Unified HoloEN Happi Project

Lots of people missed out on the previous holoEN Happis, so we're making new ones for everyone!

About this Project

Organized by: Hololive English Fan ServerEvent date: 2 April 2024

This project will be done in three stages:

Design Stage:

Happis will be designed for all hololive English members by any fan artist who wishes to do so, or by people commissioning art for happis to submit.

Previous happi designs that follow the guidelines ARE ALLOWED to be submitted as well! Communities are encouraged to work together to design happis if they want!

Design Guidelines:

Hard Guidelines:

  • - The design must be SFW, and able to be worn in public

Soft Guidelines:

  • - Preferably use the talents in their idol outfits
  • - Memes are fine, but try and make it somewhat serious; we want this to be something that people can proudly wear around conventions for years
  • - Fanbase name visible on front (makes it easier when talking to people who aren't well-versed in hololive yet!)
  • - Text should be vertical (so people don't feel the need to turn their head to be parallel to the floor in order to read what's written)
  • - If you're up to it, having whatever is written be in both English and Japanese would be nice to our JP bros!

Submission Guidelines:

  • - You must either own the design or have commissioned the design, and the artist must be ok with you submitting it to this project
  • - You are allowed to submit existing designs if you want
  • - The project team reserves the right to reject any submissions

Voting Stage:

  • - Depending on number of submissions, we could do a "tournament style" vote on happi designs, just because it'd be fun
  • - More practically, we will do ranked choice voting over a period of time and then pick the winner

Delivery Stage:

  • - People will be able to place orders for any set of happis they want, and if we use the planned supplier we should be able to have them shipped direct to purchasers.

If all goes well, this will mean far fewer people miss out on happis this year!

Additional notes:

- FuwaMoco will have one happi design

- Sana will have a happi produced if someone designs one for her :D

- If there is a talent for which no happi is designed, the project team will work with the community for that talent to have one designed

- You can submit to the form multiple times, so if you need to replace a submission or want to submit for another talent, feel free!

Project Submissions: https://forms.gle/xNfQjcvXZcsMmde46

Project Deadline: May 31, 2024, at the end of the day (Once it is June for everyone, the submissions will close)

Talents we do not yet have submissions for (this will be updated as we receive submissions manually):

Calliope Mori - Designs submitted

Takanashi Kiara - Designs submitted

Ninomae Ina'nis - one known to be in progress

Gawr Gura - Designs submitted

Amelia Watson - Designs submitted

IRyS - one known to be in progress

Tsukumo Sana

Ceres Fauna - Designs submitted

Ouro Kronii - one known to be in progress

Nanashi Mumei - Designs submitted

Hakos Baelz - Designs submitted

Shiori Novella - one known to be in progress

Koseki Bijou - Designs submitted

Nerissa Ravencroft - one known to be in progress

Fuwawa and Mococo Abyssgard - one known to be in progress