Kiara 1 Million Subscribers Celebration

Hinotori Chorus - with lots of employees!

About this Project

Organized by: Kiara Fried PhoenixEvent date: 22 May 2021

Congratulations on One Million Employees!

From, the KFP Discord (and the HololiveEN Fan Server, but 99% of this project was KFP - Ninjastahr)

We made a cover of Hinotori in celebration!

We took people from the KFP Discord, had them sing Hinotori, and put them together to make the video below - 52 different voices were used! Also, we pulled in artists and messages from fans to show in the video! Not all of the messages were able to be displayed in the video itself, so all the messages have been put into the website down below - this also makes it so you can read them fully!

It took some serious effort to get this to happen (the EN curse apparently extends to the fan servers too) but it's finally completed! Thank you to everyone involved!

Note: As usual, we aren't official! This is but a fan project.

Kiara’s Original



Community Submissions

From: みん | Min 💀


Congrats on a million Tenchou! I'm fully grateful of falling into this chaotic rabbit hole just a couple months ago, because if I haven't, I most definitely wouldn't have discovered you, one of my joys and now motivators in life. You always live up to your name, a phoenix! a Hinotori! as you always radiate that same comforting energy and warmth. Thank you, Tenchou.

From: KyujinQ | KFP Spectator


Congratulations on 1 Million, Tenchou! You're incredibly talented and a shining light in all our lives, no doubt! I am proud to work as one of your KFP Employees, even under the threat of the Usual Room! Viva la Kiara! o7

From: Joseru


Congrats on 1M Tenchou! I wish I could turn back time and discovered you earlier. I started watching you this year and it has been so much fun. You are seriously amazing, and it shows with how dedicated and passionate your employees are. Just like a phoenix, you are incredibly warm and bright. Thank you.

From: Denadoro Longstride


Before congratulating, I would like to thank you for all the good you bring to us and all the dedication you put into your work. Even in my first days here I already could tell that this moment was going to be truly deserved. Thank you for everything and know we will always support you. Congratulations on 1M!

From: Docta Helghast| KFP Club Manager


Congratulations on the W I D E 1M Kiara!!! It has been an experience to watch you reach this milestone! Your charisma and hardwork has been whats brought so many people together, including me! Before I hopped into the rabbit hole, I wasn't too big on Hololive/Vtubers, I often ignored it. However, that all changed once I decided to give YOU a try, and now here I am a couple months after your debut, having the time of my life watching your streams! I'm proud to call myself a fan of Takanashi Kiara, and you can sure as bet i'm excited to see your flames burn brighter every milestone we reach! Thank you Tenchou

From: KP Shadow


Congratulations on 1 million! Another goal has been crossed in this journey and it has been great to see and support you from the start. There won't be a shadow without a light.. so thank you for being one of the brightest light in my life. We love you Kiara!

From: Nothing


Congrats on 1 million! We’re very proud of you for coming this far! The content you’ve made up until now has always entertained me and has never failed to put a smile on my face. I hope for you to continue for many years to come. Thank you for everything you’ve done so far, Viva la Kiara!

From: BetaLixT | KFP Dumpster


Tenchou!! Congrats on 1 million!!! It’s been a wild ride and I loved every moment of it! Thank you for all your hard work, your content never fails to bring me joy. Here’s to the continued success of my oshi Kiara!!!!!!

From: Muraさき|Nabigator Knight Chicken


Congratulations Tenchou for 1 Million! It's been many months since your debut... You have hit many milestones in that time, and right now, another big milestone is reached. I'm so glad I'm here to witness this auspicious event with you. Thank you for putting a smile on my face every time. Thank you because I now have something to look forward to each day. Thank you for your inspiring words, your consoling voice and your kind soul. The warm and comfortable atmosphere in your streams is something that I will always be grateful for. I wish you the best, Tenchou. I will be here to support you, as always. Whatever the future may bring~

From: King Mufasa-Kfp Mobile Transport


Congrats on the HUGE 1 Mil employees Tenchou. The content you make and the love you spread is enough to make anyone's day, and I can say with honesty that it was no mistake that you became my #1 oshi. I'm always wishing you the best, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for all of us. You make my days so much brighter mama, let's keep having fun every stream!

From: Seth | KFP Tenno


Congratz on 1m tenchou. Thank you for all the content that you have made so far. Your energetic personality always make my messed up days better every time. I don't think I can make it through 2020 without you. Hope you can always be happy and make more epic content.

From: Elanor/Tadokoro_fan | Calli'sSimp


Congrats Kiara on your Hinotori Song! Thanks for inspiring us always! We really appreciate your effort from everyday on. Looking forward to seeing more from you Tenchou please don't doubt your abilities. Thanks for sharing us your outlook on things in your stream thanks for the game streams, thanks for being Tenchou thanks for being a BOSS KFP! Like Arthur always says "Don't give in to fear. Don't despair, no matter what. -Arthur Tales of Berseria Forgotten Maxim. So we believe you can do more reach your aim. Looking forward aswell to your Berseria stream! You can do anything you want Tenchou don't loose that passion! KFP community and other community are always here for you. WE LOVE YOUR HINOTORI SONG HAS THAT ANIME INTENSE VIBE SITUATION IN IT! AGAIN CONGRATS TENCHOU! -Elanor/Tadokoro_fan | Calli'sSimp

From: sweep


Congratulations on this huge achievement. Seeing you grow into the streamer you are today has been some of the most fun I've had in awhile. I'm truly happy I have an oshi now and that it's you.

From: AceCrown-KFP Kiara Desk Cleaner


Congrats on reaching 1M, Tenchou. All this happens because of you totally deserving it. I just want to let you know that no matter what happen to you, we will always support and love you!

From: Buffaloman - Team Yagaru


Tenchou, thank you for these wonderful months. You bring us happiness and inspire us to pursue our objectives. Thank you for everything you do, from streams, to your talks and your lessond. Keep bringing us joy, we love you. Viva la Kiara!

From: Trevor G | The Owl of KFP


Much like your song, you're a fiery determined edgy anime girl that I want to listen to forever. Keep persevering and do what makes you happy. Thanks for everything and Congrats on 1 Million Subs Kiara!

From: Razy | KFP SLJ


Dear Tenchou, thank you. The day of your debut I thought you were quite amusing. I wasn't really fond of you at first but I wanna keep knowing you. I realized that your reactions are cute and sweet to listen to. I know sounds cheesy but that's how I really felt and it's from my heart. Tenchou, did you know I wanna be the sweetest girl until I found you. For me, you are the epitome of sweetness. So thank you for everything, Tenchou. Keep bringing us joy and sweetness. Congratulations Kiara we love you~

From: mistfist


Thank you Kiara for the wonderful past few months! It's hard to believe it's been less than a year since I started enjoying your content. From Hinotori to Holotalk, Gaming Streams to Karaoke, and German Lessons to German Fairytales; Everything you put out is a pleasure to watch. Thank you as well for creating the KFP community. We may be an odd bunch (to put it lightly), but we all appreciate you so much. Congratulations on reaching 1 million subscribers, Hot Wings! Here's to another million and beyond! With lots of love: mistfist

From: Noshiro | KFP Scholar


Thank you, Kiara, for everything you’ve done for us these past months. Your streams brought so much joy to my days, and I’ve enjoyed every second spent with you. Congratulations on one million, you truly deserve it! I look forward to a future filled with more milestones, laughs, tangents, and cats!

From: Lord Ewok! | KFP Winemaker


Thank you Tenchou for these fantastic months. Thanks to you, countless journeys, conversations and songs have blessed my days. I couldn't be prouder of you, Kiara, my Oshi. Congratulations for the 1M, may many more successes come in the future!

From: Arti | KFP Jellicle Chicken


Thank you Kiara for hanging out with us. We appreciate all the effort you go through in order to entertain us. I hope all our combined support makes it all worth it! Congrats on 1 million!

From: yagaru


I still remember hearing this song for the first time and my first try at singing it. The song and its message are permanently etched into my mind (56+1). But I still can't remember the lyrics!

From: Jaram Aquila


To KIARA, the hardworking phoenix idol-slash-KFP manager: HAPPY 1M! Thank you for always doing your best to entertain. You're not just a guiding light in these dark times - but a source of warmth and enjoyment to everyone, especially the KFP! Mahai ka namin Kiara! Love from the Philipines

From: HololiveMemes, KFP Memester


Kiara The Phoenix, A kind soul that is accepting of all She wears her heart on her sleeve Every tear, every smile is felt Transcending time and space Every hardship she goes through only fuels her flames She might dimmer for a moment Only for her to shine twice as bright Kiara The Phoenix is my guiding light

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