in your Idol Outfit. I know you will be amazing, make the Stage burn Kiara, with your dancing and singing. For Sana, i do not know if you will ever read this, but know that we Sanallites/Breaddogs will always remember you. We will never forget you bright Smile, your positive nature, your cute laugh and your Chaos Engery. As promised, we will continue to support the other Hololive Members but we will never forget you. I know you would have shined so much on Stage and brought Smiles to everyone hearing you Sing and Dance. This Breaddog will always be supporting you, where ever you are.

From: TheRedBag

Congratulations on the 4th fes!!! I'm so happy for you! On the 4th fes, shine like an pheonix, and get lots of time to make a shiny smily story!! I am always waiting for you to have fun at the 4th fes! Wish you luck :>

From: 박태양

congrats 3d debut councilRys and ad at yunika vision! can't wait to meet the 3d councilRys at the HoloFes i can't believe HoloEn is coming to HoloFes altho i can't go to yunika vision directly but i will watch thorugh youtube congrats again my precious girls! love ya'll guys forever HoloEn<3 especially Kiwawa and Bae becuase they were and are mean a lot to me when i had hard time thank you and love you

From: J_ONE

Dear Kiara, our Tenchou, Ty for always working hard and continuously trying new challenges for us. I'm just one of the fans, but I'm proud that I've been able to support you as my Oshi for a long time🧡 I bet we can make much more great memories from now on as well. I will continue to support HoloEN's growth and your challenges. Love you, Kiwawa! Dear Gura, I'm so happy to be able to get to know you first through your DMC gameplays, and glad to love HoleEN more through you, Gura. I hope you will be able to stream more healthily this year and hope we would make more fun memories together this year :) Love you, Guwa! 💙

From: KevinC - KFP Samurai

To my Oshis Takanashi Kiara and Ceres Fauna. Kikkeriki/Konfauna! I want to congratulate you both on participating in this amazing event. Each of you has brightened up my days with your wonderful and unique personalities and fun content. You and all of HoloEN make so many people happy, and for that, I say thank you. I hope you both have a wonderful time at HoloFes and am looking forward to seeing you both there. Auf Wiedersehen/Faunwell.

From: heysung

My dark life has become more colorful, thanks to you! Thank you for coloring my life beautifully.

From: Vanilla Thunder

The day is finally here! HoloEN on stage at HoloFes!! Can't wait to see everyone's outfits and performances!!!

From: CatSi

Love you! Love you! Love you! All my shinning memory, thoughts, feelings, all for you and from you!

From: HI-Box

To IRys and Fauna: Congratulations on your 3d concert debut! So proud to finally see you on stage, you've all come so far!!! To Ina: Congratulations on your second Hololive festival, this time with idol outfit! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

From: GrumbleDogg

CouncilRyS! Congratulations on performing at the 4th HoloFes! You girls' hard work and efforts have definitely paid off, and now you get to be a part of one the biggest VTuber events ever. Stand tall and proud, because you've definitely earned it! Now, it's time to show the rest of the world what CouncilRyS at full power can be. Let your beautiful souls shine through! ...and one more thing: Sana is eternal!

From: Baelztarian

I'm looking forward to your first idol activity!!

From: N/A

Im so happy for everything councilrys has done, and I’m excited for the future!! Love you guys!

From: third12

Congrats on finally joining holofes CouncilRyS! I can't wait to see you guys finally perform 3D on stage! You guys are just so talented and are really great singers/performers. So I am really looking forward to your performance! Ganbare!

From: Zyrob

Congratulations on your first ever live stage performance at HoloFes 2023 CouncilRyS! I'm so happy all of you can finally get to perform to all of your fans on stage in full 3D, it's a long time coming and soon it will be your chance to shine and sing your heart out to the fans! Even though I'll be unable to be there in person, I'll still be cheering for all of you to give it your absolute best out there and give us the performance of a life time! Go CouncilRyS! I believe in you, in all of you! Get out there and make some dreams come true!

From: Megumin's Staff

Congrats for being part of HoloFes for the 2nd time Gura and for your first ever 3D HoloFes Mumei!! I'm soo happy for you two for reaching this point in your career. Good luck and Have Funel Gura 💙 and Mumei🤎!!

From: Cynicade

To Gura: You've made it back on stage! I'm so proud of you! I can't wait to cheer you on again. Sing and dance your heart out! My shorky sharky idol! To Mumei: This will be your first time on stage, but I know you will do great! Get out there and let them hear your beautiful voice. You've got this Id-Owl!

From: Uranimum_235

Hi, Sana. I hope you are doing well. Seven months already have passed since last stream on your channel and Sanallites are still around in the World Wide Web, chatting with each other, crying because it happened and not because it ended, gazing upon the night sky and dreaming about far worlds and beautiful stars. I will always cherish, fun, goofy, strange and hilarious moments from your streams. You left a very BEEEG and warm mark in my heart. Wish you the best in the future endeavors and good health!

From: upsidedownengineer

Hi Sana, Thank you for being with us in Hololive, while it was a short time we are all very happy for you. Hope you are happy out there in the stars!

From: Link

Hi Sana!! It's been a long time since your departure, hope you still fine out there, just want to say we here still love you wherever you are, whenever it be, whatever you will be. Sana is big, Sana is Eternal. We love Sana 💛 Sanananana!!

From: さり/ Salli

4th event wawa!! 大好きなキアラちゃん!4thイベント出演おめでとう🙌🧡 EXPOではキアラちゃんのKFPチキンが食べられたり、hololive Englishのブースがキアラちゃん主役のものだったりして、すごく嬉しい!w 早くキアラちゃんのコスプレで行って写真撮りたいな! そして、3rd fesの時のパフォーマンスはすごかった!! 全ての始まりの歌 ""HINOTORI"" は、小鳥遊キアラという VTuber/ダンサー/アイドル の魅力を引き出してた! 今回の4th fesではどの曲を披露するのか、そしてどんなキアラちゃんが見れるのかワクワクだよ!- ̗̀(˶'ᵕ'˶) ̖́- KFPでたくさんコールを練習したから楽しみです!! 🔥 かっこよくて可愛い、そして美しいキアラちゃんの歌声やダンスを現地で見られることを、誇りに思います!Ganbare! だいすきだよ!Kiwawa Love❣️

From: NiiNi Diesel

Congrats on performing at 4th Fes! Let's fire the stage again!! KFP around the world cheering for you!! L-O-V-E LOVELY KIARA! GO GO LET'S GO KIARA!!

From: PONG

Hi Kiara! can't wait to see your concert live on day 1! You shine the brightest on a stage and so happy to see you live! Thanks for everything you do for KFP and I will always cheer for you! Viva La Kiara!

From: Lord Ewok!

Rock That Stage, Tenchou! Cant wait to see you shine, once again!!

From: Pimster

Congrats on your 3D Showcase and on being featured on this year's HoloFes, Tenchou! You're a big inspiration to me and it's gonna be a blast seeing you on stage once again! Keep being awesome

From: Salubrious Beets

Congratulations Kiara! So proud of you to make it to the 4th fes stage, and not just as a guest this time! You've come so far, and you've worked your butt off to make it this far. I'm happy and honored to have been a part of your journey so far, I can't wait to see what new heights you'll reach! Viva la Kiara!

From: Jinro

Well well well...already been year since last Holofes and time goes pretty fast isn't it?. Anyways congrats on finally getting idol outfit and it looks really nice!! Looking forward on your performance in Holofes and makes me wonder which song you will sing this time and what kind of choreography you have prepared to show us. Once again you have proven your singing with dancing skill with recent 3D showcase and shown excel knowledge with being idol as well. We know it will be really hype and I'm super excited to see you in stage once again. I hope you have enjoy or enjoyed the Holofes and rest of Japan trip as well. Unfortunately, I didn't win ticket to day1 concert, but I will definitely give my best to cheer and give calls with other Holofans during the watch along live in Japan. I really can not wait for when the time comes!!! IKZZZ Tenchou!!!!!

From: JustAnotherKFP

To our lovely Tenchou Kiara and all of the amazing ladies in Hololive EN, CONGRATS on 4th Fes! We're so proud of you all! Kiara, I know you're going to show us all once again why you're such an incredible idol.

From: Hanho

Hi Kiwawa!! i'm one of KFP from Korea. my english is bad, so i use some google translator. pls excuse me if there are any wrong part of sentence. at first i saw a clip about you speak korean. and i thought you were very cute, so i started looking for your clips and videos after that, even other EN members, too. and it's been 3~4 months until now. (yes, i'm newbie KFP) thanks to you, i was able to work hard on art and have fun even when i was difficult. not only me but all KFP knows that you put a lot of effort into becoming what you are now, i will work hard too, and i want to be a famous artist like you. i respect and thank you for always doing fun broadcasts and awesome songs!!

From: A.Kiruv

In a nutshell, I wish the blessing of God be with you, respectful Tenchou.

From: Love! chicken

First of all, congratulations Kiara I love watching the broadcast! Good news next year too!

From: SilverSergio

What can I say except KIKKERIKIIIIIIIIIII <3 Kiwawa, I just wanna say that you are majestic person, as your performances bring so many smiles in this world, including mine. You deserve only best and this festival is one more opportunity for you to shine. Liebe dich, Chefin o7

From: KFP_Sky

Congratulation for the idol 3D! Still glad to meet you back in the days and having fun with your stream, didn't get any ticket this time, but I will support you on the stream no matter what, hope that one day I can be in site! Love you, my oshi! Go rock the stage!

From: Jkhmonkey

4th Fes let's go!!! I'm so excited to watch you on the stage this year Kiara! We got a taste of what you could do last year's concert, but this year you've got your well deserved buff, and on top of that you finally got your idol outfit! So thank you for working so hard these past few years, never giving up and finally getting to where you are now. I'll be looking forward to what kind of performances you have in store for us!

From: Chourbagui

Congrats on appearing in holofes for the second time tenchou. The first time you appeared was so hype it was like a dream. Looking forward to your greatness on stage again this year.

From: Kazzy-chan

Dear Kiara, Hell yeah, it's finally time, my favorite Idol steps on the big stage! The outfit is absolutely wonderful and I know your performance will be as well. I have been watching you since debut, and seeing you reaching the big milestone with Holofes last year was beautiful, now this year with the proper attire will be magnificent! I know it! Can't wait to see you on the big stage! I will be cheering you on with a few other KFP in Germany, it's going to be legendary! Good luck and have fun on the stage Tenchou, Kazzy-chan

From: Naweed Ahmedi

Shine bright, Kiara!

From: Schrodinger KFP

Hey boss! Long time fan and hope you keep doing your best in the future! Will always love and watch your streams o7

From: Moonlight darksparkle

Thanks you kiawa make my life happy I been watch you 3 years now I am proud kfp I watch you getting your dreams and dream so long with your 3d finally happen so happy thanks you accept us that means lots for kfp who in lgbt as well thank you kiawa and congratulations


It's only been a year since I saw you, but I was touched to see you achieve your dreams one by one over the past year. I can't see you perform again this year, but I'm always rooting for you from afar. I'm so happy that you can sing on stage and be happy together as a fan when you're on stage. Although you can't see it on the spot, I hope you can enjoy your stage!

From: 108_바이올렛 에버가든

It’s been an year and a half since I started watching you and everytime I watched your streams it was always amazing🙏 I’m always surprised on how creative you are with your contents and I wish you an amazing 4th fes with memories that are worth a lifetime🧡 Kiara you are always doing your best on everything you do and that’s probably one of the biggest reason why a lot of KFP are here to support you☺️ There are more than enough people supporting you from all around the world so just enjoy the career you have right now!

From: Jeong Youngmin

I am always thankful for your streams and kind words. I am going to support you in all directions! Fighting, Tenchou!

From: Crayons A.T.

This will be the 2nd year that you will be on stage at Makuhari Messe, this time in a sparkling idol outfit. While you won't see the majority of us at the venue, we will see you and from all over the world, we'll wave our penlights with all our might during your dazzling performance.

From: Sean R.

Congrats on the idol outfit, Kiara Tenchou! Knock ‘em dead like I know you will! Your passion for dancing is as bright and brilliant as the flames you leave behind! Viva la Kiara! Viva la KFP!

From: Hikali

Thank you for fun STREAM !, I'm happy because of you.

From: Hatmo

KFP is proud to see our Phoenix idol on stage yet again ! We wish you the best Tenchou !

From: EleMas*

For the perfect stage, with perfect Kronii ⏳😎

From: Ryuto Setsujin

I love you Kronii! Have fun gwaking around on stage!!

From: third12

Congrats Ina on finally being able to perform with your senpais this holofes!! You've really come so far now ; w ; Especially with the first 3D myth collab. You guys really did amazing there! My favorite tako is now finally an idol! I'm crying tears of joy Q w Q you guys were so cute! I can't wait to see you perform again in holofes! I've been a fan ever since you debuted, watching you become more and more comfortable with streaming as well as with interacting with your fellow genmates/senpais makes me really happy and inspires me a lot as a very shy introvert. You are really starting to show more and more of your goofy side and I'm loving it lol. Also your singing and dancing is amazing! Those lessons really paid off and the fruit of your efforts can easily be seen with your performances. Man, I am just a very happy and proud takodachi (T▽T) Thank you for everything Ina! I may not watch you as often as before due to a busy life but just know that I always support you! Love Forever!

From: Jamuko (Jamutako)

It's so wonderful to finally get to see everyone fully participate in holofes!! I'm so excited! The new outfit designs are cute too (❁´◡`❁) So proud of all you girls! See you at the EXPO!!

From: Yagato

Ina, you're the reason why I started watching holoEN in 2022 thanks to your amazing performance in the 3rd fes. I'm beyond excited to see you perform again this year. Give it all you got!

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From: BlueGemini

Thank you Ina for being a part of Hololive! Seeing you moving and dancing an idol outfit during Holofes with the rest of HoloEN will be an amazing memory that I will treasure forever! Looking forward to everyone's performance in HoloFes!

From: Jenn

Congratulations on your 3D Debut and another HoloFes!!! You're sweet and funny and an absolute joy to watch. Thank you for all the fuwa fuwa and waku waku streams. ♡

From: Homurakuma

Congratulations on another year with HoloFes! Ganbatte Ina!

From: Takochee

Inaaa, I wish you and future Ina have a lots and lots of fun! I feel very lucky to having you as my oshi. I hope the 4th fes will as good as your 4th WAH heh. BONKE*

From: kiyui

Dear Ina You always bring a lot of happiness for me I am so glad that I had met u! Thanks for everything ! love u mua!

From: Takolyte Xander

Good morning, afternoon, and evening, Priestess Ina! It's that time again where every Takodachi in the world is most happy of your success and progress. This has been an extremely fun journey that I have joined alongside you and the Tentacult. I still remember when I first tuned into your streams and immediately became hooked onto your entire vibe despite not being into Vtubers that much then. I have been with you on this journey for almost 2 years and watched as you grew and improved at both being a comfy idol streamer and your overall health. All of your streams I've enjoyed and all of your wisdom I have written down. Thank you for all the WAHnderful moments that you bestowed upon us. With that, I'd like to congratulate you for your hard work, determination, and perseverance at what you do. We're so proud of you, Ina! We can't wait to see how you reach into greater heights. We are here, we are hype, and we are happy for you! Congratulations, stay healthy, and keep safe!

From: Mintylicious

HUGE congrats to our beautiful priestess! Proud to be a tako, today and every day!

From: Lyudmilia

Congratulations on your 2nd time performing on the big stage at Holofes!!! I couldn't be more proud than I am. Seeing you from the start and your progress thoughout these years has been a blast to say the least. And with your 3D showcase done, there's even more to look forward to! Go give it your best shot! I'll always be rooting for you!

From: Boubon

WE ARE HAPPY! WE ARE HERE! WE ARE HYPE!!! Congratulations on the 3D Debut and appearing again in HoloFes!!! WAH!!!

From: GingerSelf/Bryan

Hello Ina, I just wanted to say congrats on your 2nd year of being in the fest and on the 1.5 million sub milestone. I've enjoyed your content since your debut, you have been very entertaining and had tons of funny moments, your advice and wisdom towards art and life has given me confidence and given me very good vibes for my future, some of us might have the same feeling. Last year we had ups and downs, but this year I hope for the best for you Ina, and the Takodachi's. This community is one of the most friendly communities I've seen in years, accepting new Takodachi's and being able to talk in chat (I used to be a silent tako) is a very fun and comfortable space to be. What I want see this year is getting a new song to listen with VIOLET. Please continue making us laugh and have good memories every time you stream! TAKOTIME is always the best time! I Love you Ina no, We Love You Ina! :D

From: DavedZrod

The day has finally come and you will be in the holofes! Ever since debut, your voice, it has potential. This will be your time to show it! I believe in you!

From: 바르그하티

Oh, hi :D Congratulations on Council's one and a half year anniversary and 3D debut! I hope you have a great time on the 4th HoloFes stage! I will always be rooting for you! Love you, Mumei!

From: EleMas*

Congratulations on your holoFes debut, IRyS! I'm looking forward to the day when your clear and pure voice resonates on the stage. 💎

From: FalcomxTrails

Congratulations on your first appearance at HoloFes and getting a 3D model, IRyS! It's been a joy and absolutely amazing journey following you since day 1! Always believe in your abilities as a VSinger and Idol. You're a big inspiration and the best Oshi ever! You truly shine brightly, I love hearing you sing! Have confidence and keep on being amazing. I hope you can lots of concerts in the future. You're amazing!

From: AlanYoyoUwU

Congratulations, IRyS!🥳🎉 Hololive 4th fes will be your first 3D concert! Well done!😎Although I won't be able to go to japan this time, I'll be cheering you on through the internet! And needless to say, I'll keep supporting you till the end of me too! Take care, and always don't push yourself too hard! And also, be confident all the time! You're always doing things excellently! Good luck with your concert! You'll surely shine on stage and impress everyone with your talent and hard work.🥰💎💕

From: Yuu_kyaruchan

Congrats on performing in the Fes! This is a great step forward and I believe you will achieve more and be even brighter in the future! Thank you so much for all your hard work, you show us your passion towards singing and we witnessed how hard you strived for improvements, and your effort has paid off! Despite being a pon yabai cutie sometimes, you are definitely a true idol when singing on stage. No matter how you or others see yourself, you are always the brightest in my heart, and I will always, always support you till the end of me. Ganbare, our beloved nephilim!

From: sien

From 3d cardboard to this! Proud of you IRys 💕

From: EleMas*

Finally, the first holoFes stage debut! Congratulations! I can’t wait Bae, our true idol 🎲

From: Thor

Hello Bae!! Congratulations for finally performing for Holofes! Words can't express how proud I am of you for this, I know you have been looking forward to this for a very long time. You should also be proud of yourself too, you must've worked hard for this. You are an amazing idol! I wish you good luck on future projects and I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll do! Chu chu chu~<3

From: Hisny_히스나이

Thank you for always giving me a lot of strength during difficult times, especially last year, thank you so much for calling My name!! by bat-chan

From: 무륵

I got to perform at the Holo Fes congratulations Baelz always works hard and shows the image of a professional broadcaster Okay, I'm always cheering for you Every day is the best Baelz!!

From: Seoyu

Hi Bae! This message might be awkward because I used a translator. I have been watching your YouTube since I was a graduate student in 2021. I received a lot of energy thanks to your energetic content during the most difficult time. Especially, the experience I met at Seoul Popcon Live in August last year is still one of my best memories. You seem to have the power to recharge and help restore people's energy. Thanks to you, I can always cheer up and lead a life. Thank you always! I'll continue to support you!

From: paramecium

I love BAE❤️

From: 돈땃쥐미(Shrew)


From: PONG

Gura! I am so excited for your 2nd appearance of holo festival! So many people will see how awesome our singing shark is! You have worked so hard to be here and hope that you have lots of fun singing too! IKZ!!!

From: lndj

Congratulations on your second time at HoloFes, Gura! We look forward to seeing you and the rest of HoloEN perform and have fun! Thank you for always being the cute shork you are, and having us along during your streams. We love it when we see you happy, which made me aspire to be an idol like you one day, as you are able to captivate and entertain us with your cuteness and quirky personality. With that said, we hope you have a fantastic time on the Idol stage! Much love from us, the chumbuds <3

From: SomePan

Proud of you goomba. I'm glad I'm a chumbud

From: Oki

knock em dead gura! all the effort you've put in is gonna pay off and i can't wait to see it happen. we're always in your corner, okay? make us proud like you always do!

From: Matha

I can't wait to see Gura in a idol outfit dancing. I'm sad I can't be here in person but I'll support you until the very end shark girl. Everything you do makes people's every day better and I hope it makes you feel good about it for yourself. Be yourself even more because we all like your persona. For all the smiles you gave, you deserve a billion thanks. Thank you.

From: Sherly

You go girl! We so proud of you!!

From: Apple from the sea

You are always my idol We will not forget you I wonder if you like eating apples Lol.

From: Timo0620

You are always my favorite and I will always wait for you. Although the distance is far, I hope the distance of mind is close. *Sent by a Korean female fan who loves you.

From: Toboomy

a (But really have a good break!)

From: Esteban

I'm so proud of you sharky, and I can't wait to see you in a cute idol outfit!!!

From: Jibs

Hello, Fauna! First off, congratulations on your first HoloFes! This is such a massive step and I'm so proud of you for making it this far. I know the journey isn't easy, and no matter what happens we'll always be there to support you. Secondly, your birthday is just around the corner. So happy early birthday! I hope you rest well during this busy time and celebrate fully, you deserve it. ♡♡

From: SJtree

So the day has come. Congrats on entering the 3rd dimension and finally standing on the same stage as your senpai, Fauna! I bet that this day felt like a far off dream to debut Fauna and that she couldn’t imagine how she’d get there, and yet she did! You made it! You’re here! You’ve worked hard to improve yourself for this day and the fruits of your labor have long since become apparent. You make us Saplings so proud! You might not always be confident in your singing ability and you may sometimes doubt yourself, but I want you to know that you are and always will be my idol! I’d say go continue to do your best, but I know that you always do. I’ll be cheering for you! Once again, congratulations Fauna!!!

From: DaniruKun

Congratulations Ame, you made it to Japan! Keep up the same creative, funny and kind spirit!

From: massmanton

You did it, Ame! You may be a time-travelling detective but you were also always a true idol and now you can show the world what you got on the big stage in your very own idol outfit this 4th Fes! "Our Bright Parade" is much brighter because of you! Congratulations!

From: Bas

HoloEN Idols!!! Wooohooo!! You girls been working so hard for us so I hope our words and support makes all the effort worthwhil. You grown so much since debut and with every step you made our days a little more bright with your streams and your crazy ideas. We will keep supporting you, so please keep doing your best! Love you all!!

From: Eeveellector

Hello Calli! I'd like to congratulate you for all the wonderful success you've achieved! It's really amazing to see how much you've accomplished and progressed! I'd like to also thank you for introducing me to vinyl collecting with the release of your ""Your Mori"" record! It has been such an amazing experience to meet other fellow record collectors around Singapore because of it! I hope that you'll continue to break records and reach new heights!

From: PONG

Calli! I love your music. You have been releasing banger after banger! Although I won't be able to see you live personally I cannot wait for so many people all over the world to see how great you are! Let's go Idol Calli! Let's go Rapper Calli!

From: third12

Congrats HoloMyth for your 2nd appearance in holofes! I can't wait to see you guys finally perform with your senpais on the big stage! Thank you always for your hard work for the past few years, you guys have surely grown a lot not only as streamers but even as idols. I hope you guys have a lot of fun on your performance! Ganbare!

From: KamiCreed

Congratulations everyone in becoming idols on the big stage! I am mostly a chronic clip binger, but I recognize and do listen to a few of your guys' musical works and am excited to see you all on the stage! My 3 friends and I were unable to get tickets to the live itself, but we will watch the stream nearby and enjoy the expo! You are all great entertainers partially in an endearing way with interesting and cute personalities that bounce nicely off of each other. I hope you all the best in your live and for years to come!

From: AnAnomalousWriter

Congratulations and thank you to Hololive EN for all the entertaining moments, streams, and great times! Your hard work has paid off by cultivating an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment, and now we get to see all of you on the idol stage! Hololive EN Forever <3

From: Uranimum_235

Girls, thank you so much for bringing more joy to this world! You are an inspiration! Sometimes, in moments when life gets difficult, you restore faith that this world can be a good place, that it is worth continuing to move towards the goals. Akiramennayo! I wish that fate will lead you along the path of happiness and success.

From: Sine_Fine_Belli

Hello It's been Almost 3 years since the creation of Hololive English, 2 years and a couple of months since myth’s debut. And 1 year and a few months since the debut of Hololive’s council. You are the reasons why I try to participate and contribute to these projects. You are also the reason why I try to improve my drawing skills. You are the reason why I go the extra mile for you. Thank you for everything! Thank you for the streams, videos, tweets, messages, membership content and everything else. Thank you for the work that you do, and thank you for working so hard. You don’t know how much that means for us. Thank you so much for the communities that you create. Thank you so much for everything. I’ll never regret being there for your debuts. I’ll keep supporting guys in anyway I can. What you do for us will never be forgotten.

From: sST3LL4a

Woooooo! congrats on being 3D and be on the fes! after long awaiting it finally come true! am so happy and excite, cheers to all your hard work and effort, We will definitely enjoy ourselves to this epic of an event!!!

From: Kuromi

Congratulations to MYTH, Hope, and Council. You've all worked so hard to get to this stage, the time, effort, and commitment you have all shown us will be rewarded when y'all finally hit that stage in your Idol Outfits; in Japan. The Fans will roar in cheer and even though we know scheduling won't allow it we'll always be chanting for an Uncle Ray, because seeing our Idols on the stage they've dreamed of will always be beautiful. Love from a fENatic.

From: Jhnn

Thank you for always making me smile!!! Looking forward for an amazing future with HoloEN :)

From: Jason_drawing

Thank you for being my sunshine during the days and my moonlight in the dark. You girls will always be the greatest idols there ever been, and I wish you all will continue shining the road.

From: dabiid

As Idols, you are all Shining stars. You have brought many Smiles and brightened the lives of fans everywhere, including me. The Story of HoloEN for bringing this wonderful community together, from many parts of this world, will always be remembered and treasured! Thank you you all for everything you've done!! Thank you, Hololive English!!!

From: Đay

Congratulations on your success and best wishes for your next adventure!

From: night

Congratulations on performing in HoloFes Myth and CouncilRyS!!! All of hololive EN have truly have become idols! *otakucheer* Thank you for all the hard work you all have poured into achieving this incredible milestone, all of the fans are truly delighted to see you all perform in this huge event, dancing and singing on stage with the JP and ID members! Cheers to the future for more amazing events and activities to come!

From: The Rare Blue Lettuce

To each and every one of our HoloEN idols, thank you so much for all your hard work! Congratulations on the big show. This has become a highlight of my year, and I can't wait to cheer you on!

From: mari!

thank you to en and myth for all the laughs youve given me throughout the years and all the days you cheered me up! idols like you make the world a better place <3

From: Redbrick

Congrats! You earn this! You did your best and we know your hard work. Each and every one of you deserves more! Of course, there will be hard times. But always remember, belive in yourselves and walk your own path. Shadow is dark because Sunlight is also strong! You are doing good, keep it up!

From: Luore

It has been a wonderful time from debut to now another HoloFes, this time with all of EN! Here's to more fun times to come. Thank you all.

From: Finn_128

Congrats on making it to Japan HoloEN! What a journey it has been, it has been so fun seeing you all grow and overcome all the obstacles along the way! I'll be cheering you on at 4th Fes, break a leg!

From: kaco han

First, I'm always happy because of the fun HoloEn's streams. Thank you!!! And congratulations on HoloEN's participation in HoloFes 4th. As always, I'll be waiting for HoloEN to shine on stage.

From: 설화령슬

It's great to finally get the costumes and see everyone go on stage! Please believe in us who believe in you and do your best. Because you can shine on it differently from the stream! - one of Takodachis

From: JM KIM

I don't watch live broadcasts often, but I get news through clips. Thank you for always enjoying the broadcast and congratulations on the 4th Holopes. I love you HoloEn people

From: Kase Rumiauz

"Congrats... all the things you achieved, all the hard work you've gone through led to this. I hope you all have a blast at 4th fest and beyond. Memory is a window through which we can see you whenever we choose and even though Sana will not be on Stage: to me... she will!"

From: Nautilus

Words alone cannot express how excited and proud I am for everybody at HoloEN! You’ve all come so far, thank you! I’m eagerly looking forward to celebrating Our Bright Parade together this March 2023 and beyond! Rock that stage, much love!

From: Clover

Fes for All Idols, Fes for All Fans, Fes for All!

From: MoonLight Butter-Fry(月光蝶..?)

"Can you hear me well? Or, can you see me well? Today's stage was really cool. I lost track of time. At some point, I've seen clips of you expressing doubts and concerns about your presence and belonging. It could have been a clip from the past a long time ago, or it could have been a recent clip. But now that I'm here with you, happy, angry, crying and smiling, I think we realize that we're here together. So I always want to put this in your heart. Tell you about your past that you will meet someday. ""You've had a hard time, haven't you? You did a great. For choosing me out of the future that lies ahead of you, Thank you very much."" We're always thankful, too! Anytime!"

From: Diogenes

I've been waiting for this moment ever since I fell down the rabbit hole, you all are incredible, amazing and passionate, I can't wait to see you shine on stage. I'll cheer for each and every single one of you with all my heart!! Show the world that you are Idols through and through, show it what you're capable of. I wish y'all the greatest of lucks in your performances. Keep being awesome HoloEN, Fighto!!!

From: Gozita2003

"Congrats to all of you girls for making it! You worked hard and now you can show the world how amazing you are. I hope you keep inspiring people to do things and drive people to be their best. 頑張って!!"

From: Bjorn117

For nearly 3 years Hololive has been a big part of my life, but EN has a very special part in my heart that can't be equaled. I want to congratulate you all for such a massive goal! And of course I'll be cheering on you as you blow us away with your performance!

From: Plagesama

Congrats! We know you all worked so hard! Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

From: Eev

From after a month or two of HoloMyth debuted to the last second of all HoloEN, I have enjoy and loved all of you. Even if im busy with school work, I work my hardest to support each and everyone of you, May this event continue to bring happiness and joy to those who love HoloEN as much as I do.

From: ikarus

"Dear HoloEN, Congratulations on getting to perform at HoloFes! I know I’m not alone in saying how proud I am of you. And I also know that I’m not alone in saying that you all have changed our (the fans’) lives in profoundly positive ways over the past few years. Through streams you give us the joy and entertainment to carry us through both the good and bad times. Through music you convey feelings and messages to us that we can enjoy listening to over and over. And through your presence you give us a community to be a part of, no matter where we are in the world. But above all of that you give us the inspiration to be happy, to make the most of life, and to keep chasing our dreams. Nobody is perfect (except Kronii), yet each of you are incredible people who we love and aspire to be like. You truly have become idols. However this is just the beginning! Good luck on your performances and all that comes after it. Your fans will always be there to support you. Sincerely, ikarus"

From: gred7n

I'm proud of you for making it this far and excited to see what's to come this year.

From: Ninjastahr

Thank you all so much for everything you do! I'm glad to have been around since the beginning of HoloEN, and watching all of you progress from debut until now, and participating in the community you all have built, has been one of the most genuinely exciting and enjoyable experiences I've ever had. I've made many friends through Hololive, and have done things in the community that I would never have thought I had the confidence to do (Fauna and Mumei, I'm the guy who was first up at the panel at Youmacon who imitated Mumei as the batsu). Working on projects, meeting new people, and generally having fun with all the EN fans has been a blessing. So again, thank you all for making this amazing community what it is, and I hope Myth has a wonderful first experience in proper idol outfits, and CouncilRyS has a wonderful first time in full 3D! I'll be cheering you on! PS: Sana, if you see this, just know that your fans are still around and a part of the community!

From: Oreo Ishida

Have fun!!!!!!

From: Rakobi

Congratulations to my kirin oshi! Fauna, I am astounded at the amazing progress you've made since your debut. The getting over it arc: going from no clears to golden pot to speedruns... The horror game arc: Ib to amnesia to mortuary assistant... the original song (with Shibayan records...!) The cowkini arc (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)... Traveling to Japan, meeting new friends, trying out all kinds of games, always on the lookout for new ASMR tools... you do all of this without ever sacrificing a positive-energy, feel-good, comfy atmosphere. It's really incredible! It inspired me to work on myself. I go to the gym now, I'm back on track with my foreign language study and I even got a new job. I saw how much you were doing for us saplings and that you believed in us; I couldn't help but do my best to repay you. So I am giving you my most heartfelt appreciation and gratitude. Thank you for everything you do. No matter what you do or where you go, you will have my unflinching support.

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