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Organized by: Kiara Fried PhoenixEvent date: 15 June 2024

For Kiara's 2024 birthday, KFP has gathered photos and messages describing our favorite memories of Kiara-related events over the past year for our Tenchou to enjoy.

Thank you to the many wonderful KFP Employees that sent in their photos and memories to share with Tenchou!

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My memory of Kiara performing at 5th fes stands out to me. Seeing her debut her new song Chimera and sing the closing duet song Wildcard with Chloe is so significant to me. Getting to be there at a live stage cheering her on fills me with pride. I am also loving Kiara's sports arc, never did I imagine Kiara would do sports (football) watch along but not only that, she's become so passionate for it. Her character progression is incredible and I'm so thankful she's fully embracing it~ Wawa love❤️



My fondest Kiara memory is definitely 5th Fes, her performance was incredible, but what stuck in my head for the longest time is when she was MCing and the whole crowd screamed KIKKERIKIIIII, that made me proud of being part of this community and admittedly made me cry a bit. These are the kind of events that make me want to work harder so that one day I can go there and lose my voice cheering for her and her friends.



I don't get a lot of chances to be part of big events, so I don't have much to share about conventions, meetups, or anything like that. I just wanted to say thank you, Kiara, for continuing to bring so much joy and entertainment to every chicken who follows you! Happy birthday! I hope you enjoy your day!

God_of Amiibo


I think my favorite Wawa moment was when the dev showed up for Spinfrog during Frogiwawa week. Not only was "DEV!" a really funny bit, but I'm always a sap for when she gets super emotional when she discovers people are her fan. (Also she was a cute frog at the time too, that helps!)



Happy Birthday!! Another year of Phoenix! I am very excited to see you different big stage and worldwide!!! Hope you have a wonderful year!



Thank you for always bringing a smile to my day, Tenchou!



As someone that has Monogatari as one of the best anime series, I am really happy Wawa is currently doing a watchalong of the entire series. I've been having a blast so far enjoying the series again with Wawa and KFP. Though to be honest, it's hard to pick a favorite memory in the past year. From my PoV (Stream PoV!), it's been a really good Wawa year. And I wish it will continue to keep getting better for Wawa and may she get more opportunities.



I wish I could fully express all that I feel. I always find comfort and a laugh or two in the stream. I spend every weekday listening to a WOD an hour at a time on the drive to work, wishing I could find more free time. I know when the weekend starts, I will always be a bit of an outsider, having missed tangents and insider jokes lack of time prevented me from learning. Your fan mostly lost in WOD.



Congratulations on another birthday, Wawa~! Hope you are able to have a wonderful birthday in Japan celebrating with your friends there. This chicken is still ride or fry KFP for life!


Image submission from DesuVult

Happy Birthday Tenchou! Thank you for being the amazing phoenix you are! It's been an amazing year together, and I look forward to what the future has in store for you and all of KFP!


Image submission from ZapMinty

This pic is from my 2nd Offkai! (Offkai Gen3) I'll never forget meeting so many big KFP names for the first time! Even though it was my first time meeting them, they were so easy to talk to, I could quickly tell, "oh yeah, we all love Wawa." It's so cool to be around peeps on the same wavelength for once, not having to hold back inhibitions, sharing the love for our oshi. It's all thanks to you, Tenchou, for fostering such a diligent community! Photographer: @Waban_Tv


Image submission from BissBass

No matter how long you’ve been here with us what you always succeed in doing is making everyone of us smile and feel proud to call you our Oshi and growing old together has never been more fun 🧡


Image submission from OmegaGaming_Chan

It’s crazy to think that it’s already your birthday again but you know what they say time flies when you’re having fun especially when it’s with someone who makes you so happy. I’m so glad to have such a great Kami-Oshi and a person who I look up to, you are so sweet and amazing but There’s so much more I can talk about but i shouldn’t take too long but I want to thank you for everything and I hope you have a wonderful birthday boss 🧡-OmegaGaming Chan


Image submission from Slavic_Fellow

I got to see Wawa rock the stage live on both S1 and HW! Artist: HYurisaki (@HYurisaki on Twitter)


Image submission from Kakwetw

Another year of Wawa has passed, even more joyful and warm memories were created. It would be very difficult to only choose one best memory, since every moment of Wawa is so special to me. I decided to pick my celebrational drawing for 1.5 million subs, because I really appreciate Kiara's hard work overcoming lots of hardships along the way, and the thought that KFP grows day by day and more people are able to appreciate and love our tenchou really fills me with happines. Happy birthday 🧡 Artist: Kakwetw (@Katzuru on Twitter)


Image submission from Caveman

Hello Kiara! I've followed you since debut and I'm proud of your accomplishments and fun you've brought over the years with many great topics and tangents. I finally hung out with fellow KFP this year which was a blast. They're a really nice fun community. I'm glad I finally something I should of done a long time ago. I'll try not to be a lurker and will wish you always the best! Photographer: SalubriusBeets Edited by Moondog Banner by Dakuma


Image submission from Crayons_AT.

During the Myth anniversary in 2023, when Kiara was completing her 3 challenges, there was a small KFP gathering. We were hiking in the woods and barbecueing at this meetup and watched Kiara learning how to prepare instant noodles live on stream.(Participants: @J_P10official;@KoalaUniverse;@yaboityarz;@KazzyChann;@TurquoiseTable) Photographer: @KazzyChann


Image submission from MWayne

Happy Birthday Wawaaaa!!! I'm usually a lurker but I will not miss a chance to join in and support on any Holo fan projects alongside KFP or the party. I have met so many amazing people from this community and I couldn't be any happier. This pic was from your BD in 2022, my first time meeting other TH bro holofans (mostly KFP) I love how supporting eachother are even if we have different oshis (I'm KFBeat). We love you! 🧡🧡🧡


Image submission from Luis_S

Thank you for bringing Myth together for a full collab again. It reminded me of the earlier days when these collabs were more common and how much I like when you guys interact with each other. Hopefully this will spark more interest in other collabs (Deep Rock Galactic 🙏)


Image submission from Story_Corner

Happy Birthday Tenchou! A year has passed us and you have given us so many different kinds of great Streams, here are just a few I want to highlight: Like the cute little Frog Date. You were so kind to give Frogiwawa a chance in love. Then there is the New Year 3D Concert which was the perfect way to end the Year! Or how about the hilarious "Heart Challenger Call In", funny and cute Collab with Chloe, or just the laugh-inducing "Shark Tank"! Thank you for another Year of Fun Tenchou! Artist: Story Corner


Image submission from LuLu

Never thought I can watch football with my kami oshi, one of my hobbies is playing football and watching football matches, feel so happy to watch UEFA with Kiwawa and support Austria together!


Image submission from Alexander

My favorite moment would have to be the when she revealed her Alter outfit. The short animation before the reveal was great and then the outfit was just amazing, becoming an instant favorite of mine. Happy Birthday Kiara!!! Hope we get to see a lot more of you.


Image submission from アリAri

Seeing my kami oshi perform my favorite song of hers on stage was one of my favorite moments of the past year. Just getting to see the results of all the hard work Kiara put into it was amazing! She's such a fantastic performer and she truly shines on stage. I can't wait till she's able to do it again! ♡


Image submission from Lol_Da

First of all, Happy Birthday Wawa! Picking a favorite moment was honestly hard.. because all the times with you are the best. Without you, I wouldn't be as happy as I am now! If I HAVE to pick a moment, it would have to be your performance in Capture the Moment, the way your performance literally made my mouth drop seeing such a powerful, mature and yes- slaying aura from you let alone live- and a new song? I honestly exploded from sheer shock and joy. Also, I hope you enjoy my art! Much love 🧡 Artist: Lol Da


Image submission from Ryc03

At Dokomi 2024 Hololive/KFP Picnic.


Image submission from Omegati

Having all of Myth back for Minecraft and all the girls having fun together was my personal highlight of the year! Having Kiara banter and hang out late at night with Calli again, was so lovely, it felt like all the good parts of 2020 again. Artwork: @arexsudraws on twitter


Image submission from Dafne_kfp

My favorite memory I have of Kiara is from July, with the premiere of her legendary Alter Kiara Outfit. I hadn't been able to draw and be motivated at university for a long time but as always Kiara once again enlightens me with her creative projects and with the great support of her team, I had never drawn and colored as fast as I did that day, I loved the whole costume and the lore that came with it, my life has been happier despite the problems I have had, I am grateful to be part of KFP Artist: Dafne_kfp (@Dafne_kfp on Twitter)


Image submission from Jacob_47

The 3D live was an absolute marvel and it is always great to see Kiara on the stage


Image submission from Salubrious_Beets

My favorite memory was gathering with friends on the US East Coast who couldn't make it to Japan so we could watch Kiara at 5th Fes together. Having a blast hanging out together in a KFPhouse and then cracking the UOs to cheer our hearts out when Kiara appeared for Chimera. I hope your birthday is as filled with happiness as all the happy memories you gave me this year!


Image submission from Spankenheim

ok this is technically from late 2023 but it still makes my heart go doki doki


Image submission from Swatter

Kiara had a trip to England last year and watched The Lord of the Rings Musical which she encouraged others to check out. I was able to see it with my fiancé whilst wearing KFP shirt and it was amazing! Kiara was happy that I went from her recommendation and that I mentioned to the staff the Austrian tourists sent me. The staff remembered their appearance and wished them well :) it was fun to share a moment that Kiara had seen, happy birthday boss! Photographer: Emma (Swatter's fiancé)


Image submission from Moondog

Kiara has over the past years brought KFP so close together. This year Kiara was able to perform a concert at Offkai! So we decided to all come together and celebrate to support Kiara. At the meetup, we all signed a banner to show Kiara how much means to us all. I was able to tally that almost over 80 people showed up to the meetup too. I hope she's able to see it and all the fans that love and support her. We love you Wawa! Happy Birthday!! Photograph by Moondog Banner by Dakuma


Image submission from Goljunn_Bumi

I really LOVE CHIMERA. I try singing it everytime i put it on but im not great at remembering lyrics nor a good singer haha. But this isnt actually the only fav moment. As mostly a vod watcher with a bad memory and lurker, i rly love your tangents spread over different streams. Its very chill and fun to listen to you while doing something else on the side. Like hearing stories of your vacation or what chonkers and smoothie been up to. Happy birthday tenchou~!!


Image submission from Rode_Tovenaar

I was too busy singing to take pictures during the OffKai concert, but this is right after the lights came on. Hearing Chimera live especially was a highlight of my year. Maybe also some things sent me on a supah chatto bombardment next members stream 😆


Image submission from Avior

This DoKomi was my first convention ever. Meeting KFP for the first time, and seeing all the Wawa Merch in the Artist Alley was magical. This only happened because of your influence Wawa! Love Avior


Image submission from Fry_3k

There have been uncountable amazing moments and streams so far and the the myth 1block project added so many more! Every stream was such a delight to watch and i really liked how you became even more enthusiastic the longer the project went on(despite some setbacks due to bugs) and how much heart you put into this. Happy Birthday Kiara! 🧡


Image submission from IronVader501

After such a long time, seeing all of Myth play Minecraft again together like this felt like a homecoming to a simpler time long, long ago.


Image submission from Galaxyy

Frogweek is really one of the things i'm always looking forward to. Just such chill vibes and games with frogiwawa taking over🐸🔫. The chicken is soo cute too🥰. I love how much effort you put into this and every other stream. Thank you for always making us happy. Keep up the great work and never give up! Hope you have an amazing birthday! KFP loves you🐔🧡


Image submission from Arkanoid012

I must thank you Kiara. You saved me twice. Short before your debut, I had a really bad car accident wich destroyed all my dreams. Your streams helped me to pull myself back together, to set up new goals in life. And after some time, I achived them. I had stable job, my siblings grew self sufficient, some would say a dream come true. But I felt like I lost my purpous. Again, your concert, your story and how hard you work helped me regain hope. Thank you, Kiara. I owe you my life.


Image submission from Garik

Thank you for making this year brighter and giving me so much more to enjoy and look forward to. Your Kikkeriki brings the sun.


Image submission from LightKFP

Kiaras Live Performance of Chimera just blew me away, it was so amazing. All her Dances are amazing, but this one is my favorite.


Image submission from FlappyBoi

Took a trip down memory line using the 2k+ screenshots taken over the last 12M. Picking THE one Kiara-moment out of so many amazing memories sure is painful, but still easy. When it comes to goosebumps, sheer perplexity and tears of pride and admiration, literally nothing comes close to the premier of Chimera during Fes. An experience so unreal, I had to learn some colorful new expressions to even describe what transpired that day.


Image submission from Daigoro

Last year we were blessed with an amazing music album from you. We also got a stunning performace at the end of the year concert. "The Great Wanderer" is such a beautiful song which I still listen to almost every day. I wish my kamioshi a happy birthday and all the best for the future and many more wonderful moments together.


Image submission from BlueCat

Watch frist concert in my life,also first time took fly by myself. I'm so glad got the ticket of WAWA,met so many KFP and shared the love i got from this big family. I told myself must see wawa and KFP again.


Image submission from soraskeyblade

My favorite memory last year was the entire Mario RPG playthrough. Seeing Kiara play a game that was a major part of my childhood and seeing her love the cute humor was so fun and I regularly go back to that playthrough to see her reactions. I hope we see more of these in the future!


Image submission from Hidrisu

Of course the "press 4" meme became really popular because of how buffed wawa's butt looked in it, but I really loved how close the community was the day it released, and how excited Kiara was from it too, the following days advertising everywhere to press 4 on the videon. It truly was a Kiwawa moment that I hope we get more next year too


Image submission from Unitychad

I went to Japan with a group of KFP and was able to visit the 5th Fes concert! I got to see all Wawa performances and was really blown away by the quality of her performance and the energy of the crowd! We then toured Japan and followed some of Wawa recommendations! The picture was taken in a gondola in Hakone, a location which we picked ourselves so we can go visit a fancy spa and the mountains! The Japan trip overall was amazing and made me grow closer to Hololive and the KFP community! Photographer: Danirukun


Image submission from TheGamerCreed

Favourite Kiwawa moment this year? Hmmm, that gotta be the German trucker wawa, she just hit different man, there is no doubt about it. Her antics that stream, whether it was in German or just her thick, overexaggerated accent when yelling at the NPCs, had me in stitches the whole time, my stomach was practically just aching by the end of it, in a good way of course. This stream alone highlights perfectly how funny our beloved comedihen really is, and it deserve all the recognition it can get.


Image submission from simperand

the biggest gyatt jumpscared on the big screen in my homeland will be kept close to my heart Artist: simperand (@randneazt on Twitter)


Image submission from UHVX

Happy Birthday Tenchou!!! You bright up the world with your fiery spirit never let that flame burn. Fly high and burn bright, this day is for you and I hope you enjoy it to the fullest. Artist: UHVX (@_UHVX_ on Twitter)


Image submission from kalmen

The Hololive fans meetup at DoKomi 2024 I was finally able to meet so many people I've known online for a long time for the first time in real life. The whole experience was a lot of fun.


Image submission from MetalSquatch

Kiara, getting to meet you was a super special moment in my life. I didn't know what to say or talk about with you until the day before when we had a misunderstanding on where I was from that absolutely broke me. Those 5 minutes that we had together still replay in my head from time to time, especially since you threw me into the Usual Room at the very end I didn't know how to respond (I'm still there! 6+ months strong!). Happy Birthday Boss! Hope it's a glorious one!


Image submission from Justin_M

"Tenchou, Happy Birthday Kiwawa! I absolutely love all the music you release; you're always creating something so special. 'Do U' remains my favorite song of yours—it's such a banger that I can't stop listening to it and humming it to myself. Your melodies are beautiful, and your voice is truly captivating. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. You never fail to inspire! Enjoy your special day to the fullest!"


Image submission from Kuroiglint

I love Event streams more than any other type and watching Kiara winning her own event and being so shocked about it, was really wholesome.


Image submission from Pudding

Happy Birthday Wawa!!! Thanks to you, a wonderful community has been built that are filled with great people, talented artists, and comedians AHA Here's to another fantastic year, and may Joy & Happiness follow you as much as the cat hairs in your house do!


Image submission from Wenska

There are number of memories that I can remember, but one of my favorite memories with Wawa might be her birthday live last year. I recall that we were looking forward for it for so long that it is really rewarding to finally see her stellar performance in her birthday concert, especially the Loli Kami Requiem one. Excited for what's in store for this year's birthday live!


Image submission from Yumirix

I truly felt that rush of love from her 3D performance of Love Rush as she danced and even sang to the KFP chimkin. It made me cry uncontrollably at that moment. (It still does everytime I watch it) Reminded me how much I adore this incredibly talented and gorgeous Phoenix. No matter how far I'll go Kiara you're in my heart you'll always stay Right here won't fade away. Love you Wawa! And Happy Birthday 🧡


Image submission from SidekickDusty

This past year was not a great time for me, since I got divorced recently. I wanted to contribute something to the celebration to say thank you since for a while, Kiara's streams and VODs were often the closest thing to pleasant, friendly company in my day and often cheered me up My favorite videos of the year were the Family Feud collab (that's what I drew, colored pencils btw), the streams where Kiara sang along with the radio while driving, and the advent calendar! Artist: SidekickDusty


Image submission from Weeboss

Happy Birthday Tenchou. Can’t believe it’s your 4th birthday…? Wait is it the 3rd? Or 3rd in 4th year oh god my chicken brain cannot count after all those overworks. Here is a silly drawing which represents a memorable stream to me from the past one year. That stream gave me the similar of watching your first Mario Kart stream, and most importantly, you seemed enjoying the game. Anyway, your yapping always makes my day. Wish you a very happy day and year. Artist: Weeboss


Image submission from Cyril612

You always manage to spark that flame in everyone that inspires. Every time you stand in front of a crowd, you just knock it out of the park and leave the stage in flames. You are able to leave me stunned again and again by how good of a performer and entertainer you are. You are just unstoppable. To many more years and performances.


Image submission from Kowkarot

Hard to choose one favorite moment, but Mario RPG is probably one of my favorite recent Wawa playthroughs. This game is precious to me, and it was awesome to see Wawa have so much fun playing it. The jumping over the donut block bridge is definitely a highlight that had me laughing the entire time. Artist: Kowkarot


Image submission from SpaceWaterfall_

Happy Birthday Wawa!! Wishing you all the best!! I made so many great memories this year with you but my fav has to be when you welcomed me back so warmly and friendly from my 4 month hiatus last year, your kindness made me cry happy tears like a baby, I was so happy you understood me were so nice to me, I can never forget that. Thank you so much for being such a kind hearted, good person! I love you so much!!! There were a bunch of moments where you made me cry happy tears, this is the happiest


Image submission from Kerry

Happy Birthday Kiwawa!!! I chose "hololive 5th fes. capture the moment". Your dazzling presence on stage inspired me. I hope to more people see your shining brightly. I'm not very good at talking, but I want to use painting to show how you look on stage. Artist: Kerry (@Kearperry on Twitter)


Image submission from Ghostbyun

I sadly don't have time to draw something for this as I'm working on convention preparation but I'm happy to share a wawa memory I have! While it's hard to pick just one, I think a lot about your encouraging words about the shield ita-bag I designed and how you were excited to see kfp wearing it when attending events, I didn't even bring it up at all, you just felt like talking about it. I remember smiling to myself so much afterwards. Thank you for always being so sweet and kind to your kfp! ♡


Image submission from Hadal

Almost exactly one year ago, the reveal of your alter outfit. It was absolutely beautiful and cool, so I tried my best to make something that looks like came out from a video game cutscene. I’ve always been around, watching your stream, yet never quite got in touch with the KFP as a whole. But creating this for you brought me into the KFP community, and I met lots of chimkins, good chimkins. Now, I guess I can say I am a KFP as well! Your energy inspires, and motivates me. Thank you.


Image submission from Aike

My absolute favorite memory is attending my first ever convention, ANIME FRONTIER! It was so amazing finally getting to meet so many wonderful kfp & getting to attend the tkmr panel, the ship that dragged me into this rabbit whole completely. It was an amazing experience seeing you live, interacting with us, THE KARAOKE GIRL SEEESHHHHH!, & the teaser for Fire N Ice. That weekend really ignited the con bug as well as made me want to be more vocal about my love for you!! VIVA LA KIARA!!!


Image submission from Sappysque

Happy birthday Kiwawa!! Thank you for blessing us with your amazing self filled with nothing but sincerity and a caring tenchou. Here's to nothing but happiness and love on your special day!! Artist: Sappysque


Image submission from Anonon_Nononon

My #1 favorite Wawa memory from this past year is... When you announced you got your own house! Because my greatest wish is for you to find true happiness, and yeah maybe owning a home doesn't get you ALL the way there yet, but it's HUGE progress. And it proves you can have anything in life if you keep fighting for it. So fight, you glorious idol, FIGHT! Happy birthday and may you find even more happiness in the year to come. Love ya for eternity <3 o7 Artist: Anonon Nononon


Image submission from Ruyi_Moonlight

I was gonna pick the Album Karaoke, until I remembered the Euro Truck Kiaraoke was this year too. For me, it was peak music stream. The Kiaraokes are always a delightful treat, but adding the road shaenanigans and Kiara's 3D model was like a deluxe cherry on top. And then she claims she's not a mother, after giving us the family trip experience, but oh well... #WOKE #YOLK #NotACult Wawa and KFP love forever


Image submission from Lishi

Happy Birthday Kiara! Thank you for always being so hard working. Your streams and projects always bring a smile to my face and brightens my day! Keep on shining as bright as you do, especially on your special day <3 Artist: Lishi


Image submission from Stark_Mandalore

My favorite memory this past year is the 3D Birthday Concert that happened in December. Although it took some time, everything was so hype when the big day finally came. Thinking back on it, I remember being so excited for the stream and happy being there with the KFP to celebrate and have fun with our oshi. It was an experience I’ll always remember and treasure. P.S. I still love rewatching the dances with Employee 1337 in the Love Rush section! So cute 🧡


Image submission from Sea-Bass

Really enjoyed seeing more Wawa GTA streams, especially when playing the old GTA4 game/DLC, and being able to see the cool GTA x Wawa intro screens! Lots of crazy and fun moments were made during those gaming streams, and I'm glad I was able to watch them all!


Image submission from Sci

It was so fun meeting you at Offkai for the first time! It was also a great time during your performance, singing along and cheering. I hope I can cheer for you again soon!


Image submission from animefood4u

Happy B-Day Wawa! (Also, hi KFP o7). As a fan I had the most fun this past year, and it was because of moments like these. Remember the Super Mario R – chotto matte. Cho…tto? Chotto Matte! That, and meeting KFP for the first time at OffKai! (Yes, that is Tanakisha Karia). It was surreal. Even more so when one of them played the same game of Jackbox that that shirt came from. Like wow! Lastly, I drew my favorite pose from Chimera (other than press 4). To end off, keep being your silly self. <3 Artist: animefood4u

Thurisalgiz_- KFP EU

Image submission from Thurisalgiz_- KFP EU

Happy birbday Kiara, thank you for all your hard work this year and I wish you all the best to the years ahead. My favourite memory from this year is a live performance of Wawa with Kobo at HoneyWorks stage, which I was able to attend in person this year and scream my lungs out together with the KFPs from all around the world while cheering for Wawa and Kobo at the stage


Image submission from okunomike

Happy Birthday Wawa! There were so many happy memories in the past year that it was hard to pinpoint on one to talk about! If I had to really choose one, I would choose those times I spent at Aniplus Cafe Singapore when they had the Hololive collaboration, where Wawa was in it. I was so excited when it was announced and dropped by very often for a meal. For every time I ordered Wawa fried chimkin menu, I bought an acrylic stand. From the photo you could see how much I enjoyed it and loved it!


Image submission from Kenny_

Thank you Kiwawa always give us the best content and hang out with us


Image submission from Radd

Of the many favorite memories I had with wawa and kfp, it's hard to choose but this was one of them. The only stream i missed live last year and it caught me so off guard since Kiara hadn't changed the thumbnail yet, I thought something REAL bad happened.. Started watching it, and it had me reeling when she told the chat, she had a hole in her ass. Only Kiara would stream about some embarrassing/absurd thing that happened to her, its part of the reason why she's been my oshi for the longest time


Image submission from UFMOD

my best memory this jeahr was her performence in hololivefesexpo and her after-chad about it, even i wasent there in person. her performenc and energy what she put into it was fenomenal, even more i think then last jeahr. she improved so much, sharing for her and vibing for her at home fellt olmost being there. mybe next jeahr i can be there for her too.


Image submission from KR555Wizard

Happy birthday kiara! Here is a celebratory message for your special day! I hope you have a year full of fun and excitement, that you can spend with your family, friends and KFP members! I hope you like the drawing here, it was an important memory to me since its one of my earliest art ever. I started drawing because of you, and have been slowly getting better since your debut, I hope to finish my next cool kiara idea soon. Sincerely yours, KR555Wizard Artist: KR555Wizard (@soulsonicsound on Twitter)


Image submission from Kaito_Cross

KFP is a community full of wonderful and open-minded people. I had the chance to meet them again at DoKomi 2024 and had the privilege to take photos of them. KFP has grown on me for more than three years by now and I'm proud to be part of it.

MysticMark_- Deputy Deadbeat

Image submission from MysticMark_- Deputy Deadbeat

Happy Birthday Wawa! As my kami oshi I cannot thank you enough for always making me smile! A couple memories about you that I hold dear to my heart are getting to hear about you and Nerissa's adventures in the Maldives and being blown away by your performance of Chimera in 5th fes! I may not have been here for your debut but I am glad to be here regardless, I am a proud KFP and will be until the end of time!


Image submission from that_leia

Dear Kiara, thank you for all you do! Have fun, take it one step at a time, and enjoy! Love you, Leah


Image submission from RBC

I've still been inspiring your vigorous movement dear Tenchou. I still never forget that my life is getting better by your energy. It's hard to choose what was the most greatest memory in past year. I'd love to select your performance like the phoenix during HoloFestival 5th this year. I drew you a few months ago. May the odds of God be with you, Kiara Tenchou. Artist: Alexei Kiruv (RBC in Youtube)


Image submission from JerorawrXD

My favorite moment of the past year, I feel, encapsulates Tenchou's strength as a singer, dancer, and Idol... The release of POV, and her performance of Chimera at 5th fest made me fall head-first into love and appreciation for all she does. Being there in the crowd for her while witnessing that power for myself was such an incredible experience I won't ever forget! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and feel the love and respect KFP has for their superstar Idol, Wawa 🧡 I'm happy to be KFP 😊


Image submission from CaptainMeow

Happy birthday wawa! Remember when you are tired, frustrated or sad, kfp will always be there and support you! Hope you have a wonderful and eventful year! Stay happy, healthy and safe o7. Artist: CaptainMeow


Image submission from Painpeko

My favorite moment was when i was able to join one game of Pokemon Unite with you and Fauna, even though we lose, being able to play a game with you will remain in my memories forever 🧡 PS: my score may not reflect it but i was rank Master in season 1 😆


Image submission from Sittadon

As a resident PavoNashi enjoyer, the offcollab is, without a doubt, my favourite stream of the year. Reine brought out the best in Kiara and vice versa. Kiara was enjoying the game without having to try to entertain us or reading the chat too much and that gave her authentic comedihen brain the opportunity to shine its brightest.


Image submission from OREO

I am so glad that you came to organize an event in Thailand. I have gained so many good memories and got to know Hololive fans from both domestic and international. Now, all of us fans have a meetup once a week and are very close.Because you make this community fun and make everyone dare to do what they love as you always push from the stream. LUV WAWA Artist: OREO


Image submission from Chegi

I honestly can't think of one favorite moment, there are too many almost daily. But I will always appreciate the Anyatori collab that kinda happend :V Creator: Chegi (I posed them)


Image submission from Davkas

Some of my favorite recent memories are always KFP meetups. My first time meeting other KFP employees was at Anime Boston 2023 and, despite that Kiara wasn't a guest this year, there were still a decent number of KFP at Anime Boston 2024 and it's always such a great time. Thank you, Kiara and KFP, for introducing me into such a fantastic community and family. Happy Birthday Wawa!!! Photographer: Zenetos


Image submission from wesleydm1999

Happy birthday Kiwawaaaaa!!! Met up with amazing KFP this year and had lots of fun so hope you do tooooooooo


Image submission from Flora

The 5th fes was able to meet many people and gain strength to live in the future.


Image submission from Daaku

Happy Birthday WAWA!!!! Thank you for all the fun times, i wish you the best on your especial day!! Artist: Daaku


Image submission from Temtatork

Happy birthday Tenchou, my favorite moment of the year was Myth play together again some good ol Minecraft, wish moments like these repeat again 😊 Artist: Temtatork


Image submission from K3iji

To another fantastic year with Wawa. Love Kiara and Love KFP!! 🥰


Image submission from Lethanako

Happy Birthday Kiara! Love you so much and can't wait to see you at EN's 2nd Concert! I'll never stop supporting you! My whole family loves you too!


Image submission from LC_Lapen

Happy Birthday, Tenchou! It was a pleasure to watch you perform at Connect the World last year, and especially to meet up with all of the other KFP who came out to support our favorite phoenix! Here's to another year of fun memories, great Wawa streams and plenty more cats purring into the microphone! Viva Kiara!


Image submission from EmoDuck

Don't think we forgot about you, Frogiara. Your green sliminess shall run supreme! Your date with Frogbert was super cute. Can't wait until we meet again, Kero!


Image submission from Merry_Pippins

Any moment with Wawa is great no matter what I'm tuning in for. Even not being a big football fan, your enthusiasm is so contagious and makes it all so fun. The past year has been filled with tons of great series including ones I wasn't expecting like Hotline Miami. And the off collabs like Pavonashi visit, Maldives with Nerissa, Visiting Ina, and even that time you spent a night at Calli's place during the Suika game were also so fun. Thanks for the great year, and looking forward to another!



One of my favourite memories of Kiara was Kiara being so happy that Nerissa saw Kiara as her oshi. So many of us know how amazing she is, and finally someone was managing to get through to her.

Eric_the KFP Tentacultist


I had a great time meeting you at Anime Frontier! I was a bit shy though..Thank you so much for being you and kicking all sorts of butt to get where you are today! And thank you especially for organizing myth collabs as they are always some of my favorite streams! Looking forward to the next EN concert to see what you've cooked up!


Image submission from Arthur

I played along with a few games during the last year, but Infinite Wealth was my favorite to do that with. Following along with Kiara's playthrough with my own as a pseudo-race added to the experience a lot for me! It was like a game of chicken (lol), trying to stay ahead of spoilers while work kept me from super extended sessions. Then when I'd tune into Wawa's streams, I'd get to take a second closer look at what I was speeding through *and* throw in tips here and there since it'd be so fresh! Creator: Arthur


Image submission from Rezileen

Happy birthday てんちょう! Can't believe it's been another year already with you and KFP! You were on fire this year, especially with your music & performances! Your album was a banger (especially Sleep Talking!), and you really killed it at 5th Fes! I was so proud to see you get the last performance Day 1! It still amazes me how you could be so badass with Chimera & Chloe, and then also be so cute with Gura & Kobo! Looking forward to see what more you have in store for us this coming year!


Image submission from jswagburg

Kiara accidentally streamed 4BLOOD all over freshly baked cookies, and that's not content you'll find anywhere else! I love cooking streams for being so cute and chaotic, which is why I thought of this moment when picking a favorite.


Image submission from Yく

My favorite moment was when Kiara released her first album! (Stream POV!) So happy that Kiara finally released a full album with all the original songs and that we could enjoy more wawa music! I drew the first song of the album. (Stream Pineapple!) Artist: Yく


Image submission from Franklin

Wawa's performance at Offkai 2024 is one of my most favorite memories from this year. Being able to cheer my heart out for Wawa up in the front rows with so many amazing KFP in a sea of orange lights was absolutely unforgettable. And, this is a picture I took with Wawa after the concert that also shows my pride as a KFP. The experience really felt like a bunch of firsts for me, so it's a memory I'll forever treasure of my kamioshi and of KFP.


Image submission from Jinro

Out of all of events that I been through within few month back, probably 5th Fes week was still best. I was excited to have chance to go collab store with Tenhou being one of the talents and also part of honey works concert collab. I was really happy to see Tenchou perform the stage once more. Generally, Japan trip had a lot of memories as always with fans from all over the world and always has been surreal moment.


Image submission from Tiziano

There's so many good moments, every Kiara stream is always such fun time for me so it's difficult to pick one, but if I hat to choose I'd say: Kiara Birthday 3D live that happened in December and she called it "end of the year live". that was so good, hearing Fire n Ice for the first time, the full dance for Loli-Kami Requiem, the member-only encore, it was such a special occasion and she did incredible!💕🔥


Image submission from Bloo

My favourite moment from last year must be when Kiara released her first album "Point of View". It's such an important achievement and milestone not only to her, but to us KFP as well. No matter how much time has passed, I will always be proud to have Kiara as my oshi. Here's to more fun time and memorable moments with you, Kiara. Happy Birthday.


Image submission from Felicia_PokeYou

My favourite memory, captured forever - Capture the Moment! Travelling to Japan for the first time to attend 5th fes, supporting my kamioshi on stage, meeting my fellow KFPs from around the globe, and experiencing it myself is incomparable to anything I could have dreamed up. Thank you Kiara and KFP for bringing me as far as I've come - I'm looking forward to capturing even more moments together 🧡 HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIARA!!! 🎉 Cosplayer: Felicia PokeYou, Photographer: @cduk.costog


Image submission from Pompmaker1

When Kiara had her 2nd 3D birthday live, I was in a shopping center overseas with my family, I remember watching her dance on 1/3 of my phone screen while watching KFP on discord on the other 2/3s, and listening to her amazing singing with one earbud while talking with my family, and trying to keep a poker face while she was being extremely European with the other girls. I also bought her pop-up parade in that very same shopping center!! love wawa Artist: Pompmaker1


Image submission from Scorpio5

Seeing Wawa and Calli at Anime Frontier brightened my year so much! Right side may not have been as loud as the left side, but I promise I was the loudest anyways! Cheers to more happy memories!


Image submission from Naweed_Ahmedi

This photo is my favorite memory of the past year, cheering for you at Connect The World in LA. Being there, waving my penlights and singing along to SPARKS with the crowd was life changing. I met so many KFP on that trip and I had a blast hanging with them before and after the show. It was my first time traveling and meeting any online friends. I'll never forget it. And it was all because of you!


Image submission from Steph

Watching you perform Chimera for the first time ever at Fes was the experience of a lifetime! I can’t wait to see you on stage again soon.


Image submission from Linkcat

I'll never forget getting to cheer for Kiara at OffKai while surrounded by KFP! Thanks to Jinro for letting me borrow one of his happis for the performance!


Image submission from ArtOfBlart

My favorite is this scuffed Kiara Pineapple shrine. Kiara's Pineapple MV was premiering soon and I wanted to celebrate so after work at the grocer I got: Pineapple juice, pineapple salsa, pineapple chunks, air-fried corn cobs, and chicken breasts. WAIT THAT LAST ONE—never mind... I filled out space with items important to me. On that day work exhausted me mentally and physically bad. Just taking time to put the shrine together was enough to make me smile silly and helped make the food delicious


Image submission from Blutig

It's hard to pick a favorite moment from Wawa's streams, but I think this time it would be the Frogiwawa event, especially when Wawa emerged victorious in her own festival during the egg fight. It was so fun and unpredictable, I found myself smiling, laughing and clapping like a child the entire time, thank you for making me happy another year Wawa, thank you for making us all happy, and know that you will always have our full support. We love you.


Image submission from Nyfor

This year I had the chance to attend my first Hololive Super Expo. It was such a surreal experience to see Hololive come to life in the exhibits and to also be surrounded by other Hololive fans. I was kind of sad that I missed the KFP meetup but later I connected online with another KFP fan that was there and they sent me a care package of frogiwawa stickers! I want to continue supporting Kiara and the wonderful community she built!


Image submission from Timinybillybob

The release of Kiwawa's first album still stays with me as one of my favourite moments with KFP. She worked so hard to make it happen, and the result is banger after banger of original songs and hype moments with KFP. My confidence in my art has been wavering quite badly this past half year, but Kiara's streams, music and general shenanigans always manage to give me the pep I need to continue improving & creating :) Artist: Timinybillybob


Image submission from Kaegi_Raphel

Kiwawa always brings me positive energy even in the darkest days of my life Artist: Kaegi Raphel


Image submission from Kento_Nishi

おたおめ、wawa! thanks for doing so much for the community!


Image submission from PONG

This is a photo I took at Hooters after Anime Frontier last year after Kiara X Calli panel. Bunch of KFP & Deadbeats went to hooters together for a quality time. Kiara Happy Birthday! This past year was filled with great memories thanks to many KFP friends I made. I would have never imagined to be this active online & offline but thanks to your encouragements I am always meeting great people. Thank you for being a great "mom" to KFP and Happy Birthday~~ -PONG-


Image submission from Ultimo_MK203

This may seem a bit unusual, but as a HUGE Tales of Fan, which is also one of the reasons why I started watching Kiara in the first place, I was unbelievably happy to see that she got to pick up the Ambassador sash once again to promote the expansion. I just love seeing her gush about her favorite game series and I can relate to it so much.


Image submission from Bjorn117

Happy birthday Wawa! You are just something else, your energy is enviable, your determination is impressive! A real phoenix with a fire burning so hot it melted my heart! It's difficult to choose only one moment because you do so much! I chose this because as I write this I'm watching your Karaoke :D and it fits you so well! Your lovely voice, your energy, those massive… eyes staring into my soul! “Dont stop me now”, what could possibly fit better for the one and only Takanashi Kiara!


Image submission from UNKNOWN

It's impossible to choose a favorite moment when every single thing Kiara did in the past year has been so incredible. All her 3D performances, release of POV & Chimera, 3rd anniversary, outfit reveals, every Kiaraoke and pretty much every stream from her were all truly special so my favorite memories from this past year are every second we get to spend with Wawa. It's actually insane how much she has given us in just this year alone. She truly is the best and I'm always so happy I am her fan.🧡


Image submission from Dasadify

It is pretty recent but Wawa's 1st day of playing hardcore MC has to be one of my fav streams in the last year. All those 9 hours were filled with what makes seeing her play Minecraft and interact with others so good. Being unsure on what to do at start but slowly talking to others and then going on battles upfront. Interacting with JP to ID folks, it was just to heartwarming to see and this whole event sparked the Minecraft fun and soon we got Myth oneblock!


Image submission from jkhmonkey

Happy Birthday Wawa~ The nice folks in KFP gave the chickens a chance to reminisce about a moment from the past year that we remember fondly. There were a lot of great moments since your last bday and it was a tough choice to choose one, but as someone who has one of his main hobbies as audio gear and listening to music, I had to pick the day I finally got the physical copy of your first Album! Even though I bought the digital as well, there's something special about having that physical CD. Artist: jkhmonkey


Image submission from Plagesama

I've chosen this stream of you basically teasing Quasonii the whole time to stand in for how much I appreciate your gift of gab. Whether it's with chat or others on stream, you have such a gift of making interactions entertaining and often amazingly wholesome (or the opposite, lol). I went with this moment in particular because it was so funny it stuck with me and I wound up recommending it to someone newer to the community a little while back. Happy Birthday Wawa!

Go_5th fes for wawa

Image submission from Go_5th fes for wawa

Being able to see MY KAMI OSHI shining on the huge stage is the best moment.


Image submission from Tassimo

The 5th Hololive Fes. was basically my the first offical Hololive concert! I sadly couldnt be there in person for this year but watching the stream was still an amazing experience! Your performance Kiara was obviously my favorite! The reveal of Chimera hit so hard for me!! I regret that I dont have a better Screenshot to really capture that moment but my excuse is that I was just too enchanted by your performance, tehee~ I've only been here at KFP for a year but I hope to continue for many more!


Image submission from Lustigkurre

To be lucky enough to get a ticket to Capture the Moment, Stage 1. Being in the audience seeing Kiara's performances, especially Chimera, was an experience I'll never forget. The atmosphere and her presence on stage was electrifying!


Image submission from UberHobber

My favorite memory of this year is 100% our East Coast KFP Meetup for Fes this year! Ever since going to Expo in 2023 I've been hooked on going to as many events as I can to meet more and more KFP and it has been an absolute BLAST! I've met so many amazing people and the community you've created has been the best I've ever been a part of! KFP love and Happy Birthday!

Kaito Kei

Image submission from Kaito Kei

Every local con I try to rep Kiara or KFP in any way I can, started with the hoodie to making uniform out of the clothes i have. This year my friend and I even brought our little plushies and have them look after our con booth. I wanna show everyone that I'm a proud KFP, proud of Wawa, proud to be her fan!!

James Jackson KFP Dad #999

Image submission from James Jackson KFP Dad #999

One of my favorite memories of my ENTIRE LIFE happened in December, when I got to meet you, Tenchou, in person at Anime Frontier here in Texas! It was only for a few minutes, but I will never forget this incredible opportunity. THANK YOU for being the wonderful, inspiring, and uplifting person you are! Photographer: James Jackson KFP Dad #999 / Cover Corp. Staff


Image submission from KFP_Sky

I always love Love Rush lyrics the most in POV album, so this is one of my favourite moment of Kiara birthday 3D. Love every wawa moment in the past year, thanks for giving us joy, love, tangent and sharing different kind of feeling, you will be my forever kamioshi! Let's grow stronger as time goes on!


Image submission from Rob_EZ

Happy birthday, Kiara!! My favorite memory from this past year was when you and Calli came to Anime Frontier! I got to meet fellow KFP members that carried a standee of you, so I decided to pose with it in my Link cosplay from Tears of the Kingdom! I had so much fun at the Takamori panel/karaoke! I was on the side cheering the loudest for you with KFP and the Dead Beats! I hope to see you at another convention soon! Enjoy something sweet because you deserve it! Here’s to more memories with KFP! Photographer: @PONG_KFP


Image submission from Swan_Flyer

This moment is special because it's me. I'm coming off a high of meeting Kiara waiting for the Takamori Panel and we're taking pictures. I wanted at least one with the Cutout and this is that one; showing off what makes me happy without any care of judgement for it. And the memories flows back, pre-panel songs, chanting TAKAMORI with ALL my heart, the actual panel, ending karaoke and the Fire and Ice release reveal with those I can call family right by me. It's the happiest moment of my life. Photographer: SalubriousBeets

Doug Hood

Image submission from Doug Hood

Seeing you so happy with your anniversary gift made me so happy, boss. Thanks for enjoying my episode reviews and introducing me to Gilmore Girls. You try so much stuff we like. It’s great to enjoy something Wawa likes as well. KFP loves you! Happy Birthday!


Image submission from Irondevil

This is a perfect symbol of how much you're funny, creative and passionate! The hunt for all the secret messages at the Holoexpo was amazing, thanks for bringing so much happiness to us chickens all around the world, and VIVA LA KIARA! Photographer: Irondevil

Rhett Avery

Image submission from Rhett Avery

My favorite memory is getting gifted a membership to Kiara’s membership for the first time back in 2023. I was so excited! She always makes my day. Even when I’m having the worst day ever, I’ll put on a Kiara clip or stream and my problems just go away. Thank you so much for existing Kiara, we all love you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!