Ina's Birthday - IN TIMES SQUARE!

A tentacultist has purchased time on the Thomson Reuters billboard in Times Square - and we're going to put Ina fanart on it!

About this Project

Organized by: Tentacult ServerEvent date: 1 May 2021


From: The Tentacult Temple and HololiveEN Fan Server discords, and many other fans who joined in!


Original Reddit Post:

Ina's initial reaction to the plan:


For those who don't know anything about Ina

An explanation by UnstoppablePhoenix

Hello, New York City! My name is UnstoppablePhoenix, and unless you know who this is, you might be confused about what you're seeing right now.

This is a fan-organised project celebrating the birthday of Ninomae Ina'nis of Hololive English generation 1 (also known as HoloMyth)! But you may be asking yourself, "What is Hololive, and who is Ninomae Ina'nis?". That's why I'm here to help you out and explain.

Hololive is a talent agency based out of Tokyo, Japan that manages Virtual YouTubers (VTubers) - content creators who stream using digital avatars. Think of someone like Pewdiepie when he had videos using an avatar. That's what a VTuber is. There are many reasons for using a digital avatar. It's fun, it's unique, and it provides a degree of anonymity. It's also a showcase of how technology has advanced over recent years. Within Hololive, most of the talents are Japanese, but there is also an Indonesian and English branch too! The talents provide all sorts of entertainment, including but not limited to: gaming streams, karaoke streams, drawing streams and talking streams. Some of the content is family friendly, others a bit more risque.

Now, to understand Ina more. According to her lore, she was a normal girl until she found a book which gave her strange and wonderful new powers. She's accompanied by this book, known as The Ancient Ones (or AO-chan for short). She is very cute and an amazing drawer, and this is our way to give back! You can find clips of Ina by searching her name or Hololive on YouTube.

Throughout this website, there are messages and artwork from the Takodachis (Ina's fan name), so please take the time to look at them! Enjoy, and happy birthday, Ina!


Tako Times Square Project Description:

This project consists of a website (congrats, you found it!) to host image/animation/video submissions as well as text submissions from fans all over the world! Pretty much this is the birthday present part of this project. The other part of this project is the billboards at Thomson Reuters Tower, which are set to display approximately 99 fan illustrations and 4 animated works on the day of Ina'nis' birthday, May 20th. They will be shown for seven minutes an hour for the duration of the day, displaying a number of fanworks and an animation specifically created for usage with their vertical screens.


Special thanks to:

Thalio: Animation

Xenefia: Animation, Timing, and Splicing

JGblkshot: Editor/Video compositor

And all the fan artists, the people who submitted messages, as well as the planning team on the Discord servers! None of this could have been done without you!


Details and Links:

The advertisement will be running from 06:00 Eastern on May 20th to 01:00 Eastern May 21st in Times Square, on the Thomson Reuters billboard. Our submission for the billboard is 60 seconds long, so it will play 7 times per hour. If you want to go see it in person, that's your time window!

If you're tweeting out your fanart, make sure to use the hashtags #TakoTimesSquare and #inart! Also, if Ina decides on a birthday hashtag, be sure to use that as well!

Also, if you're sharing a video of the billboards at Times Square, make sure to use #TakoTimesSquare for that so it's all organized!


The Hololive EN Fans youtube channel, where we'll post this project's videos and maybe future ones if the project needs it:

Sneak-peek at what will be on each display - you'll have to use your imagination to see what they'll look like put together!

Display 3

Animation by Thalio and Xenefia

Display 4

Animation by Thalio and Xenefia, art compilation by JGblkshot

Display 6

Art compilation by JGblkshot

Display 7

QR display by Xenefia

Display 8

Art compilation by JGblkshot

Display 9

Art compilation by JGblkshot

For those of you who just want to see what the video would look like if you were in Times Square (this is a mockup, not actual footage) it will go live when the billboard does (06:00 Eastern time May 20th), and has a premiere linked here:

note: this is not monetized or anything of the sort, it's just a premiere so people can have a countdown and those who can't physically be there can have a little bit of a watch party

Discord Server Organizers (links):

Tentacult Temple Discord Server

and their


HololiveEN Fan Server

yes it's a mouthful just call us HEFS and their


Website for our affiliated EN fan discords and their projects: You're on it!

Ina's Channel:

P.S: Art is in the Submissions, just need to scroll past the text submissions - it starts past submission 553 or so!



Community Submissions

From: Anonymous


Happy Birthday, InaaaAaaaAaaa!! Big cheers to your first bday celebration with everybody! I still remember dearly your first ever drawing stream cuz it was at that moment when you started inspiring everybody. Thank you! I also hope we inspire you too!

From: Anonymous


I can't really pick any fave moments, cause all ina moments are my fave moments. From saying WAH for the first time to sharing irl moments that are super relatable to singing more confidently and of course saying her first pun and we just laugh it off cause we didn't expect it at all then it grew on us over the months. Even though we're watching a virtual character, you actually brighten our lives especially during these hard times. I wish you a very happy birthday and more to come. We look forward to what you have in store for us in the future and we'll accompany you till the end!

From: Anonymous


Ina Happy birthday I feel so peaceful and safe when you are streaming Thank You for your streaming I am glad that you start streaming when my world is just dull and gray You are mature and your voice is beautiful I love your joke and Wah and Wink Eternity is short for where we are going Let accomplished world domINAtion !!!!!!!

From: Anonymous


I'm not the best at drawing, but I enjoy doing it and learned a lot from your streams. Choosing a favorite moment is very tough because I enjoyed all moments where gave your all may they be from RFA or Hollowknight Boss battles. But if I had to choose I'd say seeing you on the Karaoke stage sing. Even though you said you weren't confident in the past this was a memorable moment which gave me watery eyes. Happy Birthday, Ina! Thank you for being you.

From: Anonymous


Happy birthday Ina!!!

From: Anonymous


Love anything about U. Thank you for ur heart-warming stream~~~~

From: Anonymous


Happy Birthday, ina~! I hope you stay healthy and happy this year. Hard to believe how time flies by so fast, my favorite moment of you was ramune zatsudan stream with amelia, would be looking forward with podcast soon as a guest. I really enjoy watching your comfy streams especially your puns and flirts, tehe. hopefully you have many more fun moments with us and hololive/stars <3333

From: Anonymous


Happy birthday Ina! I'm usually too shy to even write simple message like this, but I want to celebrate this special moment. Your drawing stream, and your WAH are always blissful moment that are a joy to watch. I decided to join the tentacult after your cover of "I beg you", I don't know why but it was an inAcredible experience that made me decided to become a fellow takodachi. And again, happy birthday Ina!

From: Anonymous


Here's a pun for you, happy wǔ èr líng!

From: Anonymous


I happened to watch the show because we had the same birthday. I always get refreshed while watching the show. Happy birthday.

From: Anonymous


Happy birthday Ina! it's so blessful to know you Ina. Can't guarantee to watch all of your stream because of my work, but sometimes I watch some of your archived stream after work and it's so enjoyable and relaxing. You've been made so much of my day, I'm so thankful. Please continue doing your best Ina, as do as I will continue to support you 'til the very end! ~with love from one of your Takodachi

From: Lynn


Happy Birthday Ina! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with the things you love. I can't believe it's already been 8 months since I met you. Since then, we've gone on all sorts of fun adventures, and from here on out, let's go on even more!

From: Vespart


Ina! Thanks to you I've found an amazing community that is extremely amazing, comfy, and lovable, everyone just radiates wholesomeness and encourages to keep the goodness of everything around! This is what the kind, friendly and comfy streamer did to the hololive community, your arrival sparked this beautiful place where everyone can find advice or a small head pat to relax from whatever life is giving, you sparked in me my long lost love and enjoyment for art, that beautiful hobby that I thought I couldn't seek anymore, every time I show any of my pieces to my friends or the takodachis, I remember why I loved to doodle back then when I was little, I thank you for everything, thank you for being you Ina!! Happy birthday!! Let's enjoy this journey with all the takodachis together, for whatever many years we can go ♥

From: Aurick


HAPPY BIRTHDAY INAAAAA!!! Thank you for working hard and creating a space where we can be so happy and comfy and creatively motivated together with like minded individuals. You've been a huge inspiration to me for the longest time, and you're so relatable as a hooman. My favorite Ina moments would have to be the Drawing Streams. They normally happen past midnight for my timezone, so I feel like the takos and you keep me company and comfy while I fall asleep. Hopefully I can touch others with my art one day, as you have to me. Have some headpats *pat pat pat*

From: JamesTDR


All of your streams are so relaxing, to be able to watch the archive whenever to have a relaxing time really helps after a stressful day. My favourites are your drawing streams and the Paper Mario streams. Watching them feels so peaceful and the occasional puns make them better!

From: Greenfrog art


Thank you very much Ina, whenever I see you drawing I feel that you are a great inspiration for all of us <3

From: Jacier


Happy Birthday Ina!!! Thank you for all the comfy and fun streams. It is amazing to see into your work process during your art streams and your tips are very helpful. Your work is amazing and has inspired me back into art. I've been autopiloting my work for school just to get by and so I've been burned out for a long time, but you've changed that. Thank you once again for all your hard work and can't wait to see what you have planned in the future.

From: Nyalaptop


Happy birthday Ina! Thanks for the happiness you've given to us. Especially your puns, it makes you a cooler person.

From: JPT


As an illustrator on training, watching you chilling and practice sketching on stream motivated me a lot. Thank you for sharing your experiences and encouraging people to keep going and not give up. May all your dreams turn come true and happy birthday, Ina.

From: Jih


Ina, i just wanted to say, maybe you don't know but i'm really grateful that you appeared in this world

From: Keiz


Ina I wanted to thank you so much for all you've done for us! I've had so much fun watching your streams. I'm grateful for the fun times that we've been able to have watching your streams, and for all the hard work you do. I hope that you have a wonderful birthday!! Happy Birthday Ina!

From: Ninjastahr


Happy birthday Ina! As we're trying to have a bit of a theme going here, my favorite moments are honestly when you "wah!" at the beginning of the stream - it always brings a smile to my face. You're my favorite Hololive member, though all of the Hololive members are awesome, but your streams are the ones where no matter what I can just tune in and I know I'll enjoy it. The comfy streams always help me unwind after a long day, or just to watch while wrapped in a blanket. Here's to your first birthday as a Hololive member!

From: Capt-Jules


Happy Birthday to our number 1 wholesome and funny tako priestess, thanks for being an inspiration to me (and pretty sure a lot of us)! Hope you have a wonderful birthday and wish you all the best for the times ahead, Ina! <3

From: Madoka


Happy Birthday Ina! You are a great illustrator, and you've convinced me to start actually trying at drawing again. The Hollow Knight playthrough was the highlight of quite a while, with the Radiance battle being a textbook anime-protagonist-versus-final-boss fight. Hopefully the time until next year will be just as full of wah's and humu's. Otsutako!

From: Ithius


From the first day we've met you until now, you brought us so much joy, comfort and inspiration. We can't thank you enough. We love you, Ina. Happy Birthday!

From: RIA


Happy birthday INA!! You are so cute! I pretty love your artwork! all of them are amazing! i love drawing, hope one day I can impress you with my artwork too!

From: 白毛(Shirage)


My favorite Ina moments are when she making all kinds of noises, TeeTee with other Holo members, teasing chat, saying puns, sharing her life experiences and drawing skill and so much more. I always feel comfy, chill, satisfy and happy every time I watching her stream, just like a chicken soup to me, always warm my heart. I really glad that i could meet such a wonderful person in the world. Thank you Ina for colored part of my life with your stream.

From: Kinji


Ina, hope you have a happy birthday and everything goes great!

From: Sordeliel


Hello Ina and Happy (***) birthday! I hope everything goes well and you will appreciate the collective effort of many takodachi's have made today for you! Everyone had lots of fun doing the project, sadly since I wasn't able to draw due to school, I will write a happy little message. Thank you for what you've done during the past 7 months, it made my days much brighter and I've been able to find so many great friends and one of the most amazing community out there. One of my favourite moment of your streams is.. well it's pretty hard to say since I follow you since you've started, but the recent playthrough on Paper Mario really makes me laugh and happy, I also love your drawings, story time and you! :TehePero: Thank you for making my days lighter and brighter during those hard days, or in fact, years. I shall continue to support you as much as I can! It was really fun organising all of this. Happy birthday Ina! -Sordeliel

From: Flushie (twitter:@flushienime)


Thank you Ina for giving me the motivation to do art a lots more. I had never really being confident or serious with art, but after seeing your beautiful skill and passion in art. I realized that my art can be so much more than just some hobby that I do once a while. I love your art, and wish to be like you one day.

From: keso


Happy Birthday, Ina! Thanks for being an *ina*spiration to us who have been stuck in the deepest and darkest of art blocks. Your gesture streams made me try harder to get back into drawing, and even if the process takes some time, having someone to draw along with, even in the archives of streams I miss, makes it a lot more chill to power through the practice. Thank you for sharing your wisdom to us takos, whether it be about art, games or life. Enjoy your day and we pray to Ao-chan for even more birthdays to come!

From: Cassadin1883


Happy Birthday Ina! Heyho potential reader. For your birthday I wish you all the best Ina. I hope you stay healthy and happy, because those are the two most important things in life. If you have read any of the other hundreds of messages you already know how much this community appreciates you. When I couldn’t go out anymore and my days turned into boring monotony I found you and the awesome community you build. Your streams gave me some sort of daily routine back and your community a place to meet new great people. For that I’m truly thankful. I don’t know how closely you follow your own community, but you can be proud that you have gathered such a big fan base, not by advertising yourself or asking for subs, but just being yourself. And despite already being this big (maybe already 1mil when this gets published?!) your community stayed wholesome, comfy and inclusive, since you seem to have the power to only attract awesome people to your streams and lead them with great example. In the hope of a bright future for all Takokind and many many more moments with you! Yours sincerely, Cass (Cassadin1883)

From: Crater


love ya ina :) have a nice birthday

From: Questia


Wah! Hi, Ina! I don't think one moment could adequately summarize why I'm here, so I'll go with three: - When you opened up and revealed in your fifth stream one of the biggest reasons why you're here: because you wanted to inspire people to take up their hobbies and creatives again... - When you experienced Titanfall 2 from beginning to end, deeply bonding with Burrito-- er, BT... - And when you found a kindred spirit in Reine - fishing, puns, and pranks... I knew that home was with the takos. Thanks to you and all of Hololive Productions, I'm reigniting some creative passions that have grown cold over the years. Many of us have already started, and many more will come to be inspired by your sincerity. This, I know to be true. Your calm, your penchant for puns. The speed by which you learn new things. The subtle humor you employ, the patience by which you teach and interact with us. This and more is what draws me towards you. For all the entertainment and inspiration you've given us... Thank you, Ina. Happy birthday, and let's keep going! Wah~

From: swoog


Ina, you've been an incredible influence on me and many others for the past few months. Your sweetness and honesty has made my life a lot brighter, and your skill and experience inspires me to get better in more ways than one! Your streams emit such a relaxing and cozy vibe, and they're a fantastic way to spend my free-time, when I'm not practicing drawing (thanks to you)! You can always find a way to make us smile, whether through chat interaction or cracking a... great pun... your synergy with others is unparalleled, and I love it when you tease us... or other Holomembers! There's really no way I can thank you enough for just being true to yourself, but thank you.

From: Bitunero


Happy Birthday Ina!!!! We are happy to share this moment with you, and as many as it comes. We still remember your debut and how nervously cute you were, but now you are more cute that one could imagine. Have a nice birthday!!!

From: third12


Happy Birthday Ina! My favorite Ina moment.. is simply just the moments that I was able to spend time with you. I really enjoy just hanging out with you and the takodachis. I really love the comfiness of your stream and your sense of humor, it is just 👌👌 so good. I love it so much. Even at the times that I actually facepalmed from your puns. I.. still enjoyed it nonetheless. So thank you so much Ina for all the fun memories. I wish you all the best. We love you 💜

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


Hello I am a takodachi from France. I've been following your progress since your first stream; I love the content and the community you've created so far. I think you are talented and inspiring, I'm sure a lot of takodachi must think the same. I was in a difficult situation, but your streams and advice helped me to stand up. I started to draw again and changed my job. Regarding my favorite moment of Ina, I don't think I can choose only one favorite moment because when I think about it, I have several that come to my mind. I loved all the watchalongs especially those of the anime yuru camp. It has been several years since I felt such a sense of comfort, calmness and pure joy. The karaoke streams were great, I found myself getting up and dancing during your singing. And I couldn't stifle my laughter while listening to the jokes during your different streams of drawing, video games and collaborations with other hololive members. This is the first time that you and all the takodachi celebrate your birthday and I hope we will celebrate many more in the future. I wish you a happy birthday and I hope that all your dreams for the future can come true. Jérémy O.

From: Choir of Fire


Happy Birthday Ina! May your days be filled with good times and spent with great friends!

From: DarkFalzLoser


Happy Birthday INA ~ I LOVE YOU ~

From: Graphiclee


Wish you the best from NY! You're an INA-spiration!

From: CorpShephard


Happy Birthday Ina! Thank you for all your hard work! I bought a tablet and drew for the first time since highschool(?) to contribute to this project. It was... challenging... but quite enjoyable! I took an art class every year in highschool but I didn't think I had the drive to compete at it for a career. Thank you for the inspiration to pick it back up. I couldn't believe how fast time flew while I drew my submission. I felt like I couldn't quite execute on what I wanted to draw... but I hope this at least brings a smile to you and some takodachis! I first found your stream while you were playing Hades which is a game I adored last year. I wanted to draw something from that... uh, I hope it doesn't come off as mean spirited. I loved your Hollow Knight playthrough recently too... keep up the great work! With much love!

From: Uni88


Happy Birthday Ina! I am really glad to have found you and Hololive. The Takodachi community that was built around you is the best. They have became some of my closest friends. You will forever have my love and support. I am excited for what the future has in store for you and Takodachis. Love Ya Ina.

From: knilsilooc


Happy birthday Ina! I discovered you (and the rest of Hololive) back in October, and your streams have brought me an inacredible level of comfort and enjoyment. Getting to rewatch Yuru Camp with you was a big highlight for me, as I think I may have hit maximum levels of comfy. And I also really enjoyed watching you play Hollow Knight. I’m glad you seem to love both of those as much as I do! You’re a super talented person with a very kind and beautiful soul. Thank you so much for streaming for us. :)

From: Faris


WAH!!! Hey Ina! Happy Birthday to the cutest and most precious tako that I've ever met!!! It's great they used a billboard, but your forehead is so big that it would have worked better! hehe.. hehe... It's always a treat to hear your jokes and puns, they always make me laugh! But seriously, Happy Birthday! I wish you all the absolute best. Thank you for being your adorable and comfy self! I look forward to watching more of your streams and continuing to have fun with you!!! Sincerley, a Takodachi

From: Shishi


Happy birthday to the best Tako, only started watching recently but loving your art style and the chillness of your streams. Watching you drawing made me want to start drawing too. btw i'm watching from France so again : Joyeux Anniversaire au meilleur poulpe !

From: Ridym


WAH ! Happy birthday Inaaa ~~ Your stream are always super comfy and punny ! I especially loved the Nier automata streams and your karaokes. Thank you for being so inspiring. bye |=w=)7

From: klin


Happy birthday Ina! It has been an incredibly enjoyable 6+ months, watching you develop as a vtuber and hone your idol skills. I'm really glad to you see finding something you love to do, all the while having incredible people, genmates, to support you on this journey. I'm sure many viewers were also able to start their own journeys, or resumes one they might've given up on, thanks to you. Your capacity to inspire people to do what they love and encourage them to not give up is something truly special. I'm looking forward to lots more comfy streams, and also to your future developments. I will, too, be working hard at growing myself and achieving my goals towards becoming an illustrator. A lot of the knowledge and motivation I have towards art can be attributed to you and I'm very thankful for that. I hope to continue learning lots from you. Keep being the tako- human we all love and have a great birthday! and eat lots of tasty food (*´▽`*) !

From: Tvasan


Thank you for all that you do, your streams and the community built around them, are always such a welcome and relaxing place to go. I especially have enjoyed the drawing streams, which have been a welcome push and inaspiration to improve and have a go trying some new things. Thank you, stay well and have a lovely Birthday Ina other words you are An Inacalculable and inacredible inaspiration to inanumerable numbers. Here's to this next year and that the time before 2 nd birthday will be far from Empty, Keep up the puns I can't get Inaff.

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


Thank for your opening WAHS! Happy Birthday!

From: Joshua


Happy Birthday, Ina! Thank you for the amazing streams. Watching your streams, whether they are about drawing, singing, or playing games, are always so delightful. I hope you have a fantastic birthday, Priestess!

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


Happy Birthday Ina! I would like to say that you have been a big motivator and inspirator for me. Seeing how committed you are, not only on your artwork, but as a creator in general, has definitely inspired me in one way or another. Your content is always there to put a smile on my face, whether it be the drawing streams, the Minecraft streams, the collabs, or anything in between. While my art skills may not be so good right now, I hope I can draw something for you next year, as a birthday gift. Here's to more years of your content. Wah!

From: Ikarus


Happy Birthday, Ina! Ever since your debut stream, you’ve been my favorite, with a cute and comfy personality and amazing art skills. You have been such a great inspiration for me in both art and everyday life and I'm proud to call you my oshi. I just can't help but smile at the puns and enjoy the moments I spend together with Ina and the tentacult, from the bottom left moments to the galaxy brain plays. I always have CSP open to follow along during drawing streams, and I was amazed to see how much I improved thanks to you! 2020 was a crazy year, but discovering Hololive and falling down the rabbit hole was the best thing that happened to me last year. I've truly enjoyed being part of this journey, from debut all the way to Ina’s birthday with almost 1 million takodachis! For this birthday celebration event, I drew Ina’s new outfit reveal since I felt that it was the culmination of everything that has happened so far and a big step towards Ina’s world domINAtion! I’m so glad to be a part of this and I'm excited for what's in store for the future! Hope you have a specTAKOlar birthday and get a well-deserved rest!

From: AnakissHunter


Thank you, Ina. During the start of the pandemic, I had no goal and was just staying in my house, playing games 24/7 and achieving nothing in my life. I quit drawing, I had a fight with my friends and I was all alone, with the ugliness of my being staring at me through the black mirror everytime I shut off the computer. But then Hololive came, and then Hololive English came, and then you came. Your drawings and advice inspired me to better myself as a person. Your weekly gesture drawing streams were always the light at the end of a dark week. And thanks to you, I decided to improve myself. I got back into drawing again, I reconciled with my friends, and life was starting to turn around for me. I had a goal to chase, a dream to dream, and I have nothing but admiration and gratitude towards you, Ina. I know that one day, no matter how far away, this will all end, you will graduate and an era will end, but the memories you have given to me and to all of the takodachis in the world will never fade to sepia. Thank you, Ina.

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


And a "You can be a tako!" has been heard Clicked the button and I flew like a bird World domination was in sight Just as the cult grew in might. Happy birthday Ina, and thank you for all the great moments! Hope your day is as good as all the ones you gave us so far, and cheers to more! =w=)/

From: Spark


Happy birthday, Priestess! I love everything that you do, from drawing and talking to us, to playing games and voice acting the characters in them, but your dedication in overcoming Hollow Knight really touched me in a way. I was very proud to see you getting better after each boss, and loved your dedication to do things your own way, no matter how chat may have been telling you otherwise. You also bring a wonderful supportive energy to any collab. Your voice is a blessing for the ears and your laugh, a blessing for the heart. I will stick with you through thick and thin, as a tentacultist/takodachi, no matter the amount of sanity checks I have to do. Lots of love from Eastern Canada!

From: PTactician


We really like your comfy stream! Your stream, your arts and your singing are truly beautiful! We hope you will have a joyous Birthday! 🎉

From: Tressa


Gooday Ina and happy birthday to you mate. I will keep my message short and sweet because there are loads to go through. In that case, my favourite moment I have seen so far has been your successful run in defeating the Radiance from Hollow Knight. Defeating the Radiance is symbolic that you managed to push yourself to reach the true end of the game. Hollow Knight is filled with content and I am glad you recognized the beauty that this game offers ranging from compliments on the ambient music, gorgeous scenery, and memorable characters. To me, it shows your respect in recognizing both the large and small things games offer. Your commitment to reach the end of your journey in Hallownest by bonking the giant sun moth god serves as a testament to your love of the game. Seeing the credits roll and the sigh of relief knowing that you finished the game put the biggest smile on my face. Anyways I do hope you have a good birthday and life continues to grant great fortune, you priestess. Keep on winning Ina and cheers!

From: Zero1750


It’s been a long yet short 8 months since you’ve debuted. Of those months, one moment I will never forget is your first karaoke. It blew me and my expectations away! And you said you were bad at singing! But even before that, "Ninomae Ina'nis" had already transformed from a name that I had never heard of, to one that can brighten up my day just by existing. Who knew some(一), read as some(Ninomae), could have such an effect on my life. Though pun-ishing, your endless supply of jokes never fail to bring a smile to my face. Your streams embody "comfiness" and the takodachis you’ve fished in constantly surprise me with their wholesomeness and supportiveness. I am glad to be a part of these takos (=w=). Lastly, your skill, perseverance, and constant push for improvement have motivated and inspired me to return to doing something that I had completely given up on. Ina, thank you. I am truly thankful from the bottom of my heart. I wish for you, all the love and support you deserve, a lot of takoyaki (not ika this time), and also a spectacularly tentacular birthday!

From: Superset69


From all the takodachis around the world, we come one step closer to world domINAtion, as we all come together to wish our favorite eldritch god a very happy birthday! If you are reading this on the build board, go eat a tako to celebrate!

From: Rifty


Happy Birthday Ina! It has been 7 month, watching you stream the happy moment you gave us, it might be cheesy but we love it a lot. Thank you! I hope you'll have a great birthday!

From: kyokubear


Halo Ina! I've really felt insecure and hopeless regarding my ability to draw. When you debuted, I started to draw along side you and ever since then my art has significantly improved. Thanks to you I feel confident in the art that I am making. Thank you for being here Ina. Please have a wonderful birthday and thank you so so much!

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


Takobocchi together strong.

From: Pitot


When Ina use autotune in UNO was my favorite one. It was really, really funny. And everytime she puns I can smile for a while.

From: teruPERO


Happy birthday Ina! Every art stream you do has been the highlight of my week. I rediscovered my love for drawing through you and have been working hard at improving ever since. I'm very grateful to know you through Hololive; you truly have given me something to be passionate about again. I really can't express my gratitude enough. I hope you have a great birthday and are able to get some well deserved rest! Let's work hard together!

From: cbear


Happy birthday Ina! I can't believe it's already may 20th.. it feels like just yesterday we met the amazing ta- human, you've done so much for me and all the Tako's, I don't think saying "Thank you" is enough to describe how much you mean to me, but for now. Thank you.

From: Anonymous Tentacultist



From: The_D0C70R


Hi Ina! Happy birthday! I really like your art and comfy streams; I hope you have a happy and pun day : )

From: SomeCoolGuy


Happy Birthday Ina ! ! Thank you so much for your hard work and streams, you're a Inacredible person! There are so many fun moments to chose which is the best in the past months, but I'll say my favorite moment would be in the HoloEN MC Christmas collab, when Kiara said "Ina, the tree on top of your house looks very weird." then Ina snaps at Kiara, "you know what else looks weird? !" Later insulting each other in morse code, that was so funny and the best part of that collab! 😆

From: Zekken Kuro


Happy bday Inaaa! You are the reason I'm drawing again after so many years and your streams soothes my soul. Love you ^^

From: Mahboi


Ina is a magical girl. When I hear Ina, everything will be fine. <3

From: Phantom Zamber


Happy birthday Ina!! Love how chill your streams are, especially your drawing stream. May happiness and fortune smile upon you always!

From: Dero


Happy Birthday Ina! Your streams never fail to brighten up my days and bring a smile to my face. You've inspired me to take my exercise daily and to practice my artistic craft! Your Journey playthrough is one of my favorite streams I'm glad I could experience live with all the Takodachis! 10Q for 8 amazing months and I can't wait for all your future projects!

From: Vanilla Thunder


Happy Birthday Ina, hope you have a wonderful day and an even more wonderful year ahead! I really enjoy all your streams, especially the watchalongs, be it comfy or action packed! Getting to enjoy of a lot of these classics not only with you but also with fellow takodachis has been an absolute blast!

From: Bit


Happy birthday Ina! I love your comfy streams and INAcredible puns. Some of my favorite stream moments are when you chat with us during your drawing streams! Thank you Ina for all of your hard work!

From: Dusty J


I'm not very good with words, but allow me to say Happy Birthday Ina!!! You brought us takodachis eternal comfiness from the moment you stepped into the Hololive picture. From the initial pictures before debut, I knew that out of all of holomyth that I was going to watch your streams the most. Who knew that a tak- I mean human could be such an angel with such an soothing voice. And you were completely right, we can't get INAFF of your jokes. I'm glad I stuck around (Totally didn't get dragged into the rabbit hole by you) and will continue to be stuck in this hole. You are nearing 1M Subs INA bit and I'm glad to see this community grow so fast (I'm sure you are too). I hope experience more of your comfiness as time goes on. Once again, Happy Birthday Ninomae Ina'nis. IMD, INA MAJI DAITENSHI!

From: Sarah N


I love watching your drawing streams!! Watching you work on anatomy and posing has helped me so much with my own art. My favorite moments are watching you improve!

From: bob


Wah! I see you're looking cute as usual; happy birthday Ina! Thank you for all of the hard work you've done for us takodachis! Thank you also for pulling me deeper into the rabbit hole in the midst of my journey of learning how to draw; the speed and quality of your art, as well as your nuggets of knowledge, really inspires and motivates me and other takos (probably) to continue further on our respective journeys! I really look up to you and I hope that, one day, I'll be able to draw fan art of you that I'm proud enough to share! I look forward to what you'll do in the future and I hope you enjoy your special day today! Wah!

From: Pimster


Happy birthday Ina! Thank you for so many wonderful moments during your streams. My favorite moments are when you started playing the Dango song with the recorder during a Monster Hunter stream and your "Ina of the Mountain" advices.

From: Turbo


Hi ina, quite nice to finally send a message to you. Also, happy birthday you adorable little tako-human! Hope you continue to be sucessful and make more great art and keep doing your comfy streams. I'm not able to watch your streams much sadly because timezones can suck, but when I do catch a stream, oh man is it great, and I thank you for working so hard for us takodachis to be comfortable woth your streams. We all love you, and keep being yourself! -Turbo the petrolhead takodachi

From: Phyr


Ina! Thank you for being such a cute and comfy person that can cheer everyone up from a bad day. You and your community has been such a pleasure to interact with. Thank you also for getting me the confidence to do the things I never had the courage to do. In short, you're amazing and thank you so much Favorite Ina moment: The time you wiggled your (ear) flaps for chat. It's a simple one but I love it nonetheless because it's so damn cute.

From: Marcus


To be honest, I'm quite new to hololive and vtubers in general, so I don't really have a favorite moment or anything. I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing content and happy birthday Ina!

From: Vika


Happy Birthday Ina!! Thanks for the comfy times, and here's to many more to come

From: Charismata


Happy Birthday Ina! I just want to thank you for everything that you do for us takodachis. The past 8 months have been filled with many funny and memorable moments. Your streams always brighten my day and bring me immense joy. I hope that your birthday is also filled with happiness and joy. I will continue to support you as a loyal takodachi. Humu humu. Here's to more fun and comfy streams in the future! WAH!

From: jithin rohith


Happy birthday Ina! I'm still holding on to our promise of you Kabedon'ing us one day in the Watson Railways.

From: Kaz


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE TENTACULT PRIESTESS!!!!! You are one of my favorite Vtubers in Hololive after hearing that you've played the critically acclaimed MMORPG with a free trial and now I always (try) to watch your streams as they are really comfy and chill. I loved your Nier and HollowKnight playthroughs and hope to see you play more soulslike games in the future. Hope your birthday is bright and WAHnderful!!!!

From: Stormwheel


Happy birthday Ina!!! I really loved the creativity on your new outfit reveal stream! I hope to share many moments like that in the future with the best takos in the world!!!

From: JGblkshot


This submission here is for two things I've found myself to be quite dearly fond of: You and your content, and Valve Games. On another note, I'd like to thank you and the rest of hololive for making these past couple years TEN TIMES more bearable than it would be otherwise, and also for reigniting my passion for making video games. Its been a blast these past several months, and this submission is dedicated to you. Keep doing what makes you happy, and happy, DAMN, BIRTHDAY!

From: pyropyro


Happy birthday Ina! It may seem like the tentacult has only just began its plan of world domination, but the last 7 months have been made so much better ever since you WAHlked into our lives! From the comfy drawing streams filled with mountain wisdom, to the “pro” “gamer” moments like disappearing an entire pizza, to the adorably scared sounds made while investigating the occult, to the days when you look very cute! (wait, isn’t that every day?), and every fun, endearing, happy moment in between, all of us at the temple can say you have made an important impact in our lives, and we hope to maybe have done the same to you. I can’t wait to see what amazing things we takos get to experience together with you from this birthday onwards to the many more that we’ll get to celebrate with you, and I hope you’ll have a birthday as wonderful as all the others to follow! So, if I may say once again, happy birthday priestess!

From: Daionerr


Thank you Ina, for being such a great inspiration for us!! Like many others, i've gotten much better at drawing thanks to you and your lessons. Please don't worry about a thing and keep doing your best, the takodachis will be here cheering for you always!! World DomINAtion here we come!!! XD

From: てる


Happy Birthday, Ina! Remember you said, "If I can be someone like a chicken noodle soup that will be nice". Ina, you are my chicken soup of soul. Sometimes I want to draw something, especially some characters of regular size, and I always give up halfway because my expectation is too high. And you told me that "Done is better than perfect. Nothing is ever perfect so you gotta get used to it". So I tried my best this time, and I finally finished my first drawing which drew a character in regular size! Hope you will like it! I am still building my mental library, hope someday I can draw something I can satisfy with. I'm not good at handling negative emotions but you always help me see things from different angles. I just really like your personality. You are a very inspirational tako. Thank you for making my life feel better Ina!

From: pudding


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ina ,you are so cute!!!Thank you for your streaming ,it always relaxes me . Hope you can continue to accompany takodachi forever .And please bonk me (≧▽≦)

From: nikkoi


Happy birthday, Ina! Thank you so much for being you! From the nervous "hello"s and cute "humuhumu"s during the debut to...getting bullied by chat playing tic-tac-toe on your forehead (lol), and everything in between (like getting oya oya kabedon'd in the Watson Railway), you truly made the Tentacultists one of the most chill, fun, and inviting communities in all of Youtube! We love you and we look forward to creating more memories, clips, and dad jokes with our favorite Priestess. Humuhumu. 💜💜💜

From: Nezumi


Hi ina!! You’re probably not reading this but I think you are really great. Because of your debut, when I think of you, I also think of that “jugemu jugemu” very long name joke lolol. You’re funny, an inspiration, and hold a special place in the hololive fandoms heart. We love you ina!!!!!!!

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


I still remember when you sang City of Stars. I loved that song ever since. It is my most special moment with you it touched something within me unexplainable and I know that everything's going to be alright. Thank you and Happy Birthday Ina !!! I know the city of stars shines brightly with you ^_^

From: せちゃんceej


Happy Birthday, Ina! Thank you for always giving me inspiration. I really enjoy your streams especially the drawing streams, I'm slowly trying to give drawing a try again thanks to you! Stay wholesome~ You always have my support! 💜

From: Ventri


Dear Ina, On a sunny Monday, September 14, 2020, a friend of mine introduced me to Hololive. Little did I know this day would actually be important for me. Thanks to him, I have met someone talented, fun, with tremendous kindness. Someone wonderful I enjoy spending time with : you. I've discovered you little by little, watching your VOD's and streams, and the more I watched you, the more I liked you. You became a lighthouse I happily went toward to after a long travel on the sea of workday, and your weekend drawing streams were to me like a warm fireplace I enjoyed being by. Ultimately, you have opened my eyes, made me realize there is still kind and lovable people in this world, and for this I will never thank you enough. May you receive a thousand time the amount of happiness you've given me throughout these months ! And good food. Food is important. Happy Birthday Ina ! Ventri

From: Bunnibel


Your kind voice always calms me down from panic attacks and your art streams have helped me improve my art so much~! Thank you for everything! Happy Birthday, Tako~!

From: McArkus


Happy birthday Ina. Kind of amazing how you reached our feelings in this little time. You created a caring community that tries to be better following your example. Thank you for being with us.

From: Tobi


Happy birthday Ina! <3 <3 Just wanna say thank you for giving me motivation. Right now I'm a graduating college student so I can't really catch your streams live and also because most of your streams starts at 4 am in my region. But anyways, I still watch your streams even not live my favorite stream were all your drawing streams. I'm not really an artist but the way you speak to us when you draw was so soothing that whenever I watch your streams I just find myself having energy to finish all my projects. It's no exaggeration to say that you help me get through this term. Thank you Ina please give us more wisdom I am really inspired by your work ethic.

From: MrTurki


Happy birthday Ina. Thanks for being such a comfy tako and always doing your best. I always love watching your drawing streams and just talking. I love our light teasing with you, hope you don't mind that too much. Hope to see your streams far into the future



INA happy Birthday!!Thank you for the interesting live broadcast, which motivates me to get up early every day.

From: Fiftycentis


Happy birthday Ina. I started following you only recently but I love your streams. I guess that if I have to pick up a favourite moment I'll choose the really recent stream where you were speed drawing the new holoEN outfits and gave a really nice motivational speak on drawing, so much that I'm tempted to try and start drawing even if I never tried it just because of you.

From: Kusatori


Hello! I don't have much to say, but I must admit that those last 8 months have been one of the funnest months. Since I fell down the rabbit hole, I've been able to get through a lot of stuff I couldn't have handled on my own, and for that I want to say thank you! Your streams are super comfy, and you inspired me to start drawing again. Once again, I cannot thank you enough. Happy birthday!

From: Jamuko


We all have so many favorite moments, but I have to choose the gesture drawing streams! Drawing along with Ina every week was great motivation to practice figure drawing in a way that's fun and a lot less frustrating than doing it alone. Every Sunday is a highlight of my week as I tune in to takotime drawing and work on my own alongside it. It's great for me because I have trouble just getting myself to start, and this helps out. ^-^ Thank you, Ina! Happy birthday!

From: OK Kei


Happy birthday, Ina! I’m so happy to be celebrating your birthday! Be sure to spend this day doing what you enjoy and eat your favorite foods! It’s amazing how you’ve inspired so many people to start things that they enjoy and the advice you give are always really helpful whether it’s for artists or other things! One of the things you’ve said that stuck with me is, “Because I like it, I’ll complain about it.” It made me realize that it’s fine to have those bad days because in the end, I still love what I’m doing! I hope you’ll continue doing everything you love!

From: RiceTea


Happy Birthday Ina! You’re with we every time I’m in need. I’m eternally grateful. Thanks for the everything! I hope you enjoy your birthday! We Love You!

From: Writing Goose


Your art streams are always a joy to follow along with. The words you gave to the Nailsmith is a piece of wisdom that I will always carry with me. I hope you enjoy your birthday to its fullest Ina!

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


From all the Takodachis worldwide, we wish you a happy happy birthday!

From: afernoverthere


My favorite things about Ina is her cute noises and amazing puns. When I was suffering packing for 2 days straight, it was watching Ina's playthrough of Hollow Knight and the adorable sounds she made that helped keep me sane as I attempted to throw away half the stuff I owned and pack the rest. And while her cute noises heal my heart, the endless puns help heal my soul. I can never go an Ina stream without smiling, and that's something I've lacked INA long time.

From: DClam


Thank you for being a great entertainer and bringing joy, comfort, and inspiration to me and so many others. You have inspired me to continue and get better at my art and given me a LOT of comfyness.

From: Zetaabsbs


I will say it in Spanish: Ina es la mejor y muchos Españoles estaremos para Ina cuando sea necesario ;D if i appear, Looks i had been seen *ina* spot.... Sorry

From: Blank Blackwhite


Happy Birthday Ina, hope the best for you on this day! You've been an inspiration and the comfyness we all needed in the tentacult! Just wanted to thank you and wish you have fun on this day!

From: A.D.R.


Happy birthday Ina! My favorite moment from one of your streams was a collab, when you and Aki kept making dad jokes. I couldn’t stop laughing!

From: Usteen


Happy birthday Ina!! I can't believe it's already been eight months since the very first #TAKOTIME. You've grown so much since then, but I can still count on you to provide comfy vibes when I need them most. You will always be my favorite Hololive talent, and I hope you enjoy your special day 🥳 Can't wait to see what comes next!

From: ItsjustRei


Happy Birthday Ina! I always loved your art, it made me fired up to keep drawing. You are one of my inspirations in art! You were one of the ones that relit the fire to draw for me and I've been drawing ever since! Everytime you draw it makes me wanna get better like you! Have a great Birthday Ina!!!

From: Kasu


Happy Birthday Ina ! I haven't been following you for as long as other takos, so I can't pinpoint an exact moment that I loved more than the others (apart from the obvious kabedon, heh) but gotta say, I absolutely loved your HK streams !

From: Blasttech


Happy happy birthday tako!!!!

From: Glorious Corn


Ina, thank you for producing the comfiest content in all of Hololive. You're easily the cutest tako and it makes me so happy to see your streams. Keep making that quality stuff. Happy Birthday

From: Geørgy


Admittedly, out of all the HoloEN members, I'd say that Ina is the one that I get to watch the least. But, despite that, I really do still love her just as much. The dad jokes she makes always gets me to laugh. I also love her dynamic along the other members, the stream with Amelia in "We were here, too" is an example. So Ina, Tanjobi Omedetako~~

From: Orion


Happy birthday Ina, thank you for always inspiring us to better ourselves and try new things, even though I can't watch you live anymore because of work but I'll always support you and follow your career wherever it may take you.

From: falacin


Here’s a little poem: Purple is the color of madness Here lives a little princess With a pretty purple dress. The Ancient One’s maiden, With no brain, nor burden. Puns are the modus operandi Of our beloved lady. Even if they may not land, This is what our hearts demand. Dear wise Ina’nis, Tell us how mad the world is. A world full of ignoratio elenchi. Despite her tentacles, She’ll never scare us: For her we are takodachi.

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


My favorite Ina moment would be when she finished Half Life 2. Although first person shooters is not her strong suit and struggling with outdated game design, she powered through and finished the game which is admirable.

From: Buselmann


Ina of the mountain, if you see this, your wisdom is the best I've ever heard and I hope you have a WAH-nderful birthday! Please keep on doing the things you love and don't let yourself down!

From: Yato Corne


Happy Birthday Ina, i can't believe is already 7 months since your debut. I just wanted to say thank you for being awesome and all the hard work you do. Hope you are at least as half-happy as you making us.

From: baka


HAPPY BIRTHDAY INA! Thank you for all the fun and comfy streams! I love watching all your streams but I especially love your art streams the most because I can learn so much from them! I wish you the best of luck for the future and I will continue to support you! Also I know I am jumping the gun but congratulations on 1M! I know you will reach it ina jiffy. humu humu~

From: Peggy


The theme is favorite Ina moments. My favorite Ina moments are the time that Ina tells the pun to make herself and other peaple laugh. At so many times like un-bear-able, Ina-fficient, mi-steak... Watching Ina' drawing stream and gameplay clips makes me so happy,also remind me that I need more practing on draing Thank you Ina for bringing all these memories with all the hololive idol,workers and takotachis Wish you a Happy birthday!!

From: Izanagi


Happy Birthday Ina! Thank you for all the great drawing tips and stream, really helped me a lot trying to improve my own. Have a great birthday!

From: Nika


Happy birthday, Ina! I'm glad you've decided to read this (IF you have, that is...). I wanted you to know how much I appreciate you. I haven't been able to watch that many streams of yours (and believe it or not, but you're my favorite), I will always love and look forward to more chill drawing streams, but of course your puns as well! From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for making my life more enjoyable. I also wish you good luck on continuing your journey through Hololive. HBD from Nika. ...WAH!

From: Arkyr


Wah! Thank you for being so inspiring and comfy Ina. Watching you draw and talk about your art helps inspire me in my own work, and shows just how important it is to keep practicing and push yourself to improve. These last couple of years have been hard, but your streams and those of the other EN girls have helped me work through everything and keep moving forward. I just want to say happy birthday and I can't wait to see what you do in the future!

From: Tutieloof


Seeing Ina cry after saying that shes glad people are picking up drawing again because of her streams really touched me. As someone who is still growing as an artist, she truly sparked the motivation in me to keep improving. Thank you Ina and happy birthday!

From: GhostDragon


Ina the comfy streams of yours have helped me through a rough year of university and all I can say is thank you. The many puns of yours are probably one of my favorite moments of all your streams because they are quite punny XD. I've also gotten back into drawing because of your drawing streams which is probably my second favorite thing to watch when I'm looking for some entertainment. You have brought back a fire in me that I have not had for a year now and I want it to be known that I appreciate it a lot. <3

From: Broke Tentacultist


Happy birthday ina!!!!! Today is your birthday and many fans are gathered here today just to celebrate your BIRTHDAY!!! I just want to just say that thank you very much for inspiring me to pick up a pencil and paper again, your works and words really boost my confidence to learn drawing again. Thank you and have a very happy birthday inaaaaaa!

From: Thor


Happy birthday Ina! Thank you so much for your relaxing streams, I have so much fun seeing you create art! You are the best! <3333

From: TinyOwlbear


Ina Ina Ina! ~ Happy Birthday! >_< You are so beloved by myself and so many others, and I wish only the best for you on your birthday! I have become a better artist, MonHun player, and punny person from watching you stream. Thank you for being the kind, comfy person that you are, and for all the hard work you do!

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


Watching your streams have helped me a lot in terms of drawing. During the first gesture drawing stream it reignited my motivation to actively study art and improve myself. Honestly, without it, I probably would've stagnated in my progress. So thanks a bunch for potentially saving me art career(?) Much love, an anon takodachi

From: JAWs


Your sense of humor and relaxing streams are always a highlight of my day!

From: BraveryDuck


Ina Ina Inaaaa!!! Your Hollow Knight playthrough was a treat to watch and now I'm back to full hype for Silksong (and watching you play it too)!

From: Chil


Happy birthday ina! Thank you for all the wonderful memories you helped make, and also thank you for your wonderful smile! Congrats and have a wondsrful birthday!!

From: Sasha yu_tw


Happy Birthday Ina♡ 世界中のタコだちからの愛がInaに届けーーーー誕生日おめでとう!CHU

From: SaltyComa


I am one of many people you have inspired to pick up their hobbies with a renewed vigor. Thank you for the comfy streams! Happy Birthday, Ina!

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


Wah!!! Happy birthday ina!! thanks for the nice and fun stream!!

From: Luminastre


Happy birthday INAAAAA I hope you have a birthday full of many blessings and that your smile continues to warm our hearts for a few more years. Thank you for being the motivation not to procrastinate my projects and to improve more and more. JUST DOODLE IT!



Hii Ina, Happy Birthday!! Hopefully you will be able to receive this message on your birthday! I have been making jokes and puns (Because I am well the JOKER) to lighten up the mood before your streams start. I have not done that consistently cause I have been busy with some other stuff. I am lightening up everyone's mood by giving them bad puns just like the way you have been making me happy when you start making those bad puns and cute noises! I might not be a tako dachi yet but I really love your streams! <3

From: Intellraton11


To ina An ordinary girl That makes me happy An not so ordinary girl That makes me survive An ordinary girl That makes my heart fast When she flirts with the chat Saying wah wah oya oya An not so ordinary girl That helps me out If I'm feeling nervous or down She's there to make things work out So thanks to that ordinary girl And to that not so ordinary girl Just one last question 月が綺麗ですね

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


Ina you are such an amazing person!!! Thank you for your constant hard work!!! You have been able to make so many takodachis happy and motivated to keep going each day! I hope that you are able to achieve all of your dreams as an idol in hololive! We will always cheer you on no matter what :D!

From: DragonFlox


Happy birthday Ina. I hope you have a great birthday. I love all your streams, they just give me enjoyment. A person always needs a good WAH. Love you, thank you for being here.

From: McBrujo


"WAH" is a magical spell, when you hear the "WAH" everything will be fine, Feliz Cumpleaños!!!

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


INA INA INA~~ Happy Birthday!!! INA!!!!

From: Lyudmilia


Happy birthday, Ina! I can't believe it's been eight months since you've debuted! It just seems like yesterday that I saw you for the first time. My favorite moment of yours has to be your Hollow Knight playthrough! It showed your sheer will and determination to keep moving forward. It was enjoyable to see how much you get better at the game! My favorite part of that playthrough would definitely be every time you meet Quirrel! It just warms my heart seeing you seeing him! My second most favorite would be your fight against Radiance! You never gave up and kept fighting it over and over. And when you finally beat it, I was overcome with great emotion that I had to stop myself from tearing up in the middle of the day. lol That being said, I'm proud to say that I support such an amazing individual. You're the reason why I wake up early every day (quite literally; 4 AM streams do be like that) but don't mind me! It's all worth it anyway! Oh, I'm also thankful for the community that you've gathered. They're one of the most wonderful people I've had the pleasure of knowing, all because we're fans of you! We're also growing as a community because everyone supports one another. I'll continue to support you in the future! I can't even imagine what things will be like a year from now! Keep being you and much love from this takodachi. I wish you, again, a great happy birthday!

From: Padudes


Happy Birthday Ina, thank you for the time and effort you have done to your streams. I wanna thank you on your special day because my "special someone" is doing better on her art works thanks to you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY INA MAY ALL YOUR WISHES COME TRUE!

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


We love you so much Ina. Wish you a happy birthday from Vietnam. Tako is the bestttt. LOVE YOUR FOREHEAD!!

From: Gokky


Thank you Ina, for making us smile, laugh, also that your stream archives helps me sleeps at night because how soothing and calming nature your stream offers. Happy Birthday Ina, we all wish you happiness and health. again, thank you Ina.



"Being happy is your duty"

From: AvaGames


Hey, as a Mori main, I wanna say happy birthday to you, Ninomae Ina'nis! Really liked your Hollow Knight streams, and I can't wait to see you play more games like it in the future!

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


Ina really bring the best of all of us, i salute you Ina from the present and i wish you a wonderful birthday, wah!

From: Angka_43


INA i love your forehead!!!

From: Nisha


Happy Birthday Ina! I love you! Your streams always make me comfy and happy!

From: Alpha_Cas


Happy Birthday Ina! I really enjoy watching your drawing stream so much. Because of your stream, I learn so much about new digital drawing techniques such as clipping masks, photobashing, and blending techniques. You also motivate me to keep improving my art as well. You are my idol! I wish you long-lasting happiness!

From: HoloOtaku


First of all, I wish you a very Happy Birthday Ina! Hope you have a wonderful day and have lots of fun Thank you so much for everything you do for us, all the sweet moments, all the amazing content you do, thanks for being who you are Being part of the tentacult has been a blast, it's nice that I can get to see more of you with members I love how hard you work for everything you do, how passionate you're about everything and how chill your streams are I love you so much Ina! Thank you for everything! Let's keep creating a lot of beautiful moments together!

From: law_platinum110


Happy Inaversary to the cutest priestess! I really enjoy watching your streamings or hearing them when working, and your schedule is on point for us european Takos! I wish you and Ao-chan the best for this year and the ones ta-kome!

From: flores


HAPPY BIRTHDAY INA thanks for doing everything to keep us happy and entertained, your art is amazing, Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

From: JakeAiL


my favorite moment that got me into the rabbit hole is your unlimited bonk work, i laugh so hard that day and it make me day so much better

From: Tivstter


Happy Birthday Ina! Greetings from Colombia. Thank you so much for always putting so much effort in your live shows. We love you. I am so proud to be part of the Tentacult! WAH!

From: Shiro_Rex



From: Ina's Apostle [5th Apostle of the Twelve]


Happy birthday to our favourite eldritch horror priestess. I'm just here to let you know that i really love you and what you do from your debut and i'm always excited for what's coming ina future. I've been following the hololive community inawhile but my heart had never truly belonged to any specific member. That, until i'd seen your stream. I very much adore the calming aura coming from you, anytime that i can sit back, relax and enjoy your streams i feel like i'm practically in pun heaven. You and your streams have helped me in my current high school days a lot so you have my sincerest thanks. Though since i'm in Viet Nam i can't send you superchats yet but i will still work hard ina name of the apostles (though technically i'm the slacker of the bunch). And this summer i'll be taking a part time job ina facility so membership will be coming soon. But this is all that i could think of writing this so i'll wrap it up here Your cringey and wierd apostle, The 5th

From: Aldi


happy birthday ina your smile is our happiness

From: ALL


Happy birthday Ina! I wish you all the best in the world on this special day! I'll keep looking for your streams, puns, incredible arts as well as your plans to dominate the world...

From: Kana


Ina’nis — Camille Empty, Though does not begin to convey how I feel Aplenty, From head to heel The takos of cute, The priestess of worship, To we salute, Ina’nis Merci, and thank you for being such an inspiration, you have brought me back into drawing, and even watching anime again, I truly can’t thank you enough, Love, Kana Poem by Camille/Kana

From: Tako404


Happy Birthday Ina! I love your comfy streams, especially drawing and Minecraft. No matter how hard the day was I can always watch your stream, relax and forget about everything bad. Thanks to you I haven't had single sleepless night since I started watching you in December. You restored my sanity points so many times I lost count. Your Journey with 2 was amazing, it was easily my favorite stream. I love your art style too, I often use your drawings as wallpapers. I wish you everything best for your birthday! You give us so much that you deserve WORLD DOMINATION (slowly) and more. The day will come that every tako will submi- I mean subscribe to your channel!

From: Tooker


Long Live Ina!

From: mori


Happy Birthday inaa!!!

From: Valtaur


Hello Ina!! Happy Birthday I'm a big fan of your contents specially your art. It made my day everytime I watch your stream after class in collage and hearing some of your puns is very refreshing. I hope you like my fan art that I drew for you! I'll be a supporter of your stream.

From: Rapostrophe


Happy Birthday Ina! World domination proceeding smoothly, I see. We’re starting with New York Times Square. I suppose this is the time that I start talking about my personal favorite moment. It’s no small task to choose from the many memorable moments we’ve had with you so far. But if I have to name just one, I’d pick the time you sang SSS during your 900k Q&A celebration stream. Singing SSS is like a knighting ceremony for the Hololive girls. It truly defines this magical journey you have started that day on September. While you were singing, memories of these past few months began to well up and drowned me in this wave of emotions. It felt a step closer to the dream many of us Takodachis have. The dream to, one day, watch you perform on that big stage. Today on your special day, I hope we can at least give back by showering you with more love and support than we normally do. For our hardworking priestess, thank you for giving us nothing but the best time. You’ve entertained, motivated and inspired so many of us. Takodachis may come and go but you have forever touched our lives.

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


I rarely watch your live stream because of the timezone (it's usually 3AM - 6AM) but almost everyday I always watch your archive while I'm on my way to work and going back home. Thanks for all the comfy and happiness.

From: Cyan Dude


Heya Ina! Happy Birthday and hope there's many more to go through, and honestly there's been so many amazing moments I can't even think what I'd like to talk about here other than thanking you for being so amazing from the very start, you've brought so much joy and coziness with everything you do and seeing you gain the confidence you have now in streaming and interacting with others has been really fun too. It's still wild to think that it's already been so long, almost getting to 8 months now and counting, it's amazing how long its been, and if I had to pick a really memorable moment it couldn't be just one but instead every time you make an art stream, they're wonderful to just have playing on the side while doing just about anything and bring a really nice atmosphere to keep when you just want to have a good time, and the community that you've built up is also something wonderful I've never seen before, just being around makes everything seem so much better, seeing how every tako is so sweet to each other pretty much all the time if not cracking puns at each other as we've learnt from our pun master priestess. I can't put everything I want to say into words, all I can really get across is that I love you for everything you do, we all love how hard you work and I can only wish the best for you in everything you set out to do. Keep being amazing and let's keep having a really fun time for as long as possible! And one more time, HAPPY BIRTHDAY INA!

From: NonSalty


Thanks for all the fun times so far Ina. Your love for art has inspired me to improve my music and I enjoy making beats while watching you draw. Hoping for more fun times in the future!

From: Wololo Sensei


This has been such an adventure, happy birthday Ina, and thank you for creating such an awesome community, you inspire us all to improve ourselves, I've made a lot of tako friends over the past few months, and I've had a blast while watching your streams, the art that you create makes me smile, so thank you again, best wishes, from a wololo tako. World domInation, slowly!

From: takodachi7


Hi Ina!! I wish you the happiest of birthdays! I really hope you have a great day. I want to use this space to thank you for, well... for being you. And helping me, and probably many more to get through these trying times - with the pandemic going on. Hololive as a whole was a great find for me, but your streams, with your choices for games, your artistic skills, your comfy energy, it makes me forget about everything that's bad on the world. I'm smiling 100% of the time when I'm spending it with you, watching your streams. So really, from the bottom of my heart, I hope we can show you some love and make your day the same way you make ours (almost) every day. Here's to a great one!! kanpai!! -takodachi7

From: The based 6th apostle


Hey Ina! At first when you debuted I didn't know weather or not enjoy your streams because I'm usually a suuuuuuuuuuuper hyper person. But after your call of Cthulhu stream, you immediately became my favorite because of how homey your streams feel. I even met some of my best friends through your streams, before then I only had like two friends and one of which lived on the other side of the planet. Now I have more then I could ever ask for all over the planet. Thank you so much Ina, I wouldn't have them without you and I'm more thankful then I could ever express because of it. (P.S. can I have a city when you and the other Takos achieve world domination?)

From: Motomi Nguyễn


Always love you my precious Ina UwU From Viet Nam with love

From: Maxisas



From: Chocola


Sometime I get stess after school, I watch your stream and when you smile that make me more happy, that's why I love your smile the most, I'll always watching and following you until I can not do it anymore. To sum up HAPPY BIRTHDAY INA, love you ❤ *Fact: I'm fell to the rabbit hole and become a new Tentaculist now, LOL :))

From: Pineapple


One of my favorite Ina moments is when she first starting imitating the grubs in Hollow Knight! Happy Birthday! WAH!

From: Shun


This is my first time texting for my idol so I don't know what to say so...Happy birthday Ina!!

From: Yubi


Let’s tako bout how amazing and chill you are. I appreciate all the comfy streams you have provided for our hungry souls. As my favorite HoloEn I want to express how much I previously hold you in my heart. I wish you a beautiful birthday and lifetime in Hololive. 🐙

From: Classyham


Happy Birthday Ina! We are so proud of how far you've come!

From: Momotaro-J


Ina, you came at a time when the world needed you most and the same goes for me. Thank you for providing wonderful energy, spirit, and great content. The Takodachis will always support you for WAH-rld domination! Happy birthday Ina!

From: Ah nick


Thanks for the fun streams. It brought me through hard times.

From: JENI


Happy birthday, congratulations! Happy birthday, with salutation! Happy birthday, may your sky stays blue! Happy birthday to you!

From: NoctisT


You are the cutest and kindest youtuber I have ever watched. You are funny and artsy, everything you said is heartwarming, and you always care for other Hololive members as well as your fans. To be honest, you are the best; you are the true waifu/wife materials for all living man/weeb/simp on this planet. Love You <3 Happy birthday!!! humu humu WAH WAH

From: Takodachis


Ina, our one and only beloved tako priestess.. There are so many things we love about her.. Her smile, her arts, her puns, her clumsy way of showing affection to us and her genmates.. She always managed to inspire us all while having such strong conviction.. May ina always find her way to smile and be healthy each day along her life.. Happy Birthday Ina.. We all love you very much!! <3

From: Will


HAPPY BIRTHDAY INA!!!!! Hope you have a fanTAKOstic day! Keep up the great work 😁

From: Never Lucky


Happy Birthday, INAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! World DomINAtion !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Showenking


Happy Birthday to our priestess!

From: Grendal


Happy Birthday INA!!! Thank You Ina for all the fun and cute streams you've done! I love to listen to your karaoke songs in my playlist, it always cheers me up when I'm working on school. I can't wait to see the Tako plushy when it's available.

From: Pepi


Hi Ina! Happy birthday to the great priestess! I hope that you'll have a great day and year, you've been a great comfort to me (and others) during the pandemic and I've really enjoyed your streams. They make me feel calmer about the hectic things going around me right now and I would just like to thank you for being the great person you are. ^ㅂ^

From: Gene


Wah! Ina Ina Ina, happy birthday. This is message from Taiwanese Taco Gene. Please keep bringing more joyful stream to the world with you cuteness and more “daddy‘s jokes” lol

From: drgrain


Thank you for inspiring me to pick up drawing again.

From: Count Paradox


Hi Ina! I'm not able to catch your streams very often, but when I am able to see your content, be it a stream, collab with the other Hologirls, or a random clip that I find on the internet, it always has a warm, calming effect on an otherwise stressful day. My first proper stream I saw from you was the Mahjong stream, and it not only got me hooked on watching you, but you also helped me learn how to play the game a bit better, which I enjoyed. I hope we're able to make you feel as happy as you make us today! Happy Birthday, Ina! P.S. Never stop the punny business that you do!

From: Takodachi


Happy for Tako \( ・∇・)/ Wah!

From: AquaCPL


Thanks for your streams!!! Happy birthday Ina!! 愛 • し • て • る!!!!!!!

From: Trần Quân


Chúc mừng sinh nhật Ina nha!!! Mình rất là quý Ina lắm đó!!! Yêu Ina nhiều!!!

From: YamiRic


Dear Priestess, every time I watched your drawing stream, you reminded me to be humble. You are a very talented artist yet you always give your highest respect to takodachis, your colleagues, and your senpai. Thank you for being an inspiration for us and take care

From: Yarel


It has been a pleasure to have been a spectator of yours all these 8 months, to be honest, the way here has been a lot of fun! So, I look forward to seeing what the future holds ~

From: Nikodem


Ina, I love ur draw, i love ur hair, i love everything about you, Happy Birthday Ina .Humu Humu~~~

From: Ben F


Ina of the Mountains has improved my live greatly with her infinite wisdom :) ❤️🐙❤️🐙❤️🐙❤️🐙❤️

From: zia


I love your arts so much, as much as i love your papa. Thank you for being my inspiration to keep drawing and i want to be a great illustrator like both of you which i love so much.

From: chillME


Hi Ina, happy Birthday! I started watching your streams for the dad jokes and the puns( which I love) and I stayed for your ability to accompany me during my INAtense study sessions or during my moments of relax. I don't know what else to say so i'll just wish you a happy birthday again from one of your takodachi!

From: Ellz


Ina!! Thank you for helping inspire me to pickup art as a hobby!! I love the streams and content you provide!!! Keep up the amazing work and have a good birthday!!!!

From: Get in the robot Shinji


You've helped me through a tough period in my life. Brought me joy with your dad jokes and AMEzing puns that I can never get Inaff of. Remember to take breaks and take care of yourself. <3

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


hello ina ,happy birthday hope you got a great hope you and your always healthy.......from fellow takodachi

From: Gialice


Happy BD Ina, its have been 7 months since I follow you, I have seen many of your stream, I don't have any specific favorite moment since I love your stream equally, hope you have a wonderful BD , I wish many good thing will happen to you

From: sky


happy birthday Ina! hope u have a good day much love! <3

From: StevenTako21


Hi Ina! I'm not good with words but I'll try my best to make it simple. Happy Birthday INA!! I just want to let you know that I'm very happy and grateful that you've appeared in my life. You have affected my life in so much positive ways and I'm pretty sure that a lot of Takodachi feels the same! I hope that you able to continue as our priestess as long as possible, we will cherish every moment of it ! <3 Love <3 Takodachi's

From: Adamas


สุขสันต์วันเกิด จาก ไทย tanslate happy birthday in thailand

From: Testa


Happy b-day Ina

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


Thanks Ina for being the comfiest streamer!!! Muchas gracias Ina, seguí trabajando duro, nosotros te vamos a seguir apoyando! Saludos de Argentina!!

From: Howard Yang


Hello Ina Im your fan,my favorite live is this【Minecraft】 Chilling with Reine-chan! I like your joke also like to your live You look cute every time you broadcast

From: BlackPeguin


Happy birthday Ina-chan I hope you always have good luck in your job

From: lebionsergeant


you are the first English Youtuber that I watch. Your art is so amazing and a kind person. Hopefully that you will get better in art and content.

From: Matek


I just wanted to say that I really love your streams Ina. They are the most comfy, the most fun and the most chill streams. You helped me get through some really hard times, and for that, I can't thank you enough. Happy Birthday and may all your wishes comes true!

From: InaCola


Thank you for bringing us joy! Just feel so grateful that I’m able to meet you, and I really enjoy your streams! Happy Birthday and wish you’re INA happy mood for the whole day! Or maybe... whole year? ⁄(⁄ ⁄ ⁄ω⁄ ⁄ ⁄)⁄

From: Akonikun


Happy Birthday Ina! Hope you have fun with puns on your special day.

From: Mr.MA


HBD Ina !!! much love from Thailand

From: Tonico


Damn you Square Enix!

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


Happy birthday Ina, even though I don't have much time to watch your entire stream, I can only watch the short clips from the clippers, you are still my favorite girl, have a nice day for yourself, we takodachis love you <3

From: quocdatho217


Happy birthday Ina From a Takodachi in Vietnam

From: Yaji


Happy birthday to the most cute and precious (definitely not tako) human priestess of the ancient Ones.

From: vipersian


Happy birthday Ina! Thank you for creating all the good content and inspiring all of us. I recently picked up digital art again due to the strong motivation and wonderful advices I've gained from your drawing streams. I fell into the Tentacult hole when I watched you wiggling your ear flaps and creeper exploding right in front of your face as you are flirting with us. F̶l̶a̶t̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶j̶u̶s̶t̶i̶c̶e̶

From: TrustedHal


The first time I watched ina was actually when I discovered the ina of the mountain. This lead me to a downward spiral to all of Ina's vids which made me love the tako more. From her chill streams to wise words, she never seems to dissapoint us and always makes our day better. Thank you Ina for making stressful days chill and the funny moments in streams. From a fan watching your vids.

From: Mark Jason


Happy Birthday Ina!! You're an inspiration for me and you're also one of the reasons I pick my pen again and continue making illustrations. Your smiles always made my day. I hope you will have a wonderful birthday. Otanjoubi Omedeto Ina-chan <3

From: Wallet


Happy Birthday Ina!! thank you give us a lot of fun!! Takodachis always be with you!!

From: Ryro


It's amazing to think of the impact that one person can have on so many people... The levels of comfy your streams provide are exactly what I needed in my life. Thank you and Happy Birthday.

From: LonelyFenrir


Happy Birthday Ina!! I hope you have a beatiful day and keep bringing smiles to every takodachi around the world!!

From: Kaito


Hey Ina! Happy birthday! Thanks for all the comfy streams and moments. Can’t wait to see what the future holds!

From: Supahdoodle


Dear Ina, I hope you have a wonderful birthday, you are the reason that I even got into vtubers. My first moment was one of the first few collabs you had where you had to draw the scoreboard and all your Takos. Thank you for bringing me into Hololive!

From: Seth


With love to the cutest foreigner!!!

From: LilBit


Happy Birthday Ina! and thank you <3 Thank you for helping me destress after working through tight senior year deadlines. Thank you for streaming while I was bored out of my mind during some band practices. Thank you for providing that feeling of comfort when I was feeling down. You have done all that you have needed for me and so many others to cement yourself as one of our go to streamers. The fact that there is a billboard in New York’s Times Square celebrating your birthday should be proof enough! I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed your Hollow Knight playthrough where you persevered through some REALLY annoying boss battles, or how much I appreciate your drawing streams that helped me find a new appreciation for art and inspired me to find a hobby of my own to enjoy and refine, but what I can tell you is that I’ve been enjoying every moment that you've been on screen. I hope for you and the rest of the girl’s good fortune in these years to come! Please enjoy your birthday, and keep on doing what you enjoy to do the most!

From: Calvin


Thank you for always having such fun and/or relaxing streams to watch! You brought back my love for drawing, and you are just an amazing bundle of sunshine! <3

From: Eebz


Happiest birthday to you, Ina! You are so clever and cool and creative and all-around so entertaining to tune into every morning before I head off to work. My favorite Ina moment is honestly that there isn't one. Every moment chilling in art or Minecraft streams, laughing at silly puns, or getting HYPE for overcoming difficult challenges have all been just absolutely pleasant. 10 out of 10Q. Would WAHtch again.

From: aiueo


イナちゃん誕生日おめでとう! イナちゃんの配信ではいつも元気を貰っています!面白い配信をありがとう!これからも応援してます!!!!

From: TakoMajiKami



From: Atom


Ina, don't stop making tako noises and keep blessing us with your puns. Happy birthday, our talented cute artist <3

From: dshim


The most cutest, chillest, and vibing cult leader one can follow, and the one who led me to watch yuru camp and love the heck out of it, leading to appreciate more slice of life cgdct animes that I would have otherwise not even give a glance at.

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


Ina, thank you for inspiring me to pick up drawing, learning japanese and finding opportunities to explore new hobbies. Your streams are always so cute and comfy, watching you bonk your enemies and saving friends in HollowKnight was so relaxing to watch. The singing streams are always exciting, I love the energy in these streams. My priestess has made these past few months feel so blessed. Thank you for being cute than usual today!

From: Sheep Man


As someone who's kind of an stranger to Vtubers, and anime culture in general, gonna get it out of the way, I'm not a vtuber person. But Ina definitely has my interest as a streamer, I enjoy her calm and gentle personality, and it is very interesting to watch her drawing streams, the hard work and effort she puts into her creations is something to behold. Happy birthday, and here's to many many future streams in the future. I'm not an artist, I don't have creativity so I couldn't really send anything fancy, but hopefully a message will sufice. WAH!

From: Zach


Happy birthday Ina! I'm really happy for you! I hope you have a happy birthday and see all the love and support the tentacult is giving you!

From: Twig


Wah, happy birthday Ina! Your puns are INArguably amazing! Ah, that was cheesy, my puns are no match for the tako pun extraordINAire. Heh. Pain tako. All jokes aside, happy birthday, have a wonderful day!

From: ShinobuDonuts


Hi Ina! I hope you are doing well on this imporant day. I want to say thank you for all your happiness and joy you share with all of us, have a happy birthday!!!!!

From: tako_marc


HI Ina! Happy Birthday! Glad I made it in 'Time,' get it cause this will be in Time Square, right?

From: RR


Thank you so much Ina for inspiring me to draw!

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


Hi Ina! I just want you to know that I always enjoy your streams even though it starts at early in the morning for me but that's okay! I do watch the vods sometimes. Whenever I watch your streams, it always gives a smile on my face, probably because I am enjoying what I am seeing. I'm not really the type of person who is good at expressing thoughts or emotions through words but I do take my time to make a message. I want to say Happy birthday to you and I wish you all the best from now until the future, I wish you good health to you, your family and to your friends. Your streams are my happy pills whenever I feel sad or lonely and maybe I could consider this as life changing because your hard work gives me motivation. This is how short my message is but I tried to make it meaningful so that you will know how much I mean it, happy birthday once again! <3

From: bran


Happy birthday best tako 2021

From: Teng


Happy Birthday Ina!! I'm so happy that you became a part of Hololive and make us smile everyday! I'm proud to call you my favorite vtuber :D

From: Marty


Hey Ina, Happy birthday!! From the get home of the announcement of HoloEN I knew i was gonna be in it for the long haul and boy has it been worth it! Dad jokes galore, eldritch like talent, and but of course th way that cures my sanity. My favorite moment to this day was sassy Ina during the Christmas special lol I look forward to all your endeavors! ~A faithful Takodachi

From: Astardia


Oya oya, such a cutle little birthday message made its way over here... Happy birthday Ina! Have an Ina-credible day!

From: Aaron A27


Happy Birthday Ina!! I’m so grateful for you coming Ina-to all of our lives. You’re an amazing person who’s made me feel so much better about myself I just want to thank you for being you! Have a great day Ina! Ily

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


WAH! Happy Birthday Ina! I really love your streams and they give off a very comfy vibe! I hope you will continue to do your best and we will all be supporting you always!

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


I love your drawings and puns.

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


All of the immensely comfy streams that help me unwind when I'm not at work.

From: FelipeM


Thank you for everything you've done for all this time Ina, and for being a fun, chill streamer we can all agree gives us a lot of happiness and INAspiration, bless you and keep giving it your all, as we as well will give it our all!

From: Koreanconsuela


Thank you priestess for being my #1 source of stress relief and chill during my first year of medical school! Can’t imagine what it would have been without your Kabedon’t! Here’s to another year of WAH! Happy Birthday Ina!!!

From: AppLaGee


HAPPY BIRTHDAY INA! I absolutely love your drawing streams. They're incredibly relaxing, and one of the highlights of my day. You're such a talented artist, and I just know that this year and for many more to come, you'll become even better.

From: Kevin1


Happy birthday to you ina

From: Kurosume


*WAH* Happy birthday Ina!!

From: Okami Akarutsuki


You've inspired me to do better at what I love, to improve and gave my best in a moment I wanted to give up everything. Thank you for giving me the strength to move forward when I needed it the most. I'll watch over you as one of the thousands of Takodachis until the end and further!

From: Deny


HBD, keep going <3

From: SSbread


Happy birthday Ina!!!!!!! wow it feels like years has pasta way since your debut. Thanks for all the streams you’ve done, although I can’t watch them all because of work I try to watch the archives whenever I can and I enjoy them all :). Hopefully with this project you’ll be closer to world domINAtion and a comfy world <3. I wish you the best of luck and here’s to more years of our cute priestess!!!! -love A takodachi

From: Super Shotgun


Thank you for having graced us with your great art, soothing voice, and puntastic (haha, get it? XD) sense of humor, Ina! There have been a lot of great Ina moments, but some of my top favorites have to be the Ina's antics in the Holo5 x HoloEN Among Us collab showing her pun mastery, as well as Ina's Read-Along stream of the Spice and Wolf Novel. The read-along stream in particular helped me to be calm and motivated for the day after getting really down due to a somewhat frustrating all-nighter. Your dedication and passion for art has also definitely helped inspired many aspiring artists to pick up their drawing pen. I remember the wholesome moment just around your debut where there were messages from people thanking you to be their inspiration and motivator to get back into drawing. In fact I can't wait and see a future where there are dozens of artists who'll claim Ina as their role-model and inspiration for their art. I can go on and on about the many other great moments, but I think I'll stop here before the message gets too long haha. Once again, thank you so much for deciding to become a VTuber and bless us with your presence, Ina. And no matter what you do and decide in the future, rest assured the Takodachi-s will have your back and always support you. In the end, all we want to say is: Happy Birthday, our favorite resident seiso (cuz Ina "says so"!) Tako artist, and may you accomplish all your dreams and aspirations well into the future!

From: KunalB


Happy birthday Ina! Since your debut you've brought an unimaginable amount of happiness to the world, not many people have brought as many smiles as you have! You inspire me so much, your talent, your positivity, your puns. I hope you have an amazing day with friends, family, and all us takodachi! We love you!

From: 101526


Happy birthday Ina ,I’m a overseas takodachi , my english is so bad , I can just only understand 60% of your stream , but I still love watching your stream , although the time when you are streaming , it’s about 4am in my city , but just because of your healing voice and those funny puns , i will still wake up at 4am to watch your stream , the most favourite stream is drawing time and tako-time , I like how you draw and the effort you put on drawing , also you have said that you like drawing because art doesn’t have right or wrong , I really love this quote. Hope you will enjoy the birthday , remember to stay healthy and continue to ‘wah’ and also wink (´ᴗ ̫ ก`) . Takodachi will always here for you ina-minute when you need us!

From: 456


Ina is so cute ! ! !

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


Happy birthday priestess, and congratulations on 1M milestone. Here's to one step closer to world domination!

From: Polaris


WAH!! B-Ina While since you debuted and still going strong. Have you heard of the Arkham editions?

From: ceven


First of all happy birthday ina🎉🎉🎉 Thank you for all those amazing stream, it really bring me a lot of fun to me. In my country it is very difficult to watch youtube, and also because I'm still in high school, so I'm sorry that I can't join the membership and donate superchat ( ๑ŏ ﹏ ŏ๑ ). Speaking of my favorite ina moment, it's when you use flute to proform the MHR dango music, it sounds so fancy and so cute, I even buy a flute because of that as well (-^〇^-). My english is not that good, hope you don't mind, Happy birthday! (≧ω≦)/🎉

From: Mr. Easterband


Ina has natural ASMR vibes that calm you down no matter what she does. My favorite Ina-moment was actually caught on Calli's stream. After the untimely end and funeral of Adam Saddler, Minecraft horse gifted to Calli by Ina, Ina managed to acquire and present Calli with a new, surprise present horse.

From: Solace


Happy Birthday Ina! I remember you saying that you don't think much about your own birthday but you are one of the most wonderful person we have ever met and even I as a stranger am glad for your existence. Thank you so much for being born into this world and for being a wonderful person and may your life be filled with joy as well as be safe from harm. Thank you also for your comfy stream. As for my favorite Ina moments, it would have to be your puns and your reaction to chat's puns, it never fails to make me smile like an idiot. (Solace)

From: Aries


Hello Inaaaa, I would like to thank you and all of HoloEn for being my inspiration. Because of you guys, I started to pick things up in my life and finally make progress towards the future. I also picked drawing up 'cause of you. I might not be able to draw now, but I will practice and make you and the tentacultists proud.



Hello Ina! Have a very very happy birthday! Listening to your streams help me be calm in online classes. Hope to watch and celebrate more birthdays!



We live INA better world because of Ina. Join us now.

From: Taiwan Takodachi


I have INAFF smile in my life.Thank you Ina!Happy birthday!

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


The drawing streams were a fantastic companion during lockdown. It made me feel like I wasn't working away alone in my room, which helped keep me focused and motivated. Couldn't wish for a better coworker :)

From: Oby


Happy birthday you big Tako! We love you!

From: Rilzy


Happy Birthday Ina! Thank you so much for the comfy streams but especially your Sunday art streams. You inspired me to use my creativity in whatever form it may be. Through your enthusiasm, detail, and care, you have truly taught me how to express myself and find my own creativity, a quality I wasn’t sure I had much of before meeting you. Ina, you mean the world to me. Thank for your kindness to us Takodachis! I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Love ya queen!

From: monter


Happy Birthday Ina! Hope you continue to share with us random stories every now and then!

From: QQ nene hao he dao meh pu cha


お誕生日おめでとう,like ur steam very much form Malaysia

From: 卯咪



From: Dominick O.


Ina, you’re an inspiration to each and every person who watches your streams. You inspire people to do better with so many things from art to just overall confidence. Personally you’ve inspired my puns to become greater then ever. I hope this first birthday is one you can remember forever. Ina-til next year <3

From: Eren C7867


Wah! Happy Birthday Ina ~ I'm glad I meet you during your debut, thank you for bring happiness and joy to my life and get my passion of drawing back.

From: Kaizeshu


Happy Otanjobirthday to you, Ina! Thank you for always healing us with your cute and chill streams, taught us how to do art, make even cooler dad jokes (like that one), and for being a cute takoartist! Takodachis wish you a happy, happy birthday! Have a great day!

From: Alex


Ina i love you!!!

From: Blubaeri


10Q for making our days brighter Ina! I hope you have a great birthday and I look forward to more moments!

From: Sloth_Strike


You're breathtaking.

From: Eisset


Ina happy birthday!!! Your drawing streams help me get through difficult times, I really like your comfy energy💜 Glad to be a Tentacult!

From: Rinn


here is a message from one of the takotachi in Hong Kong!Following Ina from Ina’s debuts stream to now about 7-8month. It is hard to follow all of Ina’s stream because of time like the time when Ina streaming,it is 5-6o’clock in the morning. I will try my best to wake up for watching stream owo! I will keep being a takotachi and supporting you at now and future.Sorry for my bad english and last!HAPPY BIRTHDAY INA!

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


Thank you for everything Ina. Especially all those puns and wisdom words you throw in random times. Those brighten up my day. Thank you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY INA!

From: Calvin


In your sky stream you said "WAH is a megical spell, when you hear the WAH everything will be fine." I wish that one day when you feel down you can remember all the Takodachi that supports you and most importantly, WAH !!

From: Kimmy


Dear Ina, running into you and Hololive is the greatest thing happened in 2020! You have bring us tentacults so much joy and it's just so satisfying and healing when watching your stream! My favourite moments are your moe moe moments, wiggling your ears, Wah and humuhumu especially! Happy Birthday my dear Tako💜

From: Merchants Guild's Tentacultist number 70


Hey hey Ina, Tentacultist here. I wish you a happy birthday from the Merchants Guild.

From: i_am_not_dickies


Happy birthday Ina🥳🎉

From: Whatever.Anything


Have a fantastic birthday! Here's a fun fact: the number "520" sounds like "I love you" in Mandarin. The date simply speaks the word for us. ILY!



Happy Birthday INA~!!!!!I like your voice, your laughter, and puns. You bring me a lot of happiness. Watching you when I am sad can give me motivation to continue. I am willing to dedicate my soul to you forever。From Taiwan Tentacult​ (GOOGLE Translate)

From: Jowa


Hi Ina! Happy birthday, tako! I'm not the best when it comes to expressing gratitude, but I want to say thanks for the smiles, whether they come from simple things like hearing one your so-bad-they're-good puns on stream or grand things like coming across one of your prodigious pieces of art on Twitter. You and the rest of Hololive have brought a lot of happiness into my life, and I'm so grateful for that. So have a good birthday. Stay strong, priestess! - Jowa

From: Saikyo


happy birthday生日快樂!!!

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


Ina happy birthday! Your wah is the best wah!

From: AtackPlus


Feliz cumpleaños Ina!!!!!! Le deseo un feliz cumpleaños al terror de las profundidades que no es mas que un lindo calamar capaz de destruir la realidad como la conocemos <3

From: Xros


WAH!! Ina since the first moment I saw you looked cute, everytime I watch your streams I feel realesed from all the stress from other places and you always make me smile and laugh with your inacredible puns and voice, we takodachis love you! Love from Mexico~Xros

From: San


I really can't thank you enough, Ina. I really enjoy all your streams, whether you're gaming, drawing, or just talking. I'm really happy I discovered you and the rest of Hololive. You really encouraged and inspired me on art and everything else. I had artblock for almost three years now, but once I started watching your drawing streams I can pick up my pencil again. I was in a pretty dark place before, but you've improved my overall mood. I hope we all can continue to have a fun time together, thank you for your hard work!

From: Phoenix


Happy Birthday Ina! Your streams always comfy, and provide a space for me to enjoy the show and relax. Your art is amazing and has inspired many artists like me to keep drawing! Thank you for your hard work Ina! Here's to another year of nice streams and art! :D

From: The Anonymous One


Listen, I don't have much to say, nor do I have much time. Put simply, Ina is an adorable, comfortable, wonderful companion that can make any hard journey alright with the positivity she brings. No matter how little, I hope to continue supporting her and I hope she achieves a dream befitting of her Ina-cceptable cute and cuddly nature. Or whatever dream she has- I don't know man, let me just hit submit and shut up.

From: julywaters


Personally, the highlight of last year was when you shouted out my 3D printed takodachi cookie cutter. That’s probably my proudest moment as a member of the tentacult. I very much appreciate your chill streams and look forward to another year’s worth of content. Happy birthday!

From: Kiyo_


May you keep doing what you do to the best and thank you helping get back in to art. Thank you Ina & Happy Birthday.

From: Anonymous Tentacultist



From: Marques


Happy birthday Ina!!! Congratulations! This is the first time that we fans are celebrating this special date, so I believe that you deserve LOTS of kind messages, I’ve been following your streams since last year and watching you grow is so great considering you’re great at what you do, unfortunately I couldn’t have time to see the most recent streams but I managed to watch a little bit from time to time, and there are many clips that I watch too, but the streams that I can watch the most are the drawing ones, they are so chill and are great to watch in a late afternoon while I do my homework, and whenever I can I stay to watch the rest, I am gradually getting more time to watch it, I hope I can get more time to watch whole streams again, once again happy birthday, and thanks for the great streams.

From: Clémancipé


Hoi, i really like your content happy birthday (hope you got the ryzen 9 5900x)

From: Hfixdu


Ina is perfect. She evokes so much joy from her streams, whether by herself or with other girls. That said, my favourite Ina moment would be any time that she collabs with Holo girls. She always does her best and elevates the emotions that no one would have inaff of. Love you, Ninomae Ina'nis, from Vietnam <3

From: bji4d93



From: Draggini


I've heard that Ancient ones causes insanity in his followers. Well that must be true because I am writing this. Great job our priestess!!!!!!!

From: Lanz


In Mexico we not only like tacos, a new boss is with us and is this tako :3

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


It's Ina's birthday today! Sign up to be tokodachi and celebrate with us!

From: Alan Jian


Hi! Ina~ Though your streams are almost at early morning(3 a.m. or 4 a.m.)in Taiwan, I still wake up every day :D . In the fact, it's hard to wake up for me :D . By the way, 520 's pronunciation in Chinese is like " I LOVE YOU ." I think this sentence many takodachi want to talk you. My motivation of subscription is a video , 【TIME-LAPSE】New Year's Greeting, and I like it! The favorite moment of your stream is WAH and Good Morning Afternoon Evening~Your cute voice is the magic for me, it can clam me down, add my sanity, and let me have a nice sleep(草). I don't believe this world has angel before I learn "Ninomae Ina'nis". Finally, idk if you see this message or not, but i want to recommend a song for you, this is my favorite song, Violet Evergarden's OP, Sincerely. And......Happy Birthday~Happy~Happy~

From: Joy


I wasn't too involved into this vtuber thing...Before i was a little bit depressed many things didn't have a meaning and i wasn't motivated to do anything, After i saw and discovered Ina and Hololive in general, i must admit that im often happy, I always try to keep up to your streams, So thanks for everything...Happy birthday i hope you have a great day.

From: Brandon LMH


Ina, Happy Birthday! My favourite moment from your streams are definitely the drawing streams! I absolutely love the atmosphere there especially when doing work. Thanks to you I was able to stay calm and relaxed by watching your streams whenever I am feeling stressed. I hope you keep doing what you do and we tentacults will keep supporting you! :)

From: Just Shiko bec yah


Haro Inaa Happy Birthday!! were hoping for da best of you! we will support you to the end and we will show you some love! we were hoping some good contents in the future! so Happy Birthday innaaaa!!

From: ShieldStop


Ina, you are the first streamer I am able to sit down and watch a full stream from beginning to end. I specifically remember your minecraft stream where you made the pool outside of your house was the first full stream I ever watched. I think judging by the existence of this project you can see how dedicated takodachis are, but still, I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say we can't thank you enough for brightening our days whenever you stream.

From: Takodachi


Thanks for the inspirations and entertainment :)

From: RST_AL


Ina HappyBirthday!!! Its been 7 months since your debut. You are giving joy and happiness to every Takodachis. Wherever you might be on the Earth, the blessing of Takodachis will always be with you! We are all Takodachi until the end of the world. :P

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


Happy Birthday Ina~!! Please stay happy and thank you for the streams all along!! The favorite moment I like is when Ina making see panik tako noises and some random tako noises when she saw something cute!!

From: TiA


Ina your a sweet angel never stop doing what you love.

From: KurizU-kuN


Ina hello I just want to tell you that you made me/us your viewers and because of that we want you to be happy and keep up the good work, happy times or sad times we will always be here for you so Happy Birthday Ina and enjoy your special day :)

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


Happy Birthday tako

From: Timofee


HAPPY BIRTHDAY INA!! 三Q for all of your comfy streams and wonderful art over the past couple of months and I am excited for all the things there is to come. Have a WAHnderful birthday O7

From: nyaN


Hi Ina Happy birthday. I've been supporting your journey since day 1. Although your streams starts in the noon in our county, i try too catch up as much as I can. Again Happy Birthday and have a great day.

From: Fey


Kontako Ina!! Tanjoubi Omedeoutou!! Everytime I watch your streams I feel so relaxed, also your drawings are AMEzing !! See my pun there?? anyways I wish you a happy tako birthday and enjoy your day!! Daisukii!! 🐙🐙💓💓

From: AntarcticWiFi


To Ina and anybody else, Happy Birthday. You are special, because you were born into this world, so stay hard :)

From: Nevula


Happy Birthday Ina~!! it was fun going into your stream and hear all of the puns you make and make me laugh even though the puns never lands like peter pan and it was a fun ride in the stream and again Happy Birthday :D

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


Happy birthday Ina! With every "wah" our hearts fill with happy, comfy, and cute vibes from the most adorable priestess in the world. The tako community has made a huge difference in my life, thank you so much for all you do, and here's to more memorable moments with the tentacult!

From: Pyana


Yes yes homu homu.

From: trapgrandpa



From: FunXD


Happy Birthday Ina And I Also Don't Know What To Say In This. My Fav. Moments To Her Is When She Played Minecraft In Christmas With The Whole HL Eng. That's All Happy Birthday Again <3

From: Iko


I'm italian, so my favourite Ina moment was the whole pizza-cooking game stream! I was casually waiting for it to start when I heard Ina greet everyone in... Italian? "Is she really speaking it?" Yes, she was. It felt so amazingly strange to hear Ina speak in my language, it's a completely different kind of connection. Is this what english speakers feel everyday? Idk. And then, after almost three hours of forestly-loonking pizzas, food yeeting and broken tutorials, the legendary double-spin-fall on the ground pizza. I laughed so long and SO HARD at that in the middle of the night... Ina, being the amazing artist and comfy tako that she is, has helped me in the process of recovering from lack of inspiration and gave me "something comforting" to look forward to during sad, boring or anxious times. I could never thank her inaff. Grazie, Ina.

From: Muda


Happy birthday , i want to have fun with you ina stream

From: KyujinQ


Happy Birthday Ina! In all honestly, to think that we've made it to your birthday is just unreal to me. I've watched you stream for months, and had only recently joined the Tentacult a few weeks back after a long deliberation with myself of whether or not I should really do. I'm glad that I did, with a Tako on top. I haven't known Hololive for long, only introduced to it when I heard news of a certain Priestess. I'm just thankful that the one who managed to drag me down 'ina' this rabbit hole was you, Ina. Truly, words cannot 'Espresso' how much you mean to me. My favourite moments in streams must be when I see you smile, with a pun here and there. While that may not seem that much, but when I see you enjoy yourself, whether it is when you're playing games, drawing, or just simply chatting with us Takodachi, it brightens my day, and most certainly, all the other Takodachi as well. I hope to be here for this birthday, and the next, and every birthday after that. Here's to World Dom-Ina-tion, and may the world become a pun-nier place.

From: HongHuang


IA ! IA ! Ina ! ! !

From: Vextini


Happy Birthday Ninomae Ina'nis!!!!! Hope you enjoy this project from us fans and hope you saw this too!!!!!!! Big up the subreddit frfr Love it when we can all band together and do something as special as this. Comfy streams go hard keep doing them!!!!!!! It's always nice to know I can lay back on your streams if I just wanna relax and be mellow. Stay Hard.

From: Nate3k


Happy Birthday Ina! thank you so much for all your comfy streams! they helped me so much throughout these tough times :D

From: Jakklin


Happy Birthday Ina! Thank you for all you hard work. I'm very happy you joined Hololive. The most memorable stream to me was the Members watchalong where we just kept chatting for ages after the movie, it was such a comfy stream. I hope to wish you Happy birthday again next Year. Congratulations~ Priestess \(^ヮ^)/

From: hoshizora mei


I just wanna say thank you for being a great role model to me, i know a lot of people already said this to you. But thank you for being my inspiration and motivation to be productive, i know you think you ain't doing so much but you are a big part of my life so Thank you! Stay safe and always remember that we love you!

From: cam


“tako” - albert einstein probably

From: Norenche


Happy birthday! I hope you have a good morning/afternoon/evening. Watching your streams is always a comfy experience and I like having them on while I build gunpla. Thanks for everything!

From: FreddyP


Happy birthday Ina! Thanks for all the laughs and fun and puns from your comfy streams., I especially enjoyed the Hollow Knight series you did. Have fun and happy birthday again!

From: Koshi


Hello Ina happy birthday to you I'm a taiwanese takodachi I hope you can be happy every day.

From: Daninini


Ina truly is a blessing; My favorite Ina moment has to be the creation of Ina Ross! The deep voice combined with the legendary afro had both of us cracking up every time she said something. Even now I still crack a smile watching her MH streams

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


HAPPY BIRTHDAY INA!!! Enjoy the day! One of my most favorite Vtubers! Thank you for everything. Thank you for being comfy! THANK YOU!

From: Zhong yen Tw


Because of preparing certification test,I can't wake up before sun rise to watch the stream,even spending time to watch VOD Q_Q.But the thing that Ina is my favorite Vtuber will not change!!!Happy birthday!And hope our priest will be seiso forever and stay TOP RIGHT❤️ LOVE INA❤️

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


Thanks so much for an amazing 7 - nearly 8 - months! We all love our stupendous, perfectly-normal-human-and-not-a-tako artist with a great sense of humor and a calming personality. No matter how close ancient terrors get to destroying our world, we'll still watch you and enjoy your SAN checks.

From: Mar


Just wanted to let you know that your streams really help me relax. Keep being yourself Ina, your my favorite out off everyone from hololive.

From: Naruse and the Pinoy Hangout Server



From: YuNo


Happy Birthday Ina! Thank you for always giving a smile to my face. I will always remember the time when you sung Unravel. Love your Minecraft and Monster Hunter streams! Enjoy your day and keep being you! Love you Ina (~‾▿‾)~

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


happy birthday Ina!

From: Jason Leung


Happy Birthday Ina~ It's a fan message from Hong Kong~ It's always a great day when I wake up and watch Ina's comfy stream~ Let's enjoy the birthday together~

From: Eins


Happy Birthday Ina! Also congratulations for being where you are right now! Although it has not been a year yet but it sure is a heck of a ride (a fun one at that) these past months. Things has not been great for everyone with the way the situation is (COVID and stuff lol), but you helped colored our seemingly sad days with bright emotions and moments. For that, me and many others would like to offer our thanks! Hope you have a nice and joyful day on your birthday!

From: WolfKing


Happy birthday Ina, You're the greatest Vtuber in the Old One

From: Jai Warudo


Hey Ina! Happy birthday! I only lurk on shadows watching your clips and archive streams (when I can't catch up you on live). Thank you for existing, my EN oshi. Have a great birthday, love lots! Ps. More Ina of the mountain knowledge please, keep it INA huge amount! Lol.

From: Amin


WAH! Happy birthday Ina! Here's to more comfy drawing streams in the future -w-

From: ElChurrito10000


Happy birthday to our tako highest priestess! HAPPY BIRTHDAY INAAAAA

From: Yengi Kizaku


HAPPY BIRTHDAY INA! You are now ████ (someone spilled ink, again). I just want to let you know how I admire your streams as they make my night comfy and happy. Thank you always for your streams and punny puns.

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


happy birthday, Ina!

From: Kuroumi


Happy Birthday Ina!!!! From crowbar bonking to inspiring art, comfy talk and Minecraft adventures, everything is always fun to watch. You always make me smile and that helps me try my best in everything. You are very inspirational. Tako about good vibes.

From: Farezi


Wah~! Thank you so much for all the months of fun and chill times! You've helped a lot during this really hectic period of our lives, especially with the comfy art/chat streams. Happy birthday!

From: Mayuresh


Thank you so much for your hardwork! We know Streaming and Entertaining people takes so much effort! You have been amazing!

From: Paradox


Thank you for the comfy streams!

From: Uncle Al


Happy birthday to our goddess herself! Shout out to all the takodachis out there!

From: Memento Moray


I've loved watching your soothing, calming drawing videos! It' enjoyable to have someone to draw along to, particularly one who introduces me to new techniques and ideas. Thank you for the punderful experience!

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


happy birthday ina I always enjoy each of your streams, although my English is not that good I never miss any of your streams, I hope you reach the million soon I will always continue to support you many congratulations <3

From: 雑魚


I appreciate the relaxing atmosphere you create. You have a great community and I wish to see you flourish even more. Thank you.

From: MoonCat


INA Lifetime Push

From: Nabil


Happy Birthday, Ina, from just another random Tentacultist! Hope you have a good one!

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


I've been watching Ina for a while now and she is just the best. I like that calm aesthetic about her; plus she is just so freaking adorable. Happy Birthday to Ninomae Ina'nis and bless her.

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


WAH! Happy birthday Ina. You're a ray of sunshine and motivation for many out there, and remember that your fans are always with you. Enjoy your special day.

From: Mason


Happy Birthday! I love tuning into your streams after a long day of studying or work and just relax and unwind. No matter what you stream, it is always calm and relaxing. Although I do have a soft spot for the drawing streams as a fellow artist! Hope you enjoy the day!

From: Spider-Pumpkin


Top 3 Fav moments are "Ina of the mountains", "the lazy speech" and "The Way of Programming" because they represent the comfiness and relatability I love about Ina. Happy birthday to our favourite Hooman/Tako!!!

From: megakotaro


Wah! When I want to relax, I always watch your video. Thank you Ina gives me Inaff peace.

From: Lojic


Hi Ina! first of all I just wanna say happy birthday to you \(^▽^)/. I decided to write (more like type) this message since not only you are one of my favs in Hololive but how I am thankful for being in this rabbit hole for half a year now, watching you and the others content. I was just some guy who’s living his normal life until i stumbled upon Hololive in my recommends, and started watching the different streams and stuff, and it really changed me. It started out with Ame and Kiara (which i both enjoyed), but then your content was just enjoyable, and that I never met someone who is this kind and relaxed, and also your puns get me all the time lol. Hopefully I can also find a person who is just as good as you. My favorite moments would probably be your drawing streams (which inspired me to practice drawing) and also your singing streams since it was rare for me to watch, and most likely all the jokes you made in your streams. Anyways, hopefully you enjoy this day and remember that you can't spell Domination without Ina XD. happy birthday and take care :D.

From: Sky


On this wonderful day, I wish you the best that life has to offer! Hope your birthday is as wonderful and extraordinary as you are! Happy birthday Ina!

From: ManlyPicnics


I am the bone of my tako Simp is my body and SC is my blood I have superchatted over a thousand dollars Unknown to my bank Nor known to myself Have withstood debt to donate many times Yet, those hands have never patted Ina's head So as I pray, Unlimited Pat Works.

From: Wayne


Happy Birthday, Ina! Thank you for being an embodiment of a comfy vibe, pun master, and most important of all, source of happiness to many of us, including me. I will be looking forward to more of your puns.

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


A Happy happy happy birthday to one of the best if not THE best tak- I mean human out there ! Ina, you have helped me to do So much more and the drawing streams inspired me to draw again. Thank you so much. You have put a smile on my face and the same thing to many of my fellow takodachi as well. You're doing a great job and I wish you more years and Streams to come.

From: Tsaigau


Wah! It’s tako time! Thank you Ina for bringing us those wonderful tako moments and puns! Happy Birthday!

From: Pepperoni


When Ina cooks either in a game, where she lost the pizza, or in her room making 'real' takoyaki was so much fun, relaxing and rememberable! Takodachis will looove Ina'nis forever!

From: Amanojakulanz


Happy birthday Ina!! We love you!! Your art is the best in the world~

From: SteelReign55


Happy birthday, Ina! The takodachis are working hard, keeping your only temple in utmost order as planned, and that includes plans for your slow worldomINAtion. Ever noticed that you're more than a priestess in this year? You're our queen now after all these months, thanks to your innovation and support with and to your genmates and fellow takodachis! Don't stop being cute and smart for the takos AND the viewers around you and never fail to win any goal and game you strive and succeed for. Best wishes on your future journey, Ina!

From: Hope


Thank you for making me happy every stream and for making me smile and laugh so much, your puns are amazing and your art is stunning <3 p.s. The UNO never ends

From: lynn


Higher beings, these words are for you alone. Our priestess has completed another cycle. Her radiance shall guide us forevermore.

From: Giron


everytime i see her streams i can't hold my happiness and smile every second and her confy aura brings me the confor i need in this hard times, Thank you for being a glimmer of happiness yos being you

From: tom61009


This love never inaff.

From: Kasuma


My favorite Ina moment is when she said "I'm seiso if I say so" on the Iofi collaboration stream

From: chad


Happy birthday to my favourite mario character WAHWAHWAHWAH

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


sasuga best eldritch god

From: Zach


Happy birthday Ina! I love you streams! One of the most memorable moments that sticks out to me is the time when you tried to start a Minecraft stream by looking at the sunrise and talking to chat, but you realized you weren’t live and turned the stream on embarrassed. I thought it was so funny the way you said “have I been talking to myself this whole time?” Have a great birthday Ina!

From: Aaron A


Happy birthday! Thanks for all the hard work that you do! I love listening to your drawing streams while working, your voice is so soothing! Wishing you all the best in the future!

From: HairyAsian


Ina best harem protagonist

From: C.Joestar san


Thank you Ina for existing in this world. I always love the wah and humuhumu moments and some moments when Ina sing the game ost .

From: Eddy


Happy Birthday~ Ina. I hope that you have a wonderful birthday with many more to come. I want you to know that you have an amazing singing voice and that you will sing more your stream in the future <3

From: Sgtvp


Happy Birthday Ina! Your streams are always a wondeful place to relax in. Even as someone that isn't all that interested in art, you make it clear just how passionate you are about it and that makes you very endearing to watch. Hopefully you have an enjoyable day and I'll be rooting for you always.

From: AlterTree


Hello Ina! Happy Birthday!!! My favorite Ina moment is honestly every moment I and the rest of the Tentacult spend with you! It's a bit hard to pick just one moment! Anyways, Happy Birthday!!! Here's to more years with ya!

From: Caden


Happy Birthday Ina, your streams are always a treat and always help on a rough day, thank you for gifting us with your chill streams.

From: Zerks


Hey Ina, big fan of your stuff here. I've always had an inkling that you were a very creative person and watching your streams only has confirmed my seapicions. The amount of amazing puns you tako bout always have me chuckling and honestly the amount of incredible artwork you have made is kapalling. I hope that your career only continues to grow alongside all of the other Hololive members. Hopefully seeing all of our messages from your fans will put a smile on your face as your streams do to ours. I'll cirrina in the next stream!

From: Ed


I've only been watching your streams for a little while, but it's such a joy to watch you when I catch them. I hope your birthday goes wonderfully, and take care!

From: Yar


Howdy Ina! Too keep it concise, I really love your art streams and you inspired me to start drawing (again) and I’ve actually gotten a lot better since I started watching your streams! Keep up the good work

From: Levithian


Ina is an absolutely amazing artist, with an equally amazing voice capable of soothing ones soul. With these qualities and so many more, It’s no wonder people love sitting back to watch this adorable octopu- I mean human.

From: ijaari


hi ina! first of all, happy birthday! may the luck of the ancient one will be forever in your favor! just wanna say thank you for all your hard work and comfy streams. as a fellow monster hunter player, I always enjoy your monhun streams. have a great day ina! :D

From: Danny


Hi Ina! I love you! There are so many good moments in your stream and I could go on for hours about but I only have little space to write my message. I love it when you sang unravel, that moment has been stuck in my head for so long. I love all of your puns that you've said, they're all so cute and funny. And finally, I love your "WAH" they are so cute and adorable. Anyway, you have helped me gone through many tough times, your streams have always put a smile on my face and put me in a better mood. I'm so glad that I've found Hololive and you. I love you so much and I know many others do as well. Never stop what you're doing and keep putting smiles on other people's faces. When you're feeling down, think of us and many others who have supported you all this time, we will support you all the way no matter what happens. We love you Ina and keep up the great work!

From: Mongoose


Happy Birthday Punning Octopus

From: tomothy


Thank you so much for streaming! Your streams always bring me peace and happiness and I hope you have a great birthday. WAH!

From: Kris


A Haiku for Ina Humu Humu Wah Kabedon then bonk us, Queen We love you, Ina

From: Horrorshow


I love seeing you give various bits of advice to others. It shows how generous and loving you are to others and makes me appreciate you a lot as a fan of Hololive as a whole. Happy Birthday! WAH!

From: Arif


Hello Ina! Thank you so much for all of the puns,arts and wisdom given in these last 7 months.Truly,every stream is always a comfy stream when Ina is around. Humu Humu,you adorable eldritch horror! And here’s to another year of streams!

From: Chriz Joji


I really love Ina's art streams especially the ASMR one I really love it! It was relaxing to hear the pen scratches with the matte film on the display tablet. Every Sunday I sleep early and wake up at 4 am for Ina's art stream. I slowly realized that I fixed my poor sleep schedule while learning more art stuff! Ina if you're reading this, Thank you for giving us your drawing wisdom and fixing my sleep schedule.

From: ChloeeCato


The first time i ever watched Ina, I loved her soft voice and i loved that she had a bottle of Dr. Popper on her desk, As a Dr Pepper addict this made me smile. When i found out she drew I adored her even more, She helped me with the drive i needed to draw more and research. My favourite Ina moment has to be a recent one, When she was drawing Okayu and Korone and Korone hopped in. Seeing ina melt like that was honestly so adorable! Ina is a big inspiration to me and many others and i look forward to her streams for years to come!

From: naian


Thank you for helping me regain my sanity!

From: Qwerty



From: Grimmiden


I'm not too sure if it counts but I love the mood/atmosphere she makes. A combination of everything she does makes the stream extremely chill and comfy. Probably the only stream I've fallen asleep to, it brightens my mood every time. Also WAH!

From: Ethan Cleep


Happy birthday Ina!! 💜💜💜 I have loved your streams ever since I fell down the vtuber rabbit hole. I hope that you have a great day and keep crating great content💜

From: WorldofNight


Happy Birthday Ina! Thank you for your Art Streams. They have been pushing me to be the best me that i can be. I have been working in 3D for years but only really studied theoreticaly. I always shied away to actually do anything in 3D. But you have encouraged me to fix my Sleep shedule, learn more Japanese, what i have been avoding to do consistent for Years and finally do what i love to do. 3D. I hope we all can have another great year together!

From: Makugonauto


Happy Birthday, Ina! Congratulations on another wonderful year~ I hope you will have an even more amazing year ahead. Slowly dominating the world as you wished during all those streams ago. Thank you very much for giving us comfy and relaxing streams. Streams that also would amaze us with your artistic skills! Your laughs, relaxing and care free personality always makes me cozy. Thank you for being you and for looking after us too!

From: Office Supplies


writing in to say I'm another one in a sea of thousands you've re inspired to pick up an old hobby skill, etc. whipped out some good old anime songs for my friends after practicing every week at drawing streams! have fun on a billboard and have fun on your birthday!

From: Justis


Always enjoy the art streams. Though due to the timezones I always catch it wether it is already an hour in or about to end, but nonetheless I enjoy all the comfy streams. Goodluck to you on your future endeavors.

From: Kuorria


Happy Birthday Ina!! Although I can't watch your streams much due to time zone difference, I've always love how comfy they are and am a member since day one! Here's to another year of maximum comf! Love from Singapore! ❤️

From: sukipio


いな、誕生日、おめでとう!!! ありがと!!!

From: nytyx


Happy birthday Ina; thank you for your hard work!

From: Eric


Happy birthday Ina!! You've brought so many smiles to so many people for months now and we all want you to have the best birthday ever! My favorite moments with Ina are always her drawing/doodling streams! Theres nothing in the world I find more relaxing than listening to Ina's soft voice while watching these streams. Have a wonderful year Ina! We love you!

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


Happy birthday Ina! I hope you have an amazing day today, especially since it’s the first one you’ll spend with your new Hololive family! Keep making great content!

From: nandedaro


happy birthday Ina from a simple italian viewer

From: Texas cult deity


KABEDON oya oya. Such a cute takodachi made its way down in the watson railway

From: sim


Ina is seiso because she say so!

From: Tidus


Thank you Ina for your peaceful, friendly, and fun personality! Your amazing streams helped me de-stress after a long day of work, and I look forward to everyday watching you talk, sing, and play! You have cultivated such a large base of friendly, helpful Takos, and continue to encourage and inspire them every day, and we are forever thankful for it! Happy Birthday, and all the Best Wishes and Gacha Luck! Here's to another amazing year with you and the Takos! HA HA HA HA HA HA

From: Sachi-16


Hey Ina, let's celebrate your birthday in a BIG scale !!, Thank you for all the wonderful moments you have given us and that the following year will be celebrated even bigger. HBD ninomae ina'nis !!!

From: J


HBD Ina, your streams are so comforting and we love you!

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


Happy birthday Ina'nis!! Have a wonderful day!

From: FooLyDooLy


Happy birthday, Hololive's best Inavator! I hope this year brings nothing but pun 4 u & everyone!

From: byanotherplayer


Happy birthday Ina. Thanks for being an inspiration to so many of us all across the world. Your wit, charm, and predilection for dad jokes and puns are but some of the reasons we come to watch you on an almost daily basis. There are many moments of you that I can think of that bring me joy, but the one that I always come back to is your debut stream. I remember how nervous you were throughout it, and how much more nervous you were when you sang for us. Looking back to those moments and comparing them to the you of the present, I’m happy to see you grow so much not only as an entertainer but also as an individual. Watching you having more confidence in yourself when doing something you are not used to and having fun interacting with the friends you have made along the way have certainly been memorable experiences, and I want to thank you for sharing them with us. Once again Ina, Happy birthday, and I wish you further success and good fortune, and more comfy and clippable moments for the rest of us.

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


Your art is so inspiring! You're so talented and it makes me want to draw more and improve, and I need to thank you for that

From: Robin


HAPPY BIRTHDAY INAAAAAA!!!! You’re one of the best vtubers out there, being so chill and cute at the same time! You’re also so good at drawing too! Us tentacultists love you so much, so here’s to a very happy birthday!!! WAH!

From: Astro!


Ina!! Your streams are so comfy and I love catching them just for the slight opportunity to feel warm even if it's just for a few hours, thanks for caring for us takodachi's!

From: Ahsiel


WAH! Happy birthday Ina!!!!! I hope you have a great day and enjoy this amazing surprise, you’re awesome.

From: Lune


Ina ina inaaa happy birthday my favorite tako! Macchi kashite? Thank you very macchi! 'w'

From: Light


Happy birthday Ina!, I hope your day is filled with lots of love and laughter! May all of your birthday wishes come true. Thank you for being with us viewers and make our days fun!

From: Ao


Ina, you really are an inspiring and wonderful person. You have changed and inspired so many lives- from creatives, to hobbyists, to even general workers. You've brought so many smiles and encouraged us to continue doing our best and what we love to do. You've pushed us to keep going, even if we have possibly gave up on ourselves or lost our passions. You have no idea how much that means to us from your kind words and advice, and we are incredibly thankful for it. Thank you for everything that you do, because we truly love being there to support you as much as you did for us. From this loving community filled with different kinds of takodachis to you, Happy Birthday Ina!

From: MystikX


Looks like we takodachis are helping achieve world dom-Ina-tion. Would this be a case of Squid Pro Quo?

From: Merikato


As cliché as this sounds, what's there not to like about Ina? But honestly, from the very beginning, Ina has always been a chill presence and very relatable, from common interests to a similar upbringing. Her usual streams come on after I finish work, so they're really great to unwind to. Even when they take place during work or study hours, listening to her in the background helps put me at ease from the stresses of those aforementioned duties. And don't get me started with her immense skill in visual arts and the art of puns! As someone who isn't very artistic, her consistency is truly a sight to behold. Anyway, I'll just end it off with wishing Ina a great and very Happy Birthday! Here's to many more down the line!

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


You are the bone of your Wah. Tako is your body, and teetee is you blood. I have been gifted over a thousand superchats. Unknown to Yabai. Nor known to Degenelate. Have withstood flat jokes to create many puns. Yet those tentacles will always be seiso. And now we pray, Unlimited Wah Works. ...Also Happy Birthday, etc.

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


Happy Birthday Ina!! Watching your comfy streams has really helped me get through these hard times, so thank you for being you! I'm always blown away by your art and I'll always be cheering you and your other gen mates on! 頑張れ!!!

From: wildnexus


Happy Birthday Ina! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and know that you are loved and cherished by so many people. You are the reason I got back into art and felt encouraged to pick up the pen after 14 years of giving it up. Your advice to not compare myself to others and only compare myself to my own progress has really stayed with me. I can't thank you enough for that and all the little things you do. You are a wonderful person and the world is a better place to have you in it.

From: Jet


Happy Birthday Ina!!! Thank you for streaming for us for as long as you have so far. Your streams are always super comfy to the point that admittedly I sometimes fall asleep during some of them. I think you are super cute and that opinion grew even stronger during the Hollow Knight playthrough with the grub noises, they are so cute!! I really love your streams and you and a few others as of late have inspired me to try and give art a shot, granted my paper art skills are lack luster, I like to make sculptures out of things when I get the chance. Thank you for being you Ina and again, Happy Birthday!!!

From: tsu


happy birthday Ina, I hope you have another great year! I'm looking forward to all your new projects coming out, and hope you the best!

From: JuanínMonster


La chica del pelo morado con puntas naranjas: Desde la falta de cuerpo y la insanidad Te escribo este poema de sinrazón Suelta mi mente en un momento de piedad Y lee con calma esta confesión Con la visión primera De tu pelo morado con puntas naranja Me diste una calma sin que yo entendiera Hiciste de mi mente, colores en franja Sacerdotisa del terror cósmico Igual de inexplicable como tu belleza constante Das vida en un torrente pacifico De líneas hipnóticamente fluyentes Perdóneme sacerdotisa Por recobrar la cordura por unos momentos Para escribir esta emoción precisa Eres la chica de pelo morado con puntas naranjas Tu voz me quitó la mesura Y la cambió por una calmante admiración

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


Chill gaming with a bit of ASMR (unintentional). Happy Birthday Ina!

From: Microice


Dear Ina, I would like to thank you for everything you've done for us by now with your streams. Your punny streams, chill attitude, calm voice and lifetips is what got us through this difficult time. I hope we all could send you the positive energy back .I wish you the best for the future and Happy Birthday from Germany. Love, Your one of the million Takodachi

From: Furu


You are an inspiration and a happiness for a lot of people. I’ve been inspired and more motivated by you to keep writing fiction and scripts for stage plays. I’m not perfect but you’ve taught me to accept myself even with my imperfections. Your talent will not go unnoticed I’m sure! Happy birthday and fly high in the next year priestess!

From: Cui Cui


Ina won me over was when she wiggled her ears I MEAN FLAPS and said "WAH" for the first time. Blessed moment.

From: ForFurtherNotice


When she does the cute laugh, it make my day turn to hapi day, like Yuuka Kazami. :)

From: Katsuura


Happy Birthday to the purple cutie

From: Snoot


My favorite Ina moments are when she laughs so hard she can barely speak. Seeing someone have that much fun is infectious, no matter what's going on around you.

From: Leap


Happy birthday Ina! Here’s to many years!!!

From: Bolgin


Thank you for all the laughs, Ina. From Uruguay with love, a takodachi happy to have found you!

From: EzoRedKit


Someone I can Game & Chill with. Keep it up!

From: UnstoppablePhoenix


To Ina, I wish you a HUGE happy birthday from me to you! I've loved everything you've done since day 1, from comfy drawing streams, to expert gameplay, everything! You've given the Takodachis plenty to tako-bout, pun-ishing us Ina-n instant with your clever humour and wah-rmess. Have a very happy birthday, Ina. - UnstoppablePhoenix <3

From: lazybones18


Happy Birthday, Ina! I hope your day is WAH-nderful <3

From: Eevpix


Happy Birthday Ina! From your comfy drawing and guerilla Minecraft streams, to eating a fish in Nier and everything in between, every minute joining in with you and the rest of the tentacultists has been a blast. Here's wishing you the best, and looking forward to more fun times, from Times Square!

From: Yggi


I want to thank you for inspiring me so many times! Thanks to you I've picked up the pencil more often and frequently than in the past, and once I'm truely confident in what I'm sketching, I wanna show it to you, to show how much you influenced me and many others! Have a very Happy Birthday, and here's to another year of life on this beautiful earth! :D

From: Bert


Thank you so much for making this past year so much comfier. We all love you Ina. WAH!

From: Gael Delia


Ina I've watching since your debut, and have seen how you've been moving forward ever since, not only you've grown as a content creator, but you have been able to create a community that just feels great to be in, all to enjoy our favourite priest, thanks for the comfy streams and relatable stories.

From: 天仙鳴動


I personally most appreciate Ina's doodle stream! Due to the depression I can't draw by now, but Ina's stream and her talk always encourage and inspiring me. Thank you Ina!

From: Bleed


Anyeonghaseyo, Ina! Happy Birthday to the comfiest streamer in Hololive, and one of the best and most knowledgeable artists on the internet, period! I may not be your most consistent viewer, but it's always a good, relaxing time when I pop into one of your broadcasts. I hope you have a great day and that you can celebrate with your family and friends (and the Ancient Ones). To my fellow Tentacultists, you better be buying up Takocoin.

From: Memeranglaut


Thank you for all your comf and WAH. Made 2020 2021 so far much more bearable

From: Mint


You and your streams are so calming, and I can always join in and automatically feel relaxed. Your wah's are just blessings from god, and your puns are just cute. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and continue streaming!

From: Jex


Hi Ina! I love your drawing streams and the illustrations you make are breathtaking. My favorite moment is your famous "Hi Honey~" as it was so sweet and made my heart melt. Please continue to stay amazing and creating awesome art!

From: Moonlight Kaiser


IINNAAA!! Happy Birthday!! Congrats on all your hard work and the accomplishments you've achieved so far! We are all so proud of you and what you are destined to be, and the proof is all right here on the big screen! Thank you for Humu Humuing into all our hearts and live it big with all the Takodachis on your special day!

From: giossan


Ina, I've been a big fan of yours since debut and let me tell you you inspire a lot of people to do what they love, to retake forgotten hobbies and to push themselves to become better including me, so let me celebrate with you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY INA! I hope you have a great day and eat a lot of cake! The only thing I ask is for you to keep being yourself! Here for another great year!

From: AdriaLOL


Ina!!! Lots of love from Spain!!!

From: xap


thank you 🎣

From: Niconikun


One of the best moments from Ina is when she laid her mic on her lap while drawing, making the stream even more cozy and softer than ever. Even if it was brief I'll never forget it. Never change Ina <3

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


Ina is: Incredible Nice Amazing

From: Doultime


Happy Birthday Priestess! Love you Ina! Your humu humu cured my soul. We takodachis are happy to have you in our lives!

From: poi:D


my fav ina moments are when she makes puns or bonks chat and says wah love ina happy birthday to our pun maker world domination queen

From: danial606


Happy Birthday Ina! Thanks for all you have done for the community! We wish you many years of success and happiness and hope you can continue to be with us!! Have a great time!

From: grogzky


Happy Birthday Ina! You inspired me to start drawing and your streams always make me smile!

From: Xan


Ina Ina Inaaa~~ Happy Birthday Tako!! I hope you are comfy, because a birthday party like this is one Ina bazillion! *puns still hurt me if no one laughs* I always liked the lovecraftian stuff so you were always on my radar from the very beginning. I don't know what I was expecting meeting you, but I know that what I found was something I will cherish forever. From the story of Mr. Pierce to the RFA training ark, I was having a blast, then I heard you were Hunting with Aki; I literally fangirled for a solid 20 mins. Id rather not say how a late 20s man fangirls but it is... umm... interesting. I don't really draw as much as I just MS paint doodle with stick figures but iv been having fun and my friends seem to like it, so I will keep at it, and I have you to thank for it. Anyways, Happy birthday kiddo! I will forever be a cultist, spreading your word, in my own subtle way. humu ~humu~ -Xanfel

From: SpleenDoesIt


Happy Birthday to Ina. Really brightens my day being able to catch an Ina stream. Will never forget the magical day Future Ina made her debut. The time she guessed the Duolingo phrase without even listening to the phrase was amazing. Also won't forget the time she used my terrible pun and laughed. Here's to many more streams filled with tons of fun and puns for everyone.

From: currymeal


Too many moments to pick, but I really enjoyed watching SSSS Dynazenon with you and Gura! Can’t get INAFF of you! Happy birthday!

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


Ina always improve my day, and her streamings are excellent to calm myself that is something that i apreciated because i get stressed easily.I have similar tastes about games,animes,shows ,etc so i really love to hear her talking about that.(feel free to correct anything im not a native speaker so maybe im kae some mistakes with my english)

From: Yeiow


Happy Birthday Ina! A song for you: Never gonna pun you up Never gonna pun you down Never gonna pun around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and pun you

From: KireiCoco


Happy Birthday Ina!!!!! Stay awesome and spec-TAKO-lar... Thank you Very MOCHI~ for making us smile! even though UDON know most of us... we love you so MATCHA and Ap-PEACH-iate you.... DANGo thats so many puns xD

From: Rapitor


Hello Birthday Buddy! (we share the same day). I love the way you say Nice! and how you bring chill joy to everything you are apart of.

From: JayBird


When i first got into hololive i didnt really know where to start so out of instinct i went to EN. For a while i didnt really know why i liked Ina so much but overtime ive come to realize that the calmness, the dad jokes, the cute little flap, all of it made Ina the perfect package for me personally, wrapped up in a bow. So with that said, thank you so much Ina, Have an amazing birthday, you deserve it.

From: Creqaw


Happy Birthday! Watching you draw and talk about miscellaneous topics is just the most wonderfully relaxing experience! Enjoy your birthday!

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


Happy birthday, Ina! May warmth, friendliness, color, the calls of the deep, and luck follow in your footsteps. Thanks, and may more years come.

From: Chee


Never thought I'd simp to anyone ever, but I SIMP-ly couldn't resist!

From: Trer


Happy Birthday Ina! I admire everyone who put in a lot of time and work to improve a particular skill. People shine the brightest when they do something they love and are good at. It makes me happy to witness these dazzling people and makes me want to cheer them on. Therefore my favourite moments of you are when you make puns-- I mean when you are drawing! I hope you keep improving and share your progress with us in your streams!

From: ColdMoviez


My favorite moment has to be when we watched “Her” with Ina on a member’s only stream. An otherwise great movie with some pretty yabai scenes. During one of these yabai scenes, Ina just started to talk about tomato and potato(?) juice randomly with the chat, I thought it was hilarious considering what was happening during the movie at this point. She ended up making an uncomfortable scene with members into a pretty funny moment for everyone! Other than that though, I just want to thank Ina for making my past year so much more enjoyable and can’t wait to see what future Ina does! I’m sure countless others can say the same!

From: E(a)than


Hey Ina! Thanks for being a part of Hololive and bringing us entertainment during these times. We really appreciate all that you do! Happy birthday!

From: Clément


Happy Birthday Ina! Today is a day of celebration and joy for you as you go from the small screen to the big one! We can never get inaff of your comfy content, keep up the great work! Much love and admiration from me and all other takodachis, stay awesome

From: crow


Ina of the mountains, what is your knowledge? If there is a clog in your sink, put it back on your foot.

From: Sinanju


Happy Birthday Ina! Thank you for always inspiring everyone and always being so supportive whether it's art or life! From all of us Takodachis, fans, and all walks of life, we hope you have a blessed birthday!

From: Vader


Your cover of Unravel echoes in my heart everyday! Even in all the chaos your streams still bring a smile to my face! Looking Forward To Your Next Stream!!!

From: Hikata


Watching your comfy streams always makes me feel motivated to push my boundaries and be a better version of myself, thx for giving us a ton of memories and experiences throughout this last 8 months, we will always support and love you <3

From: Cyber Toast


Hi Ina! I just want to say that you are the one who got me into the Vtuber rabbit hole and you are still my #1favorite. I loved watching your streams of Hades which is now one of my favorite games and I hope to see it again in the future. Thank you for all the bonks, humu humus and especially the wahs. <3

From: Sowh


I love your wisdom O Great Ina of the Mountain.

From: Shando


A WAH! a day keeps the bad away! Thank you Ina for all the great moments you've shared with us. Happy birthday!!

From: Draco0100


Happy Birthday Ina! Youve made so many of my days super comfy and I love your stuff! Keep it up!!

From: Doug Rattman


G'Day and Happy Birthday Priestess! 10Q for all your helpful advice over the months! ( ◜‿◝ )

From: Takodachishi


Happy Birthday Ina Ina INAAAAAA! Love you and everything that you do! My favourite moments from your streams is the Kabedon-Arc: starting from that cozy minecart ride and finishing with the "Oya-oya" emote drawing! Everything inbetween was hillarious, wholesome and heartwarming!



The time I spent during your chill drawing stream is the best one. I like listening to you talking while being productive together and sometimes throwing dad jokes and punchlines while we are at it was nice too

From: Hamster with a top hat


I maybe just a random person you don't know But on this very special day i wish you all the best things Happiness, love and joy You are always the one who inspires, encourages us and i respect that And sometimes when things get harder? We'll be here to help, to listen to your problems and we will find the perfect solution for it so please share your problems with us (welp it's depends on you) Ok i'm going to stop here before this getting any longer And once again i wish you a happy birthday Ina

From: Bork


Happy birthday Ina!!! Ina’s drawing streams are what I always put on when I need something to listen to, always super relaxing with fun stories and jokes!!!

From: [Takodachi] Kotowari0


Dear Comfty Priestess Ninomae Inanis, happy birthday! I hope that you are doing well, for me and the other 950K takos are supporting you with everything we've got! Also, my person favorite moment of you is when you brought forth Ina Ross, it was really funny. P.S Have you ever thought of doing any more collabs with HoloJP perhaps?

From: Cardboy777


Came for the puns, stayed for the 'Wah', and now I'm bonked. Ina/10 Would subscribe again.

From: KFP Memester


Happy Birthday Ina! I want to thank you for blessing us with your WAHs, puns, dad jokes and of course your art! I also want to thank you again for getting me to start drawing again. Your dedication to making art and improving your craft is truly inspiring. It's hard to pick out a specific moment that is my favorite from your streams because there are so many but I would say that you finally beating Hades was a standout moment for me. More recently I would say you singing the ending song of Nier after beating Route B was a blessed moment. I hope you have a good birthday and wish you good health, looking forward to many more streams. WAH

From: Reines


Congrats priestess! One year older in the [redacted] years that you have been alive. Keep filling the world with puns and Wahs 🥰

From: Mittsu


My fave ina moment is where she goes simping for 9s, listening to his voice when she was playing nier! I really love the art streams you do Ina inaaaa~ you're really an inspiring person, it makes me want to keep pursuing to improve even more myself. You're calming and soothing to be around with, real comfy and relatable. I love you and will continue to support you more!! WAH!

From: Toki


Yahoo Ina, I hope you will have the greatest birthday ever! I always watch your streams and it makes me very happy. Thank you for giving us fun streams, as always.

From: Pandah


Happy birthday! Your streams have been very relaxing but very inspiring. I can't get enough of your weekly drawing streams and your playthrough of series like Hollow Knight!

From: mars


heyoo happy birthday to my favorite vtuber that makes me smile everytime i see a notification of in my feed

From: cnx


Hello Ina!!! I've been following your streams for a while. It was comfy, novel, enlightening and hilarious at times. Your enormity of your love and talent for drawing is evenly matched with your calm and composed personality. Every painting of yours radiates immense lifeforce. It's such an amazing feast for the eyes. From Fubuki, Noel & Flare to Suisei - I can feel that a lot of efforts and care have been put into these, and the products are perfection. The attention and manner with which you interact with your audience is something I adore very much. Your positivity and advice helped and motivated us through difficult times. Not to mention the way you handled difficult situations on and off stream, your quick-witted problem-solving and creative multi-language puns. Though there were some goofy moments - but that gave us a good laugh and fun clips. I hope your talents continue to grow and wish that many will continue to see the greatness of the comfy tako and join the tentacult! I hope you are able to achieve all of your dreams in the future (including world domination). Also since we're in New York, You're the new S-ina-tra now ;)

From: King Mufasa


INA INA INAAAAA. Thank you so much for the awesome content you bring! Every piece of art you draw amazes me even more, I seriously love all that you do. Please continue doing your best! Love you Inaaaa!

From: aplove


Hey, look! You're "Ina" times square! Happy birthday Ina!

From: Zhoril


Happy Birthday Ina! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to delivering quality content. My favorite moment of yours was when you defeated the radiant aka the final boss in Hollow Knight, seeing you overcome the boss after a lot of attempts was so satisfying. I love your videos and wish you more happiness for the following years to come!

From: Lethal


Happy Birthday Ina! You've always been an inspiration to me for art and I've gotten back into it because of you! That's not the only thing I've enjoyed about you though, you're funny, good at games, and always try your best! My favourite moment that you've had though would have to be your reactions to all the flat comments in Paper Mario! Don't worry, we know you're just aerodynamic!

From: UncleJimmyBob


Ina has made my daily routine a lot more enjoyable. I love how comfy her streams are and seeing her enjoy herself doing what she loves always lifts me up. My favorite Ina moment was when she busted out "I Beg You" during karaoke.

From: Aarons


i want to thank you for everything. Not only have your streams made my day better but they’ve made me strive to be a better person to those around me. When i’m anxious, your drawing steams help ground me and make me want to actually work on my own art. I wish i had more words to say but all i really can say is thank you so much ina. have a wonderful day, i’ll see you next time you stream! - Aarons_Sigh

From: Itta


Thank you Ina for giving me the inspiration to go forward even if I go back again by putting one foot forward. This takodachi is blessed for you and the community you created!

From: arii


Although I haven’t been able to watch Hololive lately, I can say that you never fail to lift my spirits when I have the chance to tune into your streams. I think one of my favorite streams of yours was the Princess Connect: ReDive collaboration; at the time it was one of my favorite games so getting to experience my favorite VTubers play it was amazing. Thank you Ina, for bringing my spirits up in this shut-down world.

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


Blessed by the Wah and embraced by the comfy. Guide us Ina of the Mountain. Thank you Ina.

From: toruteli


O great priestess, I humbly grant you a happy birthday, I hope you have a wonderful day and congrats on being ████! You helped many people and I think you deserve to have so many people celebrate with you. Wah!

From: Ina's Apostle [1st Apostle of the Twelve]


Happy birthday Ina! I love your comfy streams and you always brighten my day. Your puns and jokes are puntastic, your taste in movies, music and anime is superb and your drawing skills are inkredible too! I can't express with words how much I and all the other takodachis love you. I don't have a specific favorite moment, but some of my highlights would include all the "Wah!" at the start of each stream, as well as your lovely puns

From: Questionable Content


Happy birthday Ina! You've helped so many of us through tough times with your kind words and chill vibes. We appreciate everything you do and how hard you work for us! We love you!!!!

From: Josh 'Ruby'


Happy Birthday Ina! You've helped so many of us get through this year with your wholesome and chill streams. Here's to another great year of the Tentacult. P.S. Please Kabadon me....

From: Lanazarus


Ina, I think I speak for a lot of us when I say you showed up in our lives at just the right time. Since Day 1 you've kept us smiling time and time again with your witty humor, skillful artworks, and most comfortable of streams. I'm always glad to see you having fun in streams and on Twitter, and hearing your voice one way or another always puts a smile on my face. I'm afraid I'm unable to thank you to the extent of plenty of other Takos, but I hope I'm able to convey my gratitude through this message. Thank you for being yourself, Ina, and I hope that we get to see many more birthdays with you!

From: Dragu


Thank you so much Ina for inspiring me to draw - Glory to Tako -

From: Alphadialga, your 444th brain cell


Happy birthday, Ina! You've been a huge inspiration to me ever since I found out about HoloEN, and you always put a smile on my face whenever I catch one of your streams (I really loved your Journey stream in particular)! Have a wonderful day, and keep being tako-tally amazing!

From: Umu 87


Im glad I found a vtuber with the same love of puns! Heard you are gonna be on a billboard. Cant wait to see you tick tako between four corners in Time-Square! 😄🐙

From: Nate


Thank you for all the art streams you do! It's really calming and relaxing to watch your drawings be drawn in real time, and you've got good vibe. WAH!

From: wingYuu


Wah! Happy Birthday Inaaaa!!! Stay pun-tastic and keep it up with the comfy streams!

From: Rey


The world needs to move out of the way for Ina’s giant ass

From: Nightingale


I appreciate you a lot, and your comfy drawings and the talking streams give me life! Please continue to be great! Happy Birthday, Ina, and to a wondeful future!

From: GoldSlime


Just thinking about favorite moments from the Priestess herself when there are so many, but the one that stands out to me the most, is from the Uno Collab where she has to speak japanese, but Kiara tells her to laugh in japanese too so she proceeds to just say "kusa kusa kusa" and I just started dying of laughter there. Always thankful for what she has done for us, and how she wants us to push ourselves but not beyond our capabilities so we can live our lives as comfy as possible.

From: Zeeka


Happy Birthday Priestess!!!! Wah!

From: TheMarvelousMeb


Ina, every time I watch your streams, it puts a smile on my face, no matter what’s going on in my life. You’ve always brightened up our days, tako, so now it’s our turn to brighten yours!

From: Colouss


Thank you for all the comfy streams! It helps me destress on a lot of bad days and I'm forever greatful for it!

From: BlueHunter


Yo Ina! Happy birthday, and I hope to see many more moment from you and the rest of EN!

From: naternaut


Ina, I love your squishy hair so much. I would get bonked ten thousand times for one squish. But, even more than that, I want you to continue being happy and successful. Wah!

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


Happy birthday, Ina~! Big fan of your art streams; your paintings are absolutely gorgeous! Can’t wait to see what the rest of this year brings!!

From: sunset


Thank you for making me smile, you will always be Ina my heart!

From: Russel


Congratz Ina! Lots of love from Hungary!

From: Ryussei


Ina you've been a source of joy and inspiration since your debut. Your drawing streams and your encouraging words to the takodachis have given me the confidence to learn and get better at drawing and share my work with others. Thank you for spending your time with us. Happy Birthday.

From: Anonymous Tentacultist


Happy Birthday Ina! OUR kawaii tako I can't get INAff of your kawaiiness, 愛してる

From: Rail


Ina, your streams have been a blessing from debut and on. From the puns, to the WAH, the inspiring advice, the chill community you fostered and the cultured jokes, there are a lot of moments that have brightened my days. One, however, stands out in particular - your performance of Reason by ReoNa, during your first unarchived karaoke stream. The whole stream was spectacular, but that song made me tear up. The emotion, the lyrics, your singing, your story. It all combined to just make me swell with emotion. You made a grown man tear up from the other side of the world, and that to me is special. So, Ina, Happy Birthday! And thanks for all the memories!!

From: Wiggles


Merry Birthmas Ina-sama! May this be an INAmaginably great day and here's to another year of world domINAtion. TAKO NI NARU.

From: Grimbow


Happy Birthday to the greatest and most woomy eldritch priestess on the planet! You're always making us laugh with all the jokes that you're kraken but hopefully this present is inaff to make you smile just as much! All the love from the takodachi on your special day

From: Kitsu


Hi Ina! I hope you have a great birthday and have lots of fun.

From: WhatTheFuck


Hey Ina! I don't have much to say, other than your streams always make my day better after a hard day, and I hope you have a good birthday!

From: Gorg


Thank you for everything you do, youve brought so much joy to all of us so hopefully this can return it somewhat

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