Farewell messages to Magni Dezmond

Sending off Magni Dezmond with our best wishes

About this Project

Organized by: TEMPUS project serverEvent date: 25 September 2023

Hello, fellow Tempura and all Holopro fans!

This project is a joint project across multiple TEMPUS fancords (TEMPUS Guild Hall / TEMPUS project server), which came from the wish to honor talents Magni Dezmond and Noir Vesper of Holostars EN, who sadly graduated on August 31st, 2023.

While it might appear like a short time, they still left us with many amazing moments and were appreciated by many. This project was intended to give their fans a little space to send well-wishes and highlight their favourite moments throughout the last year. We hope you will enjoy reading through everyone's submissions, and that you may remember the talents fondly by them.

We would like to thank holoen.fans for kindly hosting our project. And finally - we also want to thank you, everyone who contributed a message or artwork.

- The Graduation Project Team


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Community Submissions

From: renren


Thank you for the fun times. You have been such a great inspiration and I will always hold these precious memories close to my heart. I will miss you greatly but wherever you go next I wish you the best! Farewell Magni. Take care!

From: Riizzy


So this is where we say farewell to the one and only, the great Magni Dezmond. I really liked to call you my kamioshi, though I don't know if you ever believed me. But I really loved hanging out with you, almost everyday, so much that I looked forward to every stream. I was there, even for things that I didn't think I'd enjoy watching, just because I was there to hear you crack jokes that sometimes made me sigh in (affectionate) disgust or, more often, genuinely laugh; to hear you rant about something that made you passionate as you jumped in circles aimlessly; to see you go quiet as you put your full focus on something (I REALLY didn't mind - in fact, I liked watching you be so enthralled by what you were doing); and overall, to just... chat with you and Magnation, picking on you, getting picked on by you, having a laugh and just chilling together. There were the creative streams and the big productions, the gimmicks, and all. But it was fun just being with everyone. You know? I can't lie and say that it doesn't make me sad that we're parting ways here. I'm also sad that we didn't get to reach some of those milestones. And I'm going to miss the creative journey, which was a big part of why I followed you: the art, the loops (!!!), the lore creation. But I understand that something bigger than that took you away. And despite the circumstances, I'm still so glad to have met you and spent all that time with you. So even though I'm sad, watching you walk to the sea, I wish you all the best, and that you can go on and be the somebody that you've always wanted to be. The time we did share, I'll keep on treasuring. I will call myself your magmite for quite some time. After all, I'm still locked in for 37... 47... 97 years.

From: Shrimpy Zay


To the greatest Magni Dezmond, As I’m writing this, I can't help but feel a bittersweet mixture of gratitude and sadness. Your streams have been a source of inspiration, laughter, and a sense of belonging for me and so many others in the community. Your creativity knows no bounds, and it has been an absolute joy to watch you weave your imagination into every stream. From the intricate artwork to the hilarious improv, you've shown us what it means to be truly creative. Your streams feel like a second home. They still do and they always will. Your warm and welcoming nature has brought together people, and I've made some incredible friends through you. While it pains me to say goodbye, I know that life's journeys sometimes take us in unexpected directions. I want to express my heartfelt thanks for the countless hours of entertainment, inspiration, and laughter you've provided. You've left an incredible mark on all of us, and your legacy will live on in the memories we've created together. As you embark on your next adventure, know that the magmites will always be here, cheering you on from wherever we are. Wishing you nothing but success, happiness, and endless creativity in all your future endeavors. You will be greatly missed maglord 💜

From: Siân


Thank you for sharing your time with us! You’ve been a big inspiration to me. Watching your streams has motivated me to improve my own skills in various things, so thank you for that too! I hope you feel good about everything you have achieved during your time in Tempus. Your attitude and the way you interact with others has brought about some of the best memories. I’m happy to have been watching you since the start. You even almost pronounced my name right. No one else has gotten so close whilst being wrong before, so I was impressed. I will miss you but wish you well and much happiness! Take care! Thanks for everything.

From: Lime 52


I'm not sure if it says bad things about my social life that your birthday stream was absolutely a highlight of my life last year. I was decked out in my Magni T-shirt, sitting there and singing along with my new tempura friends while we watched you KILL Betty (Get Money) and That's Life. And your Escape From the City cover is still the top of my holopro playlist. There will never be any content creator who inspires and terrifies me more than you deciding to learn to sing in front of live audiences of thousands of people. I'm usually scared to learn new skills since I like being good at things, but you hammered the obvious lesson into my head that you don't GET good at things unless you put in the work. I think that's gonna stick with me for a long time. You mentioned your life has been sinking ship to sinking ship, and that you finally found stability in Tempus. I hope that stays the same. I hope the friends and other good things you found in Tempus stay with you long, long after you've moved on. I know the good things I found through you and HQ will stay with me. I mean. My mom knitted me a magmite plushie for my birthday. So that's definitely staying. Thanks for the streams, Magni. Wishing you all the best and more.

From: bridgette


magni, you are and always will be my kamioshi. thank you for the endless laughs! i’ve been following tempus since pre-debut and i’m so proud of how far everyone has come. i would cry when you would notice me (in chat or viewer lobbies) and i cried at your amazing accomplishments (like your escape from the city cover!) i will always think of you fondly. thank you for all that you’ve done for us tempura. so much love!!

From: Fawn


Dear Mr. Maglord: you left us alone in your lab!? I don't think that was the best choice... someone already made an explosive- but enough of that nonsense. I'm writing just to tell you good luck on your travels sharing alchemy with the world! The world needs to see a genius alchemist like you! Just don't tell them about the philosopher's stone... aha, anyways... I'm proud of you, maglord. From doing karaoke together, to music loops, drawing together and even getting some insane wins on Fortnite, every day truly was an amazing day and I really enjoyed our time together, maglord. I hope you have safe travels out there practicing alchemy! Thank you for being my favorite silly alchemist and most importantly my kamioshi. Goodbye, Magni Dezmond. -Fawn

From: mitsubasil


thank you magni for your time in tempus, although short. you've inspired me to really push myself and do bigger and better things especially with art. your loop stations were my favorite background noise for when i would draw or work on homework, and you were also my very first oshi. your streams were always so comfy and welcoming to go to and would always make me feel better especially if i was having a bad day. i wish you the best maglord. thank you for all the inspiration and happiness you've brought to not only me but so many others, and most importantly, to tempus.

From: VII


Hello Magni! I hope you're doing well. Thank you so much for being a part of Tempus, for your time, and for all your streams and music projects. It was really fun! You really inspired us to be more creative and passionate in what we love to do. Thank you so much for everything, Maglord. I'm really gonna miss you. I wish you nothing but the best! Please take good care of yourself. We love you Magni! You will always be our one and only Magni Dezmond <3

From: Verdandi


Magni, thank you for everything. You're such a creative dynamo. Watching you at work was always an inspiration. You're absolutely one-of-a-kind, and we'll never forget you.

From: Honey Star


Dear Magni, I still remember the day you debuted. You instantly made me have a great time and helped bring smiles to my face on hard days. I hope wherever you go you will be happy and loved. Wishing you all the luck - never forget us magmites and our love and support for you, no matter what.

From: Archer8


Thanks for the laughs Magni. I loved your collabs with Calli, Kronii, and Vesper. I especially loved the GUN oneshot where you were low-key the main character.

From: sen (twitter: @_chibisen, twitch: littlesen)


dear magni, thank you for the one year of memories! i've been a magmite since day one, and i instantly knew from your debut stream that i would really enjoy you and your content. you're my kamioshi :) i couldn't watch you live because the streaming time does not match my schedule, but i always watch your vods! i especially loved your zatsudons, loop stations, karaokes, and art streams, and your collabs! judge magni was great, weremag was awesome, and so were ttrpg: gun, tempus dnd, and even the chill gaming sessions with the boys where you talk about anything. and the greatest showmen will always have a special place in my heart; it was the week when i was the happiest since i met tempus. i really wanted to watch you on your journey with music. it was so inspiring to see you work hard for it (and you really improved a lot, which can be seen in your covers) that i'm also trying to get better at singing even if it's just in karaoke with friends and family. the music dream was short-lived, but i'm always gonna support you in whatever path you choose. i'm hoping for the best in everything that you do! i'm writing this with the hopes of showing my appreciation for everything that you've done for this past year. your streams have accompanied me in my daily life, and you made my days a little brighter knowing that there is also someone else who is working hard every day. always remember that the magmites will forever appreciate you and that we have your back! we love you and we'll miss you! 💜 from your #1 lurker fan, sen (twitter: @_chibisen, twitch: littlesen)

From: Ames


Been watching since day one!!! HoloSALT for the win!!!

From: R0ckDaBeat (Loocas)


Wassup handyman! Last time I'll ever get to say that smh. Man, I just wanna thank you for all you did this past year. It might not seem like much - "Ah, I just sat here and played fortnite for the 57th time" - but even those small gaming streams with nothing going on meant the world for me, and for a lot of people. Not only that, but you were a HUGE inspiration to my music. Seeing you going from a pretty basic understanding, to making actual songs (and bangers at that) pushed me to work and put more effort in my craft. I'll dearly miss your loopstation streams, they rocked o7 Not only your loopstation streams, but YOU as whole, seriously rocked the place o7 I hope you find success in whatever your next move is, and I hope EVERYTHING good that can happen to a person in this life happens to you o7 I was thinking if I should put this here or not, since I don't wanna seem like I'm self-promoting, and honestly I don't know if you'll ever read this lol but whatever. It's my last chance so I might as well take it. Some magmites and me did a little song for you back when you reached 200k subs. I don't know if you ever saw it, but just in case, I'm putting it here: hopefully it'll come up on Youtube if you search "MAGNATION - Counting Magmites (Congrats on 200K Magni!)" We had a lot of fun putting it together, so it doesn't matter if you can't share it or give it a like anymore. As long as you see it, I'll be glad. And even if you don't, I still wanna thank you for inspiring such a cute project o7 Goodbye, Magni Dezmond! It was a good run, one that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world o7

From: Misfortune's Herald


To the great(est) Magni Dezmond - I remember when TEMPUS first was announced I was actually fairly indifferent to the announcement, being a very casual watcher of VTubers that didn't really dive too deep into the whole scene and fandom. Then, somehow, I still ended up watching your debut stream, as it was a slow day and I had nothing else to do. And behold - I saw the bottle of Copium on your desk, the bit you did with the love potion, and I remember telling a friend after the stream: "You know what, I had to look up what this alchemist dude was all about, and I think I may actually have to watch him on occasion - he's genuinely funny." So well, I guess I have you to thank (or maybe curse?) for being a gateway to a world I might otherwise have missed out on. I've also somehow picked up saying EEK as a reaction to things... I hope that information makes you happy somehow :p It's sad to see you go. Your sheer creativity, your ability to play off random bits in collabs, things like Judge Magni and the Greatest Showmen, the support you've shown your friends... they will be missed. But even so, in just a year, it's been a heck of a ride and I'm glad I got to be here for it. Carry on, oh great alchemist, and I hope the world treats you well in all your future endeavours.

From: Estra


I had never really watched Vtubers before, but curiosity drew me to the Tempus debuts and somewhere in the middle of your love potion bit -- the line about League of all things -- it dawned on me that you were someone really special and in the year you shared with us, that thought never really left. Watching your streams was like tuning in to a perpetual font of creative, explosive energy. I laughed, I felt inspired, I even started drawing myself. I faked sick during your off-collab week with Bettel just to get out of D&D and WoW obligations and catch each night live. You were a joy in a thousand different ways and I count myself so blessed to have been able to enjoy what time we had with you. It hurts a little to know I'll never have a magmite plushie collection of my own. I'll be forever jealous of the fans that managed to have a meet and greet with you. But, I know that wherever you end up going, whatever you end up doing, you'll continue to impress, amaze, and rise to greater heights. Good luck and thank you.

From: Dandelion


Hey Maglord, Thanks for all the silly times over the last year. Your creative content was always especially fun and I loved being a magmite! I'll always be grateful to you for convincing me to get back into digital art - your willingness to experiment and mess up and practice with your loopstation streams really helped me realize I could just jump back into drawing again if I treated it in a similar way. Much as your inspiring attitude brought you quick improvements, I've become so much more confident as an artist since getting a tablet again at the beginning of the year. Your same willingness to learn as a singer and the fun you always had in karaoke streams also inspired me to start singing for fun and doing karaoke with my friends. I NEVER would have had the confidence to do that before you. Even though I didn't catch your streams very often over the last few months, I'll always remember you for setting these examples for me. MAGNATION FOREVER!!! xo Dandelion



Hello Magni, The past year with you has been really enjoyable. I learned a lot of things from you, and I felt really inspired and moved seeing you just there, being yourself. A lot of the things you've said have really left a deep impression on me, and knowing that you've tried many things was really encouraging. Seeing you learn music, and continously challenge yourself to be better than you already are is beyond amazing. Whenever I watch you, I always feel like it's never too late for anything. I'm wishing you luck, success, and happiness, Magni! I will continue to treasure the memories, and the experiences that you gave us magmites.

From: pankoako


Dear Magni Dezmond, Thank you for your contributions to Holostars and Guild Tempus. I greatly admired your creativity and passion for content creation while you were around. Even though I wasn't able to be around often due to stream times and such, I would always try to stick around whenever I could or catch up with clips. I really loved your lore and was very invested in it. I wanted to know more! I would even camp in stream chats in hopes of getting a membership gifted since I couldn't afford one, just to watch The Alchemist's Prologue. I was impressed with how much work you put into your model update stream as well, and how quickly I and many other magmites were instantly hooked. I also was in awe with your work in the April Fools Tempus debut streams. The character designs were very original and done so well. You're a hard-working, speedy, creative artist and I greatly admire that. Even though as previously mentioned, I couldn't watch you super often, you still had an impact. I'll miss you, we all will, but thank you. Sadly, all stories must come to an end, and some end in cliffhangers. Now it's our duty to reminisce in the memories and continue our own story. Thank you again. Best wishes, pankoako. (I unfortunately don't have time to draw you something, though I'd love to. Sorry.)

From: DramaticalHearts


The day Tempus debuted, I watched it live out of curiosity - I'd never watched a vtuber debut before. When I watched Altare's, I thought: "Ah, so this is what it's like. Cute pleasant boys. This is okay." Then YOU appeared, smashing all my expectations and preconceived notions, spilling potions and quipping: "What are they gonna do, fire me?" It was like nothing I'd ever seen before, and I knew then that Tempus was going to be different from anything else I'd ever experienced. You all went on to make my whole YEAR. Your art and creativity blew my mind, and a stream with you in it was guaranteed to be a wild and fun time. Judge Magni is one of my all-time favorite streams in Tempus's history, and something I would still recommend to anyone; it's funnier than most episodes of SNL. Your off-collab with Bettel was unforgettable, and each karaoke and loopstation stream was a great and chill time. The lore drops in both The Alchemist's Prologue and your 1.5 model debut stream were incredible - don't sell your writing skills short! They had all the magmites feeling things. I respect your decision to leave, and I hope this and other messages will remind you that you did indeed make an impact in the time you were with Tempus. Because of you, I wear H&M boxer briefs now ;) (I never found the watermelon ones, though.) Best wishes, Maglord! 💜

From: Ameerah


Hello, thank you for everything that you do. I really appreciate you entertaining us for the whole year; it made me so much happier than I was before. Love you, stay magging.

From: Miles


Your streams really brightened my day, so much that I would constantly bring you up to my friend talking about everything that happened in the streams. I truly wish the best for you no matter what happens! I'm so happy I got to watch you for as long as I did!!!

From: flos gelida. (san)


thank you for all of the laughs and artistic inspo these past months ♡ i wish you all the best in the future and hope you have fun in all of your new adventures!

From: noelle


hi magni!! I just wanted to say thank you for everything. even though I was just a casual watcher, your energy and humor were always such a light to my day and I always enjoyed watching your streams. you will be missed dearly, but please know that you are loved and supported by SO many. I wish you all the best for whatever awaits you in the future 💜💜💜

From: EMRI


Hi Magni! I’ve been following you since debut, and I’m so proud of all the things you accomplished! I love your loop station, karaoke, and art streams and still watch them when I need a pick me up. I can’t put into words how much you’ve inspired me. I picked up my old art hobbies and became more interested in music because of you. Thank you for you being my comfort streamer and first kamioshi. I miss you so much, and wish you the best in your future endeavors!

From: Katy Papercrafts


This year has been an incredible ride to go on with you. You're a master entertainer, and full of creative spark that radiates throughout anything you do. From energetic streams, playful banter with the magmites, to the growth of your singing talents, yours has been a journey worth celebrating. I have always been amazed at the many things you brought forth to share with the fans. I know we'll all feel sadness for a while, now that things are ending. But sadness will only last for so long, because we can keep you in our hearts thanks to of all the many wonderful memories we've shared with you. I hope your journey leads you somewhere with many more happy memories to come. Thank you, and good luck.

From: Mori/Luke


Thank you for everything from the past year, Magni! I wish you the very best on your next journey, and I want you to know that the magmites and tempura will never forget everything you did for TEMPUS, and pushing others to pursue what they're passionate about. You'll always be our MAGLORD. Keep maggin' on!

From: Coltic


Dezmond Magni, my favorite seiso Vtuber. Ever since I watched your WWE streams, I knew you were the kind of streamer I wanted to watch. Entertaining in every stream, with your witty comebacks, commitment to the bit, and somewhat cursed knowledge. Zany bits from you and Vesper always made me laugh. Now I don't regret much, other than the fact that I didn't join many Tempus-related projects. Unfortunately, you have graduated. The times I had with Tempus were great, and I will cherish them. Sadly, our story ends here, but I hope the first letters in each sentence made you chuckle.

From: 12hours


Maglord my Maglord. Forever.

From: Bronzie


To Magni: thank you for being an amazing inspiration! It will always be Magging Time in my heart.

From: Mijun


Magni, thank you so much for being in Holostars English. You changed my life, I was in a horrible mental state and I needed someone to make me smile, and when I saw your debut, it almost felt like I was cured, I was so happy that I met you, but you're now graduating and all I wanted to say is thank you and I love you.

From: xoxorenji


I will miss you... and I will always proud of you. Thank you for being our Magni Dezmond and for claiming us as your magmites. It was fun while it lasted. Good luck on your journey moving forward!

From: Star


Magni: you were the one who inspired me to start streaming myself! I'll never forget the treasured memories I made tuning into your streams and meeting you at Anime Boston. Thank you for everything, and safe travels ❤❤❤

From: Vantablack


Though maybe it wasn't very long, it has been a wild ride with you, the one and only Maglord. Your creativity and talent are just unreal, man. Thanks for the wonderful memories. I'm gonna miss Judge Magni and silly Fortnite plays with the boys (I remember that 360 with Bettel killed me lmao), and I absolutely love HoloSALT collab banter - it's just too good. Though it's sad to see you go, thanks for everything, Dez, and I wish you nothing but happiness in your future endeavors. You'll do amazing. I believe in you!

From: That Cat Will Stray


Magni, thank you for all of your time, music, and creativity. Wherever your road takes you, I hope there's always room for the magmites to travel alongside. Onwards to the next adventure!

From: SharkFinTempura


Hey Maglord. Hope you’re doing alright. Thank you so much for your time here in Holostars. Your creativity spurred on many people to explore their own creativity, and it has been a domino effect where inspiration is abound in the community. That’s a legacy to be proud of!! Though a little sad, I know you’ll continue to do great things, our dear alchemist. Farewell.

From: aul♪


Dear Maglord, it was really fun to have you with the boys this year. I really like your singing voice. I was always awaiting your new songs. I also loved watching your streams and watching your interactions with the boys and tempura. I really hope you're well physically and mentally. Love you Maglord!

From: Chrissy


I regret not discovering you sooner, however, I treasure the time that we had. I hope that you were always surrounded by people who loved you, and that we let you know how much we loved you. I will miss you, but I hope your journey continues out there in the stars.

From: franaderia


Hi, Magni! I was very new to the Tempus fandom when I started watching your streams. I found out about you through your collabs with Bettel. While I found you through him and got to know you more through the other Tempus boys collabs, I will say that I have developed an intense sense of respect and admiration for your drive and determination, your creativity and wits. You inspired me to keep pushing through my own severe depression and pursue streaming the way I want to! Keep being real in your current life, my dude! Absolutely stoked to see you shine~

From: Sai


Hey Magni, thanks for your time in Holostars. Even though it was short, I enjoyed watching you and the Tempus Guild make content. I hope you would still make content as another person someday and I hope that if you do that, I could watch your content again. You are a great content creator. when i watched your debut stream I found you humorous and entertaining. the collabs that you participated in/hosted was amazing but i especially loved the collabs you did with vesper, kronii and Calli. And i'm kinda sad that I won't be seeing more judge magni, dnd collabs, and table top games. I'm not really good at this kind of thing, I figured that I would like to leave you a message as a fan to tell you how great you are even if there's a chance that you might not read this. I wish the best for you and vesper, wherever you guys might end up. And I would always be a magmite, a fan who will always remember that their Oshi left a mark on this world, and who were part of a good community, until I die. to the greatest, Magni dezmond PS: Magmo never dies (lol)

From: Gaby


Dear Maglord, thank you for all the wonderful experiences we magmites got to share with you. I'll miss your jokes, the little comments, the way you would ramble on and on about the things you're passionate about. While I'm sad to see you go, I'm wishing you the best of luck, and reminding you that you're loved for being yourself. Hope you have an amazing future and thank you for spending this past year with us.

From: JJays


Magni, I only wish you good things in your life. All these messages coming to you now hopefully show how much of an impact you have made in people's lives just being part of the Holostars Tempus group. You've brought in so much artistic creativity and unique fun and it will forever be cherished. I hope things go well; may luck and wellbeing stay by your side. I want nothing but the best for you. May you fulfill many more wishes~

From: Comment King


Dear Magni I wanted to say thanks for your time in tempus. You were my favorite alchemist ever, and I always had an amazing time watching your streams. I wish you all the best for your future endeavors. - A fan of "The Great Magni Dezmond"

From: FelixWuff


Hello Magni! Thank you for everything you have done for us. It was a pleasure to meet you and be part of something incredible. Our time was short, but still you left a lasting impact for so many Magmites and viewers. This will be something I will fondly look back to until I am old and grey. Thank you, and have a safe journey, greatest Alchemist!

From: Mikki


Thank you for a year of magnificent memories. Even though I didn't watch you as often, you presence will be missed. I hope you're doing alright, and that you're happy wherever you are.

From: Atitaru


hi magni dezmond, the "great" alchemist of the guild TEMPUS! i want to thank you for all the memories you've given us — and i think this is a sentiment all the tempura and magmites (or, magnation??) share. there is no doubt you have captivated our hearts with the streams you've had, though maybe that's the love potion from debut speaking, LOL. there's a lot of things i want to say, but i just don't know where to start. i think the amount of fanart i've drawn of you speaks for itself, honestly. you're one of the most creative people i know, and your imagination knows no bounds! never forget how much the guild TEMPUS and the tempuras love you! you'll always be the coolest alchemist in our hearts!!

From: Eri


I wanted to send you off with congratulations, but for now, congratulations on your graduation! May your future be filled with even more happiness! I will miss you, but I send you a message from a faraway land: thank you for one year.

From: Miru


In your short time being part of Holostars, you've inspired so many people. I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being yourself. Thank you Magni Dezmond. We will always love you.

From: I.o.


hey magni, just wanted to say thank you. your streams always cheered me up whenever i was down and i loved watching them. in fact, you're one of the reasons i got some confidence in myself. my favorite stream was your birthday one; seeing so many magmites drawing art together was so amazing. wherever you are or go, i wish you all the best.

From: Koko


Sad to see you go, glad to have caught you at all.

From: Aspen


hi Magni!!! thank you for an incredible year of memories and fun! while i’m sad you’re graduating, i wish you luck in your future endeavors! MAGNATION for life!!! ^^

From: Kyoki


Magni, I may be a lurker, but I enjoyed every stream you were in. I looked forward to your art with you being a huge inspiration. I even changed my phone lock screen every time you posted a new tier 3 art piece (bunny mag picnic was my favorite). You may be gone but your impact still remains.

From: Mabopoki


I Wish You The Best Magni!!!!! We Will Miss You A Lot!! Bye Bye!! - Mabopoki

From: yokobluu


Goodbye Magni. Saying these words still pains me in some way but I know everything comes to an end, and we have to accept and celebrate the time we had. And it was a great time, worthy of celebration, because you never failed to impress with your creative genius and talent for entertaining. You'll leave behind a legacy for everything you contributed being part of Tempus. I guess I could say you died for our sins and now all that is left to do for us magmites is to scatter across the world and spread the word of our great Maglord. I wish you well wherever life may lead you next.

From: CrissCross64


Thanks for everything Dez. You'll probably never acknowledge me after this but I thought I'd let you know that you and your friends mean so much to me. Last year just before you, Altare, Axel, and Ves debuted, my granddad tragically died, and the way I coped with that loss was to watch Tempus. All of you mean so much to me and it's a shame to see you go so soon, but at least you know that your streams and your voice was how I powered through an incredibly devastating loss on my end. So, good luck Dez, and thank you for everything you've done for me. Say hi to everyone else for me! Thank you Dez <3 CrissCross64

From: garou


hey maglord, i wanted to say thanks for the creative inspiration to keep trying new things. thank you for all the cringe, laughs and loops. much love, garou

From: lunastreia


Image submission from lunastreia

To the one, the only, the great Magni Dezmond: I have a lot of words for you, but there wouldn't be enough of them to express my deepest gratitude towards you. I know I don't speak for just myself when I say that we wish we could've been with you longer, but we also all understand that you're on to a much bigger and brighter future for yourself!!! SO! I'll always be happy for you so long as you're happy chasing your dreams!! Thank you for being there and inspiring me to be unapologetically myself, always! Thank you, with much love, you're my kamioshi forever, lunastreia

From: MerryLamb


Image submission from MerryLamb

I never thought someone could draw so fast without erasing a lot. As an artist myself, it's mesmerizing to watch you draw and you've inspired me to improve my illustration skills. If you see a rising comic creator by the name MerryLamb, take pride in knowing she views you as one of the greats. I'm sure many magmites feel the same inspiration.Farewell and good luck with your endeavors Mr. Potion Man, you will be missed. ✌

From: aishaアイシャ


Image submission from aishaアイシャ

Hey Magni, I'll miss you very much. Everything you left behind will always be remembered, especially the stories, drawings, music and jokes that you shared with all of us. Fly high, our favorite alchemist o7

From: ChocoMilkTea


Image submission from ChocoMilkTea

To the one and only great Magni Dezmond, self-proclaimed alchemist and a member of HOLOSTARS English, thank you for all your hard work and the memories. From your opening bits, to your art streams, to your zatsudons, to your L O O P S, to your (emotionally damaging) lore, to the release of your original song "Copium," I'm proud of what you accomplished during your time in TEMPUS. I will always remember your off-collabs with some of the boys, especially your "Greatest Showmen" week with Bettel. I'm glad I was able to draw with you and other magmites in a MAGmaboard stream as well as other activities with members. As a tempura I will continue to support the rest of the boys, but know that we will never forget you and the impression you made to your MAGNATION. You have been an inspiration to many. I hope for the best in your future endeavors. Keep taking care of your health o7 -ChocoMilk P.S. The fanart on the top-right was made in advance for your Mag Day this year (it was pretty rushed though, due to time constraints). Early tanjobi omedeto to you.

From: Rhys Umbra


Image submission from Rhys Umbra

Magni, I just wanted to thank you for bringing me to Tempus. Your clips are what helped me discover Holostars Tempus and with it Holostars. You showed me a community I never thought I would be so lucky to be a part of and I will always be grateful for that. Your endless creativity always inspired me. If it was something that required an artistic or creative mind it seemed like you went after it and it made me want to expand my horizons artistically. I loved watching you draw. You could just instantly make a dynamic pose or create a vibe. I will treasure those moments. I was often pretty quiet at first as a magmite, but when I came out of my shell more and interacted with the community you built, they made me feel welcomed. You always made it feel like every single one of us mattered and it reflected back within the community. I’ll miss you, but I am happy I got to enjoy the moments I did while you were here. Thank you for all your hard work. Thank you for the laughs. Thank you for the inspiration you gave me. You’ll always be my Maglord o7 Rhys (like riss…not reese hahah)

From: Kay (Kawaii Kaychu)


Image submission from Kay (Kawaii Kaychu)

To the "great" Magni Dezmond, alchemist of guild Tempus: I'll try to keep this as simple as possible. Your creativity never ceased to amaze me. You took time out of your day to draw your own assets, made your own lore, made funny side characters, made music, and without you those April Fool's debuts wouldn't have worked quite as well. You're crazy, but that's what made you so fun to watch. Good luck on your next adventure, Magni!

From: BubblegumPatty


Image submission from BubblegumPatty

It would be a lie to say I'm not heartbroken to see you go. You won me over immediately with your humor and creativity. Watching you ever since your debut was an amazing treat. You were my first oshi, and no matter how much time passes you will always have a special place in my heart. Take care, and good luck on your future adventures!



Image submission from JUICE MAN

Hey MAGLORD! What a “great” year it’s been, huh? (Great is in quotes to emphasize how great it was.) It goes without saying how influential you are. Your creativity and passion is unmatched. Watching you grow, learn new things, make new friends, get into hijinks with the boys and everything else has been the highlight of my year. From the loopstation jams, to the pre and post stream bits and skits, to the amazing off collabs you made happen, to the chill streams gone terrifying due to a certain puppet, to the many many many hours spent playing Sonic, to the radio shows and sports commentaries, to the endless karaoke encores, to all of the eldritch blasts, to the cycles of death and rebirth in the name of love, to just simply hanging out with us, all of it was worthwhile. Thanks for letting us all be a part of your journey. We’ve made a lot of good memories and can move into the future more inspired, happy, and fulfilled. I wish you well on your next adventure, whatever and wherever it may be. No matter what comes your way, MAGNATION will always be cheering for you because you are, and always will be, our one and only.

From: takoyoaki


Image submission from takoyoaki

Thank you so much for being a part of Holostars and I wish you the best on your future endeavors! I wouldn't have been able to be a part of an awesome community if it weren't for you, the boys, and tempuras! Love forever.

From: miiversian


Image submission from miiversian

Magni Dezmond, thank you for being my first VTuber oshi. Your streams were just the right amount of chaotic humor and oddly comfy vibes. You're a natural entertainer, and your crazy ramblings and passion in every project you do is clear for anyone to see. As an artist, watching you draw made you a super big inspiration to me, giving me a big push to improve in my art skills. I'll never forget the short time I spent watching your streams with the rest of MAGNATION. There's only one great Magni Dezmond, and I'm happy it was you, even if the time we had was fleeting. I wish you love and happiness for your future ahead. You're amazing, truly! I'll forever be a little mag in my soul, even if you aren't around. AWOO!

From: Loreleice


Image submission from Loreleice

Thank you for showcasing your creativity to us! You've made a great impact on us whenever you created art, made music, and had fun with your streams. Let's have one final mag to remember your precious moments!

From: Nozu


Image submission from Nozu

Hey Maglord! I just want to thank you for being a huge inspiration to me during your time with Tempus. Your creativity always encouraged me to try and go out of my comfort zone even though I always kept it to myself and some close friends. Your streams accompanied me while I was doing my homework for university, and they always made laugh. I even have a doodle I did of Magmo and you when I was bored while my teachers were explaining some topics, and a magmite I printed as a sticker alongside the rest of HQ's mascots for my laptop and a uni project. Anyways, just… thank you, Magni Dezmond!

From: Finarael


Image submission from Finarael

I haven't been a magmite for very long, but I've enjoyed every second of the ride. Your art streams helped me get back into drawing after more than 20 years of neglecting that skill, so I thought I'd share this silly cosplay art inspired by your delightful karaoke performance with Bettel (who is the other reason I got back into art). I hope you continue to find joy in drawing and singing, and that you come across others who are as inspiring to you as you have been to me. We'll miss you!

From: Brittbleu


Image submission from Brittbleu

Magni, When you first debuted, I was already excited for what I knew was to come. Your intro said it it all and is my favorite stream intro of all time. You made your streams very interactive and comfy amd I loved that. I also loved that you're a fellow sonic fan ❤️! I'm so glad you played Sonic Heroes. Interesting story for me about that game: I found out I had a brother when i was about 9 or 10. He introduced me to Sonic Battle which I also know is your favorite game. It was the first time i played a Gameboy too. The first game we asked to buy together was Sonic Heroes and we bonded over playing that game (even though we never beat it lol), so both of those games are very close to my heart and it's always good to hear someone appreciate them as well as laugh at them. Your art style is amazing and I aspire to be able to draw like you. When you dropped Copium I was so proud of you and love your singing. I actually tried to cover the song as my first ever cover, but it didn't work out (because I can't sing). But who knows, maybe one day I'll try again and you'll get to hear it. Anyways, this is getting long. Thank you for being a member of TEMPUS. Thank you for being a Holostar. Thank you for everything! I hope your future endeavors make you happier than ever. BTW, I drew a portrait of you that was the best drawing I've ever done. It's yours to keep, hang on the wall, or whatever. Hope you like it. -Brittbleu

From: nanabmon


Image submission from nanabmon

Hey! I hope you're having a great day. I just wanted to say thank you. You've been a constant presence in my life for the past year. I watch your streams whenever you're live every afternoon, whether I'm working full-time or freelance. NGL, I miss you, Maglord! Your streams and your posts on social media have made me laugh and cry, and your words have inspired me to try new things. You've helped me to step outside of my comfort zone and grow as a person. Did you know I'm selling my crochet stuff at cons now? I would have never thought I could have enough courage in myself to sell something I made with my own two hands and give it out to someone. I'm timid and easily get nervous over small things, but I make lil guys in the form of keychains or pouches now. I still can't believe it. It's all thanks to you! I was a bit late when it came to showing support, but I loved watching clips of you being you or hanging out with the boys. Actually, what got me hooked was you making Magmo... was it on the spot? Because that was genius! And then the assets you made with Magmo on them? Brilliant! I got so hooked on the lore and the bits you did with him. Speaking of lore, I really love what you did for your own lore. It made me cry, seriously! I would have never thought that's how Magni Dezmond came to be. I wish I could have made my crochet stuff sooner and showed it to you on your birthday or during the half-year anniversary. But I hope you like the lil guy I made. One day, I'll make a magmite and show it off! Anyways, the Philippines loves you, Maglord! Thank you again for everything - the streams, the lore, the music, the merch, the DJ sessions during membership streams, karaoke days, Minecraft, art streams, and so much more! I hope you have a wonderful day, month, and year, and I hope that all your dreams come true. Advance happy birthday, advance Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for everything you've done for not just me but every tempura out there. - nanabmon

From: Destiny


Image submission from Destiny

Thank you for everything Magni; you truly made me happy whenever I watched your videos. I'd stay up late at night just to sit and laugh along with you in your random Fortnite streams! It's been a pleasure to call myself a magmite, and I will hold that dearly to me. My favourite time altogether, from all the streams, was your pizza off-collab with Bettel. The monstrosity you created had me in tears. One last time, thank you Magni. You will always be the Great Magni Dezmond. P.S.: I will be getting the magmite tattoo, and I'll make sure it's visible.

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