HoloEN Anniversary - Let Them Eat Cake!

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Organized by: Hololive English Fan ServerEvent date: 18 August 2021

Bake a cake for the anniversary of HoloMyth!

TL;DR: Send an anniversary message for the Myth girls to read, and (optionally) send a picture of a cake you baked, or an illustration of one!

Note: Still not affiliated with Cover, we're getting this to the members by the "post to the subreddit/Twitter and hope" method!

Project: Let Them Eat Cake!

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Community Submissions

From: eientei


SHARK FACT! Did you know that no matter what happens, well still love all of you and anything you do. Congrats on 1 year, and we hope for many more

From: khang


Hello,I just knew about Hololive 2 months ago, and the first stream of HoloEN i watched was Calli'stream, I love Shinigami and now there is a Death God Vtuber and she is a cute Tsundere Death God. Other HoloEN members are cute too. I don't start this adventure with you from the beginning but now, I am here with you in this adventure, I'll do my best to support you.

From: SkyCat


Congratulations on your anniversary! This year has had ups, downs, and everything in between. Thanks to you all, though, one thing it hasn't been is boring. I am forever grateful that you've become a part of my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Here's to another year!

From: Tako404


Thank you Ina! Thank you Ame! Thank you Calli! Thank you Kiara! And finally thank you very much Gura! You are all very sweet, funny, talented and amazing! Your streams made my life enjoyable, even when everything around wasn't. It's hard to tell you properly how important it was for me, but I want you all to know that what you do is making world a little better. I hope you will have fantastic anniversary and wish you great second year!

From: JGblkshot


It is now 9 months since I have fallen down the rabbit hole. 9 months since my life has started to shift dramatically, and change for better or for worse. There is no denying the overwhelmingly positive impact that Hololive has made over these past few years. Getting me back into my hobbies, destroying my depression, working with projects throughout a community, and helping me motivate myself into getting my career, for better or for worse. It is now my 3rd year in college, I am with a group of friends, working on a video game to celebrate everything HoloEN has done for us, and for countless others. And all I have to say is... thank you. For all of the laughs, the feels, the despair, the memes, everything. I regret nothing. And here's to another year. HAPPY FREAKING ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY. -Julian Gardisky, a fan

From: Nash


Congratulations on completing a year of streaming! All of you worked hard to put yourselves out there, make fun content, and build an active community. I hope we all stay together and channel our creativity for years to come. It's thrilling to see everyone's efforts, both in Hololive and the fan community, and I want to be a part of it with all the fans.

From: Doku


Congrats on the one year anniversary! I've been watching everyone since debut especially Gura and I've slowly fell in love with every single holomyth member, Calli's Songs, Kiara's energy and long streams, Ina's calm nature and puns, Gura's cuteness and Watson's creativity (and rage). They all are so unique and special even though I prefer one over the other I will still love all of them nonetheless, the year went by so quickly it feels as though they debuted only a few months ago. The year has been rough but they have kept me positive with their streams keeping me excited for another new day. I can't wait to see what comes in the future and how many more smiles and laughs come with it!

From: Marusya


Hello from Russia! Привет из России! How do you think Hololive treats Russian (or CIS) viewers as whole, and if they decided to pay attention to us, how would you react to their decision. What would it be like to have Russian Kohai Как по вашему Хололайв относится к Русским (или СНГ) зрителям в целом и если бы они всё таки решили обратить на нас внимание, то как вы бы отнеслись к их решению. Какого было бы иметь русских Кохаев. p.s.- I translated it through a translator, so in English it might not be right (я переводила это через переводчик поэтому на английском это может быть неправильно)

From: RC


Madam's of the HoloEN, I would like to thank you for providing us wonderful entertainment for the past year. I, personally, wouldn't be as sane as I am now without your antics and fun moments. Here's to hoping for a bigger and better year. Also, good luck with your kouhais.

From: Anonymous


You've all been killing it since you burst onto the scene! I'm deeply proud of you, but even more than that, I have so much respect for how you've handled yourselves, and the positive, inclusive communities you've fostered. Sudden meteoric success cannot possibly be easy to handle. There's obviously bumps along the way, and stress, and regrets, and undoubtedly there's much behind the scenes that we aren't (and shouldn't expect to be) privy to. But even so you've all managed it with as much grace as could possibly be expected, and then some. We fans are far from perfect, and unfortunately end up being the source of a good deal of stress with our many conflicting demands and unrealistic expectations. But I really hope that, overall, we're successfully letting you know how much we appreciate and love you and everything you do. As you enter your second year of Hololive and welcome the new kouhai, we'll continue supporting you, now and for however long as you'll have us!

From: Tanu


Hi Calli, Gura, Kiara, Ame and Ina You five have made every single day of my life better ever since your debut an year ago, whether its directly through you or by this amazing and kind community you all have gathered with your unique and charming personalities. Watching you get used to being in Hololive made me settle well in my college, you making an effort to connect with Hololive JP and ID members made it less awkward to make new friends in a place i was unfamiliar with, and Calli's first month managing multiple things at once and all of her songs inspired me to give my all in things that I want to see myself excel in and to have breaks in between to enjoy with people that I love to have around. There's nothing I can say that can express how thankful I am to all 5 of you Ina, your puns are the best in the world and every "wah" is another year added to all takodachis' lifespan Gura, you have one of the best voices I've ever heard and your karaoke covers give me goosebumps everytime I listen to them Calli even though you don't consider it, you are a cute adorable goofball and I can brawl with anyone at the back of a Family Mart for it along with my fellow deadbeats(including you even though we are obviously going to lose to the grim reaper) Ame, we always get weird in the chat but the chat itself is the biggest bunch of Tsunderes I've ever seen and they all love you very much(especially when you rage) Kiara the lengths you go to communicate with your fans is something really special, and you are a precious birb CEO we all employees look up to. Congratulations on having completed one year in this wonderful direction you all have taken. I can't wait to see what you all will do in the future but I know its going to be fantastic.

From: S. "Chubby Cheeks" Shuai


The last year has been more enjoyable and bearable with y'alls content. I hope this next year is full of new experiences and interesting adventures. Thank you!

From: Raven


Congrats on you all for making it through the first stream year! It's been a rough time for all of us during quarantine, which is one of my reasons to why I picked up watching VTubers as an interest of mine, a friend introduced me to Gura at school for not really much of a reason, and so I eventually ended up stumbling into pekora's clips, and of course since I don't speak Japanese, I'm only really limited to watching clips of the JP members, which lead me up to Calli first instead of Gura, with me ending up having a new music taste for Japanese music (not just anime openings.), and as time passed I had more of a wider view on the rest of the Myth VTubers, I believe lots of people ended up into the rabbit hole the same way I did, from the algorithm throwing clips into our YouTube feed, and by the time we can notice it, it's too late. Enjoying the content of VTubers is a part of my escapism from how the world has changed and what it is right now, so I wish you all a happy anniversary and keep on streaming!

From: TwoTime27


Happy anniversary HoloMyth! Thank you all so much for all of the amazing memories you’ve given us! This year has truly been a lot easier to go through because of all of you constantly working hard to put smiles on everyone’s faces. Here’s to another amazing year full of amazing and beautiful memories together! -TwoTime27

From: Blu-chan


Guys, let me talk about the truth, i was going to watch only one, but, I finished watching all of you LOL, thanks for this year of fun and enjoyment, CONGRATS FOR 1 YEAR OF HOLOEN, i have no words to describe how fun are you, how wholesome are you and anything else that involves you... Thanks for giving me smiles when I need it... Thank you for everything...

From: Triple D


When I first got into Hololive back in October in the year 2020, it was like I had an escape from all of the chaotic antics the world was getting into at the time (the C virus, if you will). I used to feel apathetic almost everyday, but I finally had something to look forward to everyday - seeing what HoloEN had to stream each day. In a way, I finally found my happiness because of you guys. Thank you for everything, and I wish all of you nothing but the best!

From: Alphafax of the Sås


Happy anniversary, you guys! What a crazy year it's been. I'm so happy you've all come this far, and immensely proud of all of you. Sorry there's no cake included, but I just don't think I could ever top Chef Gura's feet cake if I tried. You all are amazing entertainers and wonderful people, and we fans are all blessed to have been able to spend this much time in your company. Here's to another year of HoloMyth!

From: ArsenicJohn


I have enjoyed the past year of watching all of you and your fun shenanigans. The TTRPG and collabs are my favorite. You are all incredibly talented and wonderful. You all have inspired me to keep writing my book and pursuing my dream. Thank you so much! And I can't bake but hopefully this message will be inaff to convey my gratitude for what HoloMyth does!

From: Summer Rose


Happy First Anniversary and here's to many more to come and many more memories. Love you girls you brighten the world when things seem down. ~From Summer Rose/ Ranjit Sherikar

From: Evelin


Happy Anniversary!

From: orangelyorange


Happy anniversary! Thank you for all the joy and happiness you have brought into the world. I wish you guys all the best! I'm very excited to see what the future brings us all. I will keep on supporting you guys! Love you!

From: Somple


Congratulations on your first anniversary! I waited a long time for an English generation of Hololive and you fulfilled one of my dreams, especially Kiara who is by far my favorite. Thank you so much for all you have done, for so many laughs and funny moments, I hope you keep it up for many years to come.

From: Marchosias


Congratulations on your 1st anniversary, HoloMyth! It has been a year since your debut and around 8 months since I started watching your streams. At the time, I had doubts about joining the community but after seeing a clip of one of your collabs, that did it in and I joined full force. Your streams and clips never cease to amaze me and your fans. Hope all of you stay strong for the years to come and achieve greater success than ever before! This is Marchosias, signing out.

From: takospec


Hello EN girls, all 5 of you were the start of a new era which shook the planet, I would like to congratulate you all on your 1 year anniversary. It has been a very big ride, there were so many things you provided to fans. I think you all deserve a very big pat on the back and a big celebration. Thank you for being here with the EN community for 1 year and for many more years to come!

From: Rachel


hey holomyth! just want to thank you so much for all the content you guys have ever created, be it collabs or just individual streams! thank you for brightening up my days. ever since I've known you guys, I've been so much more positive. I don't know the problems you guys have faced but I just want to say that you guys are doing well, and I appreciate it so much. You guys have come a long way! 1 year <3 It's been an amazing journey with you guys. I love y'all! big ups to gura, watson, kiara, calli and ina!

From: Toast Ghost


Hello & happy 12 month anniversary HoloEN/Myth, it's been an amazing and crazy year for us so I can't imagine how you five feel having come so far together and individually. I can't wait to see how far you girls go and hopefully someday you get to kick ass on Hololive's biggest 3D stage! Ame: I love the way you take risks with your content and continuously push the envelope of what a VTuber can be. Kiara: One of the nicest and most genuine content creators not just in Hololive but anywhere, keep being 100% and unapologetically you and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Plus your efforts to bring EN & JP together have been awesome and really under appreciated Calli: First of all your music astoundingly good, the combo of rap & singing plus English & Japanese is something so unique and right up my street. It can't be an easy thing to do. Your grasp of language is really incredible couple that with the fact that you run yourself ragged for your content is a clear indication of your immense passion and dedication to what you do and it really shows through in everything you put out. Ina: A master of puns and art, mix that together with your pure adorableness and that's a Tako I can get behind. Your passion for drawing has inspired me to take an interest in art like I never have and your overall wholesome vibe is something that I can relate too very personally. Keep up the puns! Gura: From the letter "a" I and millions of others were hooked, from then on your funny personality and comedic timing shone through and left us all in aw. your singing voice is one of the most beautiful I've ever had the pleasure of hearing and has almost brought me to tears on multiple occasions. I'm so proud of how far you and your incredibly cute demeanour have come over the last year. I love you all and keep doing what you're doing! You've all made an impression on me that will stick with me for life <3

From: Anonymous Fan


Greetings! Ever since the introduction of HoloLive EN branch, I've been a lot more invested into watching VTubers, and with how awesome each and every one of you is, it has been a joy to watch your content. Calliope Mori, I'm usually not a big fan of rap music, but your rap songs are an exception: a lot of them have been a great listen to this day. Not to mention your determination in achieving something is quite a sight to behold (I am yet to finish watching that Everhood stream). In addition, I like to think that your presence, in a way, makes me less afraid of the future. Takanashi Kiara, your optimism is infectious, and you seem to have that innate ability to raise the spirits of pretty much anybody, even when it is difficult. And your HoloTalk series was one of the best ideas. Also, as someone who really likes food, I definitely hope that one day KFP chain will become reality! Ninomae Ina'nis, you are really relatable, I'll be honest here. Your streams are one of my go-to's when I need to relax. Your artistic skills are also quite spectacular, but your ability to teach is even more amazing, if you ask me. If the Ancient Ones are listening, tell them I send them my warmest regards! Gawr Gura, you have a really strong personality, and your skills in rhythm games is admirable (saying that as a rhythm game enthusiast). Your streams are a great source of laughter, and I hope you have fun during these streams as well! stillhopingyouwillplayarcaeasomeday Amelia Watson, your knowledge of tech is impressive, and your streams with your own 3D avatar (Smol Ame is great) definitely made me awed at how you accomplished it. You also give me the impression of being mature and responsible beneath the surface (I don't think of myself as a good judge of character, but my friends say otherwise), which are great traits to have in this day and age. Also, hope time-travelling shenanigans are treating you well! All of you, have a happy anniversary!

From: zandrix


Happy One Year Anniversary HoloMyth! It's been a fun journey seeing you five stream. You five inspired people, made people laugh, brought people together, cheering people up, and made people feel like they had a place where they can belong. And all of this was because of you five, thank you for making mine and others people's year better. You add up happiness to my life and many others which is something I find amazing with the five of you. Your friendship with each other is something I find so heartwarming, the amount of work you guys put on your streams/songs is just so inspiring, the five of you are just so talented, hardworking, and supportive with each other that it just makes my heartache that something wholesome and heartwarming like this can really exist. Your friendship with each other just gives me hope that I can find some more friends. Again, thank you for making our year better, I can't wait to experience this next year with you guys, especially with HoloEN Generation 2 and IRyS! Happy One Year Anniversary HoloMyth! I hope you a great year!

From: Faz


1 year. If someone told me I'd be watching a bunch of mythical creatures streaming on a YouTube every day a year ago I'd say they're crazy. Yet here I am writing a letter to congratulate them on their first anniversary. It's been one wild ride. I still remember the first day you all debuted and the excitement I felt seeing you all for the first time. Watching you all start from square one to now has been such an awesome experience to see. Be it Calli going from barely knowing anything about vtubers to pumping out originals and establishing herself as an amazing idol. Or Kiara showing us how much she loves everyone around her and her fiery passion (no pun intended) towards what she loves doing at Hololive. To Ina amazing everyone with her absolutely God like drawing skills and the comfy warm environment for everyone when she streams and the puns oh god the puns. To Gura who overcame her personal fears and showed what a shark can do and shook the world with her amazing voice and released her first original that really emulates everything about her. And to Ame who showed the boundless creativity and energy she shows every stream and always coming up with unique and exciting things. Each one of you has grown so much over the year and as a fan it makes me happy to see that. Just remember that no matter what happens, all of us fans love you and support you. Be it Deadbeats, KFP employees, Takodachis, Shrimps or Teammates. We all love you and will be with you for as long as you need us. So reach for the stars and shoot for your dreams! Even if you miss you'll at least hit the moon! To another crazy year of insanity, fun and happy memories! Hope to see you create your own shiny smiley story in the coming years. :^)

From: Jotita


Well, I really want to thanks to everyone for doing what you do, you guys have helped me a lot in the past months, also I really have a good time watching your clips and streams, I’ve laughed like never, I specially want to thanks Mori Calliope, our favorite grim reaper!, she has helped me to see life in a different way, and I also really like her music!, meeting all of you has made me different but in a good way so I’m really thankful, thank so much again, and happy anniversary holomyth!

From: Naeanz


Thank you all for everything this past year! I can’t wait to see what unique and fun things you come up with next! Happy 1 Year Anniversary and here’s to many more!!

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