Time's Square

HUBUDUH KRONII!!! We hope you enjoy your perfection being on full display in New York!

About this Project

Organized by: Kronii's Clock TowerEvent date: 8 January 2022

Disclaimer: This is not an official project, this is just a fan project to show our love and appreciation for our Warden and present her with a memorable gift!

For those who don’t know anything about Kronii:

Kroniichiwa New York City!

This is the official description of Kronii as stated in her debut stream:

A member of the Council and the Warden of "Time," the third concept birthed by the Gods and the one most intrinsically linked with mankind. None may escape the sands of time and, indeed, most men do not even wish to be freed from her captivity. She picked up the blades almost as a reflex action of sorts, and seems to be enjoying it. Her quiet, aloof personality has never changed over the ages, but she has developed a little bit of haughtiness and sadistic tendencies along the way... Originally, the concept of time was but a cog in the wheel, one which only functioned in tandem with others. Eventually, humans went on to give time individual meanings such as dawn and dusk, making it universal. The humans became enslaved to Time in return for empowering her. In her present form, she has become a sadistic, prideful warden.

This is a fan-organized project put together with the intent to celebrate the birthday of Ouro Kronii and present her with a gift she’ll remember forever (since she’ll be around forever).

Ouro Kronii is a part of Hololive English’s 2nd Generation of talents, named Hololive Council. As stated above, she is the Warden of Time and fun fact, she loves puns! Due to being Time conceptualized and her love for puns, us fans felt like it’d be a fitting gift to get Time in Times Square!

Now as for what Hololive is, it is a talent based agency based in Tokyo, Japan. The talents Hololive manages over are called Virtual YouTubers (abbreviated as VTubers). VTubers are content creators who usually stream using a virtual avatar. This allows for a lot of benefits such as anonymity to an extent, a fictional and fun persona that opens for creativity and a character for the streamer to portray, and it’s just overall unique! Hololive is primarily made up of Japanese talents with 6 generations and counting! It has an Indonesian branch as well, and as you can obviously see, an English branch. There is much diversity within Hololive and a lot of creativity and fun to be had through their streams and communities. From (predominately) gaming, to karaoke, to drawing steams, watch-along streams, and some experimental stuff occasionally on the side even! It is a great community with great talents, if this has caught your interest, you should definitely check it out! (And fall down the rabbit hole with the rest of us).

While Kronii has been explained above, here’s some additional info about her. She’s a (self-proclaimed) narcissist and sadist, but in truth she’s actually a really cute and caring individual. She loves puns and can be a bit introverted. Her voice is a treat to listen to and she spoils her fanbase often. Her artist is WADARCO (famous for drawing a significant amount of Fate characters, mostly from Fate/Extra), and her VTuber model rigger is keffiy (who has rigged other Hololive talents such as Takanashi Kiara, Kureiji Ollie, Kiryu Coco, etc.). She also has a single out called “Daydream” which you should check out!

I hope I did well in explaining who Kronii is for newcomers and that this has caught your interest. Happy birthday to Kronii, please check her out and stream Daydream!


Details and Kronii links:

Kronii’s Twitter:


Kronii’s YouTube channel:


Kronii’s First Single:


Gift organized by: Kronii’s Clock Tower in collaboration with HoloEN Fan Server and Kronii’s Time Vault



Community Submissions

From: Arvis


If you understand one thing, Kronii, make it this; I have no intention of bowing to your will.

From: hasaanm


Happy birthdayyyy Kroniiiiiii!

From: Ming Ko


Even Time is never-ending, I still want to bless you on this special day. Thank you for being with me during this difficult time, bring some laughter and touching things and courage. I wish our perfection, adorable, humour Queen has a greatest birthday. Happy birthday Kronii !

From: Isaac


Happy Birthday Kronii! Every second watching your stream is time well spent!

From: 304106


From: Zyxel


Happy Birthday Kronii! Your streams always make me smile in these desolate times that feels like eternity. Despite this, just watching makes me feel like we've known for eons. Big ups!!!

From: meissnerd


Happy birthday Kronii! I just want to say that I hope you're (time) keeping well. Thanks for all of your fun streams! Your creativity and humour really shine through in whatever you do. I'm looking forward to what the rest of the year brings; here's to many more good times!

From: Sandblisz


Happy Birthday Kronii! I also appreciate March 14 due to it relating to Pi which is my favorite irrational number but now I have another reason to appreciate such a perfect and blessed day. I want express my sincerest gratitude and appreciation for all that you've done for us Kronies during streams and off stream. I was already down the vtuber rabbit hole but when I saw your debut, I immediately knew that I would to fall the rabbit hole even deeper. From your wonderful gwaks, chill personality, calming voice and your playful banters at us whenever we Kronies misbehave. Your streams have brighten up and my days and nights and I only wish for more success and happiness to my oshi, Kronii and to everyone else in Hololive in the upcoming years and beyond. Once again, Happy Birthday Kronii! We love you and always be true to yourself.

From: AnJello


Happy Birthday Kronii! Us Kronies really enjoyed our *time* with you from these past 5 months and I'm happy that I got to watch you. I always have a great time whenever you stream and I find it quite calming. I'm happy that you got so far so fast. Don't push yourself too hard and remember to always take it nice and easy. We're here for you Kronii!

From: Spoon


Happy Birthday Kronii! Your streams are super enjoyable and I always set aside time to watch them. You give so much to your community and we are happy to reciprocate. See you at your next stream

From: LC_Lapen


It's been a wonderful Past 6+ months spending time watching your streams and content, Kronii! Your amazing voice, excellent taste in games you like to play, infectious sense of humor and just how much you care helping your friends in Hololive has been just some of the reasons I'm happy to be your Kronie. I hope my bad puns can make you laugh in the Future as well! Happy Birthday, and keep on being yourself; it's the best Present we could ask for!

From: Cyntronium


Every moment in life is special but today marks one for time itself. Happy Birthday Kronii!

From: JonasRanatza


Happy birthday Kronii!!! I hope today is a special one bc you deserve the world and so much more. I’ve been watching you since debut and every day since it’s been an unforgettable ride. So cheers to you on your special day and for being such an amazing person, the world wouldn’t be the same without you!

From: Vil


Thanks for everything Kronii! Your humor resonates well with me and it's been a joy watching your streams since debut!

From: Yoo-jin


While governing objective "Time", the realm of clocks and watches, you also influence the duration, a la Henri Bergson, of those of us who live and experience. It is a delightful treat to have gotten to know you. Happy birthday, Kronii.

From: AngelTheButler


Hi Kronii! I just wanted to say that you are an amazing person and that I'm so glad to have you be a part of my life now. Time spent watching your streams and witnessing all the things that you do is a blessing. I'm so glad you made it into Hololive and I'll end this off by saying Happy Birthday Kronii.

From: Palmerthemedic


Happy birthday warden of time and my queen! I always make time to watch your streams and the playbacks of them when I miss them. I always like your commentary and the way you control the chat, your tsundere personality is also very nice. thank you for everything and have a nice birthday.

From: 하루하나(HaruHana)


The TIME I spend with you is the most precious TIME in my life.

From: Mendilor


From: Ultra


Happy bday kronii I hope you have a good time :)



Happy Birthday Kronii, You are an amazing member of EN. I hope you have a wonderful time today.

From: Joss~


Happy birthday Kronii! Thank you for so many good memories. Time may fly but we'll surely be there to support you. Hope you are having a good birthday!

From: FAQ


HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRONII! Wishing you the most joyous birthday! May this and every year be special, memorable and unforgettable! I can't thank you enough for making us happy, keeping us company, and laughing with us. You filled our "time" with happiness and care. Our precious Warden of time, no matter whatever the ups and downs, keep in mind that we will always continue to support you! Again, Happy Birthday Kronii!

From: Doi



From: previously watercolor'd


As part of my Time Served, I am glad to have been part of an amazing fanbase and content creator. I will be unable to watch Kronii's streams for 3 months while undergoing training in the military, so I hope that when I come back a changed man, that the community will still be going strong. Happy Birthday Time Warden.

From: Ferzous


Thank you for all the fun you give to us especially for me you change me alot for the better I cant say thank you enough for that.

From: em


Dear Kronii, to my favorite time warden I wish you the best birthday of all time. You are an amazing person just being overall outstanding all the time. Take care birthday Girl :)

From: PRIN❌E


Time, a concept we know frightening little about, but who know it could be so cool? Ever since I started watching Kronii, time has marched on and with each passing second, you have become one of my favorite creators and couldn't be more grateful to be in this community. Council's debut made me fall down the rabbit hole even more and I love it. From the past, present, and future, thank you for everything you've done for us Kronii and happy birthday!

From: Van


Hey Kronii! I'll spare the time-puns, and instead I wanted to give some appreciation. Time and time again you surprise us Kronies, and it has always been such a treat spending this time with you and the other Kronies in multiple ways! Happy Birthday Kronii! We are excited to continue the journey through time in watching your streams and the silly clips involving many of our inside jokes and banters.

From: Bobby S.


Kronii, Thank you for all the fun you've given us over the past 6-odd months. Since your debut I knew your stream would be one I would be spending much of my time on. Your unique brand of humor and how much you really seem to enjoy what you're doing shows clearly to those who tune in. It's been so much fun getting to experience this journey alongside you and we all can't wait to see what comes next! Thank you for everything and happy birthday! Bobby S.

From: mila


Happy birthday Kronii!! When I’m not watching your streams live I tend to leave them on in the background to help me fall asleep, so thank you for all the joy you’ve brought people since your debut and I look forward to seeing you succeed even more as time goes on ♡

From: LordAzran


Hello Kronii, So many streams, so little time! I started to watch you day one and was immediately captivated by your voice. It crossed time and space, created ripples through ocean waves and touched so many. So many Kronies have banded together to give you a birthday to remember and, like them, I also join. Happy birthday Ouro Kronii!

From: Perseus17


Happy birthday Kronii!!!! You've done so much for so many people, and I hope you know you're greatly appreciated. You were the spark that motivated me to take an active role in bettering my life, and I will be forever thankfull. You are truly perfect, and we are all blessed to be able to meet you. Thank you, and I look forward to supporting you more! 💙

From: slim


Another year down for our Warden, thank you for all the joy you've brought! We're with you until the end of time!

From: kopo


For being the Warden of Time you sure take a lot of it away from me. Thanks for spending yours with us, too. Happy birthday.

From: Meiko


Happy Birthday Kronii!!!!!! Never stop being perfect :3

From: KroniiMaid


Gwa`k Gwa`k Gwak Gwa`k Gwa'k Gwak... ("Happy birthday to you" if you cannot translate it)

From: Jax


Hey Kronii, just want to wish you a happy birthday and tell you how proud all of your fans are. The past year was a big year for a lot of people, and like you've told us before it was a big year for you as well. Lots of things changed, our daily lives may have taken a turn, whether for better or worse, and some of us may have had our whole world flipped on it's head. But, through it all, we still have that someone or something that managed to pull us back up and remind us of how good life can actually be, and that both kindness and amazing things can always happen when you least expect it. For a lot of us, that's what you girls represent, and I just want to thank you and the rest of the EN members for being that light in the dark sometimes. Happy birthday, Kronii. And chin up girl, just remind yourself that if you stop halfway up the mountain, you'll never see the view. And you of all people, definitely have what it takes to reach it. Have a good one!

From: Miyo


Happy Birthday Kronii! Thank you for all the streams and entertainment, especially the dark jokes.

From: Izu


First of all Happy birthday Kronii!! And been watching your channel for the past few months now and its been a blast enjoying every stream you givin us kromies and kronies thank you for making us laugh and the jokes and puns you make and your voice too and wish you more birthdays to come and I'll continue supporting you the best I can I'm not good with words ehe so yeah once again Happy Birthday!! ^_^

From: トビウオ


Kronichiwa~. Couldn't believe how the time goes by, and it's your birthday. Really appreciate all the moments you shared with us. Your spirit and energy calmed me through some highs and lows of the past 6 months. Even though the community is still quite young, we will continue to thrive with our warden, as she shine with all her glory. Wish you the best luck. Happy Birthday クロニー様!

From: DIO


Happy Birthday to our favorite Heliclockter!

From: Frappu


(Kronii)^2 Warden of time, I wish you an amazing birthday, hope all this messages bring you the same joy you give us with every stream. It's only been a short span of time but I can already tell you are my favorite, I simply love your brand of humor and if I can be honest here, you won me over the moment you said your goal is to be happy. It really caught me off guard and resonated with me; I think about that constantly, and since then, it's been one of my goals too. I hope you find yours in no time, and I wish you to be so happy one day that it feels like time stopped for you. Thank you for all you do and for just being here. Here's to the COOLEST gurl in the whole multiverse. P.S. habahdah

From: ZygardeFusion


Time is in all kinds of places- our lives awake, our lives asleep, and especially time we spend having fun. Thank you for watching over our time, Kronii, and happy birthday! Don't let the years slip by, seize the day!

From: JE DLP


Happy Birthday Kronii! I hope as time goes on we can impact your life for the better as much as you had already impacted ours.

From: Calkamori


Kronichiwa Thanks for all you hard work and all the TIME you put into this, May you have another great year!

From: Shannon


Happy Birthday Kronii, best wishes to you on your special day!!

From: Gemix


I've always wondered what gift you got on your previous birthdays, but hopefully this one will be the most precious one :D Happy Birthday Kronii!!

From: Arius Raposas


As a disciple of history and governance, we are among the first to assume that time exists. We have devoted our lives for the forward marching of time. Everything has a beginning and an end, for time is the seed of the universe. I know not exactly why, but I believe it has been an inherent affinity for me to be attracted to such a concept. And here you are, the Warden of Time. I cannot express how a fitting personification you are of an encompassing construct many of us study. On the occasion of your chosen birthday, let me greet you Ouro Kronii on behalf of our beloved discipline. It may have been a different circumstance in other timelines you manage, yet permit me express utmost gratitude for your immense influence in my living in this particular timeline. May you continue to be blessed and be a blessing to more lives everywhen. (This greeting took exactly 888 characters.)

From: yomogiu


Happy Birthday Kronii from Japan! Since glimpsing your stream, I have become a big fan of Hololive and you. I am enjoying spending time with you. Thank you!

From: xKmuffinzx


Happy Birthday and Pie Day Kronii! We couldn't have asked for a better Warden to spend our Time with! Here's to many more laughs and memories in the future!

From: Charismata


Happy Birthday and Pi Day Kronii! Thanks for all the fun streams, all the gwaks, and chill vibes. What's one more year to someone who is as eternal as you? I look forward to more fun and amazing streams!

From: Intetsun


Happy Birthday to our favorite Warden of Time! We look forward to every minute with you.

From: Stacey


Happy Birthday Kronii-sama, thank you for being one of my pillars of support and motivation in these trying times. Your streams are enjoyable and I love how you banter with everyone in the community.

From: OribaMoge


After hearing you speak Japanese and Korean I told myself that I should study at least one of the two to start with, I started my Hiragana lessons and I get excited every time I understand some things. Have a very happy birthday, Kronii!

From: NinjaShuriken


Happy Birthday KRONIII

From: RhyBad


The time with you and the Kromies have made me a better and more motivated person. Thank you for all the memories we had together. Happy Birthday Kronii!!!

From: Pedrochu


Happy Birthday to the perfect version of Time, Ouro Kronii!!!!!!!!

From: jakemoshi


Happy Birthday Kronii! Thank you for bringing us the time of our lives with your streams. The future will never be bleak with you being with us for eternity. Enjoy your special day and many more to come!

From: Pigfat


Happy birthday Kronii! Watching your stream is one of my greatest entertainment in life

From: yoru#2167


Happy birthday to our perfect time lady. Thanks for the wonderful stream and your charming voice. I always have much fun during stream. Wish you have a nice day. LOVE YOU Kronii <3.

From: Yong Lee


Happy Birthday Kronii

From: Dewy


Happy birthday!! I liked you from the start, your personality and your jokes, and I enjoy using my time to watch you stream. As we all replied to your question during the first karaoke stream, I'll keep being your fan forever. Happy birthday!!

From: Juna Park


제 인생의 암흑기에 나타나 "코로나(CORONA)"를 "크로니(KRONII)"로 가득 채워준, 전능하신 시간의 관리자님! 항상 당신의 멋진 목소리와 방송, 노력들에 감사하고 있습니다. 태어나주셔서 정말 감사하고, 끝으로 앞으로의 방송도 잘 부탁드립니다! Amen🙏 With Love and Peace, From South Korea.

From: Vulcan Cakes


Happy Birthday Kronii~! While most days feel like they are racing by, your streams really help me pause, slow down the clock, and relax. Thanks for all you do, I wish you all the success in the world and the best of birthdays.

From: Brenzen


Happy Birthday Kronii ~ !

From: Nobyn


Happy happy birthday Kronii!!! You are one of the most funniest person I've met. Your personality is really charming and sweet no wonder you love Kronii so much!! XD You are really amazing, I enjoy watching your streams and I have fun every single time. You have inspired not only me but also many others who watch your streams, having fun and gwaks are top tier XD Happy Birthday Kronii, I hope you get to eat delicious food and enjoy your special day. We love you and will always will support you. - Nobyn

From: Ginyumbi


Kronii Omedetou! Omedetou!

From: Gunpuku


Happy very best birthday Kronii! Just wanted to thank you for all the fun times all us kronies and kromies have had with ya, from the back and forth banter to all the cute funny moments. I'm so thankful we were all able to meet you and you really got me down the Hololive rabbit hole. Found my oshi instantly and I think that sometimes you don't look for your oshi but instead your oshi finds you. Anyways, looking forward to many more memories in the future and wishing you all the best! I hope you're having a wonderful birthday, you deserve the world.

From: Emperor Spirit of time


Happy Birthday My Dear Time Warden,here's to more fun times on the time stream!!

From: Sedew


When you debuted I was very impressed by your energy and dedication. I was very busy back then but you gave me the energy I needed to keep moving forward. I love your voice and your enthusiasm. I wish I could be like you. Anyways, I don’t have too much time to watch your streams but overall when I do they’re really interesting. Thank you for being a part of my lifetime ;) Happy Birthday, Kronii!! ^•^

From: Draco0100


Happy Birthday Kronii! Everyday spending time watching your streams has been a blast! Have a good one, and know that we kronies adore you, your time, your company and everything you do for us!

From: Luxares


Hi Kronii! Thank you for being an AMAZING and PERFECT person! You have brought to us laughs and smiles. You are truly awesome with your puns skills, your cares towards us Kronies. Happy Birthday and looking forwards for another great year!

From: Bobert


Kronii is always perfect, that will always remain true throughout time! I’m happy to be a dedicated Kronie to our Kronii for all time! Happy birthday to our perfect time warden Kronii!

From: TheMexiCore


Happy Birthday Kronii, wish you the best!

From: TsuraiSand


Kroniichiwa, Happy Birthday from me and the rest of the Kromies. I know it has been a whirlwind of time over the last 6 months for all of us Including myself for a lot of personal reasons, including school. But regardless, I always try and make time to watch/listen to your streams on my commute/while studying etc.. Anyhow, you always manage to brighten my day and I will always appreciate my perfect, timeless oshi.

From: ニャム


クロニーお誕生日おめでとう!!! 大好き!これからも応援しています!!! F L O W E R

From: Deko


Image submission from Deko

From: Kroniic Gwaks


Image submission from Kroniic Gwaks

Kronii, thank you for the last 6 months you've been with us you've been an inspiration to us all. I hope you can have the happiest birthday and I hope you can have the most amazing party with us Kronies! Time may be relative Kronii, but our love for you is forever absolute! I hope you can grow bigger as an inspiration to us all! The symbol of perfection herself! I also want to say thank you for giving us many things. We Kronies don't deserve all of this. All that you have done are the reason we're so happy. I'm so glad that I've met you and I bet the Kronie are too! Thank you for taking care of yourself for us! You inspire us to do the same to catch your stream again in our next day! No matter how long it takes, we'll always wait for you our Warden of Time!

From: KuroshiYuzuha


Image submission from KuroshiYuzuha

From: ji_justji


Image submission from ji_justji

From: Garduño


Image submission from Garduño

From: patatas


Image submission from patatas

Happy Birthday Kronii! Hope you have a great TIME ayyy.

From: Velvet V


Image submission from Velvet V

Happy Birthday Kronii! Thank you for all of your hard work :D

From: Daizeemi


Image submission from Daizeemi

To the Time Maiden, I mean Time Warden thank you for you hard work, we the fans knows how hard you work behind the scenes even if you don't show it we know that you keep pushing forward even if you are tired and stressed out, just keep in mind it's ok that you rest we want you to prioritize health. Don't stop and be afraid to explore more possibilities and creativeness no matter what decision you will go we will still support you our Meme Lord. It's been 5 months since you joined Hololive and it was a blessing to have a very adorkable geek like you in this community, we as a fan are thankful of how caring you are not only to the HoloPros but also to your fans. Keep in mind that if nobody got you the fans got you. Happy Birthday Kronii we wish you all the best, here is for more adventures to come.

From: GalaxKitty


Image submission from GalaxKitty

Have an amazing birthday time warden!!!

From: headstock


Image submission from headstock

From: Minxei


Image submission from Minxei

Happy Birthday Kronii ! I love you!

From: RiskNoodle


Image submission from RiskNoodle

It's that time of the year, huh? Watching all of your streams, I didn't even realize time passing by so fast. All the fun collabs, songs, scuff and narcissism made our days just that much more complete, thank you for making us Kronies' days better! Happy birthday to our favorite Warden of Time! May we have more fun times (and hopefully less scuff) and make many more good memories until the next! (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚ (P.S - When will Boros take over?)

From: Marchosias


Image submission from Marchosias

To be honest, I barely had any time to watch your streams to the end because of my studies, but whenever I can, I always make time for them. Considering how lax my school has lately been at assigning activities means more time for me to watch. Even thought the VODs are available, I still have this feeling of uneasiness whenever I can't watch. Anyways, that's enough of me rambling, have an excellent day and Happy ∞ Birthday Kronii!



Image submission from 끌

크로니에게 생일축하해요 크로니 작년 12월 쯤에 크로니의 방송을 처음 알게되었습니다. 처음 봤을때 크로니의 목소리를 듣자마자 너무 좋아서 놀랐습니다. 목소리에 반할 수도 있다는 것을 그때 처음 느꼈어요. 하루 한번은 꼭 크로니의 목소리를 들으려고 유튜브를 킵니다. 물론 목소리 말고도 크로니의 방송도 재밋게 보고 있습니다. 제가 홀로라이브에 빠질 수 있게 된 이유도 크로니 덕분이에요. 앞으로도 아무런 문제 없이 좋은 방송 기대하고 있을게요. I love you Kronii~ 당신의 팬 중 한명인 '끌'

From: JawsheM


Image submission from JawsheM

The quality of time in the span of five month was fun. that's the warden of time for you. Happy Birthday Kronii. our warden of time.

From: Sharky


Image submission from Sharky

Happy Birthday Kronii!! Ever since you debuted I've been watching you ever since, even thought the timezone of when you stream isn't the best for me, but I've always tried my best to watch or even listen to you when you stream!! Everytime you stream you always made my day better, sometimes when you're not streaming I would play some of your vods on the background while I was doing something else! May you have the best birthday ever!! We love you Kronii~

From: minusleaf


Image submission from minusleaf

The mentality that time spent having fun isn't time wasted is something I kept in mind a lot. Thanks for being you and happy birthday!

From: Shnizbit


Image submission from Shnizbit

Happy Birthday, your epic KROmedian!

From: Zhylvern


Image submission from Zhylvern

Happy Birthday Kronii! Hope ye have a great TIME!

From: Bacon_Strips_MA


Image submission from Bacon_Strips_MA

From: Hiryuu


Image submission from Hiryuu

Happy birthday Kronii! I love watching your streams and having them in the background sometimes when I draw. You are the most chill person I've ever seen here's to another year of Time!

From: NSFDresden


Image submission from NSFDresden

From: Frosty


Image submission from Frosty

Happy Birthday Kronii! Heres to infinite more!!

From: Coleman


Happy birthday Krowii

From: Joel Z


Go Kronii, it's your birthday! Watching you get flustered makes my day - the gap moe is just too cute! Always appreciate the hard work you're putting into your streams. Keep it up and continuing growing as a streamer! P.S.: Read the first letter of each sentence, and here's to another year of Kronii. Kanpai! 🥂

From: StarBlaster


Happy Birthday Kronii. Can't believe that its March already. I still remember your debut stream like it was yesterday. Your perfect and elegant voice is what captivated me and at that moment I immediately decided that you'll be my oshi. Thanks for all the hard work you've done to come this far and thanks for joining Hololive. You'll always be my motivation to try something new 💙 BTW, I've set your gwak as my alarm ringtone so I can wake up to your voice everyday.

From: massmanton


A very happy birthday to you, Kronii! You know, since you're the Warden of Time, you can manipulate each day to be your birthday. Just saying, it wouldn't be a bad idea to worship the creation of the most perfect concept ever every second of every day. Kronies would definitely be on board. I hope you have a great time celebrating with fans, friends, and family! Also, happy pi day! massmanton

From: JD


Happy birthday Kronii! Thank you for being perfect and making our time better.

From: Buffed Pizza Crust


Happy birthday Kronii! You might not notice, but I, no, we are all happy, and way happier than before, as we spend more and more of our time watching your streams, your moments with the Council, Myth and HoloJP(and the clips that come after), and I might not be noticeable among the sea of people who are down bad- well not all, for you but, I do wish you good luck, health and of course, keep slaying queen! YASSS~ but seriously, I hope you will have more fun with us, and your mates in Hololive, and we all look forward to a brighter future with you and everyone! Otanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu, Ouro Kronii!!

From: Fukuhiki Yoshito


I am the future of my past. Seconds are my minutes, and days are my years. I have watched over a thousand hours. Unaware of stop, Nor aware of the limit. Withstood sleep with daydream, my mind will never fully understand. Yet, my admiration never ends. If anyone has ever felt this, repeat with me... Happy Birthday Kronii! Thanks for every second. I may be Brazilian but that never stopped me from supporting your work. Now what stopped me was the dollar. Oh my God, the dollar is destroying me!!! That said, congratulations Kronii, you deserve it. By the way, I love the United States.

From: Anon Imus


Happy birthday to our Warden! For all the time I've been tuning into your streams, not one second of it has been wasted. From debut until now, and from now into the future, I wish you the best.

From: Erugish


くろにちは! クロニーさん おたんじょうび おめでとう ございます! Happy birthday to you. I am very happy every day thanks to your fun stream. Please take care of your health and keep doing your best. Also, thank you for always being there for us in Japan. I hope you know that you have a lot of Japanese fans.

From: RBC


HBD, The Perfect Kronii ! That's it.

From: BeegShmack


Happy Birthday Kronii! Been spending my time working out a bit while watchin' the streams, been fun (and been getting fit)!

From: rusthie


Happy Birthday Kronii! Thank you for the fun times and cheers to many more to come! I'll always be supporting you!

From: Fawx317


Happy Blessed Birthday Kronii!! I can't thank you enough for all the entertaining streams you've put out for us, it was a great source of laughter through some tough times I was going through last year. You mentioned in your debut that you hope to be a happy person. As someone who is also searching for his own happiness, I sincerely hope you've found that happiness in Hololive, and I wish you nothing but the best moving forward!

From: atlas


I'm not the best with words, but have my message. Hey Kronii! Happy ∞-th birthday! From day 1 to now, it brings a smile to this loyal Kromie to see this momentous occasion for our perfect warden of time. I want to thank you for giving me something to look forward to again. Ever since your debut, I can say that that day was the first time I've felt something in a long while. That debut was like a light at the end of a dark tunnel. Watching your streams, seeing your Ws, listening to you banter with chat has become a very enjoyable experience. I have met people who also enjoy your streams and they eventually ended up as good friends. Getting membership, sending supas, and making memes for you are all memories that I would never forget. You have never failed to entertain us. This would probably be buried in the sea of messages, but all I want to add is a thank you for making me feel alive again. Love you lots, here's to the future and whatever may come our way. Happy birthday, Kronii.

From: Kay F


Thank you for the fun times during your streams! Happy birthday Kronii! :)

From: 바르그하티


크로니치와! 안녕하세요, 크로니 :) 시간 업무를 하느라 항상 수고가 많으십니다. 오늘은 무려 항상 완벽하고 아름다운 사람의 생일이네요! 생일 축하해요, 크로니! 항상 즐거운 방송을 해줘서 감사합니다! 오늘 하루 어떻게 보내셨나요? 행복한 하루였나요? 불행한 하루였나요? 행복한 하루를 보냈으면 좋겠는데... 불행한 하루를 보내고 있다면 아주 잠깐만이라도 잊고 저희가 준비한 이벤트를 같이 보면서 행복해지셨으면 좋겠어요! 매일이 행복했으면 좋겠지만, 불행한 날엔 이런 날도 있을 수 있지 하고 가볍게 웃으며 넘길 수 있을 정도로 행복한 날들을 더 많이 보냈으면 좋겠어요 :) 크로니! 오늘같이 완벽한 하루를 지금처럼 웃으시면서 행복하게 보내길 바랄께요! 오늘뿐만이 아니라 앞으로도요 :) 한국에서 언제나 응원하고 있겠습니다! Happy Birthday! Kronii!

From: TuanBob


From: Sheep


Kroniichiwa! As the passage of seconds throughout the lives of humans continued, we were blessed to have finally met the source of "time". And the world was never the same again. Neither was my schedule! Your debut was the reason I actually started watching Hololive consistently. So thank you, but you should also apologize for doing that to me. Jokes aside though, thanks for all of the laughs. Have a wonderful birthday Kronii. Here's to another year in which we have the pleasure of being in your presence. Kroyasumii!

From: Bluecoreo


Happy birthday and hello Kronii, first of all I would like to congratulate you for your birthday and hope for the best of you. I would always put your streams on in the background while doing some assignments and stuff. The streams are relaxing and very fun to watch . Hope you'll always keep up the great streams . BYEE!!

From: General Parker


From: CommonKirinuker


Kroniichiwa! Since the first time heard your voice, I felt something I've never had, and as time went by, I had deep interest in you. There were hard times, but I was able to get over those times by listening your voice. You were perfect, you are perfect, and now I'll look forward to seeing you who'll be even more perfect! Huh Buh Duh, I mean, Happy Birthday, our beloved Warden of Time, Kronii!

From: Guysavage


Happy Birthday Kronii! Watching all your streams and checking out your art tag motivated me to pick up drawing so I can try and capture some of my favorite moments from your streams or make a funny meme from something that happened during a stream. Also, my brother saw me drawing and now he wants to draw too now! So I guess technically you motivated two people to pick up drawing. He is way younger than me but he's already way better at drawing than me! Thank you for giving me a new hobby I can share with my brother, and thank you for all of your great streams!

From: ろか


I am Japanese and not fluent in English, so I will use translation. Happy Birthday Kronii! Thanks to your stream, I am living happily every day. I will continue to support you!! I'm sure there will be other messages from other people, so this will be a simple message of congratulations.

From: Seriousla Yuri


Sometimes it still blows my mind that humanity has lived through thousands of years of history filled with the rise and fall of civilizations, all happening on a giant floating rock billions of years old that is flying around a massive ball of fire in space. And right now I am alive to witness Kronii and her shenanigans with the Council. Happy Birthday Kronii, you're awesome. Never stop having fun doing what you love.

From: Kel


Happy Birthday Kronii! Hearing your voice always makes my day better. Love your beautiful voice, your sense of humor and the cute gwaks. Hope you have a great birthday!

From: ItzThePoyratz


Watching your clips and streams when I was sick really helped me get through sick times. Thanks Kronii and Happy Birthday!!

From: Takane


Hello! Kronii! Happy birthday! YOU are one of make me guide into about Hololive. Thank you for everything, I am glad that I am very simp to you. I want you for support all time and thank you for show us. We always support you even you had a hard time, we always wait for you. I really thank you for again. 사랑해요 언니! 늘 우리가 지켜볼테니깐요!

From: Koz


I'm not necessarily good with words so I'll just say Happy Birthday Kronii! I hope you happiness, peace, and content in your life for every second, minute, and hour. You streams have helped us Kronies and Kromies in feeling those same things.

From: Robo-chan


Happy birthday to our perfect warden of time. I hope you have a wonderful day with all your friends and us kronies and kromies. You are our shining light for us to follow our dreams and I can wait to see you make all of your dreams come true and create new memories.

From: CoCoNut


"Happy Birthday Kronii!"

From: Longarms07


Happy Birthday Kronii! Thank you for all the time you have spent with us!

From: Variety76


HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN Hope you have a wonderful year and much love.

From: bias



From: MinuteMaid


(TL Fixed) To. My beloved Kronii Unnie. Because of you I have become someone who is determined to walk in the tempest rather than someone who rage the tempest and wish for it to change. Your birthday may not meant that much for you, but just as how the birth of the star called the sun becomes very important to many lives on earth. You become my twinkle star, the brightest one in the darkest night. So please know that your birth has given important meaning to many others, including me. 생일축하해요 저의 소중한 반짝반짝 밝은별 언니 앞으로도 사랑해요. From. Your Loyal MinuteMaid.

From: 강이리_TEAMMATE main DDD


Happy birthday, Kronii. I'm your Korean fan. I'm always watching the broadcast. It's Kronii's first birthday after Kronii came into the HOLOLIVE, I hope Kronii feels like he's the king of the world at least at this moment. The fans will always be with you, so spend a lot of time with the fans! Happy birthday, our perfect Kronii.

From: Solar | Kroniicopter Pilot


Every warden needs her throne. Happy Birthday Kronster!

From: gozita2003


The way you make time pass by so easily in such a relaxing and soothing fashion is so nice! You keep me good company during work and make me laugh at how much time you spend upping your own ego! Thank you for all you do and we ALL love Boros! I hope he can stay around forever!

From: AgentofShield11


On August 22, 2021, I acquired a newfound appreciation for time. It is said that time is the most valuable thing a person can spend. I can say without a doubt that all the time spent so far with our lovely warden was certainly worth it (who needs sleep anyway?). May all of the time you spend with us remain the best times of our lives! And may you continue to love yourself as much as we love you! Happy Birthday Kronii!

From: Totes


Happy Birthday Kronii!! Your streams always makes me smile and laugh whenever I watch them. Have a great 'time' on your bday...still dont get why you chose pi day tho-

From: nochilasw


Happy birthday Kronii! We're grateful for your voice that can slow (cuz we be amazed yo) or fast-forward (cuz having fun makes time passes much faster) time itself and for you being yourself! I've been putting your stream in the background while working at it has been a fun time! (Imagine making work fun, lmao). Cheers for the future grandma Kronii! 🍻 (please don't kill me).

From: D3athParade


I spend time watching Kronii while I work on projects and helps me get through them all. Also when I need a good laugh, her streams are always worth my time.

From: Chap


If time marches forward, then it's fitting that you oversee it. Onwards and forwards!

From: Jael


Kroniichiwa! And Happy Birthday Kronii! It has only been a half a year but your impact to all of us feels like a years worth of Joy, laughter and GAWKS. Always remain perfect and know that you are loved by your genmates, senpais and your fans. You are amazing Kronii.

From: Chiasa


Kronii really flies huh? It has been already half a year since you debut. It's fun watching your stream since you debut. I would just open your stream, put it in the background while I work or even sometimes right before I sleep. Thank you for joining Hololive. Thank you for everything. Your stream, your dream and even your scream (during horror game). Happy Birthday Kronii. May your endeavour shines bright throughtout the timeline.

From: Malik


HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRONII!!! It's always a fun time tuning into your streams and I watch your clips wherever I have some time to kill. You're absolutely outstanding and I hope you have a great day!

From: Zwie


Hello Kronii, the perfect Time Warden of HoloCouncil. Although it has only been roughly half a year since your debut, I feel like I have followed you for a very long Time. It's your great b-day, I wish you the best of everything, and please know that us Kronies always love you (ofc not as much as the Time Warden loves herself). Happy Birthday Kronii!

From: Colouss


Time flies. Especially with helicopter wings. Happy birthday Kronii! Hoping we can celebrate more of your birthdays down the road as well!

From: 精靈OuO


Happy Birthday Kronii!!! We know you are the best!!!Time brings us together~ Love you!!!

From: Chulip


Happy birthday to our favorite warden of time, THANK YOU for building such a great community and creating a space of happiness for so many. Hope this day is amazing because well, you're amazing!

From: Obin


I love you Kronii.

From: Hedyheidi2.0


You're always perfect!💙love ü and thanks for all you shared and gived us. Happy Birthday Kroniinii~~~~💙💙💙

From: That's Dr. n00b 2u


Kronii time is best time!

From: Byron Skyron


Feliz cumpleaños a la Guardiana del Tiempo! Kronii your time with us has been short but the experiences are eternal! Never stop being your own perfect self and keep GWAKing until Sana's next destruction of the earth and beyond. VIVA LA KRONII!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

From: LauHerondale


Happy birthday to the most amazing, perfect, beautiful, gorgeous, talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing (yes, I put amazing twice), show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique guardian of Time! Now, leaving the memes aside, you are amazing, Kronii, thank you for your streams, they make me really happy, and I laugh a lot with all the things you say, you really make my days happier. Take lots of care, love you so much!

From: Zyolluax


Happy Birthday Kronii! Your streams help me got through being sick with covid. Hope you have a great day

From: Jason Leung


Happy Birthday Kronii~ Time always flies when spending with you~ A perfect day starts from a "Kroniichiwa" and ends with a "Kronyasumi"~ Thank you for bring us lots of perfect moment and hope you have a perfect Birthday~

From: Zhumingz


Happy Birthday Kronii! Thanks for all the time you've been with us even though it has only been 6 months. I always enjoy your stream and your humour as well as your incredible voice. Can't believe time has flown by so quickly. Wishing you a day filled with happiness and a year filled with joy. Look forward to celebrating many more with everyone in the future!

From: T William


Happy Birthday Kronii!! Watching your streams is my favorite way to unwind after work, you have such a calming aura about you. The first thing I do when I turn on my computer is catch up on your streams, and I always tune in love if my schedule allows! Can’t wait to see what else you have in store!

From: Pierre


Kroniichiwa! First of Happy birthday to our favorite Kromedian... I mean oshi. hehe. But in all seriousness Happy birthday kronii! Hopefully you're having a great one. This must be quite an experience for you to celebrate your birthday like this. I know you'll probably still can't believe what's happening but just know us fans appreciate everything you do, even though we can be weird most of the time xD Have lots of cake or sweets but not too much else you'll get fa.... ahem bad for your health. Give some to boros or krono as well. Once again Happy birthday and may lots of smile and happiness come for you!

From: Oryu


Hi kronii ! 안녕하세요! 한국에사 언제나 크로니 방송 잘보고 있는 한국 시청자입니다! 홀로라이브에서의 첫생일!진심으로 축하드립니다! 크로니님을 처음 보았을때 한국어를 써주시는 모습을 보고 팬이되었습니다. 좋은 목소리로 한국어를 읊어줄때 너무 좋았습니다!앞으로도 홀로라이브에서 좋은 모습 보여주셨으면합니다! 크로니 화이팅!!크로니 100만 가즈아아아!!

From: Mr Simple


Happy Birthday Kronii and I just want to say thank you for spending time with us Kronies during your streams. Watching and listening to your stream while working makes it better to get on with the day especially during this pandemic. Take care, always stay healthy and once again Happy Birthday!!!

From: Decker


Happy Birthday to Kronii, Perfection Incarnate!! Time truly flies by when you are having fun.

From: Swaws


Happy Birthday Kronii!!!

From: Natsumi


Time flies by so fast, so fast it reached your birthdate, Happy Kronii Day!

From: Gaimu


Happy birthday Kronii !! I'm watching your stream everyday . You are the source of my energy. クロニーお誕生日おめでとう! あなたの配信はとても面白くて、自分の元気の源になってます! いつも仕事のストレスを癒やしてくれてありがとう! これからも応援してます!

From: DecadeS


Happy Birthday, Kronii !!!!!!!!!!! Starting from the time when you first debuted, you really are doing great and creating a lot of memories with viewers and hololive members! Have a safe, healthy, and joyful birthday!

From: Einstein2004113


From: ClockmanKR


Dear our Warden of Time, happy first birthday to you that we are celebrating together! It was very happy time that spend with you. And we guarantee that the time ahead also will be happy and pleasure. Don't be pain, be happy! And don't forget, all of Kronies love you Kronii!

From: Spacetator


Happy birthday to our precious Time Warden! I love the interaction between everyone, the content you offer and even the banter between Kronii and Kronies/Kromies. Thank you so much for your hard work, let's makes more memorable moments in the future!

From: Kurisu


Image submission from Kurisu

Happy Birthday Kronii!! Thank you so much for everything you've done! Watching your stream after work has been so relaxing and fun. It's been an absolute joy being a part of this. Have a great birthday Kronii.

From: kramer


Image submission from kramer

From: Seion


Image submission from Seion

Happy Infinite-th Birthday Kronii!! 생일 축하해요, 크로니!! Had so much fun watching/listening to your stream! Will continue to support you now and in the future! 好き~!

From: Asashi


Image submission from Asashi

Happy birthday Kronii, we love you just as how you love Kronii! You are always perfect and cool. PS, tea is leaf juice.

From: lanschpaket


Image submission from lanschpaket

From: LC


Image submission from LC

From: ぐろうす


Image submission from ぐろうす

クロニー、お誕生日おめでとう!FLOWERで惚れて配信を見続けたら大好きになりました! これからも活動楽しんでください、応援しています! Happy birthday to you, Kronii! First I saw you when you said "FROWER" over and over again. I was so interested in you. Now, I do like you, Kronii! I hope that you have fun time at streaming. I'm rooting for you!

From: Xyr G clock model XG0265


Image submission from Xyr G clock model XG0265

Happy birthday Kronii Love from your fans in the Philippines. Much love have a wonderful and healthy life thanks for the time when I was down and I remembered that time me and class watched your stream during class

From: SaiyanKirby


Image submission from SaiyanKirby

From: Frietnada


Image submission from Frietnada

Thank you for being here with us Kronies. Wish you the best wishes and may God bless you and all your dreams will come true. Stay strong, stay safe, stay perfect as the way you are Kronii. Happy ∞+1Birthday to you!

From: zofia :D


Image submission from zofia :D

Happy birthday Kronii!!! ! ! I really can't put into words how much positivity & happiness you've given to me these past months. It's such a special day for you and I want to be able to articulate how much you mean to me so please accept my humble bday greetings and art for now. Personally, I always gush about you to my friends, especially with my girlfriend ! We both really do love you dearly. Honestly!! I really hope you don't steal her from me.. but then again if you need another pet.... meow......... Kidding aside! I just want you to know that I'll definitely be supporting you until the end :) So please continue to work hard and do what you love. I'm sure I can speak for a lot of people that we all look forward to everything you'll put out and work on! I will forever thank the fact that I'm born in this timeline that I was able to meet the Warden of Time and I'm always excited for the future to come. Happy Birthday!

From: Nick


Image submission from Nick

Hi Kronii. Thanks for creating entertaining content for my friends and I to enjoy, we love and appreciate you for all that you do! Happy birthday.

From: Shiro


Image submission from Shiro

Dear Kronii, you are one of my favorite vtubers both visually and personally. It’s amazing to see a perfect warden of time that made me felt joyful every time. Also it is cool to see your pet Boros Kronii and I also going to wait for the fav noodle from Kronii. Always stay motivated and happy Kronii. I will alway support the warden of time!!!💙

From: chiyo


Image submission from chiyo

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRONII!! you mean so much to me, anytime I feel lost or miserable, you're always there to cheer me up. You've been a huge part of my life, you always relentlessly manage to make me smile despite anything bad that happens throughout the day. You're like the gravity of my world, you help me stay stable and encourage me to keep going, you wouldn't believe how much you have affected my life!! I love your voice, I love your humour, I love your personality, I love your singing, I love just about everything about you... Never forget that we all love you, keep up the exquisiteness, hm? I hope you have a great rest of the day <33

From: animatic01


Image submission from animatic01

Happy birthday to our perfect time warden, Kronii!! Thank you! We'll always be here for our oshii!!

From: Yes


Image submission from Yes

Happy Birthday Kronii!! I met your streams at the beginning of the year and they helped me a lot and now I find happiness and inspiration in your work. I hope you have an amazing time with your family and friends!

From: Ronic409


Image submission from Ronic409

From: BoCHen


Image submission from BoCHen

Happy birthday, dear warden of time. Likewise the eternity of time, wish you have the eternity of happiness. Always enjoy your streams no matter what you are playing. And admire your humor, kindness and hardworking. Thank you for everything and your existence.

From: Sleih


Image submission from Sleih

Thanks a lot Kronii for these months, I enjoy a lot watching your streams, I been having more motivation lately and I am starting to draw again, keep doing what you are doing and I will keep going as well.

From: mntua


Image submission from mntua

From: Kevin


Image submission from Kevin

From: LBKei


Image submission from LBKei

Happy Birthday Kronii!!!!! 생일축하해요!

From: FanShuChip


Image submission from FanShuChip

Happy Birthday Kronii!!! I love your stream no matter it's gaming or chatting. I really love your reactions and your interesting jokes and puns. It make me laugh and revive my plain and stressful life. I'm glad that I've met you and I'll keep on supporting you in the future. Wish you have a wonderful birthday. :D

From: Chintendo


Image submission from Chintendo

Happy Birthday, Warden of Time! ⏳ Thank you for all that you do! 💙💙💙

From: kurijezatives


Image submission from kurijezatives

From: Blackpolar


Image submission from Blackpolar

Happy Birthday Kronii!!! Thank you for being our queen, bringing us joy and laughter each time. The time spent with you has been amazing and your existence has helped me to survive through all the hard times. I am really looking forward to more insane Gwaks and it has been nice to see you slowly opening up to us. Just don't get too stress up (due to DECK) and have fun! No matter how much we tries to bully you, remember that Kromies will always be by your side!!

From: Ago


Image submission from Ago

Happy Birthday Kronii, we look forward to another year with you.

From: 허브캣 HerbCat


Image submission from 허브캣 HerbCat

Happy birthday Kronii! Have a good TIME !! Always thank you!!

From: Mitris


Image submission from Mitris

From: Haypi


Image submission from Haypi

Happy Birthday, Kronii! Time flies so fast you have become a lot Kronii. Thank you for all of your hard work and for always being there with us. I always listen to you while I'm studying my course in animation. It really helps me to relieve the stress and continue to work hard. Wish you all the best in your life! Look forward to the years to come. Thank you for being in our lives again.

From: Noir Mellow


Image submission from Noir Mellow

From: RiXOriON


Kronii, you're my first ever vtuber that I actually joined the membership and successfully caught me in the first glance. i really love how you interact with us, and sometimes your silly jokes and puns make me laugh so much. I never miss your stream even a single bit because I really like your stream so much. Thank you for coming into hololive and brighten our days.

From: Rekkuza


Happy birthday, Kronii! Around half a year has gone by so quickly, and I definitely have to thank you for quite a bit of that. I'm not good with expressing my feels through words, but I can at least say that the kromies/kronies have enjoyed every stream that you have been apart of. Whether through computer issues, a rampant virtual assistant, or anything in between that may trouble you, we'll always show as much love and support as we can. Nothing more for me to say, at least here, besides I hope you have a wonderful birthday, our perfect time warden.

From: Jaboca


Happy Birthday Kronii! We’re all so grateful for you being a part of Council and Hololive! Every day you make us laugh and smile and we couldn’t ask for anyone more perfect in our lives! Happy Birthday once again!

From: Hario


Hey Kronii, happy birthday! Your streams really make time fly by (you'll probably read this a few hundred times). But you're great! I really love your brand of humor and I feel like you're the most #relatable out of everyone. Hope you have a great time (sorry)!

From: 내남NO


Kronii, happy birthday. Thank you for always doing fun broadcasts. But health is more important than broadcasting, so please take care of your health first. Happy birthday again and have a good time. 사랑해요 크로니



Happy Birthday Kronii have a wonderful day your streams brought me lots of joy will continue supporting you throughout!

From: Metoku


Happy Birthday Kronii! Keep up the hard work and entertaining us with your content.

From: Account Closed


Happy B day Kronii! From august 2021 to march 2022, you gave us countless humors and memes, I even feel sorry that I can't give you anything special although you gave us so much run :( I hope that you have a perfect day on your birthday like 'you' as always <3

From: raphzuko


Happy Birthday Kronii! I hope the happiness and love you receive on this day will never end for you and will carry on forever. Really enjoy hearing your beautiful voice in the background as I do my schoolwork.

From: Sigma


Habuduh Kronii! You never fail to brighten my day, and I wish you nothing but the best for the future!

From: gred7n


Happy birthday Kronii, the time spent watching your streams is time well spent.

From: Akasia_DT


It's Time! Happy Birthday!

From: Oscarfeisss


Happy bday Kwonii, hope you keep protecting time :')

From: lamentori


Kronii !! Happy Birthday~! This is the first birthday you get to celebrate with the holomems and us Kronies! I always look forward to your streams. Looking back, I used to enjoy streams discreetly since many of my friends weren't interested at the time. Your streams keep me company whenever I’m preoccupied with work. But now, I get to enjoy watching your streams in the company of my friends! You never fail to put a smile on my face, from your amazing personality to your incredible sense of humor. I will be forever grateful to know that someone as incredible as you exist. I will continue to support you in the ways that I can, and may you reach eternal happiness! I hope you get to enjoy every single moment of your special day! A perfect birthday for the perfect being!! I wish you all the best, much love <3

From: FlaminSarge



From: TinyVodka


Happy Birthday Kronii!~ I hope you can attain Happiness like you've always wanted ^_^~

From: thenrici


Hi Kronii!! Happy Birthday! It feels like so much time has passed since I first started watching you, and you are such a positive and fun streamer to watch. Keep up the good work, be it in streaming, music or anything else that interests you. Keep up the good work, All the best!!

From: suhu


Hello Kronii, happy birthday 🎂 🥳 My English is not good. So I'm a little shy. But I wanted to wish you a happy birthday, so I wrote this. I remember when I saw your debut. I remember it for a long time because you have a pretty voice. I saw you almost through Kirinuki. It was really fun. 🤣 Thank you for working hard to make us laugh and I look forward to your wonderful appearance. Happy birthday, Kronii!!!

From: zuljimi


Happy Birthday to my dearest oshi, Kronii! I may or may not be able to watch a lot of your stream recently because of studies but I do play them on the background. I love you from the bottom of my heart. You have help me going through stress and pain with your jokes and "FUNNY" puns. I've not yet been a membership on your channel but I will always support you. Much love and again happy birthday Kronii!!

From: Actiondanny



From: Luis Ramirez


Even if I am busy with school or work, I continue to support you by watching your videos after, your work has kept me happy even through tough times. Thank you for all you do and happy birthday! - Luis Ramirez (Louie Ramoorez)

From: E.V.A.R.B


Dear Kronii , before I got to know you , my life was quite boring , I worked almost all day . But since knowing Ouro Kronii , I have found a new motivation , I always watch your stream , even though the time zone is really different . You brought me joy and laughter , thank you for being with all of us Kronies during this time. Happy birthday, Ouro Kronii, my Queen.

From: laidir


Happy Birthday Kronii! Super happy to see this project come to fruition and I'm sure you'll love it. You deserve this and much more, this is the least we can do! Have a great day!

From: Tenebren


Happy Birthday Kronii!

From: Firefly9715


I don't always have the time to watch your streams live so I have to catch up on vods a lot but when I do get to watch a live stream it really makes my day. So thanks for having such great streams. Happy Birthday Kronii!

From: Shala


Happy Birthday Kronii! Since your debut, your streams have been very fun and relaxing to watch, and they’ve kept me from falling asleep while doing work at night too many times to count. Keep being amazing, I know this next year is going to be even better!!

From: Malmon


Happy Birthday Kronii!! Wishes for great times ahead!!

From: Lazrieru


おたんじょうび おめでとう ございます! クロニーさんの こえが すきです!! これからも がんばって ください!

From: PSL1062


Happy Birthday Kronii - hope you just keep tickin'!

From: currymeal


Happy birthday, Kronii!! While I doubt that you will be able to read this specific note, I still want to share how you and the rest of hololive have helped me get to where I am today. When you and the rest of Council debuted, I had a few more months of school before I became a full-time ultrasound technician intern. The amount of work and time I put into for this program made the overall experience tedious and grueling, but you and your streams helped time to fly so quickly! I still have a ways to go as an intern, but I know I can get through it. Thank you for being you! Here's to more birthdays!

From: ギガプリン


Happy birthday Kronii! What a time it's been, it's already your birthday. The time really goes by when you're around. All the best and here's to more time chilling with you, Krono, Boros, and all the Kronies.

From: Vicky


Happy Name Day, Kronii! :D I am glad I spent the time watching your debut and other streams such as Pokemon and Hollow Knight! Those two streams made your personality stand out to me, and I'm happy to say you are one of my favorite HoloStreamers. :D

From: Poltava


Happy Birthday Kronii and Thank you for the past 6 months!!!

From: Outrun the Wind


Happy Birthday Kronii!

From: minklebell


Happy Birthday and Pie Day, Kronii! Through good and bad, you've made every moment since your debut a better one for me and so many others. May your perfection continue to perpetuate, like the digits of pi. 생일축하해요~

From: akaRice


Happy Birthday Kronii! Your clips are always a source of laughter among friends in Discord and your original song/karaoke are some of my favorite ways to pass time ^_^

From: cheese grater


Happy Birthday Kronii!!, Thanks for all the content you have given us, I hope you will continue to do your best in making people smile until the end of time.

From: tenchikurin


Happy birthday Kronii!! I will continue to support HololiveEN including Kronii! I wish you good health and future development. Happy Birthday!!!!! From Japanese listeners.

From: CreakHead


Happy B-Day Our Warden of Time!!

From: Saber_xYT


Kronii happy birthday :'D when I saw your reaction to this project made me tear up a bit glad I help a little bit (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)

From: Fishbone


Birthday time

From: Yes


Hello Kronii. And happy birthday to you. You have brought a bit of joy into my. l usually get heavily bullied by a lot of people and don’t really have friends so I consider your streams to be a safe place. I know that sounds pretty stupid but you’ve really helped me by bringing me joy when I really needed it. When you are feeling down I want you to remember all the people who support you and all of the people like me who you’ve brought joy to. Happy birthday Kronii you truly are great.

From: Hà Xuân


Kroniichiwa! I wish you a happy birthday and hope all the best comes to you! I've been following your stream since your debut, and you've truly brought so much moments and memories to us! To be honest, it's hard to choose what kind of streams or moments I enjoy the most, but if I have to choose one, I'll definitely say Minecraft. The way you interact with other Holo members as "Jokeronii" , literally make the MC shenningans a million times better and I really had a very fun time watching it. With that being said, I hope that you can bring more interesting and fun moments to us. Keep being an awesome Time Warden! Love you Kronii! <3

From: serotonid


Not much to say other than happy birthday and I am really thankful for what you do for us, the time you invest in your content and your dedication to what you do and your will to improve even more, thank you for everything and here is to the future.

From: HaJiMe


Dear Kronii... Today marks a special day, filled with a lot of joy and fun memories. I'm not really good when it comes to words but I just wanted to say thank you, thank you for always bringing a smile on my face and towards the community you mean the world to us. Best of wishes for you Kronii, I know that you will continue to succeed. Once again Happy Birthday. Time is a precious The way we spend our TIMe defines who we are- Jonathan Estrin. P.S. Your streams are truely the best, con mucho amor (with much love) HaJiMe.

From: Kino (KCT Admin)


As one of your first Kronies i just want to thank you. Since I watched your model being announced and hearing your first words I got caught by you, you truly are cool as you say, thank you for being perfect Kronini.

From: Flavourtext


Hey Kronii! I don't have much to say except that every one of your streams are always a pleasure to watch. Please keep supplying us with kroniium to feed our addiction. Have yourself a good one!

From: WildTimeRabbit


Happy Birthday, Kronii! Hololive, in general, made these past few years entertaining, but when they added you and the council to the mix, things have become livelier and a lot more exciting. These past 6 months were a blast and I'm sure that the following months will be just as fun!

From: Taiga


Happy Birthday Kronii!

From: iouthis


Happy Birthday Kronii!! Boros is cute and a freaking angel

From: Yeiow


Thank you for being so awesome, hope you could have an no-birthday too so we could celebrate both birthdays: Kronii´s and not-your birthday lol.

From: Hajime


Kroniichiwa! Morning, evening, afternoon, whatever it may be, have a great one! Congratulations on your 1st birthday since joining Hololive! I think this project that Kronies were working on is amazing! I'm really glad that I was able to take part of it! I wish you a Happy Birthday, Kronii! Please have fun! Let's make this birthday memorable together!! <3

From: anonymous


Hi Kronii I know today is your birhtday so happy birthday to you and your stream is my live energy so don't graduated soon pls

From: shad


Happy Bday to our perfect warden of Time. Best of wishes from me and everyone! Onto more gawking and totally not gap moe moments for the future! PS. Had @Chifuyu49 (Twitter) draw a little something, maybe a little late but I hope it makes it up here! PPS: Kronii has the biggest clock!

From: Lyudmilia


Happy birthday Kronii! Thank you for all the great times! I've really come to love all your streams since you've debuted. Your charisma and humor really lifts my spirits up!! Looking forward to more TIME with you!

From: IT'SME


HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRONII!!!! When I take a break, I always have watched your clip, so I feel my break time is very short as if you take my time. But I want that. So please still my time forever. One more time, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRONII!!!!!!!!!

From: KT


Happy Birthday Kronii! You are one of the few streamers I actively pay attention during stream and take the time to watch the VoDs. I hope you get a big cake to celebrate!

From: 시요|님|しよ|様|


Happy Birthday KRONII!! I watched it from 5 months ago in Korea! I never missed your stream when taking a school exam or having a private meeting! Congrats on subscribing to the 668k and happy birthday! Let's make as many memories as possible beyond the 1st anniversary! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 생일 축하해!

From: Sabas


Time... there's a lot of fun moments since your debut that I could name, but it was fun eating the 2X spicy noodles with you, the movie watchalongs, the karaoke streams, and oh, the twitter spaces! Over the past couple of months you've definitely become more confident and I look forward to what's in store for the future!

From: Agiri


Happy Birthday Kronii! here's for another year, hope to see much more fun in the future!

From: 姆湯


thank you for changing my life



Happy Birthday Kronii ministry! Thank you for all the fun broadcasts! I love your looks, your voice, your singing, your way of thinking, everything. I will continue to support you. I can only write simple English, but I hope you can understand. From a Kronies in Japan

From: OoXKami


Happy Birthday, Kronii! I really enjoy watching your streams and I like how you can even make superchat readings entertaining. I look forward to seeing what you have planned for the future!

From: lupus


생일축하해 크로니

From: Sawako


Happy birthday Kronii! We actually have the same birthday so happy birthday to us! 😊 I wish you the success and happiness that you deserve. I hope you keep enjoying being a vtuber you wanted to be. We love you so much! ❤️

From: Lucas da Rosa


Hey hey, looks like a certain Clock Maiden is getting older! (or younger? I mean, you can manipulate time as you wish). Happy Birthday, Kronii!!!! It has been 6 months since I started watching you, and... What can I say? All the TIME I spent with you is really precious for me. I can say with no hesitation that I was a sadder person before I met you, but now I have one more reason to live for! And I mean, the reason is to watch your One Chip Challenge when you reach 1M subs, it's not that I like you or something! *sigh*

From: JHL


From: Ultimaleo


HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRONII!!! I enjoyed the time spent just lurking and vibing in your streams. It's great to have you around, and I'm looking forward to another year together!!

From: FallenAngel


Thank you kronii! for all the wonderful streams, for all the fun times that make us laugh, even just listen to your stream while doing something productive help me a lot, I will start using my time more productively thank you and Happy birthday!! More years to come!💙💙

From: Minxei


Image submission from Minxei

Happy Birthday Kronii ! I love you!

From: 本風クロウ


Image submission from 本風クロウ

Your voice has captivated us and your gwaks have given so much joy. This is my tribute to the gwaks you have given us Kronies throughout the year. Happy Birthay Kronii!

From: Rei / 霊


Image submission from Rei / 霊

Happy birthday Kronii! I love watching your streams, they always managed to make my day better even if it was just by a bit. You are an amazing person and you should always keep that head help high!

From: 민객


Image submission from 민객

Happy birthday Kronii. 생일 축하합니다. 앞으로도 재미있는 방송 부탁드려요

From: ShadexRan


Image submission from ShadexRan

From: Kryione


Image submission from Kryione

Happy birthday! Thanks for being our Cortana-haunted-nap-enthusiast-puntastic-sadistic Warden of Time! I drew you mad at the cameraperson for being late at the Hikaru Nara MV filming (and your hair in still in a bun). Have a good Birthday~ :D

From: CHE3ZY


Image submission from CHE3ZY

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRONII! Having a birthday on Pi Day makes it infinitely better no?

From: Freyja


Image submission from Freyja

Happy Birthday Our warden Kronii! I usually watch you while doing some work and hanging out with fun amazing online friends at the Clock Tower! Thank you for the fun streams and really like your jokes, keep it up too!

From: J Kim Sketches


Image submission from J Kim Sketches

From: Hew


Image submission from Hew

From: Ryan4numbers


Image submission from Ryan4numbers

From: ゴールデイGoldy


Image submission from ゴールデイGoldy

Happy birthday Kronii! Thank you for gifting me the courage to try something new, here is my first illustration for you - and of you ;)

From: Capt-Jules


Image submission from Capt-Jules

To our precious time warden, watching your streams has always been an enjoyable time. The stories you share and the things you do with your friends never fail to make me laugh and occasionally go "awww, that's adorable". I'll also never forget the time I heard you say you like Fire Emblem, which is just amazing! Hope you have an amazing birthday, Kronii and all the best for the times ahead!

From: bulbaasaur


Image submission from bulbaasaur

From: Valtaur


Image submission from Valtaur

From: jimpaly


Image submission from jimpaly

From: Haaymitch


Image submission from Haaymitch

Kroniichiwa! Love watching your streams Kronii. Whether I am doing something and listening to you in the background or needing to wind down after a long day. I can say I've been having the TIME of my life watching your streams. Happy Birthday Kronii and I hope you have a great TIME! Also Bond lvl. 11 when? XD

From: farfaraway


Image submission from farfaraway

Happy birthday, Kronii! Can't believe that our warden of time is turning 1 year? or is it 72 years old? Well all that I can say that you still look young and energetic. I always find your streams enjoying, and at one point I find it comfy. Since most of the time I spent is studying, I always put your streams on Picture-in-Picture mode on my browser so I can watch you while studying! There's this one time at school I was watching your karaoke performance and I forgor to bring my earphone, one of my friends went over me and said, "Are you listening to some songs?" And well I just said no cuz technically I was shy and it was my first time going to school ever since pandemic (true story). And now the whole class knows that I watch VTubers. I'm really grateful to have ever met you, Kronii! Thank you for always being the Kronii we love! We will always support our favorite tsundere granny! Love from Indonesia! 💙 -farfaraway

From: 강군규_GUGYU99


Image submission from 강군규_GUGYU99

Kronii! Nice to meet you! It's already your birthday? I'm a student living in Korea, but I send pictures with a little heart! I wish you all the best today! I'm always rooting for you! 항상응원하고 있어요! 생일축하해요!

From: @NeLL


Image submission from @NeLL

Happy Birthday Kronii, thanks for making us smile and laugh all the time and thanks for making my day much much better then it used to and I hope this gift doesnt alarmed you haha get it? Anyway thank you and as always keep being yourself, love ya clock lady.

From: 黑翼


Image submission from 黑翼

Thank you for giving me a new view of time over the past year. I will continue to be your second hand to support you. Thank you Kronii, Happy Birthday.

From: senzensen


Image submission from senzensen

Time might not stop for everyone, but the journey surely going to be enjoyable if you are there! Happy Birthday Kronii!

From: arys


Image submission from arys

From: Valtaur


Image submission from Valtaur

From: Gantai (@hologantai)


Image submission from Gantai (@hologantai)

Happy Birthday, Kronii! Even though you've always been the Warden of Time, you've made my life so much brighter since the day of your debut. I can't even count how times you've made me laugh or hyped up during your streams. Despite whatever's going on in my life, you always give me something to look forward to every day. I can't say this enough but thank you for everything. I hope you have an amazing birthday!

From: custard


Image submission from custard

Thank you for making my days a little bit brighter through your streams. Happy birthday Kronii!

From: Chifuyu49 (my twitter handle)


Image submission from Chifuyu49 (my twitter handle)

From: Luna


Image submission from Luna

Happy Birthday Kronii~ Love ya!!

From: PungQH


Image submission from PungQH

From: Yet To Be Confirmed


Image submission from Yet To Be Confirmed

From: eseo


Image submission from eseo

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRONII! I'm not good with words but I hope your birthday is the best of all time :) Your streams really make my days so much better whether I'm stuck in commute, playing it in the back while I study or just chilling and enjoying. I'll always support you and I hope the year ahead will be as perfectly awesome as you are.

From: candice6969


Happy birthday Kronii! Hope you have a great birthday and remember to rest well and take care and spend some time with your loved ones as well! Looking forward to more of the best streams in TIME to come!

From: Phantom Bringer


Happy Birthday Kronii! Time sure flies while I watch your stream but every minute spent watching your stream is well spent. I can't believe it has already been almost seven months since your debut, every stream of yours is so enjoyable. Watching your streams help to relieve my stress and motivates me to push onwards towards my goals in life. Love your goofy and cool personality, never change Kronii. Thank you for being you. Happy Birthday Kronii!

From: meat


Traffic crimes match perfectly with Time. Happy Birthday Kronii.

From: ChuangangSG


Congratulation for your birthday!!! Well.. Whenever I met you in a Youtube world, I god fully refreshed myself and got something powerful emotional things. So.. I just want to say thanks for your birth!! Happy to join today and take care of my future too!!!

From: Asumi


Happy Birthday Kronii, Haven't been here since day 1, but I have to say since I've started watching your streams I have been less stressed out and I greatly thank you for that!! Hope you legit have an amazing day and I can't wait to see your face with this surprise ^u^

From: questipher


Hey Kronii, happy birthday! Hopefully your day's been great so far, and will continue to be. This year, I wasn't able to get you a drawing on time, but I'm sure next year I'll have more time to whip up something for ya. Lookin forward to your birthday stream!

From: Vulmlix


Born too late to explore the earth, born too soon to explore the space, but just right in time to catch you, Happy Birthday Kronii!!

From: BladeKnight


To Kronii, I love your content and your beautiful voice. I rarely miss your streams especially your new years kimono outfit reveal. I was there for your Mario Kart streams and the support people gave you during the race. Thank you so much for giving us Bronii.

From: Give Praise


Happy Birthday Kronii! I hope you're having a great time on your birthday. I just want you to know that you've made my days brighter ever since you debuted. I hope you keep having a great time every time. KROYASUMIIII

From: Providence


Happy Birthday Kronii!! You're the reason I started watching Vtubers in general so thanks for introducing me into this rabbit hole (lol). Hope you have a great birthday and here's to more fun and wonderful memories through time (haha see what I did there)!

From: Jadxn


From: Kinokoneko


Happy Birthday Kronii! I have been watching every one of your streams ever since your debut last year, when I'm doing my university assignments I always like to open one of your chatting streams, live or VOD, and listen to your calm silky voice while I do my assignments, and it has been working out really well, I am focused and enjoying the process. I really enjoy watching your game streams, the time of your streams has been always at the perfect time of the day to help me relax and take it easy after a long day of lectures. And I really appreciate you being there and doing what you love to do (yes. I know this is very cliché), while helping people out there who are going through good days, bad days, or going through difficult times. Anyway, I am keeping it short, happy birthday! Enjoy some cake! (Also don't mind the grammar, English is like my second or third language KEKW) A regular viewer, Kinokoneko o7

From: Alex Lai


Happy Birthday Kronii! Despite being in the VTuber rabbit hole for awhile, I never really found a character worth my time (heh) to really call my oshi. And then during your debut, when you said you are not a happy person but you would like to be, something just clicked and I thought, she could be one of my people. I am glad you exist and am more than happy to dedicate all my time in support for you. I hope you enjoy your infiniteth birthday and you'll be with us for a long time more because to be honest, every moment has felt like a Daydream to me. ;)

From: Teody


The greatest gift someone can give you is their time and I'm so glad that I'm able to spend my time with you and the other Kronies! Happy Birthday Kronii! You and the Kronies are the best!

From: Gianii_


Happy birthday to our adorable time warden! I just wanted to say that you are the best blessing we the kronies have ever had. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay perfect. Me and the kronies will be with you until the end of time.

From: Imppala


Watching you evilly chuckle while you try and figure out the next way you can get one over chat always makes my day. Due to time zones, I'm usually stuck having to catch glimpses of your live streams in between work, but it's always worth the extra effort. Please continue to be perfect!

From: U511 the cat


Hey Kronii! I really love having your streams play when I'm studying or just feeling down since I love the energy you bring and are really uplifting! Happy Birthday!!!

From: JasonTS


Happy Birthday Kronii!! Thank you for your streaming all these days. Hope you can have a great day always. We will always be your true friend.

From: Zero the Intoner


Happy birthday Kronii! Though through the ages a single year may seem insignificant to you, it is still something that we celebrate and thank you for all the laughs and smiles that you have given to us! Much love!!

From: dashling6


Happy Birthday Kronii, I hope that you have a happy time enjoying your birthday. And I always appreciate your stream and your collaboration with other members of Hololive. That's all and Happy Birthday Kronii!!



A beacon is ready to destroy the world. Kronii will dominate everyone's time. The world belongs to Kronii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Humper


Happy birthday Kronii, We hope you enjoy what your community has prepared for this. Personally, I am very grateful for you. You helped me turn my life for the better. Still, I will not get complacent and will push myself even further. We Kronies always strive for perfection. I wish you a joyous year, lots of meaningful "character development", and good health. Please enjoy this occasion to the fullest, with balance and moderation.

From: Eto Rubin


Happy Bday KrOwOnii! Hope your year has been going well so far! Looking forward to your first anniversary and more!

From: MarkTwo


HBD, Kronii. I'm one of those people who was wasting time in life. And also, our clock started 'Tik-Tok' when you start the stream. But you know what? Clock works more and more faster than when we didn't know you. The last 6-7 months have been the fastest time of my life. And I hope to be able to congratulate you at this TIME next year as well. Again, Happy Birthday and do OUR BEST until next TIME.

From: もいもい


私はいつも配信を聞いています。英語ができないので何を話しているか正直わかりません。ですが、喜怒哀楽は分かります。それだけで私は元気をもらっています。誕生日おめでとう。そしてありがとう。時を超えて祝福します。I'm always listening to the delivery. I don't speak English, so I honestly don't know what they are talking about. However, I can understand the joy, anger, sadness, and sorrow. That alone cheers me up. Happy birthday. And thank you. I congratulate you beyond time.

From: yua


Happy birthday Kronii! Thank you for bringing us so much joy through these hard times! I really enjoy watching your streams and just simply listening to your voice calms me down somehow, so thank you so much. Time flew by so fast, I didn't even realize it's been months since you debuted now! Hehe...get it? Time flew by...no? Fine.

From: PaintedPot


Happy birthday to our favorite timelord Kronii!

From: berry


I've never wanted to be a ribbon more than now, also hbd Kronii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

From: MrTentacles


Happy Birthday Kronii!



Happy birthday, Perfection. You're eternally perfect. No any other beings are just as perfectly sculpted like you are.

From: Kyoudai


Kroniichwa Times Square, join us in wishing our time lord a very special happy birthday! And to Kronii, Happy Birthday! And now you can bask in your perfection in billboard form. Thank you for all the laughs and teetee moments you've given us. If you ever feel like you're alone, just remember that there are over 600,000 Kroniies walking besides you. ,❤

From: SCP-3209


Happy Birthday, Kronii!

From: 시큐어(Secure)


Hi Kronii, I'm one of your listeners who has watched your streams since your debut. I was so amazed by your beautiful voice and your reactions every time, and they always make me happy. Anyways, thank you for understanding about my bad English, and Happy Birthday!!

From: Nekuro Izumi


Happy Birthday to our dear time warden. We wish you well, and thank you for providing us a good time whenever you stream. May you be with us till the end of time.

From: i_lack


How time does fly when you're having fun. Thank you for the wonderful times you create and manage. Us Kronies can only dream of being as perfect as you but it won't stop us from trying to show you we care. Here's to many more amazing moments and great times! Thank you again funny clock lady -I mean Kronii.

From: Shiro


Just a few weeks ago, when my PC died and I desperately tried everything to repair it, I got back into Hololive. I started watching new members and before I realized, I already got hooked into watching Kronii VODs in their full length. You've helped making these weeks a lot more enjoyable and got me into watching your streams every now and then even after all the trouble! Thank you for delivering amazing content and I wish you the happiest of birthdays!

From: Cocopops


Hi Kronii! I met you at just the right time in my life, and I’m really grateful for smiles you’ve brought. Happy birthday!

From: JavaStrike


Happy Birthday Kronii!! Your sense of humor makes time fly by watching your streams!

From: ZX Emperonii


Happy Birthday to the greatest Time Warden in the world! You've only been with us for 6 months, but we've already witnessed so many experiences with you! You've truly done a lot of really amazing things, not just for yourself, but for others too! I can only look forward to the many more experiences and precious memories we'll all share with you!

From: 重力ペンギン


Happy birthday Kronii! I'm not a native english speaker so please forgive me if my english is somewhat weird. I have been watching your stream since your debut and all I wanted to say is that I really love your personality and how you present yourself on stream. I will keep on support you and hope you will bring us more fun streams (really looking forward to philosophy stream, book reading stream and asmr stream) once you move to your new place. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

From: Avery Gaxha


Thank you for entertaining us during tough times. Take care of yourself and have fun. Here’s looking at you!

From: KroMefour


Happy birthday, Kronii. Been a great year, here's to many more!

From: Kleiah


Happy Pi Day our dearest Kronii!!! HA-BAH-DUH!!! This is your first birthday since you started your career as a time warden, with all of us, butlers and maids. I'm here to tell you how I'm glad I fell into this rabbit hole with you in it. I find it really amusing how you're just you, which makes you the most relatable one too. I'm also glad about the fact that you have your HoloEN family with you now to give you warmth, love, and support. You guys are awesome and I hope you'll be able to bond more in the future. In addition, there are thousands of us kromies all rooting for you and wishing you well always. I hope you'll soon find that happiness and contentment you deserve. We might not know each other IRL but yeaaa, I'm celebrating this special day with you in my heart. Happy birthday again Kronii! Have a frickin blast!!!

From: 시간러버


크로니 생일 진심으로 축하해!!!❤❤❤ 비록 데뷔하고나서 계속 챙겨보지는 못했지만 예전에도 그랬고 앞으로도 그럴것 처럼 계속 너의 많고 많은 중 한명이자 수많은 든든한 조력자 중에 한명이야!! 그리고 크로니스중 한명으로써 데뷔한지 약 193일이 지났는데 300일 400일을 넘어서는 크로니스들과 더 많은 시간을 행복하고 재미있게 보냈으면 좋겠어!!! 너의 애청자로써 정말 이번 생일 정말 정말 축하해 !!!! 앞으로도 재미있는 방송에서 봤으면 좋겠어!!! 다시 한번 생일 축하해!!!!! ❤❤❤

From: Pokefan276


Happy birthday Kronii!! I'm not very good at art so I didn't have anything to submit but I wanted to say thank you for being here and spending all this time with us. Spending time watching your streams has really helped me with my difficult days, whether it be from work stress or personal stress, it just helps distract me and put a smile on my face seeing you having fun doing whatever it is you're doing and chatting with everyone and I can't begin to say how much I appreciate it. Thank you so much Kronii <3

From: Valdios


Happy Birthday Kronii !!! You deserve as many hours of joy you've given us and more.

From: Bjorn117


Happy Birthday Kronii! Any time spent with you is time well spent!

From: Jhnn


Happy Birthday Kronii!

From: Chrono ch. クロノロックハート


Happy Birthday Kronii, I just want to say, Thank you for always putting a smile to my face and cheering me up when you stream you probably may or may not have noticed but you streaming helped cheer people up especially me, so thank you! And Happy Birthday!!! I would not have been able to tell you how I feel so thank you to you too Nerrev for making this possible. Thats all!

From: Miles A.


Thank you for being a super cool helicopter time warden! Wishing you the best and happy birthday!

From: Roy gbiv


Hi Kronii!!! thanks for being your unapologetic perfect you!!, know that your kromies appriciate and love all that you do, so you don't have to worry so much about being perfect, as all of us already see you as perfect. Were all cheering for you. Happy birthday warden!!!!

From: Zivix


Happy Birthday Kronii!

From: AquaticLettuce


I can't believe they finally added Time to Time Square. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRONII!!

From: Shionn Akiyama


Thank you for making my days bright and fun Kronii!

From: Shiroi Tenshi


Hey Kronii, happy birthday I really wish you are well, I came to thank you for being part of my life I love watching your lives while I'm playing a game with my friends, I have a lot of laughs watching your clips. And I love your song (daydream) your music always gives me an adrenaline rush when i'm working i'm really grateful that you're a part of my life I appreciate everything you do LOVES FROM BRAZIL!!!! "I'm not a native english speaker, excuse me for grammatical or spelling mistakes"

From: Fubuki Aronii, Apprentice Knight of the Time Table


Your streams are great, and you're perfect. Seems like your fate. And to that effect. With your owl, hope you keep this Continually, also with Sana, Fauna and Bae. As I vow, to be with you all Eternally, like why you choose this as your birthday.

From: Flying Cheese Wheel


Happy Birthday Kronii and I wish you keep having a wonderful time doing what you do best :))

From: Mgi


Kroooooniiiiii Happy birrrrrthday!! I always enjoy watching you ! :) いつもありがとう!!日本からおうえんしてます!

From: Jorbos



From: Aleckronii


Happy Birthday OURo Time Warden KRONII! Maam thank you for bringing us smiles every TIME you stream, post, do a space or even comment in chat (pre/live/post). WE ARE SO GRATEFUL HAVING YOU WITH US! Wishing you all the best! Looking forward to all the fun TIMES ahead of us! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN WE LOVE YOU :kroheart:

From: havasnack524


“I know someone who was habitually late, until his doctor recommended sleeping in a herb garden. Sounds odd, I know, but now he wakes up on thyme.” Happy Birthday Kronii!! Thank you for being yourself and I hope you enjoyed my horrible pun.

From: daydream


happy birthday kronii! ><

From: Yes


Happy birthday Kronii!!! Have a great day!

From: BlendingTea


Nice clock kronii, happy bday!

From: Alvin


Hello Kronii! First of All Happy Birthday ~ I'm new to your stream also the whole Hololive EN! I enjoyed your streams very much! Doing so much effort to give us quality content shows that you loved your viewers! Also you're so very thoughtful, your streams helps me to unwind also relaxing! I pray for your safety and health! Rooting for more success! Happy Birthday Kronii ~ :)

From: Barajuste


Happy Birthday Kronii!

From: redriot


Happy Birthday Kronii!! VOD gang here. Even though I might not be able to catch all of your streams live, they keep me company and make my day all the same. Be it as I work, study or just chill, something about them is just so warm and fun and soothing, so I treasure them greatly. If it's something I've come to learn lately, it's that our Time is truly precious and something irreplaceable. Much love!

From: Brom


Kronichiwa! Happy Birthday, our beloved Time Warden! Thank you for all happiness, fun and inspiration you gift us each day! Being incarnation of time is a hard task but Kronies always will be on your side and support you no matter what! May this day be the most special and amazing, may all your wishes and goals come true! Kronii is eternal!

From: TheTerkass



From: Pekronrade



From: DatGuyIsKroniiSimp


HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRONII, time surely flies to the point that it's already your birthday and from the moment I watched your debut during class (keep it a secret) I enjoyed all of your content and I hope you keep strong and love doing what you do.

From: Jordan


Image submission from Jordan

Happy birthday Kronii! Just wanted to say that the time I spent watching you has been great! You are very entertaining to watch and I love your voice and personality. It's always a treat to catch your streams and seeing your interactions with all the other Hololive members. Thank you so much for everything you do for us!

From: Sanalog


Image submission from Sanalog

크로니의 방송 덕분에 2021년을 행복하게 마무리할 수 있었던 거 같아요. 영원히 있을 줄 알았지만 지금 제 곁에 없는 친구도 크로니를 참 좋아했을 거란 생각을 떨쳐낼 수 없네요.. 읽으실진 모르겠지만 저의 우울한 생각만 적어서 죄송합니다, 앞으로도 밝게 그리고 건강하게 방송하시면 소원이 없겠고, 크로니가 저희에게 힘이 되는 만큼 저희고 크로니에게 힘이 되면 좋겠네요. Living abroad, my keyboard didn't have Korean legends on it, so it took a while to type my message out :P Just wanted to end the message off on a happy note to tell you that you and your streams (and Boros) make the say of thousands of people every day. How cool is that? Happy Birthday Kronii. IKZ!!!! 화이팅!!!!

From: AnAnomalousWriter


Image submission from AnAnomalousWriter

From: SK_Jynx


Image submission from SK_Jynx

From: Marie39Riolu


Image submission from Marie39Riolu

Happy birthday Kronii! You help me inspire on pursuing my goals and for me to work even harder by watching your streams and projects that you are involved on. I will keep on supporting you and admiring you for your hard work and by just being yourself. Have an amazing time on your birthday! You deserved it!

From: Rynn


Image submission from Rynn

Happy Birthday Kronii! I will always support you.

From: Shinoa


Image submission from Shinoa

From: Wredderz


Image submission from Wredderz

From: Zaめ


Image submission from Zaめ

Happy Birthday to our one and only, Ouro Kronii! It's been an amazing time since your debut and you blew us away with your voice and personality. Every stream with you, every minute with you, you make us more down bad then ever. From your sadistic joking personality, the gap moe embarrassment whenever we shower you with the love and support you deserve, and the altruistic care you give to all your EN members, they remind us why we will always stand by you as your loyal Kronies and Kromies. I hope you have an amazingly perfect Birthday as you deserve only the best!

From: Aris


Image submission from Aris

I just want to thank you Kronii for inspiring me to learn how to draw! I tried dozens of times in the past but quickly gave up. It wasn't until you debuted that I actually really tried to learn it for real. Now most of the time while I'm watching your streams I'm also sketching something. It's been real fun. Happy birthday Kronii!!!

From: @k_b_neko


Image submission from @k_b_neko

Happy Birthday Kronii!!!! I always love your streams as they are always very fun to watch and your soothing voice always warms my heart <3 Have an amazing day! and may all your wishes come true ;3!!!

From: Rio


Image submission from Rio

Happy Birthday Kronii!

From: Andy Jo


Image submission from Andy Jo

3.141592653589793... and on forever. I remember being really excited for the day Council debuted. Everyone made a different impression on me and you are a shinning person that shines a little brighter to me. I remember when you had your 1st members karaoke. I've had moments when I take a step back and touch my heart because of someone's singing. When it came to HIP, I was brought to my knees by a person's voice for the first time ever. Hololive is full of amazing people, and I'm proud you are here for me to call my oshi. You don't quite know when it happens until it does. Seeing you evolve and grow over this time has been fun. Everyday, I replay in my head something you said, streamed, always making me smile or randomly laughing. I think I look like a crazy man being stone faced 1 second, then a giggle box the next hour. It's nice to fall asleep to your voice with late night streams. Happy Birthday, Kronii. To much fun, sleep and many smiles ahead. Cheers. Pisces Gang, 3/16

From: Zetxune


Image submission from Zetxune

From: ETKun


Image submission from ETKun

Ever since you first debuted and I heard your voice, that was when I knew that you would be one of my favorites. Your humor, the banter we kromies have with you, it's special. It's your special day today so enjoy it!

From: yaBoiChangster


Image submission from yaBoiChangster

From: Charuca


Image submission from Charuca

From: Yanya


Image submission from Yanya

If beauty was time, you'd be an eternity! Which in this case, is evidently true! Stay as perfect as always Kronii... Not that you need my blessing for that-- you're effortlessly perfect! :) Ever since your debut, I've spent a hefty amount of time enjoying your streams... Watching you become a timeless meme is one of my favourite pastimes. You're also unapologetically yourself, and it inspires me a ton! And your korean is hot. Anyway. .....Do concepts get born? ...Either way, I'm happy you were born! Happy Birthday Kronii! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ Me n the other Kronies love you! ( ᐛ )و Also cowboy Kronii when?

From: Constal


Image submission from Constal

Happy Birthday Kronii! Time is eternal ∞

From: pyonyura


Image submission from pyonyura

From: Lol Da.


Image submission from Lol Da.

Happy Birthday Kronii! Thank you for giving us numerous memories to cherrish with your streams. May we all continue to make more memories as we go by for the 1st year anniversary, 3D debut and more! Thank you for being a light in my daily routine.

From: Hime Yuuki


Image submission from Hime Yuuki

I can't believe it's your birthday already @_@ Time really just flew by huh. I still remember when you first debuted and I killed my sleep schedule once again to catch your streams. I cooled down on that but I enjoy every one even if by VOD! I hope you enjoy your perfect birthday on this perfect day! Happy birthday you perfect attack helicopter!

From: Milango


Image submission from Milango

Happy Birthday Kronii! Not even time will be able to tell how much laughter and joy your streams have been able to bring all of us in the short time you've been streaming!!! With love, from your fans!!!

From: Nuo


Image submission from Nuo

Happy Birthday to you Kronii! You're the best!!!

From: Fuji


Image submission from Fuji

Happy Birthday Kronii, it seems like time has flown by ever since your debut, but it's hard to complain after enjoying every second of it!

From: ×KeiMyōhō


Image submission from ×KeiMyōhō

Happy Birthday, Kronii! Thanks for the marvelous moments you gave us, that I couldn't count how many times my guts flew to heaven. I rarely watch streams due to time difference, and not much of a social media person, so I can only rely on clips to be updated. And with those moving snapshots in time, I can always forget my worries. Streaming might be stressful sometimes, but I hope you still have some space in your mind for relaxation, and while it is in our nature to be chaotic, I'm glad you managed to keep everything civilized and in order. I'm rooting for you and your future endeavors!

From: 희끼


Image submission from 희끼

Happy birthday Kronii! He has a good voice and the broadcast is fun, and as a Korean, it's amazing that Kronii speaks Korean! Please continue to work hard and have fun broadcasting. I love you Kronii!

From: K dayo


Image submission from K dayo

From: keijima


Image submission from keijima

From: t-dyno


Happy Birthday Kronii! Thanks for always being entertaining and amazing! I can't wait to see you in 3D one day! It'll be fun to watch you perform with everyone else!

From: Esper, Wizard of Time


Happy Birthday Kronii!! Thank you for everything you have done! We Kroniies Will Always Be With You Until The End of Time!!

From: HunkyDunk


Kroniichiwhatsup Ouro Kronii, thank you for helping the time pass. There has been a lot of highlight moments you've made for me in my life since you debuted, my favorite moments have been Members streams. I wish you a super Happy Birthday and ∞ more!

From: Zectry


Happy birthday, Kronii! Your streams have been a great joy for me these past 6 months. Wada-sensei is one of my favorite artists, so when I heard she was designing a character for Hololive, I was very excited and intrigued to see your debut. Upon watching your debut, you had my interest immediately between your voice, personality, and some of your interests. It's been a fun experience so far keeping up with your streams and getting to see various sides of you through all the zatsudans, karaokes, and so on. The community you've helped cultivate has honestly been life-changing for me to have been a part of and you've had a significant impact on my life as well. I look forward to your future endeavors and hope you have an amazing and memorable birthday. Times Square doesn't know how blessed it truly is to have your presence in it -Zectry

From: dorime


Happy Birthday Kronii! Just want to thank you for all the time that you spent with us since your debut! I personally can't really stay until the end but I always make sure to catch up to the Vods later on it. Listening to you while doing my work is such a bless. Hope you have the most wonderful day, we will keep supporting you no matter what!

From: Tanner


Happy birthday Kronii. 🥳 I remember watching you play Hades for the first time and it was a blast. Ever since then, I've enjoyed your streams even though they're very late at night for me. You have an amazing singing voice and I enjoyed Daydream. 🎶 Hope you have an amazing birthday time queen 🎂

From: NightlyAura


HAPPY BDAY Kronii! Have a great year ahead and have a wonderful day today. Your voice is amazing.

From: WeirDog


Kronii, thanks for making my boring WFH interesting. Happy Birthay! Wish your dream come true.

From: Yes


Happy Birthday Kronii!

From: Arthur from Natural 9


I feel a kindred spirit in Kronii - surly, sassy, sarcastic, and quick to be the straight man. I wish you all the best, my Warden of Time! All the best from a fellow wannabe VTuber! PS: You share a birthday with my dad, so I will be celebrating with a nice blueberry pie to celebrate the both of you.

From: ScarryLarry


Hey Kro it's that "time" of year again happy birthday

From: HY


Happy birthday Kronii! Getting to know you is such a blast! Looking forward to more streams from you. Stay perfect, Queen!

From: fgghjjkll



From: Miru


Happy Birthday, Kronii - I've watched Hololive from clips for years but your personality was the first that prompted me to watch your actual streams. After coming home from work or whenever I get the chance of working from home, I know that work would get so much easier and fun while I having your stream played. I love how funny you are and the way you bounce conservations. I hope you have wonderful year ahead of you.

From: ようちゃん^^*


Happy birthday and thanks for all the fun streamings, Kronii!! Your pronunciation is very clear, so I always study English while watching your streaming. Sometimes you speak too fast to understand, but I’d like to be able to hear someday. I will continue to support you forever! クロニーお誕生日おめでとう、そしていつも楽しい配信をありがとう! とても綺麗な聴きやすい発音なので、いつも配信を観て英語の勉強をしています。時々速すぎて聞き取れないこともありますが、いつか聴き取れるようになりたいです。これからもずっと応援してます!

From: Ella Jadewood


Happy Birthday! It’s always great to spend TIME together with my favorite warden.

From: AtomicPandaSloth


HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRONII!!! Wanna say thank you for giving me a boost of inspiration to improve myself on a lot of things, including getting into art again. Your sense of humor is so good and I am always laughing when I watch your streams, always lift my mood up no matter what. Thank you for being a part of Hololive and thank you for being you 💙

From: Ryito


So much has happened in so little time. I am thankful to have such a warden of time while we make progress in our lives; there so that moments are never dull. Here's to celebrating this birthday and future birthdays with you, Ourkronii.

From: Kronii Virus


Happy Birthday Kronii! The amount time I've spent watching you has been amazing and I'll never forget all the fun moments all the Kronies and I have when watching you play/do the stuff you love! Thanks for being here Kronii, I hope we can have a bunch more fun together and I hope you have the best birthday of them all! Love you Kronster and again, happy birthday!!!

From: Hana NZ


Happy birthday to our Warden of Time! Krono- i mean Kronii! You bring happiness to us and make my life more colorful than ever, You really deserved all this present from us. Once again, お誕生日おめでとう!!!😆🎉⌛

From: Bob Ross


Time is too powerful. With Time on your side, no goals are unreachable, no dreams need to stay dreams, because having enough time, you will succeed in the end. Just. in. Time. Fortunately, we have Time on our side. Thanks for giving us such a great time. All the time. Happy Birthday Kronii!!

From: Ocean


Happy Birthday, Keeper of Time! I hope you have an amazing birthday, and may you have great birthdays going forwards!

From: Brogan


Happy birthday Kronii, thanks for spending your time with all of us!

From: Tofu0430


Happy Birthday Kronii!! Thanks for bringing us so much entertainment "Time". I'm really enjoying it. You're the best!!!!! Hope your wishes come ture!!

From: FINO


Not very good at English. I just want to say you're the one who bring me to start watching Vtuber. I'm so happy can know you and share many fun time with you. Happy birthday Kronii!!

From: Kronii_shoes


Ain’t nobody got TIME for that

From: dq


Happy Birthday Kronii :)

From: Paulo Boë


Hey Kronii, I hope you get to see this! I just wanted to say hi and keep doing what you do best! Being yourself! You're awesome! Sincerely, Paulo

From: Karona


Happy Birthday Kronii! I hope you'll remember this one across all of time as you'll be across Times Square during this one.

From: shikinoob


Happy Birthday to Kronii! I'm having a hard time meeting your delivery time, but I'm happy enough from the archives you left behind. I feel very happy when you speaks in Japanese. I sincerely hope that you will have a lifetime of happiness. I love Kronii. (Google Translation)

From: G_wen


HBD to our tsundere and perfect oshi. Couldn't believe it already March 14. We have already passed more than half a year's time together. I am so in love with your voice, acting, and personality. It makes my life fill with joy and happiness. I truly appreciate. Be sure to take care of yourself. That's very important. We all want you to be healthy and pleased. Last but not least, please step on... Um. I mean please let us keep standing by you and supporting you. Happy birthday Kronii.

From: vidfreak0618



From: Think humans think


HBD Kronii! Thank you for keeping me alive throughout these 4 months that I know perfection herself. Definitely worth it for staying up or waking up in the midnight to watch your streams. Oh God knows how many time I've spent just staring into your sapphire eyes and be the procrastinator that I am when I shall do work. Just... Thank you for everything. I can't be more thankful to you, Kronii... :D

From: Evil With Carne


Feliz cumpleaños! Happy birthday Kronii you are the reason why I fell into this hole called Vtubers. Whenever I see your stream you infect me with your energy and you cheer me up whenever I have a bad day! I hope you have a lot of happiness on your birthday!

From: unitworried


Bound by time, to watch Time. Happy Bday Kronii!

From: maridood


Happy birthday, Kro! It's been a great 6+ months of streaming. It's always nice to listen to your voice when I'm working out in the morning (one of your timeslots just happens to line up with my exercise time lol). Regardless whether I'm spending time with you actively or passively, I never regret tuning into your streams. Thanks for all the fun times and to more of them in the future!

From: Grizzexploder


Happy Birthday Kronii

From: Almond


I used to hate comedy but one day I met Kromedian. Thanks for the good times and happy birthday to the one and only Ouwo Kwonii.

From: KumaTwo


You have gotten a lot more prefect in the past six months, can't wait to see how even more perfect you will be in a year from now!

From: Jay Hikari


Hi Kronii, I'm here to say Happy Birthday! From the time that I saw your design, I somehow knew you were amazing and I was right. From the first stream, I loved your voice, your design and your humor. You seemed like a cool/calm person, but as I got to know you, you had other cute tendencies. Such as your Gwak and your tsun moments. It was really fun to see these things. You are very funny, lovable, sweet, and I appreciate everything you do. I won't make this any longer, but thank you for being part of Hololive, I hope we can have many more good memories in the future and you can keep having fun with all of us and everyone in Hololive. As a Time Apostle, I'll follow you for as long as time will allow it. We all love you!

From: Euryale


It's your Birthday, Kronii! We, Kroniies, are totally not celebrating your bday and totally not happy for you. Yep. We totally do not love you for us to send you bday messages. Tsundere aside, I hope you'll have a really really good day!

From: Herasen7


Happy Birthday Kronii! Hope you have a wonderful birthday and I hope that everything will go smoothly. You have made so much people happy and including me through your streams. I always have fun watching you either if it's gaming, karaoke, or just reading super chat. I came from day one and am still watching even today. And it's amazing how time flies by so fast. It's been only a few months since Hololive Council's debut stream and we've already so many good memories. And to that I hope that there will be more streams and more fun moments coming in the future, only time will tell. Anyways, I hope that this messege won't be too long so that others' messeges can also be read. Finally, I wish to our one and only, all powerful, perfect in all ways, Warden of Time, Ouro Kronii a very amazing Happy Birthday!

From: Milli


Happy Birthday, Kronii! We've only known you for half a year but you've already made yourself a special place in our hearts. I can't always watch your streams live but I love playing the VODs while I do some schoolworks that don't require too much thinking. It helps me zone out and it somehow makes time flow slower for me. Must be an effect of hearing you speak and focusing too much on you, you are the Warden of Time after all. On this special day, I hope you feel loved and appreciated not just by the Kronies but also your genmates, senpais, and family. We love you, Kronii, our only Time Warden.

From: SouL


Happy Birthday Kronii! Wish you the best of luck in your upcoming videos and looking forward to more content. I'm sorry, this is all I can think of right now, because I am too busy studying. Once more, I wish you a happy birthday Kronii.

From: CHADeronii


Hey Kronii! I just wanted to say to keep being your awesome self. You’ve always made mine and many other Kronie’s days better! I want to remind you that you shouldn’t overwork yourself and to keep your mind and body healthy. Also remember that mistakes happen to all of us so don’t hold put yourself down too hard if any more occur during the future. Sorry if the English isn’t very good, it’s not my first language. Anyways, goodluck with streaming in the future! I look forward to seeing more of your precious gwaks 👍👍❤️

From: Compa


Happy birthday Kronii! You are such a cool person to watch and I love spending my time with you. Keep being you, you are perfect! <3

From: Blythe


Happy Birthday our Time Warden! Thank you for the happiness that you gave to us, Kronies. I hope you had a nice day. Keep up the good work and stay perfect!

From: mellowagain


Thank you so much Kronii for the great streams, especially the Karaoke ones! All of them are so much fun to watch, I always have a great time watching them <3 keep doing what you love, we'll always support you!!

From: Tea


Happy Birthday Kronii!!! I hope this birthday treats you well you have a wonderful day with lots of hugs and gifts<3 I will tend to put your streams on in the background while writing or drawing and they never fail to make my day and make me laugh, so thank you. Once again I hope you have a amazing birthday!!!:D

From: Derp Oswald


Happy birthday Kronii! Your streams have been a great way for me to unwind and relax after I get home from work. Thank you for all your hard work that you've put in to keep us entertained, and I'm looking forward to what you have in store for us.

From: O.M.E.G.A


Kroniichiwa Kronii! Can’t believe it’s time for your birthday already … time really does fly. I always enjoy watching your streams, ever since your debut. Even before then, I suspected that you would be someone with great potential. Watching your debut live met my expectations, and then you continued to exceed them thereafter. With your amazing voice, your beautiful looks, your regal demeanour, your tremendous familiarity with memes, and your awe-inspiring vocal skills, you have captivated the hearts of many fans. The phrase “I’m not a happy person, but I would like to be happy” resonated with me personally. Hopefully, on this very special day, we Kronies can make you as happy as you’ve made us throughout our time together. Happy birthday to our dear warden of time, Ouro Kronii!

From: HealsBadMan1


Kroniichiwa! I know you're going to be too shy/overwhelmed from being flooded with all the love from other fans, but I wanna take this chance to thank you for everything you do for us Kronies. Your streams keep me energized and happy as I wind down from a stressful day, knowing your calm voice and comedic antics are there to cheer us up. From your hilarious GWAKs, your beautiful singing, relatable moods/memes and adorable gap moe, we love you Kronii. Keep being a tsundere warden and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Kroyasumi!!

From: Sock


Happy Birthday Kronii!

From: Aia


Kroniichiwa! Happy cake day to you, our beloved Warden. Your debut feels like it was just yesterday - look at you now, thriving with your perfection and wit (+ comedy). Hope to see more mornings, afternoons, and nights with you, Kronii. Thank you for gracing us with your existence. Hope you enjoy your day! Sending energy and love!! <3

From: Chipmunk Almond


생일 축하해 구론희 눈나~ Happy Birthday Kronii

From: Triple D


Happy birthday, Kronii! It's time for you to celebrate, and hopefully cherish the happy moments and time spent with your friends, family or council members (I don't know what you guys do behind the scenes, I just know you spend serious time doing serious business). Anyways, it's time for me to stop using time so much. All of your special day's time is all yours - have fun, and take your time!

From: Spwuked



From: Lullaby


HBD Kronii! I wanna see you for a long time! 생일 축하해요, 크로니! 앞으로도 방송 오랫동안 보고 싶어요. 응원합니다!

From: Firo McNosky


You've given me happiness and calmness in dark and uncertain times in my life and I'm grateful I was able to meet you (in a one-sided way). Your streams are never a waste of time because interacting with you and the Kronies has been a lot of fun, and I would to hang out with everyone for as long as I can! But, today is your day! You've been alive for an infinite amount of time, and now you got thousands celebrating your day! Pretty cool huh? Have a Happy Birthday Kronii!

From: Less


Happy birthday Kronii, do you age or are you forever the same age?

From: スァイ


Happy Birthday Kronii! Thank you for all the memories so far!

From: Erik M


Happy birthday to Hour favorite timekeeper! You're truly Second to none. Hope your birthday is as perfect as you, even to the most Minute detail.

From: DonOmairis


Happy Birthday Kronii!! Finally your day come hope that time keep flowing as perfect at it is keep doing that awesome work you do for your fans you always make us laugh with the things your do and primarly help us in most of our dark times just beeing there. And in some spanish words (Viva la Kwoni).

From: Zappy


Happy birthday, Kronii! I'm not really good with words to express what I'm feeling but I just have one thing to say and that is to keep being you. Seeing you happy also makes us happy. Zappy

From: Nerrev


Happy Birthday, Kronii. So many things I wanted to say but I have to keep it short here. I just want to thank you for everything, thank you for existing, and thank you for being born into this world. You make the clock in my life ticking again, you helped me back to my feet and brings me back from nowhere place to the present. I have never felt more alive in my life. And it's all thanks to you. I wish you all the luck that you need and success for your goals. I will always support you just like how I always did since the beginning and ever till the end. Once again Happy birthday! Love you!

From: Joi


Happy birthday Kronii💙Thank you for being here! Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

From: Sylphine


Thank you for coming into my(our) life(lives) Kronii! Happy Birthday!!!

From: けみる


クロニー誕生日おめでとう! あなたの配信を見ている時間は、僕にとって癒しの時間になっています。 クロニーが日本語を勉強しているように、自分も英語の勉強をして、あなたの配信をもっと楽しみたいです。 配信これからも応援します!

From: SirLuciferMx


Happy birthday Kronii, I wish you a nice day with all the people you love and I hope you get to eat a lot of π, thank you for always make us have great moment with you, cant' wait when you finally hit 10M IKZ!!!!!!!!!!

From: PeterAH


Thanks for all the fun "time"s we get to spend with you, and don't worry, you can rewind today over and over or fastforward years, and us kronies will still be there for you! <3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY my favorite time warden!!

From: iamthinking2252


Thank you for all the streaming| In these trying times| Me, personally like it when the| Expanses of you and your character| Opened up, the chill side, the cute gap moe… I thought I would despise a smug character so in love with them self but you are wholesome and good in this world. As time marches on, I hope you, the warden, continue to live well, mask on or off, with Boros or not. And to anyone watching this, have an upside down good day as I go to bed, and go check out Kronii.

From: Astrum


Happy birthday Kronii. Thanks for having a deep voice that's so distinguishable when I run your stream along with my other oshis and during class.

From: Kimizi


Happy Birthday Kroniii!!! These past 6+ months with you and the Kronies have been really fun, absolutely adore your kareoke streams and watch-alongs with the members are always such a treat! I hope your Time with us has been just as fun and joyous, hope your birthday celebrations turn out just as perfect as you!

From: emii


Happy birthday Kronii! The time since your debut has flown by quickly, and just about every moment of it was absolutely great. I hope you are having as much fun in Hololive, as we have watching your streams! Much love and support -from just one of your many Kronies <3 (P.S. Stream Daydream!!!)

From: SJK


Happy Birthday Kronii! I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating your birthday!

From: Jacky


Happy Birthday Kronii! It's been a minute since you've debuted, but it's felt like you've been with us for an eternity. It's a little cuckoo to say, but you're one of the ones that drag me down this rabbit hole. I always try to watch your streams, but sometimes I can't find the time. That ticks me off a little, but I'm always happy to catch up on archives. In all seriousness, thank you for all the smiles you've given us. You've made such difficult times a lot brighter with your presence, more than you may imagine. Here's to our favorite Warden, and here's to another eternity with you!

From: Eric the KFP Tentacultist Investigator


Hey Kronii, Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy some pie for pi day and have a great day. It's been a lot of fun watching your streams and your sense of humor is the best of its kind in Hololive for me! Would you ever wear a watch on a belt? It may just be a waist of time..

From: Floopie


Image submission from Floopie

Happy Birthday Kronii! This is the first time I'll be sending a message to you! First I want to say that I'm very happy for you and I've always found comfort in your videos. Throughout my life I've had struggles with confidence but now I'm steadily gaining more each day, so all I could say is thank you so much! Here's a gentle reminder to always be yourself and take care! Me and the Kronies love you very much! Hope you have wonderful year 💙💙🇵🇭

From: Kirai


Image submission from Kirai

From: Xenefia


Image submission from Xenefia

From: CatnipArt


Image submission from CatnipArt

From: AngryMarbles


Image submission from AngryMarbles

Listening to your smooth voice and confident attitude never fails to cheer me up!

From: onlyceilingfans


Image submission from onlyceilingfans

You, being my Oshi has been a bizarre adventure, Happy Birthday Kronii!

From: Koru


Image submission from Koru

Happy Birthday Kronii!! Keep being awesome and goofy have a nice day!

From: Matt


Image submission from Matt

From: Zenya


Image submission from Zenya

From: Kurizu


Image submission from Kurizu

Happy Birthday Kronii~ I just want to say thank you for all the entertaining streams. You have seriously been a great help for me and a lot of people through tough times. Here's to more birthdays to come~

From: KC Akisu


Image submission from KC Akisu

Happy Birthday Kronii! For as time is as ever constant and flowing onward the river called Life, may you continue to be the inspiration and hope of many others. To press on despite all odds and fulfill your dreams, my Polar Star, I wish you the best. Formalities (and cringe) aside, I really am thankful for you to share your story with me along with the rest of the Kronies. Your streams have always been a treat and something I've always looked forward to the most in the week. The banter the Kronies and I share with you always make my day regardless of how bad it went. Since your debut, time has begun to move forward once more in my life, I've been trying hard to chase my dreams and I've met so many wonderful people along the way that I'd like to call, my friends. For that I am eternally grateful. I'll always be a loyal Kromie to lend a shoulder, till the end of time. For you helped make it possible. Thank you, Kronii. Happy Birthday. PS (I can't draw you as cool yet, so have a meme.)

From: qwertyasik


Image submission from qwertyasik

From: Jeiku


Image submission from Jeiku

Happy Birthday Kronii I wish you a happy happy day and thanks for the memories you gave to us since your debut hope you never change and I hope more succes and birthdays to come.

From: Chance


Image submission from Chance

From: Ike


Image submission from Ike

Happy birthday Kronii! You cheer me up. I will continue to support you! I love Kronii!!!

From: Casserol


Image submission from Casserol

With the night sky hanging soft above, it feels cold in this apartment room. With the weight of the water on my back flowing still like the sands of time. And this keyboard and mouse are the lines I draw to the outside, slow vines like clockwork, shifting. It's not sunlight, it's not a sky. It's warm laughter and a small song. It's a lonely existence, but you make it a little more bearable.

From: helicobtor


Image submission from helicobtor

Happy Birthday Kronii! I don't like long sappy messages, but without you, I wouldn't know where I'd be now... I'm looking forward to what we have in store for the future!

From: 크로니치와와 or Kronichiwawah


Image submission from 크로니치와와 or Kronichiwawah

From: Lamboide


Image submission from Lamboide

On this special day I want to thank you for doing what you do and for being you. I really don't know what to do with my life but what I do know is that I want to be part of this beautiful community that you have created. You are a kind person who wants to make their way through life by forging lasting bonds with people, a person who wants to be happy. I think those are my reasons to admire you. And because you are a master of puns, of course. Habadah, Kronii.

From: Señor Santiago


Image submission from Señor Santiago

Happy Birthday, Kronii! Thank you for taking your time to watch over time and for making fun streams for us Kronies. Your streams are fun. Here is this picture of you.

From: Tayrak


Image submission from Tayrak

From: vipersian


Image submission from vipersian

Your streams always bring laughter and joy to us kronies, so thank you for that! Have a wonderful day and happy birthday, Kronii!! (^v^)/

From: Chia-Yu Huang


Image submission from Chia-Yu Huang

Hi Kronii, I am an international student pursuing my second PhD in Canada. I started watching Vtubers almost at the same time when you debuted, and I really enjoy listening to your stream (and sometimes using your soft voice to fall asleep XD). You and other Hololive members are hard-working, and your stream has supported us during this stressful period, so be confident and proud of what you are doing. I still cannot join the Kronies with my limited scholarship, but I hope you like the drawing. I should graduate by the end of this year if everything goes well, so please stay happy and healthy all the time so I will have a place to subscribe then :D. Finally, wishing you a happy birthday, Chia-Yu

From: f_finchbird_


Hello! I'm fan from Korea! Always thanks to many gwak and wonderful stream! Also HBD have a nice day and nice time~ For last l will always support you as a kronies!

From: Er



From: ジジ


kuronichiwa〜 I love you Kronii ! Make me your Servant. I will work for you. Happy Birthday Kronii !! くろにちは〜 クロニー だいすき! わたしを あなたの サーバントにしてください(^^) わたしは あなたのために はたらきます! たんじょうび おめでとう!!

From: Za Warudo!


Happy Birthday Kronii! Thanks for all those fun streams!

From: Sedoboi


Kronii thank you for all the enjoyable streams and happy birthday! I sometimes put your streams in the background while I'm making my game. Your cool and soft voice is really comfy and motivates me while I'm working!

From: Kuronezumi


Happy Birthday Kronii~!! I can't believe it's already here, it's almost feels like it was yesterday that you came into out lives. Boy Time sure does fly like an arrow, I hear fruit flies like a banana. Your 6-month anniversary was just a few weeks ago and in no time at all we'll be at 1 whole year. I'll continue to support you until the last grain of sand falls. MERRY BIRTHMAS Kronii~!!

From: Worldsinwords


Thank you Kronii for everything you have done! The time I spend watching you or watching clips about you is never time wasted. I learnt about so many new games from you and I played so many fun games because you played them. I'm glad, that I am alive in this timeline, in this period of time to exist in the same time you are. You became my Oshi since your debut and you will continue to be my Oshi for my years to come. Thank you Kronii for everything.

From: DrBungusChungus


Happy Birthday Kronster! About Time someone put something good in Time’s Square.

From: MrMonkey12222


I'm a man of little words so just, Happy birthday Kronii!! Love you and keep up the good work!

From: Disaster


Happy bday Kronii!! You've been a big part of my life, gave me motivation to continue on what I love and I honestly don't know what to say other than keep doing what you do and we will support you no matter what, I hope you'll have the best birthday!!!

From: StrangeXellos



From: Farusaka


Happy Birthday Kronii! Congratulation for your endeavor! Been following your streams for the past 6 months and is excited for what the future holds. I guess only time will tell.

From: sera136


Hi Kronii! I'm sorry for the suddenness, but I'm Japanese. So I will sometimes make a mistake in English. I've been watching your Japanese clippings for about a month. I want to watch your online streaming. But I can't speak English. So I spend a lot of "time" studying English to be able to speak English.

From: ctrlward


Bappy Hirthday Kronii!

From: 触手魚雷魚(Tentacle Torpedo Fish)


クロにちはー! お誕生日おめでとうKronii! I always enjoy watching the delivery. Your English is difficult for me, but your delivery is so fascinating that I still find it interesting! Keep up the good work! And have a good day! I'm using a translator, so I apologize if the translation is strange.

From: Sebkoon


Tince the time you landed on earth, everyone is having a joyful life. Happy birthday Kronii!

From: EnderKnight


Happy Birthday Kronii! I don't usually watch any streams but I watch a lot of clips and it's always fun watching clips of you. Keep being you Kronii :D

From: Hikari


Happy Birthday Kronii, have a good one!!!!

From: TheGreatBillyMays


Happy Birthday Kronii! From the Kronies and Kromies! Looking forward to seeing how much our bond level increases. Thank you for interacting so much with your viewers!

From: StVier


HBD Kronii! Thank you for always creating happy moment when watching your gaming stream, wish you a good year to come! -StVier-

From: Azathot Elure Sarion


Hi Kronii-sama, how are you? I hope that you are fine, so, today is your Birthday huh, congratulations I guess... Hahaha well uhmm I just want to tell you a few things… Thank you for giving us (your Kronies) a very warm, crazy, and reflexive streams, you are a very crazy girl, but that is part of your beauty. You are very nice, cute and sweet with us, oh girl, you are just too perfect for us. But thank you, thanks for come to our lifes, you don't have much time here but now are very special for me so thank you (well you are the Warden of "Time" but that's not the point!). I'm grateful that I can write you this words, thanks for all your streams, your laughs, your perfection, your cuteness, your rages, your scaried kitty noises, your gap moe personality, your GWAKS and for being... you. Thanks for all, I love You, We love You and Happy Birthday! I hope you have a nice day and I hope you enjoy this little gift of your Kronies to You and my little comments that I wrote here.

From: LiuSeeker



From: Jer


Happy Birthday Kronii! I've enjoyed all of your streams while I grind away in MMOs. Wishing you another year of good health and fortune!

From: Einstein2004113


Happy Birthday Kronii, thank you for all the good times you made, it is always a pleasure to be on time to see a stream, and I can only wish you all the good for the coming year !

From: rikao


Hi, Kroni! I just wanted to say that the past couple months have been real hectic for me tryna complete all my assignments and projects. Its stressful just trying to cope and complete it on time but watching your streams helped calm down. It always puts me in a good mood when I hear your voice. I hope you have as much as fun as we do when you're streaming. Happy Birthday oreo crow-nee.

From: Vincent


Happy Birthday Kronii! I love using my free time to watch clips, VODs and streams of The Time Warden herself. Keep up with the hard work being perfect as it may be tiring to be perfect all the time lol. And as they say, time is gold, and gold is worth a lot so... I guess that means that you are worth a lot to us Kronies. Thanks for being perfect!

From: Macguyre


Happy birthday Kronii! One more year is not that important for the Warden of Time I suppose, but it is a good excuse to show you our appreciation...

From: JackezzClock


Happy Birthday Kronii, May the best wishes be with everyone in HoloPro and to you especially for this day!

From: Hazy Basilisk


Time flies when we are having fun, it’s hard to believe it’s been almost 6 months since we met you! Thanks for spending time with all of us and happy birthday, Kronii!! 💙💙💙 [~Time Synkroniization (a Tanka Poem)~] Time out! Stop the clock! Everyone should be on time. Let us synkroniize. Time in! Everyone present? Cheer, four hour time mistress!!

From: KyujinQ


Happy Birthday, Kronii! Spending Time with you; watching your streams, listening to your gorgeous voice, being able to witness the greatness that is you let alone your charming personality that draws me back in every time... If Time is money, then the time I've spent with you has been worth it. Been here since your debut, and am planning on staying for even longer! Remember, as perfect as you are, will always be, don't feel that you've always got to be. We all love you as you are, and that won't stop from a small slip-up or two (which we all adore seeing anyway). Take care of yourself, and know that we've always got your back. We Kronies hope the best for you and will treasure every second that we get to share with you. Once again, Happy Birthday, Kronii, and here's to another year with our Timeless Warden!

From: fate


Kroniichiwa and happy birthday! Thank you for all the fun times over the past few months. Had a lot of laughs catching your streams. Keep doing what you love and I’ll always support you!

From: Lapsi.Evol


Lapse of time means change, and with that everything changes. Things between you and all of us may change, but it is going to be in a good way! Have a fantastic birthday, and let's go for the top bond level some day! Feels more perfect than being perfect, isn't it lol

From: whiteday26


お誕生日おめでとう!/생일축하합니다!/Happy Birthday!

From: KhronosVII



From: Lily


Happy birthday Kroniii!!!! I love hearing your stream when doing my work. It's soo fun!!! Thank you for all your hard work. Look forward from you having more fun in Hololive.



I LOVE YOU KRONII KEEP BEING KRONII AS KRONII KRONII KRONI3QU4R892375878wytiehgdyhuuier54wurwjhq4u3iejhrfd4kftgy9fpso543267908

From: Lord Oblivion


Happy Birthday, our dearly beloved Time Warden! It's been 6 months since you've been with us, and sure it was truly an enjoyable ride with you with all those fun streams you did. From Minecraft Arc, Cortana hijacking the stream, PC-kun being dead and the Twitter Space Touching Grass arc, time did fly so fast. Likewise, we wish for you that your goal be continuously be fulfilled: seeing you be happy and enjoy what you do. Though I miss out some of the streams lately due to the game Real Life, I take time watching VODs when I am free from it. To be honest, I’m really excited on the future projects you’re working in the background. Your song was a surprise, and I can’t wait for that philosophy stream that you are planning to do sometime soon. We always ask what time it is, because all we want is to make sure we allocate time for you. Again, a happiest birthday to you, our lovely Noodle Arms Clock Warden. Stay perfect like the way you are, Ouro Kronii.

From: Ariel


Happy birthday, Kronii! Your relaxing voice and chill demeanor help pass the time while I'm at work, listening to your streams or having it playing on another monitor. You are a true master of time, and I know you will continue to keep entertaining us to smile, educating our minds, and energizing our hearts. Thank you for one more year in infinity!

From: Pharah


Happy Birthday Kronii! Thank you for all the great times, hope you have a wonderful day!

From: Kronii's Apostle [My helicopter cant be this cute]


Hey Kronii, happy birthday. Guess its this *time* of the year huh...haha This past months watching and listening to you have been great. Thanks for lighting up the mood and for being you. Congrats on your *Pi*day (pun intended).

From: sunny


Kronii, お誕生日おめでとう🎉 Happy birthday! I'm glad to be here for your birthday. I wish you well and I will continue to support you!

From: ALL


Hi Kronii. I know you lived for eternity and have seen countless anniversaries before, so it may not be any special day to you anymore. Still, I dearly wish you “happy birthday” and I hope you'll have tons of fun, up to a Time Warden's expectations that is! PS: don't forget to give Boros some love too, he deserves it :)

From: 별의바람


Dear Kronii, First of all, Happy Birthday Kronii! I'm kinda new to this community, but I just want you to know that I became a huge fan of you since the day I saw you playing around with other Holo EN members in Mincraft. Watching your streams give me strength throughout my period of service in the Korean army. I know you said that you shouldn't receive credit for this in your other stream, but I really want to thank you anyways. Although I don't have enough time for watching your streams only, I always put your stream in the background whenever I study and stuff. Really soothing voice (even the GWAKs), highly recommended for inspiration. Now, we all know that you have been through tech issues and stuff lately, and I'm just wondering if you're being stressed because of that. If not, all is fine, but if you were at some point, please remember that we fully support you whatever situation you are. Once again, Happy Birthday Kronii! Yours sincerely, 별의바람(WishofStar).

From: Riczao


Hi Kronii! If you're somehow seeing this, then it means that this message was used on the Times Square project. I want to wish you a very happy birthday, and since I wanted to but never could send a superchat before, this is my way of thanking you for the amazing content you make. It was one of your clips that made me fall down the Hololive rabbit hole, and I couldn't be more thankful for it. Before watching your streams, I was never really a stream watching type of guy, but now I spend a lot more TIME (see what I did there XD) watching Hololive streams (yours obviously included) than I ever spent watching any type of streams, even from content creators I really enjoy. There's something about you that makes you special, not just to me, but to the thousands and thousands of your fans, and I can't thank you enough for it. I hope you and Boros have a great day, knowing that we'll always be there to support you and the content you make.

From: Daniel Shillito


Kronii, you have been a beacon of light in some of my darkest moments and for that I am forever grateful. Please continue being perfect in every meaning of the word, thank you always.

From: Fegon


Happy Birthday Kronii Since you started streaming i'm always waiting to see you and happy too. Every time I hear your lovely voice and everything. I hope you have an extremely happy birthday and lots of fun!!!

From: poth


I have something tell you cuz you are perfect. OMG Kronii is bueatyful. Have a good day. From South Korea.

From: Mazakuna Simp


Feliz Cumpleaños Kronii from Peru! Espero que tengas un gran dia! Of your simp number 1.

From: EikoandMog


Happy Birthday Kronii! Having you in the background makes the time pass so much faster in my workday!

From: relaxed_potato


Happy Birthday Kronii!! Thanks for all the good times on stream! Have fun and I hope everything you want comes true!

From: Adib


Happy Birthday Kronii! Hope you will achieve all what you want with ease and have a smooth sailing in your journey! Thank you for everything <3

From: YWH


Time is a fickle thing, but when watching your stream it feels timeless. Happy Birthday Kronii!

From: margio


happy birthday kronster!! i have been enjoying your streams ever since the 12 minutes streams you did earlier :DD I love you and your streams so much that I watched one while taking a quiz :') (dw i passed HAHAD) all in all, you made these last few months the most happiest I ever had :> Happy birthday Kronii!! Eat lots and lots and lots of cake !!!

From: kyubey


Happy Birthday! Would you like to make a wish?

From: Godjello


Keep up the amazing work you put into your streams! Been a great time watching you play the variety of games on your own or when collabing with the other Hololive EN girls. Excited to see what's to come in the future. Have a perfect Happy Birthday!

From: 김용로


Today, thanks to Kronii manages this time, I am living with a goal. thank you. Please keep broadcasting good in the future! Someday, when I look at my watch, I will think of you. (I'm studying English, so please take care of the grammar mistakes I love you Kronii!) From YongroKim

From: Yoru


The time I spent watching you bickering adorably with Mumei or messing around with Gura were really amazing. From the bottom of my heart I wish you a very happy birthday!

From: Ann


Happy Birthday Kronii!!! Here is my first message

From: No


Happy birthday Kronii, I wish you have a different experience from infinite times of birthdays that you have experienced. And also, Kronii you are perfect, I say it on the square.

From: Khoi Ta


Time to celebrate birthday of Time herself, at this timeless Times Square. Happy Birthday our sweet sweet Kronii. As they usually say: Count not the candles, see the lights they give. Count not the years, but the life you live. You surely have brought abundance of smiles, warmth, happiness to many of us, and being the light for us in the dark times. Thank you for coming to us, Kronii. Wishing you a wonderful time ahead. Happy birthday our Time Warden!

From: Yoshimori


Time heals all wounds, and you are our healer. The warden who allows our mere existences, thank you. You are an amazing streamer, and you help us in the community to have fun times! Happy Birthday. Really. I hope that you'll be as happy from this project as we are from your streams. Keep at it! P.S. Don't forget to take the *time* to unwind; work can be a stressful thing. Taking some *time* to rest is always good, so I hope that your taking good care of yourself. Good luck out there, and see you next *time*!

From: Yin


Time truly flies, giving us many precious memories and laughs that will be treasured forever. Happy Birthday Kronii, I'll always be proud to be a Kronie and will always support you!

From: Sobriquet


Happy Birthday Kronii, Hope for you to have a great time at your birthday! Cheers!

From: HarieShokunin


Happy Birthday to Kronii I am fine I will you are supreme I like your stream I like your calm vioce tone stream. Because especially I love your zatsudan stream. I pray your happiness in the year. Thank you.

From: linjix


Happy birthday Kronii! I have enjoyed my timely stay watching your streams, they are very entertaining!

From: Hobs


Happy Birthday Kronii!!! Thank you for all the memories you've made with us so far, you are an incredibly beautiful and inspiring person... but you already knew that :) Hope you enjoy this special day!

From: TrollingJugs


Happy Birthday Kronii! Thanks for all the laughs and hard work you do, I'm glad you're a part of Hololive. Thank you for existing!

From: LeoCalicoCat


Happy birthday Kronii! Ty u being the council so we can have such a perfect chance to praise ur perfect in the perfect day u born.

From: kilopeach


I love you so much!

From: hana花


OURO KRONII! HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY TO YOU, OUR QUEEN!!! March 14 is actually a nice birthdate anyways www. As always, I'm out of words since I am not a flowery person when it comes to talking but as I am typing this am pretty shaking. You were one of the most amazing people I've ever come to know in my life, you actually changed the way I interact with people, you taught me how to be more confident to myself, be open-minded with things and also you made me love sneks (which is I don't really like before >>). As time goes by you showed us who really are you, your personality your habits which has become the reason why we kronies loved you very much. Many people relates to the stories you tell, many people are inspired with the things you say. You were amazing, very amazing. I could say that you were the first ytuber ever to entirely pull me in the rabbit hole, the first ytuber to make me feel weird things that oftenly leads me to freakin' accidents. Kronii, I-I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!!

From: yoshizhunter


I’ve definitely enjoyed the time I’ve spent watching Kronii’s streams. They’re always nice to put on whenever I’m doing something like playing a game or doing homework or something of that sort. Thanks for being Kronii and I look forward to watching more streams.

From: dabiid


Image submission from dabiid

Happy Birthday Kronii! Hope you have a blessed day! You have been a great Warden since debut! I remember learning early on how much you are a fan of Fire Emblem, especially Fire Emblem Heroes. and that caught my attention. Despite your ‘haughty’ attitude, you are entertaining, funny, and most importantly, genuine. That’s what I like so much about you and your streams, especially the superchat parts with your tangents. I hope you continue to be the Kronii we know and love, and you continue to be yourself! I drew you in the style of Wada Sachiko, the main artist for your favorite Fire Emblem game Sacred Stones, as my gift to you as a fellow fan of FE. Again, Happy Birthday and hope you enjoy it!

From: SekaBashi


Image submission from SekaBashi

Happy Birthday to our beloved time goddess! Wish you to always stay cheerful and beautiful. May Chronos give us more time to watch and support you!

From: Joel Chin


Image submission from Joel Chin

From: KA PI


Image submission from KA PI

From: cici


Image submission from cici

You have been working hard! Wish I could be there more often to cheer for you, but past couple years had been hectic for me, here's to year 2022!

From: Chipolly


Image submission from Chipolly

From: EmpiKuro


Image submission from EmpiKuro

Dear Kronii! Thank you for everything! For the wonderfully entertaining streams, your humor, and for lifting both my spirits and my passion for illustration. Just like Hololive introduced me to you, you showed my art to thousands, leading to me meeting a lot of amazing people and people who actually want to follow my work. Now I hope to create my own webtoon in the near future. For all of that, and much more I am forever grateful to you. From the bottom of my heart, I wish for all your dreams to come, a long happy life, surrounded by people who love and appreciate you. Happy Birthday Kronii. Thank you! EmpiKuro.

From: Reisare


Image submission from Reisare

HBD to the one who got me in the rabbit hole, it was only a matter of time!

From: FlameGraphics


Image submission from FlameGraphics

Heya Kronii! Happy birthday! I hope you’re enjoying or enjoyed your special day! Thanks for being an extremely entertaining person to spend my time watching, whether it’s after a long work filled day or in the background while I’m drawing. You have a great sense of humor and the gap between your confident side and dorky side is always so much fun. I hope you continue to spend many more fun streams with us Kronies in the future. Much love!

From: Pokers


Image submission from Pokers

Happy Birthday Kronii!

From: soap


Image submission from soap

From: @alainpld


Image submission from @alainpld

Happy Birthday Kronii! I hope you have a wonderful day and thank you for all the fun times these past months. Here's to many more in the future!

From: MofuZilla


Image submission from MofuZilla

Happy birthday, Kronii! Thank you for being such a wonderful influence to so many people! You're one year older but your time here has been endless! I can't wait for the many positive moments that will come to your way! Stay awesome!

From: usernot


Image submission from usernot

You're awesome, keep it up!

From: Park Yong Ki


Image submission from Park Yong Ki

Indeed, None may escape the sands of time and, indeed, most men do not even wish to be freed from her captivity. So we all belong to you, Kronii. As always It's important, I will say twice, Happy Birthday KRONII!

From: bun-taicho


Image submission from bun-taicho

Happy birthday, Kronii. Just wanted you to know that your voice is, no exaggeration, one of the most immaculate I've ever heard.

From: Nirusu


Image submission from Nirusu

Thank you Kronii for motivating me to get into art more through your streams.

From: a_Mochu


Image submission from a_Mochu

From: Memelord707


Image submission from Memelord707

Happy Birthday Kronii! Love from NYC

From: SilverChariot


Image submission from SilverChariot

From: メガネCrow


Image submission from メガネCrow

It's been 6 months, almost 7, and it's your birthday! May the happiness and love you have spread come back to you on this special day. May the cake be as sweet as you, and its candles be bright like the future ahead. Today is the day you were brought into this world to be an inspiration and a blessing to the lives you have touched. Cheers to more birthdays to fulfill you goals and dreams! Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to a special person, one of the few whose birthdays I remember without any reminder.



Image submission from CERIUX

Happy Birthday Kronii, my EN Oshi! Can you believe it? Its already been half a year since you have begun to grace us with your presence. Did you know that despite your cool, queen-like attitude, we Kromies know you are actually a really cute and funny dork inside. You were also one of the reasons why I decided to learn art again, as you were often my subject in my drawings. While I can't superchat you often like the regulars, I hope that my appreciation for you reaches you one day through my art. It was through the Kromies I found an amazing community. So thank you again, for being you. I wish you a joyous day. - CERIUX

From: SkyChordArt


Image submission from SkyChordArt

The time I spent in my life while your streams accompany me; I will forever cherish! I hope you have a wonderful birthday Kronii :)

From: sSt3ll4a


Image submission from sSt3ll4a

Happy birthday Kronii! hope you a very pleasant day with your friend and family, wish you success and happiness for this year and beyond, and thank you for bringing joy and fun to us and just being always perfect, anyway STREAM DAYDREAM.

From: TokiameTaka


Image submission from TokiameTaka

From: j1george


Image submission from j1george

Thank you for all the fun streams over the past half year, and I look forward to many more to come. Happy Birthday!

From: RookieGate


Image submission from RookieGate

From: Rafu


Image submission from Rafu

From: Midorimae


Image submission from Midorimae

From: xdJohn


Happy Birthday Kronii!!! Thanks for always being Time! <3

From: SGrand


Happy Birthday, Kronii! It has been well over six months and, my, what a journey it has been. I have only just discovered the rabbit hole when you debuted, and I can confidently say you are the reason I stayed. Every stream is a moment I treasure and often dream about throughout the day. Definitely time well spent in my opinion. Thank you so much for everything, Kronii. I wish you all the best and more because you deserve it. Once again, happy birthday to our perfect Warden of Time!

From: Nirrin


Happy Birthday Kwonii! I have been watching you since your debut and I really enjoy your streams. Have great birthday, you memer!

From: Kevin Huang


Happy Birthday Kronii! So sad to hear about your PC issues but glad it's given you some more TIME to explore real life and touch some grass. Thanks for spending so much time with us and showing a bit more of yourself over time. I love how you stream such unique games so there's always something different and refreshing about your streams. Hope you have something tasty to eat on your birthday and get to spend it with people you love. Looking forward to all the great things in the coming year!

From: Ahrigato


Happy Birthday Kronii! I wish you the best Birthday and hope you have an amazing day today because you truly deserve the best. You always bless us everyday with your streams making everyday be better even if we had a bad day. We will always continue to support you until the end of time and we hope this shows you just how much you mean to us and how much we all love you and think you deserve the best. Thank you for always making us smile! Happy Birthday!

From: Matthew


Happy Birthday Kronii! Thank you for being you and making time fly by. I watch your streams twice once as I fall asleep because of time zones (why did you invent those) and then once as a vod when I get off work and you have made so many great memories with us Kronies and Kromies. Thank you for all you do and keep it up in the years to come! Kanpai!

From: nic


Happy Birthday Kronii! Your streams are a delight to watch. You never fail to put a smile on my face and make me laugh. You have given me so much joy and happiness in my mundane life and I cannot thank you enough. I hope you enjoy your birthday 💙

From: A Certain Kronii Simp


Happy BDay Kronii! You always make my day with your laugh, your rage, and your gwaks and I know that's how the others feel too. Thank you very much Kronii! More Gwaks and streams to come! ❤️

From: mountain


Happy birthday Kronii!! Thank you for all the wonderful streams, you're my favourite streamer to put on no matter what I'm doing, I hope you have an incredible day and an even better year overall <3

From: Elvin


Happy Birthday Kronii, You have been one best streamers I watch, whether on the background or not your streams have provided me with great fun and enjoyment, Seeing you grow not just as a person but a streamer/vtuber was really fun, supporting you from the start and up until now your streams has and always will be a past time for me for that you helped me through tough times and hardships, that goes for everyone too, you have helped us By your streams, take a break when you need to, were always here, again Thank Your Kronii And Happy Birthday 🎉

From: Stella


Happy Birthday Kronii! Every day spent with you is refreshing, thank you for making us smile!💙

From: Cegiofra


I’m honored to wish a happy birthday to the cutest time warden out there!

From: Sensuifu


It is often said that some things in life become better as time passes, and you are no exception. People are naturally bound by time and understand there's a certain limit to what can be accomplished during this governance. You've proven that time itself can be honed into a force people admire and respect and as it progresses, so does your skills and talents in making your fans cherish the moments they spend with you. For every tick you feel you've regressed, there's always the tock that propels you forward to even greater heights. Keep improving what you've been doing and it'll only be a matter of time that you'll find yourself looking back and really feeling proud of your achievements. Happy Birthday Kronii! May you make the most of this special moment and enjoy all the gifts that come with time!

From: (🔥…🔥)


Happy birthday kronii.

From: MeltSimp


生日快乐! Happy birthday and thanks for spending the past year with us :)

From: Franco Centrone


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR FAVORITE (and only) TIME-WARDEN! and Krono I guess... It's been so much fun spending the time watching your streams, live or through archives. The community you've created and the vibes on each stream are truly great, I wish I could engage in chat more or support you in more ways but I'll be cheering for you always, just like so many Kronies do! The growth you've earned since debut has been extremely well deserved, and each accomplishment like the outfit, song and other amazing events were epic! We love you so much and appreciate all you do for us <3 I hope you have a great day and enjoy your time in here. A Kanpai for more gwaks, crazy laughs, Cortana hijacks and collabs with friends. Kroyasumi Kronii!

From: Draconeum


Hey Kronii how are you on this lovely time of year. I just want to send you a happy birthday after all it’s time to celebrate our time lord has aged another year to her infinity years you don’t look a day over 20. Let’s celebrate like there is no time tomorrow and now it’s time to look forwards to more adventures ahead with us the Kronies by your side. Your streams bring us all joy to us all and now it’s time to repay you back for all you have done for us. For me you pulled me out of my darkest of times so I want to thank you for that personally. We hope you can spend your time with the people you love and that you have a amazing time on your birthday. Happy birthday Kronii. To Kronii From Droconeum P.S. your Voice is amazing.

From: Corn in Butter


Happy birthday! You are the perfect being I strive to become. I never know time fly so fast when it is with you and Kronies, yet so slow because we have only know each other for less than a year. Please, enjoy your birthday and you definitely deserve the best for everything. P.S: Your voice is amazing and you speaking Korean is hot. Take the compliment like a champ!

From: Chirutai


Happy birthday to you, Kronii, our dear warden of time. This message found its way to Time Square from France as one proof among many that you are beloved across all time zones!

From: potato


have a happy bee day :]

From: Johnathan


Since the first time I saw you Kronii I knew I would love you. Since the time you've debuted to now you have grown so much as a person instead of just being a concept. Your laugh and your smile heals my heart everyday I see it and seeing you having fun with all your friends and the Kronies is a beautiful thing to witness. So many memorable moments have already been had and I know this is just the beginning. I hope and wish the best for you and hope to create so many more memories with you. Happy Birthday Kronii!!!

From: theothersophie


I've only watched clips of you for a couple of months but they bring me so much laughter. You and the rest of council have made a difficult time for me so much more bearable. For that, I sincerely thank you. Have a good one!

From: FrostytheGlaceon


Happy Birthday Kronii! Time sure flies when you're having fun, and making memories. Putting your streams on after long days of work sure helps me destress a lot. Here's to another year and future success on all your projects.

From: cinnamon


Happy Birthday Kronii!

From: Jaidz


Happy birthday Kronii!! Hope you have a great time today.

From: Fayne Su


Kronichiwa~ Happy Birthday, Kronii! Time flies! It has been six months since your debut! I still remember staying up all night to watch it because you are the one that I am most looking forward to meeting. And after I heard how your voice, it was so fascinating! Of course, how could you possibly disappoint anyone? You are Kronii, the warden of time! Your debut was perfect. <3 In the process of getting along with Kronies and Holomen, we have discovered more aspects of you. Whether the great and "hard-working" architect in Minecraft, the shy Kronii in Korean collab with Kiara, Krono(?, or even the born comedian in the recent off collab, each of them will only make people like you more. We can't escape from your charm. I am honored to have this opportunity to celebrate this momentous day with you. Wish you all the best and experience more fun times in the future! Finally, thank you for everything that you made for us, my dear Kronii. (wink <3)

From: Edwardo


Since the day of your debut, Your streams has never failed to put a smile and laughter on my face. This time, we hope to do the same to you. This is just a token of our appreciation from us to you. Happy Birthday, Kronii! My Warden of time!

From: Gilgamesh [Kronii's 1st Servant of the 12th]


Happy Birthday Kronii! You and the councils were my favorite gen out of all Hololive so I'll continue to support you guys.

From: Living_Shad



From: Arca


Happy birthday from France and the underworld! - just a dead beat that loves time

From: Iona


Happy birthday, Kronii! You are truly timeless!

From: Ant


Happy Birthday Kronii! Time really flies when you enjoy it huh. I got the opportunity to talk and laugh with new friends thanks to you! You have created a community that has been united since the start, and we feel you deserve all of this. You bring us happiness and joy with every stream, and every minute spent watching you is really worth it. Here's to more birthdays with the Kronies!

From: Anonymous


Happy Birthday Kronii! While I can't tune in much to your streams due to work and timezones, the times I'm able to just make my day 100000% better being able to wacth you have fun!

From: Roddy


Kronii, Our Warden of Time, I wish you a Happy Birthday from Argentina!

From: CypherMain


Happy Birthday Ouro Kronii !! Have a blast with the project and enjoy the day !! I am still a student and have no money to support the funding but I am really happy for your achievements since you've come a long way. More blessings and fun streams to come. Thank you for the non-stop entertainment and some OCD fixes haha. Have a nice day !!

From: Neoshinji18


The time has come and the time could not be more perfect. I used to watch Hololive but no other could capture me just like you. Even though it must be just another year in your eternal life, let me still wish you for the best and that all your objectives and plans are a success! You deserve the best for all your hard effort and your patience with us Kronies! Let the FLOWERs surround you! Let the GWAKs announce you! Get more victories in the CIVIL WARS! Be CONFIDENT in your beautiful singing! Let your GAP MOE shine even more! Let Krono go free! And Let Boros smile! Thank you for all you do and I look forward to all you will still do!

From: Another Buddy


Happy Birthday, Buddy

From: KBCP


HELLO NEW YORK! It's a very special Time Warden's birthday today, and we have taken over this billboard in Times Square to celebrate it! Happy, happy birthday Kronii!!! Have a wonderful celebration on your special day! 🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉

From: Starry5hark


Image submission from Starry5hark

Happy birthday Kronii!!! I've been a fan since she debuted and I've always been so impressed with how cool and funny she is, plus she has a nice voice too! I usually tend to put her streams in the background while I cook or do homework, it's really fun and chill to watch her streams. Here's to spending more fun times with the warden of time!

From: drurel


Image submission from drurel

From: trubbish


Image submission from trubbish

From: Phong / Miso


Image submission from Phong / Miso

Happy birthday to our warden of time! I don't think there's a single time watcing your streams that doesn't make me laugh or smile. I usually like to put streams on in the background while I work on stuff, but it's not possible with you. You are so captivating and fun that I can't keep focus and my eyes get glued to the stream. Even though that sounds bad I wouldn't want it any other way cause a reason to smile is always worth it, and you're worth all the time in the world. So once again happy birthday and I hope you have the most amazing day!

From: GimmeTheGravy


Image submission from GimmeTheGravy

From: Outhale


Image submission from Outhale

hbd kronii samura

From: lyon


Image submission from lyon

From: Nox


Image submission from Nox

From: ziii


Image submission from ziii

From: Votato


Image submission from Votato

When I feel lack of confident and lost, I always look at the TIME to gain energy! Thanks for being here Kronii. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

From: Kofimate


Image submission from Kofimate

Happy Birthday Kronii, the best and only Warden of Time we all know and love! Time flies fast whenever I'm joining your streams, and time and time again you and the Kronies and Kromies never failed to make my day better. Whenever I just draw with your stream on the background, I just laugh out loud like a maniac because of you being you. Working on art has been more refreshing ever since. You are an inspiration to many, and for that I say, thank you so much! We wish you all the best, but I think at least one of your wishes beforehand came true already. Looks like you got one of the things you wanted, a community that is so fun and welcoming that they started a project like this! Here's to more endless fun streams! Hope you have the most wonderful birthday!

From: shine


Image submission from shine

Happy birthday kronni I hope you have an excellent birthday.



Image submission from CECUCO

If this is the Warden of Time's birthday does this make it Happy New Year?

From: Yellowjay


Image submission from Yellowjay

Happy birthday Kronii! Ever since you've debuted, you've been a constant source of happiness for me. From the gwaks to the ara-aras to the comfy streams, I cherish this all. I wish you nothing but the best and I hope you enjoy your day.

From: Matt Scientist


Image submission from Matt Scientist

You've inspired me all the time I've spent watching you! Thank you for existing and I wish you the happiest birthday ever!

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