KFP Friendship Book

We're making a friendship book of KFP Employees for Kiara's birthday!

About this Project

Organized by: Kiara Fried PhoenixEvent date: 17 June 2021

TL;DR - Remember that time Kiara read out her "friendship books" from when she was a small phoenix? Well, we've made our own!

Ways people could participate:

  • Fill the page out by creating your own (feel free to get a bit creative!) then uploading to the form below.

  • Fill this out by hand by printing it, filling it out, scanning it, then uploading to the form below.

  • Use the form option for filling out the sections online (so don't worry if you have no way to scan it!) - this requires only filling out the form, so don't worry!


Explanation of the different sections:


Just your preferred nickname goes here, don't need to use your real one! Have fun with it!


Can put your actual age, or preferably you can get creative here too!


Share a little about what you enjoy, things you like doing, etc. A way to get Kiara to know something about her fans!


If you fill this out physically, do a little drawing of yourself, maybe doing something you like doing. Doesn't need to be some kind of quality artwork, stick figures are fine!

If you fill this out in the form, you have the option to have a default "portrait" which will be a KFP employee (probably a chicken, and if we have time it might be a randomized chicken) or to upload an image to use (make sure you have permissions to use it!)

Future Plans:

What do you look forward to in the future? Can be about Kiara's streams, or about your own goals, whatever you'd like! (Please don't be the edgy boi who puts down "this world sucks and there are no future plans" - this is a birthday gift so your submission will be rejected)

Message for Kiara / Fanart / Both:

Here's a big space for fanart (on the form there's an upload option) and/or a message for Kiara - wish her happy birthday, maybe tell her what you like about her streams, why you enjoy being a KFP Employee, etc. We want this to be a gift for Tenchou, so let's give her something great!

Community Submissions

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