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Tell Gura happy birthday!

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Organized by: Hololive English Fan ServerEvent date: 22 May 2021

Happy Birthday Gura!

If you're here to listen to chumbuds tell Gura happy birthday, that video is down at the bottom of the page in the Gallery section!

The chumbuds went a little nuts with the cameos, so here are the ones we got permission to link to (plus a little description on what they are):

First up, the Vergilposts we have permission for (there are more out there!)

  • Vergil (the cringe is intentional)

    - script by one of the HEFS server members, Saiyan!

  • More Vergil, because you can never have enough Vergil

    - script by u/KuukoCosplayer on the hololive subreddit

    (their twitter here)

  • Even More Virgil

    - script by PhantomDawn (their tweet is the link)

Next, a very confused Arthur Morgan!

  • Arthur Morgan

    - by DIO on Twitter (their tweet is the link)

And here's a Leon from RE2

  • Leon

    from Ciel Kirahoshi on Twitter (their tweet is the link)

As well as Claire Redfield from RE

  • Claire

    from Shrimps4Sharks on Twitter (their tweet is the link)

There are more cameos - a Dante and Vergil pair were posted that reply to each other!

Misc. Other Projects:

Well, apparently people like being featured here, and more have asked to be up to show their projects - here we go

  • Shrimps4Sharks adopted a lemon shark and named it Gura!





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