Chumbud Cookbook

Cookbook / Message book hybrid for Gura's birthday!

About this Project

Organized by: Gura's GawrdiansEvent date: 19 April 2022

Greeting, Chumbies!

Gura’s birthday (June 20th) is slowly approaching, and we’re here once again to make a birthday present for her. This year, we’re going to make a cookbook / message book hybrid for our favorite foodie shork!

Theme of the book: Food and Internationality

What’ll be in the book:

  • Recipe collection from the chumbies around the world

  • Photos of chumbies’ favorite food (for people who can’t cook)

  • Messages, letters and fanarts

More details below:

--- General ---

  1. Rest assured that every single piece of information you filled in in the form will only be used for this project, and filling information about yourself is optional. The option whether to publicize your submission is also included in the forms. If you do not wish for your submission to be publicized, please let us know in the form!

  2. For the forms to submit your recipe and message/artwork, you can include the custom shrimp that you made! If you haven't made one already, you may refer back to Gura's tweet here:

  3. The deadline for all types of submission is May 7th 23:59 JST. So remember to get your response submitted by then!

--- Recipe submission --- (Link to the form:

Recipe submission form


First of all, this is the form for you to submit your recipe! Do keep in mind for the following though:

  1. Please try not to duplicate the recipes that others sent. You can check out

    Approved Recipes

    to see whether the recipes that you want to send have already been submitted by others.

  2. We ask for your location because we would like to make a big world map of where the submitters are from. This is fully optional.

  3. Please attach a photo of the dish, preferably with something Gura related inside, (for instance, you can take a photo of the finished dish and a Gura Merch on its sides, have a piece of paper with a Gura doodle on it, or a screen showing her stream, etc.). We want to confirm that an attempt on the dish is actually possible.

  4. There are 5 types of dishes that we accept, namely appetiser/Snack, main dish, dessert, beverages, and... meme-ry dishes. Please tell us which type of dish it is! Also tell us what the origin/type of dish and the name of the dish is!

--- Food photo submission --- (Link to the form:

Food photo submission form


If you can't provide a recipe to the cookbook, it's absolutely fine as well! You are free to submit a photo of a food of your choosing, along with a comment of what the dish is / why you want Gura to try it.

--- Message and artwork submission --- (Link to the form:

Message & Artwork submission form


If you simply want to leave a message to Gura, or if you want to submit a piece of artwork, you may do that here! Some things to keep in mind:

  1. We ask for your location because we would like to make a big world map of where the submitters are from. This is fully optional.

  2. The messages can be as long as you want. But, we want it to be able to be fit in a US letter page.

  3. If you wish to submit an artwork, please follow through the guidelines detailed in the form.

If you have more questions, you are always welcome to send a DM to


on Reddit or u/The_Sephi on twitter. I look forward to all of your submissions!

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