TravelRyS Birthday Showcase

IRyS has many loyal fans all over the globe, and we want to show that off!

About this Project

Organized by: IRyS' StageEvent date: 6 March 2023

IRyS has many loyal fans all over the globe, and we want to show that off! For this project we're gonna take pictures of various interesting locales or sights we've come across recently.

What are the specifics?

Just take a picture of something you find interesting that you want to share with IRyS! this can include but is not limited to:

- pretty locales you live at or visit

- pets or other more exotic animals

- impressive meals

- cool events (festivals, celebrations, etc)

Extra credit if you include any IRyS merch (DollRyS, keychains, vinyls, clothing, etc) in the picture!

Community Submissions

From: Dan_ku



DAN'S CABIN Note: Text is a song's lyrics.

From: Averiahh


Image submission from Averiahh

First day at my new job, and the view was awesome. If only I could've gotten it at sunset.

From: Satoshi Oda


Image submission from Satoshi Oda

Hanauma Bay from when I went to Hawaii a while back. It’s a beautiful place and I hope to visit again one day.

From: Joshua


Image submission from Joshua

HOPE ft. The Golden Gate Bridge

From: Jabah



Western Australia's DNA Tower, Botanical Garden, and the city of Perth

From: sST3LL4a


Image submission from sST3LL4a

Took from garden in my campus, Pingtung, Taiwan!

From: Orange



KeychainRyS having fun at a park I visited!

From: Boeing


Image submission from Boeing

IRyS plush in the snow!

From: Greentea on purple purple block



Ages ago, you thought that it's a pun but "LiberTEA" really does exist. LOL😊 This is the chance to let you see it. Took DollRyS with me.^^ DollRyS enjoyed and she even took a liter of it back home.😆

From: Leah


Image submission from Leah

I went to Japan with DollRyS for my birthday this year!!

From: FalcomxTrails


Image submission from FalcomxTrails

KeychainRyS at a boat festival in the United States

From: Yuki



1: Low quality night shot at the beach 2: Plush KeychainRyS in a cafe! 3-5: Hope has descended and she's ready to play!

From: Bloopsied



Lookout Camilien-House belvedere, view of Montreal

From: Ab_C



Sadly I don't really have much good photos of Dubai and Sharjah (UAE) but here's some random photos I took in the past (except the Journey Keychain photo). From Al Qasba in Sharjah (with the Journey Keychain), to the Emirates plane display in Miracle Garden, to a close up shot of the Burj Khalifa and a photo of the Old Dubai city on the other side.

From: Truce


Image submission from Truce

Dragon Bridge from Da Nang, Vietnam! It can even breathe fire at night!!

From: Anonymous #2



From: Ben Anderson



Go out and explore!

From: Walid



DollRyS and Plush KeychainRyS are visiting the Eiffel Tower together!

From: Haru



Took mini DollRyS for a spin! Places shown are: Parque Centenario (Centenary Park), Galileo Galilei Planetarium and Teatro Colón (Columbus Theatre), all in Buenos Aires!

From: Tactician_Walt



DollRyS' Day Out

From: TsukiTsuki



From: ErikTheOrphan


Image submission from ErikTheOrphan

I took this photo at the Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge in North Texas. I was ten miles from the nearest city yet the light pollution still made the sky look orange after my long exposure. The brightest "star" in this image is actually the planet Venus!

From: Kalen


Image submission from Kalen

You spin my world around every time you sing.

From: Anonymous #1



Love taking pictures of skies and oh there is one Mangrove there

From: Teody Tiqui


Image submission from Teody Tiqui

From: leviN


Image submission from leviN

IRyS watching the sun go down at a beach in glorious Western Australia

From: Yi Xuan Tan



DollRyS... (1) chilling at the Singapore Botanic Gardens (2) viewing water lilies outside the ArtScience Museum (3) sitting by Marina Bay (4) enjoying the view at Clarke Quay, and (5) posing at Read Street.

From: Sillyghost



The sunset is beautiful and so are you <3. (The wind was so strong that I had to hold Dollrys' neck tightly to keep it from flying away lmao)

From: Tuck Hoe



DollRyS: "Why am I here, just to suffer.."

From: Teddy Roosevelt


Image submission from Teddy Roosevelt

IRyS and Little IRyS watching some plants

From: IRyK


Image submission from IRyK

From ur most supportive brother, IRyK. Dear sister, i wish you the happiest birthday and be the happiest nephelin the world could ever have! I love all your awsome work that inspired many and many people. So GANBATE! And dont forget to eat the tastiest cake on ur birthday! [PS: i flew all the way to Malaysia, now im broke. Help]

From: 青熊


Image submission from 青熊

DollRyS enjoying a homemade copy of her favourite Pasta Da Vinci!

From: Erik Balthazar



1: Observatory Tower in Castle neighborhood; 2: A caravel replica of Pedro Álvares Cabral's one in Taquaral's Lagoon. Unfortunately, the lagoon is closed for now; 3: Just a very very sweet ice cream cup! It was good tho :D; 4: Hibiscus flowers from Dom Pedro mall; 5: Fountain on bandstand square (Artur Nogueira)

From: AvdaxNaviganti



Picture 1: Up the Hajar Mountains, UAE --- Picture 2: Lounging at the Dubai Airport --- Picture 3: Ruins of Caesarea by the Mediterranean --- Picture 4: Descending on the shores of the Sea of Galilee --- Picture 5: ...and down the Stalactite Cave outside Jerusalem

From: Sigelfate



01 - DollRyS enjoying the beautiful Singapore Marina Bay View ; 02 - BocchiRyS the Rock got too nervous taking her latest album cover photo that she blurred herself out instead!! ; 03 - DollRyS hanging out with the cranes at their sanctuary. When's the feeding time?? I'm hungry... ; 04 - Making a heartfelt wish on a candlelit Snow Lantern while on our Otaru walking date on Valentine's ; 05 - Oh? You're approaching me?? DollRyS vs Gundam!!

From: jRitz-pogi


Image submission from jRitz-pogi

DollRyS enjoying the early morning sea breeze at a nearby beach in Butuan City while waiting for the grilled fish for breakfast

From: Tigorahan



From: CZero K



1. I brought KeychainRyS to the town park in my hometown. I would say it is a pretty natural woodland! 2. Aviary Pagoda, a seven-level pagoda with an aviary, is the iconic tower in the park. And yes, there are living birds in the aviary. 3. Sadly, the pagoda was closed when we were there... Instead, I led KeychainRyS to walk around the park. 4. There is a beautiful ornamental lake with a gazebo in the middle. Occasionally you can see some birds play around here too. 5. I tried to find an iris flower but then I realized I couldn't differentiate flowers... But I still found these decorated cutie flowers for you!

From: LanzE



1st image : Since I remember you said you have tried Ube Cheese Pandesal in your travels, I hope you enjoyed the cheesy flavor with the taste of Ube, so I had KeychainRyS try it! 2nd image: I notice you like Tofu, so in this photo you can see KeychainRyS standing next to a "Taho", it is a Filipino dessert using Silken Tofu and it is bathe in Brown Sugar Syrup with small bobas for added chewiness. Traditionally Taho is sold by a walking vendor that goes around the neighborhood in the early morning like 5 am. I hope you can try this dessert in the future!

From: DiegoRyS



A chill day in the forest with both DollRyS, a place where I always like to come for how relaxing it is.

From: JavaStrike



From: AlanYoyoUwU



Take DollRyS and BadGuyRyS to see the tallest building in my country!💎💕 Would DollRyS like to descend from it?✨👀 jk

From: PONG


Image submission from PONG

I wanted to take IRyS to my favorite Barista's coffee shop. This barista won Barista World Championship back in 2019. Gotta show only the best things to Irys :)

From: Vegito7



Hope arrived at the Caribbean, so I dripped myself and took both DollRyS and SmolRyS to visit the City Hall and Playa Delfines in Cancún, México!🕰️🏖️🇲🇽✨

From: Ghostbyun



Picture 1: I feel very lucky to be able to live close to the Sydney Harbour, it's a beautiful view! Picture 2: These flowers are bottlebrushes, a native Australian flower! I think they suit IRyS ♡ Picture 5: Wonder if you remember this spot from Geoguessr? ^^

From: Tierru


Image submission from Tierru

DollRyS enjoying Malaysia's Breakfast - Roti Canai (Pan fried flat bread) & Fry Dough Stick with Dhaal Sauce

From: GrumbleDogg


Image submission from GrumbleDogg

DollRyS watching seals lounge around at "The Children's Pool" beach. Photo taken at La Jolla, a suburb within the city of San Diego.

From: Dai'a


Image submission from Dai'a

This is a picture of DollRyS with the Bell-of-Peace, a gift to Hawai'i from Japan. Engraved on the bell is a poem about world peace, written in both English and Japanese.

From: Wrixne Lenti


Image submission from Wrixne Lenti

Do you recognize this place? I'll give you a hint. Use the landmarks. Use the signs. You traveled here virtually, and so I went there physically. This is the first USA location you went to in the Geoguessr stream! Toledo, Ohio. Stream Timestamp: 2:11:16

From: PyraXadon


Image submission from PyraXadon



Image submission from YOSHII

It's on the Taipei 101 91F Sky Deck. I want to let IRyS see the night view from the tallest building in Taiwan

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