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Connect The World Pre-show Park Meetup

We will be meeting at Edward Vincent Jr Park prior to the Connect The World concert!



We will be meeting at Edward Vincent Jr Park - the original park we planned to use was too small and had events going on, but as far as we know (and we did ask!) there are no events going on at Edward Vincent.

The park is an 8 minute drive from the theater (2.4 mi) and it has far more space for parking and also activities in general.

  • (Relevant) Park Amenities:

    • 3 public restrooms
    • Outdoor theater with capacity of around 1000
    • Picnic areas
    • Multiple parking lots with total parking for around 150 cars


Start: 3:30 PDT

End: 5:45 PDT


  • Penlight Basics
  • Wota chants for songs with those (and also making our own if there aren't any)
  • Distributing fan happis
  • Distributing other fan merch
  • Connect The World gacha merch trading
  • Group photos
  • Itasha Showcase

Potential activities

  • Capture the Flag
  • Something for upcoming events (Kiara bday / IRyS anniversary / Council anniversary)
  • Baseball/Softball (we'll do this if the park lets us!)
  • Plushie gathering (You'll have to bring SMALL ones! YT Theater has a limit to bag size!)





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