Ame's Birthday Book

Fanmade book for her birthday

About this Project

Organized by: Ame's Detective BureauEvent date: 26 September 2021

What are we doing?

We are making a fan book for Amelia. We will send it to her via PDF and we will try to get her a physical copy.

__What can you submit? __

Personal Fan Letters - Say what you want to Ame (Within reason). It's your time to shine.

Your favorite stream moment - Share with us your favorite stream moment. Why is it your favorite? Please tell us in a few sentences why it was such a hallmark moment for you. You may include a screenshot of the moment.

Literary works including short stories, vignettes, poems, etc. - Do you have a creative writing brain you want to flex a bit? Sure, go ahead.

Fan art - Absolutely, any and all fan art! (WITHIN REASON) - Image must be 300 dpi resolution, and will be for 8.5" x 11" page. Also, no brainer, but this art must be made by yourself. Or commissioned with the explicit permission to put this in the Ame fanbook going to her.

Photos - Did you knit a Smol Ame and want to show her? Did you make an Ame cosplay and want to show it off? Did you run a 5K marathon wearing a deerstalker hat and a blonde mustache? Take a pic of it and that can work too.

Something else - Really, whatever you put your mind to, and as long as it looks appropriate on a PDF and possibly paper print, go for it.

Fan art tech. specifications - Your art will be put into an 8.5" x 11" canvas on a pdf, possibly a book pending on Cover perms. Please make sure the resolution of your submission is 300dpi minimum.

Suggestions? Comments?

Feel free to reach us out if you have any problems or questions about your submissions.

Submissions period

October 1st until November 19th (date is subject to change, we will do a proper announcement if that happens)

Keep in mind you will only have one page, so try to not upload a lot of things. We reserve the right to reject your submission without any previous notice if we decide it is unacceptable. If there is another kind of problem with it we will try to contact you.

Right now, the project has approval from Cover in terms of sending a PDF. They have said that the physical book may not be accepted, but we will print one and try to send it to her anyway. We are still in the process of negotiating this

Where do I submit?


Public Version Available Here:

Community Submissions