Ina 1 Million Subscribers Project

1 million Takodachi show their appreciation for Ina

About this Project

Organized by: Tentacult ServerEvent date: 22 May 2021

Congratulations on 1 million subscribers, Ina!

Fans from around the world would love to express our thanks to you for making our days brighter with your streams. Not only that, but you've inspired more than a few of us to take up our hobbies and passions again, and for that, we will never be able to thank you enough.

We've collected a few hundred submissions and illustrations to show our appreciation for you, and we've also made some extra goodies that you might enjoy.

We love you, Ina!

Community Submissions

From: cuolcbear


Ina, I can't thank you enough you've been there for the tentacult when we need it most, you always bring a smile to people's face's, you're a ray of sunshine that is so amazing and vibrant. I'm so happy to call you my oshi.Thank you, Congrats on 1Mil

From: LZankoku


Hello Ina, I am not great with words, so I'll keep it nice and short. Thank you for giving us your time, your kindness and your smile, it truly is enough, to make a grown man fwording cry. Taking over the world, one million at a time!

From: Cmdr_Nightlock


Congrats on 1Million Ina! Love your comfy streams and your my inspiration to working on my art skills.

From: iodncrbnyttrm


Hey Ina! Firstly, congratulations on reaching 1M subs! I really love all the work and passion you've put in giving us the takodachis nonstop quality entertainment. Keep being yourself and remember that we'll always love and support you! ~Takodachi #n

From: HomuraTsuki


Congratulations on 1 million! Thanks for all of the comfy streams, keep up on the great work you are doing! Here's to another million!

From: Tumi_uwu


Congratulations for 1M Ina!! thank you for everything, i hope you stay good and healthy. I just want to say that your streams warm mi hearth everytime i'm in them. Again thank you for everything and keep being you, that's what we all love <3

From: Optronix_prime


Congrats on the 1 Million Takos! Thank you for everything you've done for us from providing comfy streams to your inavative puns to showing your wonderful art. Lets keep our slow domINAtion going!

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Thank you for your pure passion and care for your work and us takos. We will keep on bouncing for you.

From: AnonymousTakodachi


안녕 Ina! Congrats on 1million subs! Thank you for being our head patting and comfy eldritch priestess! I hope many more subs come your way! (^_^)/

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Thank you Ina for the calm and relaxing streams! They have gotten me through many all-nighters! Keep up the hard work!!!!!!!!

From: dominiquestoel


Congrats on 1 million takos Ina! Thank you for building such a wholesome and welcoming community, always love watching your comfy streams. Can't wait to see what the future brings for our priestess.

From: AnonymousTakodachi


"Hi Inaaa! It's pretty crazy think that you already reach the 1 mill of subs, I'm very happy about it, only beacause you are the way being, your beutifull voice, the confy's aura in your streams and many more things about you make me happy. You Helped a lot since your debut, actually you motivated me to put a lot effort in everything I do. No matter what, I will support with the best I can, and I'll be there in any proyect that you made :D Pd: I tried my best writting this, for me it's hard to put my feelings in this message, is a lot more love for you that I can't writte but in a few words, I need a bonk for all the love for you. (forgive me for any error in the message, this is the first English message I have ever made)"

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Hi Ina, congrats on the 1 mill! I hope you really enjoyed Hollow Knight. it's always nice to see someone else experience and enjoy a game I like for the first time. Here's to another million!

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Congratulations Ina!

From: AnonymousTakodachi


You have been an INAvaluable source of happiness for all the Takos. Thank you, Priestess, for everything you've done for us!

From: MistahWuwu


Hi Ina! Just the absolute greatest of congratulations on reaching 1 million YT subscribers! I'm far from being an intricate writer, but thank you from the bottom of our squishy little takodachi hearts. You are our brightest star in the Void (uh not sure if the Void has stars, but you get the point). Thank you so much again for you being you, and we're all hyped for you to hit 2 million next!! ೭੧(❛▿❛)੭೨

From: AklyonX


Congrats on making it to an inacredible 1M subs!

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Congrats on the 1 million takos milestone Ina ! I haven't been following you for that long, but man do I regret nothing. I've never been a part of such a caring community, and its all thanks to you, so thank you so much for this and congrats again !

From: stevenjalight


Congratulations on passing 1 million subscribers. Let's conquer the world and get you another million subscribers!

From: star34042677


"Hello Ina, Congrats on your 1 million followers! You bring smiles to everyone’s face when you stream and your streams are very comfy! Your art streams is motivating me to start learning to draw. Ty for being an inspiration for me and for many others!"

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Happy 1M Ina! Thank you for all the laughs, cries, and amazing moments. I hope we can do this again for 2M, and maybe even 3M!

From: AviatorNic28


Hey Ina! My gf and I have been loving everything about you. You inspire me to keep going during hard hours and we want to give back. Congrats on 1 million takos!

From: RaferoniLopez


<3 gratz on 1m sub

From: AnonymousTakodachi


WAH! :3

From: superskating123


I know you get this a lot but you really helped me get myself to do art more, my motivation is always all over the place so having the weekly gesture streams helps guarantee i at least do something every week and i can't be grateful enough for that.

From: burninggod999


What a crazy time it feels like yesterday when you had your debut AND NOW YOUR AT 1 MIL congratulations Ina and on to the next milestone!

From: Questionabl_


Thank you so much for being around and making everyone smile. Your streams practically carried me through the end of 2020 and I couldn't be more grateful. Every WAH! cemented you as my favorite hololive member. Congratulations Ina, you deserve it!

From: AnonymousTakodachi


"Hi Ina,congrats for reaching 1 million subs.Thank you,from the bottom of my Takodachi heart,for being so wholesome and comfy. You are a great Idol and I'm glad that I subscribed to you. PS:I would be happy if you checked a game called Darkwood."

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Congratulations on a well-deserved 1 Million Takodachis. Your streams are always so relaxing and calming, akin to the save room of a video game or the fireplace of a rustic Log Cabin. All of your Takodachis happily await what your future holds.

From: UncleJimmyBob


I've been waiting for my favorite Squishy-Haired Tako to hit a Million and I cannot be more happy and proud. I believe its very important that people are able to enjoy doing what they love and being able to share their experiences with others, and seeing you having a good time always makes my day. Seeing you happy and healthy is all I need to feel better and is just Inaff to help me get through the day, even just a bit.

From: TheRMan98


Even though 800k are big, you can never have INAFF

From: NathanS50580043


Congratulations on passing 1 million!!! Thank you for providing so much joy to all of us! You're drawing skills are something to behold too!

From: Lethanako


Congrats Ina! I'm late to every stream but I'm so proud of what you've accomplished! Here's to many more! <3

From: GguayG


"Hey Ina! Your streams have been very fun and chill eversince I found you through Hololive. My favorite memory so far is waking up at 5:30 AM to watch the first half of yuru camp with you and a friend of mine. Here's for the next million subscribers!"

From: AnonymousTakodachi


1mil amedetou! Always love to see your comfy content!

From: riceman62


You have help me and many other through these stressful times with your comfy streams. Hears to many more chill and fun streams with you ina!!!

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Not really good at these but just wanted to say Thanks for the streams Ina, I've really enjoyed them and hope to continue enjoying them! Congrats on 1M!!! (for ppl working on this doc, feel free to change some stuff thx)

From: Lepotatochip


Congrats Ina! Thank you for always having great stream. It always makes me feel calm and better when my day is crappy. Here's to another million!

From: kanam4fu


congratulations on 1M ina! i am so proud to be a witness to your growth. thanks for always providing me comfy streams to chill to, i appreciate you & this amazing tentacultist community completely. here's to many more milestones to come!! <3



Congratulations on 1 mil! You definitely deserve it! Thank you for being such an inspiration and a delight not just to me but to all the Tentacultists as well! Never stop bringing smiles to everyone, we look forward to all your future achievements!

From: Phoenix_Mode228


Ina! You streams have been a highlight of my year and really help me get Comfy on a bad day! I'm glad to see you've grown so much and will be here with you till World Domination. Keep Doing you're best, you wouldn't be you without it!

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Congratulations on 1 Million! Your streams have the chillest vibes, I really enjoy them!

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Ina, congratulations on 1 million subscribers! Watching your streams is always a wonderful experience, and I hope you can continue to have fun streaming and doing what you love. Let's look towards recruiting another million Takodachis! -Lynn

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Congratulations Ina! I'm love your karaoke streams and I'm happy you're feeling more comfortable. Whenever I'm feeling down I listen to you singing Hey, Soul Sister and it helps level me out.

From: MrColllie92


Ina! Congratulations on reaching one million subscribers! Keep up the good work and keep climbing higher!

From: EXStephen


Congratulations on one million Takodachi, priestess!! Words alone cannot do enough justice in showing my appreciation and love for you and your streams. You single handedly brought me back into the Vtuber hole when I wasn’t sure if I could continue and it’s been a wonderful experience with wonderful communities. Congratulations once again, Ina!!!

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Wah!!! Thank you for the fun streams Ina!

From: Cometeor


1 million!! Congrats, Ina! Your streams are always so chill and entertaining! Looking forward to more amazing and fun times! Keep being awesome!

From: ZoRowArk3


Ina, you're such a Blessing! 🙏 You're so inspirational, you are the reason why I'm drawing a lot more than I used to and why I'm improving. Your Streams are so comfy and make me so happy. Thank you and Happy Birthday!! 💜💜💜

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Hello Ina! Congratulations on 1 million! Even if I'm only one person and this is just one message out of thousands, I still want to share my gratitude and support because you deserve all the effort that you put into your content! Keep moving to 2 million!

From: UnstPhoenix


"CONGRATULATIONS ON 1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS, INA! おめでとう!!!!!!!!!! You have a special place Ina-ll of our hearts, with the things you tako bout, and your takodachi pun-ishment. You deserved this milestone, and more in the future! - [P]UnstoppablePhoenix"

From: ericero


WAH! Congratulations on the 1M subs Ina! Keep up the amazing work and comfy streams!

From: Rapostrophe


Congrats on finally reaching that big 1M, Ina! It definitely does not end here. More and more people will find their way to you because of your charming personality and passion for the art. The work you have done up to this point has helped a lot of people to find pieces of their self that they thought they had long since lost. Know that we, Takodachis, will always be here supporting you as you continue to spread your wings. Fly high, priestess!

From: GelatinousJoee


Congrats on 1Million Ina! That is such an amazing milestone and I am so happy to have seen you reach it! You have brought comfy vibes to so many including me and none of us can wait for you to hit yet another big milestone. Here's to another million!

From: Cucumberpiece


Congrats Ina! Your streams are a blessing, nothing else is as comfy and soothing.

From: AquaSZS


As a Korean, I can't watch most of your streams live, but your contents are really inspiring and soothing for the soul. It's hard not to smile with you. OneMedetou 이나짱!

From: PierreNioAB1


Hey Ina! First of all congrats on the big 1M. I'm very proud to follow someone as great as you and I'll continue to support you till the end. Didn't think I'd find myself ever following someone to a point where I watch them everyday, much less a Vtuber. Your personality, talent, your voice, laugh, interests and yes your puns all just clicked on me. I love every single thing about you. 8 months(since debut on September) of Wah, puns, happy and comfy streams and I look forward to more of them!

From: AnonymousTakodachi


I'm not talented to express my happiness with illustrations, so here goes... My first exposure to Hololive is you, I was really happy to see a vtuber that likes typemoon series especially Fate/Strange Fake. Not only that, I like you because of your calming personality. It helps me a lot when I'm down (Thank you for that... really). I'm really happy that you reached 1 million subs. I'm also happy that I'm a part of it. A part of something beautiful. Congratulations Ina! May luck be on your side.

From: KeimaKatsu


"WAAAH! Happy 1 Million subscribers Ina! You’ve come a long way since your debut stream. I am really grateful to be a part of the 1M takodachis supporting you. You really motivated me to pick up my pen and draw again, You are an amazing streamer, passionate on whatever you do whether it be gaming, drawing, singing, delivering those puns. You always put a smile on my face and I never get INAFF of your jokes/puns continue to be an inspiration to people for World domINAtion ^_^ "

From: AnonymousTakodachi


We all love you Ina! Wah!

From: keyshooter


Ina, thank you so much for been a beacon of inspiration and for soften our days with your big heart, thank you

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Happy birthday Ina! Thank you for the great streams!

From: MajesticMunch


Congratulations!! You've made it so far from when you first started and you got here with all your hard work. Thank you for all that you do and for the many puns you say. I can't get INAFF of them!! Here's to another million!!

From: KyuuB1999


WAH! Congratulations Ina! Thank you for brightening up all of our days! You deserve each and every subscriber! To a million more!

From: OfficialDorito


"Hey Ina! Congratulations on the huge achievement! Wish I had more time to catch your streams live, but work keeps me busy. Wishing you the best. Your Tentacultist, Asva"

From: flambelk08


"Ina! Congratulations on reaching 1M subs!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the laughs and the comfy streams, my Sunday afternoons just aren't the same without you! Love you lots Tako! I wish all the best for you! <3"

From: AnonymousTakodachi


hey ina! nice job for 1m subs! us takodachi's will be cheering you on!

From: kuromimi_0310


Happy 1 million subscribers, Ina! Thanks for all the fun times you've brought us! And thank you for the puns too, those are always great. Love your drawing streams. Have a nice day!

From: GosutoGame


Congrats for the million Ina ! It made now 8 months I follow your stream, and it's always a pleasure to watch ! Stay as comfy as you are, greetings from a Breton Tako ^^

From: tommoyang


Happy Birthday and Congratulations! I love your personality, and the fun you bring to everybody at HoloEN, Youtube and Inacord. Oh, and I can't forget the amazing art you put out of the other Hololive members and everything else too! Looking forward to more great times with you and the rest of HoloEN!

From: Shiny_Shinigami


Congrats, Ina, on reaching the big 1 million! I've been following your content since your debut, and you've cemented yourself as my primary oshi in hololive since then. (The birthday wish during a certain stream helped.) Hope to keep watching! —SiN

From: JasonLTT


Ina Congratulations for 1M subscribes~ It is a fun and comfy time to spend with you and Takodachis from 0 to 1M. Can't wait for the 2M, 3M and more to come~

From: Foreatom


Ina Ina Inaa, congratulation on achieving 1million subs! Whenever I think about you, it reminds me of a quote that says "When you let your light shine, you unconsciously give others permission to do the same." You are our beacon of light and will forever be one.

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Happy 1 Million Subscribers! It has been a fun 7 months for me and the tentacult. I hope more exciting and funny moments come as the number of celebrations for subscriber count rises!

From: BoubonMing


Thank you Ina for always bringing us such comfy time. You really help a lot of us goes through this tough time. The puns are inacredible as well. Congratulation on on your 1M milestone, and here's to many many more together! Cheers!

From: tmanti17


congrats on 1 mil! you're inacredible!

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Hey Ina! So happy to see you reached 1mil. I don't have much to say, and even if I did there is a limit to how much I can put here, so, congrats! That is all.

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Thank you for all of the comfy chill streams that you do for us! Your hard work and personality are an inspiration for all of us, and I hope you have a wonderful time streaming in the years to come.

From: Cheliax


Happy Birthday Ina! I can't believe almost a year has gone by since you started. It's been real a blast watching your growth. Here's to another year of tako goodness.

From: eternith


INAAAA! Thank you for being such an inspiration and source of comfy. I can't count the number of days that made better through your relaxing streams and relatable zatsudans. Let's continue taking on the world, but slowly, of course.

From: Mega_Nova_


I really really appreciate everything you do, the streams you do, the wonderful art, all of it has helped me a lot in reducing my usual stress, especially during these tough times we're in currently, you and all the other Hololive girls have been a very important part of my life during all this. Keep doing what you do, cuz you're doing great!

From: AnonymousTakodachi


"Congratulation Ina, you have granted the milestone. It's over 1 MILLION Subs for you now. Keep being our Ina, we would be your Takodachi until forever."

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Congrats on one million subscribers Ina! That's a lot of takodachis to bonk, so don't forget to give future Ina enough breaks.

From: Ayato___k


Waah ! Thank you for always being here for us, here's our time to give back to you ! Happy birthday !

From: AnonymousTakodachi


World DomINAtion!! Congratulations Tako! I'm very proud to be graced by you and AO-chan. I've gotten my friends to join me in your drawing streams as we joke about my "art" XD With that said; the world will know the call... Ina Ina Inaa~

From: Areyoucrazee


Congrats on your 1 Million Subs Ina! I always love checking out your stream for your unique vibes and wit. As someone who's know as the "Dad joke guy" to friends and family, I feel a unique connection to your content for obvious reasons. Thanks for bringing me and 999,999 others so much joy to our lives!

From: KazumiSangaku


Hi Ina! Congrats on making 1 mil! Thank you for all of your calming and interesting streams, and especially all the puns, they are very much the best form of humor no matter what anyone else says. Never stop, let the puns flow forever!

From: That_Cyan_Dude


Heya Ina! It's been an amazing ride up until now and I know things will keep on getting better going forward. Many congrats on 1 Million you deserve that and so much more with all the joy you always bring alongside everyone else! HAPPY CELEBRATING!

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Omedetou best Tako. Congrats on one million subscribers, you earned it. thank you for blessing us with your presence. Please continue to be the most seiso member of Hololive EN. may your success continue through your entire hololive career

From: Phosphatide


Congratulations on 1 million subscribers, Ina'nis! Your streams always bring out the warmest smiles to our faces, and I don't think there's a single Takodachi out there that would disagree that your content would brighten our darkest days. Here's to another million!

From: Jollepoker


Congratulations Priestess! With a drink in tentacle I look forward to more milestones to come!

From: CEOofGrandBlue


Congratulations on reaching 1 million subscribers, Ina! Thank you so much for your hard work and effort you put in to entertaining us Takodachis! Here's to many more happy years with you!

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Hey Ina, thanks for making me fall down the rabbit hole! If not for your comfy streams and life advice, I'd still be wandering about not knowing what to do with my life, but now I feel like I'm back on track. Grats on 1M and keep having fun!

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Congratz on 1M! Your content is inapeccable and inapressive! Honor to be a part of tentacult

From: willkurr


Ina, CONGRATS ON 1M! You deserve it so so SO much. You've really brought a lot of joy and comfiness to a lot of people, and for some, you've probably changed their lives for the better. I really look up to you and enjoy everything you do. Thank you.

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Hi Ina, you are super cute and I love your drawings. Stay awesome and happy 1 million you deserve it. J

From: HDFlood_


Thank you, Ina, for gathering a wholesome and caring community in an already life-changing environment. You've changed so many things for the better for so many people, and I'm glad to be part of that group. I'll be following you to the end, so guide me, as well as the million Takodachis, towards the future.

From: frosteato


Hey Ina! Just want to say thank you so much for all the streams. They lighten up so many of our days, and you have inspired many such as I to pick up art again. So thank you so so much, and keep it up. Also, loved the time lapse video!!

From: yuribait_


Thank you so much for all the hours of joy and entertainment that you have given us. This bustling community of lovely takodachi wouldn't be this big without you! I can't wait to see what's coming in the years to come. :D

From: AnonymousTakodachi


"Felicitaciones Ina, from the end of the world, Chile the long country you are a wonderful artist, you have encouraged many of us to take up our dreams again, thank you."

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Thanks, Ina for one of the comfiest streamers I know and for being the amazing person that you are. The atmosphere that you've built up is incredible and I hope to spend many more hours with you and the Tentacult. Congratulations on 1 million subscribers and lets keep on going!

From: frappufrappu


Congratulations on reaching 1M Ina! I'm really happy you are reaching this milestone. You have an amazing, cozy personality and I love your streams, specially, when I can draw along! Thank you, and this wholesome cult for drawing a smile on my face

From: YesThatUni


Congrats on 1 Million!! Watching your streams always put a smile on my face and the friends I've made with the Takodachis are special. Continue being you. From the bottom of my Tako Heart, 10Q, I Love ya, and you will always have my support.

From: PrinGameing


WAH! Congratulations on 1 million subs on Youtube! Thank you so much, Ina, for streaming and being yourself. You bring me and all the other tentacultists so much joy when you stream, and this HUGE milestone is definitely well earned! We love you Ina!

From: glaedr58


Congratulations dear Priestess! Thanks for all the joy you've brought us all. Here's to another million (well deserved) subs!

From: hiya_kk


Congratulations to our lovely priestess Ina for 1,000,000 takos! Thank you for all your hard work, super enjoyable streams and for spreading cozy vibes to everyone. I can't ever get inaff~ Can't wait for even more tentacular fun <3

From: AnonymousTakodachi


"Hey Ina! o7 Congratulations on reaching 1million Takodachis. 0,0128% of the population have already turned into Tako. The rest ist yet to come (...slowly ˙◁˙ ). Thank you for making my evenings studying much more enjoyable and comfy ^-^ Cheers!"

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Congrats on reaching 1M subs, Ina!

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Congratulations Ina on hitting 1mil subscribers, You are one of the most talented artist I know and with that it is with great joy I would like to congratulate you on your milestone. Your hard work paid off. You deserve to celebrate your success! One step closer to world domINAtion (Slowly of Course)

From: KazdotEXE


おめでとう Ina! 1 Million subs means 1 million takos around the world supporting you. Your Streams are amazing and I could not find a better Vtuber to watch than you! here's to a good future streaming and more takos to join the cult!

From: AnonymousTakodachi


"Dear Ina, Ina, Ina, Inaaaaaaaaa! Congratulations on reaching the big number, 1 million! I remember dropping into one of your drawing streams, and it being super comfy and chill. I remember excitedly jumping out of my chair during your first kareoke stream when you made a Kyubey reference and sang Connect (Madoka is one of my favorite animes). Your voice is amazing! Thank you for all your comfy vibes, and here’s to another 1 million in the future! From One of the Takodachi, CrossKirby"

From: Euroyeet


Ina Ina Inaa. Been a fan since day 1, that comfy energy instantly grabed me and haven't let go. Thank you for everything you do for us, from streams, to projects or just interactions with us in chat or on twitter. Congratulations on 1m takodachis <3

From: KoiKoi9001


Felisitasyon on reaching 1M!!!~~~ Thank you for sharing your time with us!

From: IronG


Thank you Ina for all your comfy streams, you have been the only vtuber I watch constantly because I love your puns (even when chat doesn't), love the comfy atmosphere and how playful you are sometimes with chat being a big M. You also stream at the best times for me, and would love if you always kept streaming at 3pm EST but I'd understand if when you change. BTW I got into this hole because of Kuroboshi papa because his designs of 3 Foreigners in FGO are my absolute favorite servants, and love that you look the same design as them. Idk if it was the design as well but your hairclip/headpiece looks like it's saying your 5 stars (out of 5 tehe)

From: AnonymousTakodachi


congrats, am tako, lubbu you, keep up the hard work!

From: OoXKami


Congrats on 1mil subs Ina! Thank you for all the chill and comfy streams. You were one of the main reasons I fell into this rabbit hole. I can't wait to see how you and the rest of the HoloEN girls grow in the future!

From: Yama_Devi


Congrats Ina Ina Inaaaaaa~ on hitting 1m! I have been watching you for quite a while and wanted to say 10Q! for all the comfy and sweet streams! P.S. Keep supporting your wife Nene :>

From: FrostableVenus


Congrats on the 1M Ina!!! So much has happened since we started this journey, and yet it felt like a flash somehow. Thanks for all the comfy and fun streams, and the wonderful community you built. I'm excited to continue supporting you in the future!

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Congratulations on getting to 1 Million, Ina! Thank you for the amazing streams, drawing advice and comfy vibes!

From: Vanilla_Inazuma


Wah! Congratulations on reaching ninomae million subscribers, priestess! Your comfy streams always help light up my days! Looking forward to more fun on this journey to world domINAtion!

From: 0k4ii


"Congratulations, Ina! Thank you for becoming a part of Hololive and working hard everyday with shrine duties and streams.You and the tako community are things I've come to love in my dull life! I'll be giving you my full support! Love you! ^ w^)7"

From: Whitedusttt


first things first, congratulations ina for hitting 1 million subscribers. it's well deserved, and we're happy to have you here. this past 6 months would have been a lot harder without you. thank you ina. we're lucky to have you.

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Dear Ina, congrats on reaching 1 mill, I had a really lovely time watching your streams, i hope you grow up inaff until world domination is a success, ill keep supporting you, qtest Tako i've ever seen <3

From: _daneilius_


Thank you for all you've done in your content and as being a person. You've never failed to bless me with a unique feeling of tranquility and inspiration in each and every stream I'm able to catch. Wishing for further success in the future, TY💜

From: Umiboshi_


"HAPPY 1 MILLION INA!! Congratulations to my favorite Vtuber! I hope you'll keep strutting your stuff, inspiring new creators, hosting comfy watchalongs, telling more ina-credible puns, and just being your usual cool self! You're even inspiring me to take up art (though I'm still not very good!), hopefully one day I'll make something as cool as you!"

From: KFPmaro


Congratulations on 1 million subscribers Ina!!! I'm so happy that I found out about you! You've helped me become more confident in myself and you inspired me to draw again! Thank you!

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Thank you for all the motivation you give me, for all the positive things you do. I hope you will continue to do what you like to do, and make this world a better place ! Wholesome world domination in coming !

From: Kebby_Kebs


Congratulations! We're Ina celebration time!!!!

From: Charismata_


Congrats on 1M subs! It has been one fun, comfy, and pun-filled journey. Thank you for all the hard work you put in to deliver us fun and relaxing streams and content. I will continue to follow you and support you as a Takodachi. W A H

From: FuriousTreeMan


Congratulations on 1M subscribers! Loved your content as they always cheer me up after a long day's work. Keep up the good work!

From: AnonymousTakodachi


"Our priestess is a million strong; she has conquered our hearts wholly to dominate the world slowly; puns and wah our favourite song and calming vibes to end the day Yes, our priestess is here to stay. Congratulations on one million Ina! "

From: Marssmatik


" Wah ! Hello Ina ~ Congrajulashions !!! We finally reached a million takodachis. A million tentacles to handhold( ̄Γ ̄) We know the efforts and hardwork you pour in this, aand you really deserve it . Also, Thank you. For reminding us to keep going. That there are always be a better tomorrow to look up to. You're the calm in the storm in this chaotic times. We are always praying for your success and wellbeing . Congratulations Ninomae Inanis ! Cheers for this glorious day and the future we hold !"

From: PhilMewnan


For me and many others you're the thing that's kept us moving forward through 2020 and 2021, thanks for all you do <3

From: AnonymousTakodachi


"Heyo priestess! Thank you so much for all the months of comfy content, hilarious hijinks, and most of all, the perpetual punning! One million takos have been blessed this past half of a year, and we can only jump in excitement for all the time that is yet to come together with you, so please accept this thank you, this congratulations, and this wish for many one millions more. And also this haiku A tako Ina Cult In its field of view, one mil She Cultivates. "

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Thank you for all the hard work. I love to be part of your community.

From: CadrienK


Congratulations on the well deserved 1 mil, Priestess! Thank you for your hard work and for the ever present comfy vibes. I hope that we get to see all your wishes come true along with our own. May our paths cross in the world of dreams. - Cadalyst

From: Ladrienn1


"Congratulations on collecting the million takos! And thank you from the bottom of my heart to bring goodness to my life again in these hard times. We will all support you till the end!!!"

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Love your content! Been watching since ur debut stream and even though u tend to stream at 3am in the morning, it's okay because sleep is for the weak! Love your work and happy 1 million!

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Congrats on getting 1 million Tentacultists InaInaInaaaa! Stay comfy and We shall follow you through your world domINAtion! Today 1 million, tomorrow the world!

From: AnonymousTakodachi


I love Ina.

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Congratulations to our most comfy Priestess for reaching 1 million takodachi's! We grow closer to that World DomInation! Humu humu

From: miunanora


Congratulations on 1m subscribers Ina!! Thank you for all the comfy and fun times together, here's to many more and the road to 2m subs humu humu!

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Ina ina ina ina first of all congratulations! Seeing you and your growth from the very start was an amazing experience to me. I'm glad you decided to become a vtuber!

From: AnonymousTakodachi


"I'm not really good with words, but I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the good times we takodachis have been able to share with you since the day you made your debut. Let's continue making a lot more of them from here on, keep up the great work and don't forget to take care of yourself. Congrats for joining the 1 Million club Ina!!"

From: BluesZX22


"Ina congratulations on 1mil Your art inspires all your puns makes us all laugh Here's to another million and best to you "

From: Zhangdhar


WAH ! Hello Ina and congratulations on 1M subs ! These last months have been an absolute blast, you deserve those 1M takos and even more ! I hope you can keep laughing, singing and having a good time with us for as long as possible (=w=)7

From: AnonymousTakodachi


"Thank you to Ninomae Ina’nis and congrats on 1m!(✿╹◡╹)ノ I Sharko thank you Ina for the most splendid of great cute times, never ending laughs and dokidokis. Looking forward to next projects and streams and all the merch, love you have a wonderful FOREVER (。•ᴗ•。)♡ "

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Congrats on the 1 Million subscribers. After watching your debut and Hades gameplays, I realized you have incredible potential for providing good content and a comfy atmosphere. I watch all your videos and hope you enjoy the years to come too.

From: Velinnari


Hi Ina! Congratulations on 1 million cute takos! I really love your streams and the community that grew around you. Thank you for giving us so much fun watching you draw, have fun and sometimes suffer. Love from one of your takos! <3

From: AnonymousTakodachi


100万人おめでとぅ!I love your comfy streams and all the work that you put into your artwork. And congratulations to all of HoloEN gen 1 to 1M subscribers!

From: XeoVaan


"I am just a lone Tako, but now I found the place where i belong. I will follow your Journey as a faithful Tako."

From: GoldenJaySSBU


Thank you for all your hard work Ina! I used to believe that I was someone who just couldn't draw. Thanks to you I picked up drawing almost everyday. I can't wait to see your channel continue to grow.

From: Lanazarus


Congratulations and thank you for everything, Ina. If by some indescribably low chance that you're reading this, just know you've been an incredible help in keeping me smiling. In every way, thank you for being you.

From: Waffle21B


Keep cool, tentacool

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Hi Ina! You and Hololive were the best part of my last couple years, and your passion has reinspired this veteran to work hard on improving myself and my dev skills. To my wonderwall (heh), I wish all the success and happiness! ありがとうそして1mはおめでとう!!

From: Deracts


Congratulation on reaching 1M subs priestess! I wish you find even more fun and success from now on too!(Especially on landing a pun and gacha rolls). World domination...Slowly Yay!

From: joshbutbased


hi ina congrats on 1m have a good day

From: xcessivebastard


Hi ina im so happy that you hit 1 mil!! all the hololive members are my favorite but your on the top of my list for hololive eng i love you ina!

From: AnonymousTakodachi


CONGRATULATIONS INA!!! I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you've done. You deserve every last bit of support you've been given and more. Here's to the big 2m!

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Ina you are so awesome and super chill to listen to. You have one of the most relaxing streams I’ve ever watched! GL on getting even higher!

From: Thonkyu


Hydrodynamic sensation of our tentacular nation; artistic designs and pun contemplation. Two million eyes trained upon your creations; one million souls shine with admiration. We love you and pray for your success; thank you for giving it your best!

From: AnonymousTakodachi


"Hello Ina, Congratulations on reaching 1 million subs! You greatly deserve this achievement! You helped me and a lot of Takodachis through tough times and motivated us to hone our skills and achieve great things. Thank you and Congrats! AlterTree"

From: Fortekko


Instant joined the membership (and it was my first!) the moment it was available. No regrets. Been hyped since Holo EN was announced and all of you easily surpassed it! 80万人本当におめでとうございます!これからもがんばろうね!

From: Alsundaz


Hello there Ina! Congratulations on reaching 1 million takodachis for the tentacult!! You deserve it so much you've worked super hard and been a joy to all us takodachis and reached this ina-credible feat you should be proud of your achievement! I look forward to seeing more comfINAness, puns, art and more you! The force will always be with you! (P.s. please bonk me)

From: ptactician05


Congratulation on reaching 1M! Your arts are truly beautiful, as beautiful as yourself! We are fortunate enough to enjoy your gorgeous arts and stay in your comfy stream! Hope you enjoy stream as much as we love watching you!

From: AnonymousTakodachi


"Dear Ina, congratulations on reaching ONE MILLION subscribers! I'd like to thank you for your comfy streams (especially the Hollow Knight ones :D) which help get me through the week. I hope you're having as much fun streaming as we are watching. Here's to many more milestones reached! P.S: Give AO-chan a rose for me, after all, she's best girl. :rose: :OYAOYA:"

From: AnonymousTakodachi


"This has been a really great 6 Months, I remember that the first one I discovered was you, and what a time it’s been. I just wish I could have gotten more involved, I wish I could support you more, but trying to go to college is very expensive, nevertheless, I ordered the penta-keychain, of course for the takodachi. I’m also gonna be the first Takodachi in space, and thats a promise. With love, Camille"

From: Rhoabear


Congrats on 1 million and thank you for everything Ina, your comfy streams give me life, I hope you have many more

From: AnonymousTakodachi


"Hello Ina!, Congrats on 1 million subscribers!, thats a whole ARMY OF A MILLION TAKOS... i dont have much to say other than thank you for the comfies stream instead heres a dad joke: ""I don't trust those trees. They seem kind of shady."" "

From: Srepin1099


Congrats Ina! Even though I do not usually catch your stream live, I always look forward to watching your archives every day to chill and relax. I hope you know that your passion, wisdom, and enjoyment make positive impacts to everyone around you.

From: AnonymousTakodachi


"i don't like a lot of people but you i like, ina congrats "

From: takocaster


Hi Priestess! You've been a great source of inspiration and motivation for me since these past few months. I'm proud to be a takodachi!!! May you always be safe and may you have more sleep!!! I'm always looking forward to your streams! Lots of love from a takodachi!

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Congratulations on hitting 1 million subs Ina. You deserve every single one of them. Your streams always make my day and this community is one of the most wholesome communities I've ever seen Ina my entire time on the internet. You are seriously inacredible and words can't describe how important you are to the takodachis. Thank you for everything so far, and I'm looking forward to more fun in the future

From: Sheep19868646


Thank you Ina for the comfyness. Working everyday since out of school really gets tough when fighting for time but having your streams up while at work makes it much more enjoyable. Looking forward to whatever else you have planned for us! \'( > ,<)`/

From: NoobRiiot


Congratulations on 1 million subscribers Tako Priestess. Thank you for the many laughs and good vibes you have sent to us Takodachis. You have brightened up my day since the day you debut and I’m so happy that I fell into the rabbit hole to see your streams. Thank you so much for making my life so much better.

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Thank you for being most comfy tako... I mean human streamer!

From: roreeeeentsu


Congratulations Ina! Im thankful for everything youve done for us fans and I wish you the best for everything. Even if sometimes it's exhausting for you juggle your time between streaming and priestess duties, you still make the effort to communicate w/ us fans. Im also thankful for the community youve built because theyre really amazing and welcoming. You once said that you want to be the chicken noodle soup for us in tough times. I can say that you sure as hell made me comfy, and relaxed in my most stressful times. Hopefully, us fans can still make you happy in each of our own ways. Im really thankful that I got to know you even just for a little bit. Again, congrats! Im looking forward to more achievements, milestones, etc.. MOST importantly, I hope you get to eat more good food and get lots and lots of sleep! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

From: BakeinuHawooo


"Congratz on 1 million subs Ina! You are awesome and the best ta- wait you're not a tako xD Stay awesome and please take good care of your health Ina!"

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Thank you Ina for bringing me so much happiness and joy in these hard times and I hope to continue to watch your streams. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you <3

From: pitsuke


"Thanks for the vibes, I needed em. ありがとうね~"

From: youngwonstarz


Congratulations on your 1M subs! Holomyth always brighten up my days as i see you grow and inspire many people. I come to love Holomyth as a family alongside with tentacult, teamates, chumbuddies, kfp, and deadbeats. Thank you for being wholesome <3

From: DVikavolt


I dunno what to say Ina. You're at the big ONE MILLION!! There just aren't Inaff words that can express how happy I am watching your streams. Your streams are just comfy. Congats and Good Luck on your future escapades

From: InFam0us2000


Hey Ina! Congratulations on 1M subscribers! Love the streams, watching you overcome Hollow Knight was amazing! Glad to be a part of Tentacult and I look forward to even more great moments from you and the rest of holoEN. Keep up the great work!

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Congrats on the 1 million Ina. All I want to say in a few words is "Keep going at your own pace, you can do it!".

From: PhyrUndr


Hello Ina! I want to thank you for fixing my sleep schedule. Your streams are usually at 3-5 A.M. for me and while I can't catch it from the beginning, I still sleep much earlier than usual to catch some of it. I will keep WAHtching you with great interest.

From: buraikusu


"いないないーな!1M subscribers 축하합니다! 어릴때 I used to draw a lot なんだけど, passion を失っていました。どうしても楽しくなくて、drawing의 의미가 없다と思っていました。 でもIna 가 debut する後から、passion이 다시 생기기 시작하면서 다시 毎日 drawing を練習することになりました!本当に thank you for inspiring all of us, and congrats again on 1M!"

From: AnonymousTakodachi



From: Hi_im_cel


Thank you for the comfy streams, I've really enjoyed it and cheers to 2M subs!!!

From: Grizzexploder


Congratulations and best wishes Ina, here's to sticking with us for a good long while!

From: JakeisSlick56


Ina! Congrats on 1 million subscribers! I'm happy to be able to spend time with you on your streams! Your hard work inspires me! Love you and your dad puns!

From: KFPTentacultist


Hello Ina! Congrats on reaching 1 million! It's been so fun watching your streams, listening to your puns and seeing the Tentacult grow more each day. Thank you for all that you are able to do and just being one of the comfiest vtubers out there!

From: theLORDdeath319


Congratz on 1 Mil!!! I can never get INAFF of your streams. You are wonderful and kind and you never fail to brighten my day! I'm so glad I got to contribute to this milestone and I can't wait to see you hit the next one!

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Hi Ina, keep on going and keep up the good work! Maybe someday we'll be able to touch your hair before we get bonked!

From: EricOuyang11


I love how calming your streams are and how cute your singing is! keep up the good work! and I wish you the best of luck! 💜

From: TrustworthyPal


Congratulations on 1 million, and to hopefully many more! Much love to you and all my fellow takodachis!

From: AirboundYT


From being taught that it's okay to be myself, Ina is my #1 role model. Her personality has calmed me in my darkest days. Ina's model is just as beautiful as her golden heart is. 10q for making me enjoy Hololive even more and keeping myself INA check ;) Much love <3

From: rowletribombee


Thank you so much for keeping me all entertained, and for being such an excellent inspiration to all of us. 250 characters isn't nearly enough to express my gratitude. From the bottom of my heart, congratulations on 1 million subs.

From: Calovich_


Congratulations on 1 million Ina! You have worked super hard to get here and have done so much by inspiring so many people! You have helped me join the most wonderful community I have ever played a part of and motivated me to keep my head up! I can never thank you Inaff for making me so happy Ina long time, I'll always be a Tentacultist for as long as I live! Never stop being you Ina!

From: TAstolpho


Ina, congrats on getting 1M! It was a fun 6 month watching your streams. Keep up the good work!

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Theres no picture and i have nothing all i want is too wish her the best of luck and too just keep being herself :)

From: AnonymousTakodachi


"Congrats Ina! Also your Art is really amazing! Ina Ina Inaaa~"

From: CycleBlyat


I suppose this is like a message for Ina? Uhh ina thank you so much for achieving 1 million subs! Thank you so much for making my mornings and days better everytime you stream, your cuteness one of a kind and I never get listening to your greetings and the "humu humu" noises. Congratulations on your 1 million subs ina! Keep up the good work

From: AnonymousTakodachi


Congratulations on 1 million tentacultists!

From: Blackdeath219


Congratulations on 1million subs and thank you ,your puns and cuteness always make my day

From: RiftIsLurkingIg


Ina!!! おめでとう100万! Watching you grow in this year really makes me happy. your trademark comfy and lovable gurandma personality never fails to brighten my day. I wish you a comfy time priestess, lets conquer the world with comfy and dad jokes!

From: AnonymousTakodachi



From: AnonymousTakodachi


Congrats on 1 Million! I hope you'll keep getting happier in the coming months and please take care of your health as well!

You have reached the end!