Write cards and send art for IRyS' Anniversary!

About this Project

Organized by: IRyS' StageEvent date: 3 June 2022

IRyS' Anniversary is coming up, and a group of us are making cards for her!

The basic idea is to have cards made and posted to this webpage to collate them, and we can all send them to her on Twitter with her anniversary hashtag when she makes one!

(That should be the easiest way for her to get them, and to have an easy place to view them later too)

What exactly are these cards?

The card can include your message to IRyS and/or some of the following options:

  • a fanart made by you

  • something you made inspired by her

  • your favorite screenshot of her streams

  • anything you consider relevant

for discussion or questions about the project visit the anniversary channel on

We reserve the right to reject your submission without any previous notice if us or cover don't find it acceptable, if there is another kind of problem with it we will try to contact you.

Form for submissions!

If you can't use Google Forms, please open a ticket with your submission on the discord and let us know! Otherwise, you shouldn't need to join to participate - but we'd love to have you around!

Submission period ends July 1st (if it's still July 1st anywhere in the world, you still have time!)


Community Submissions