Farewell messages to Vesper Noir

Sending off Vesper Noir with our best wishes

About this Project

Organized by: TEMPUS project serverEvent date: 25 September 2023

Hello, fellow Tempura and all Holopro fans!

This project is a joint project across multiple TEMPUS fancords (TEMPUS Guild Hall / TEMPUS project server), which came from the wish to honor talents Magni Dezmond and Noir Vesper of Holostars EN, who sadly graduated on August 31st, 2023.

While it might appear like a short time, they still left us with many amazing moments and were appreciated by many. This project was intended to give their fans a little space to send well-wishes and highlight their favourite moments throughout the last year. We hope you will enjoy reading through everyone's submissions, and that you may remember the talents fondly by them.

We would like to thank holoen.fans for kindly hosting our project. And finally - we also want to thank you, everyone who contributed a message or artwork.

- The Graduation Project Team


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Community Submissions

From: Bronzie


To Vesper: Your talking streams about anything were the highlights of my days, thank you very much for your time with Tempus!

From: Estra


I didn't really watch Vtubers. I pretty much only gave the Tempus debuts a try because they came up in a geeky general chat I was in and I was like: 'Huh, you know, most of the VTubers I've seen are ladies. Maybe the boys could use a little support.' You really were something else in your debut. Your story about the plastic ball resonated, and with each zatsudan, I wanted to spend more and more time watching. I didn't make every stream, but every stream I caught was a joy to witness. I really liked watching you grow more confident in collabs. The creative ways you tackled content. The way your laughter felt like a burst of warmth aimed right for my chest. And, as someone who is an anxious, introverted mess (and as someone who did similar things on a trip to Japan lol), seeing you succeed felt like a reminder that I could do more than I was trusting myself with. Seeing you put yourself out there felt like a perpetual challenge to do better myself and I hope that you know that, wherever you are now, what you did meant something. Changed something for the better for me and I'm sure many others. And I want to thank you for that. [...] Even if it was short, I want to thank you for the time you gave us. I hope you're happy and healthy where you are now.

From: noelle


Hi Vesper!!! I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything. even though I was a casual watcher, your energy and humor brought such a light to my day and I always enjoyed watching your streams. you will be missed greatly, but please know that you are forever in our hearts. I wish you all the best for whatever awaits you in the future. 🖤🖤🖤

From: mitsubasil


Thank you Vesper for joining tempus. in the short time you were here you made a big impact on me and so many others. i loved your drawing streams. your zatsudans were also very fun and calming to go to (although sometimes chaotic lol) and all your crazy stories would make me laugh. i wish you the best of luck wherever you've gone off too. vespapa/grampire/gramps/nowaoji, take care where ever your journey takes you.

From: Verdandi


Vesper, thank you for spending time with us. Thank you for sharing your humor, your enthusiasm, your curiosity, your creativity, your joy. Your presence meant more to us than you'll ever know.

From: Silver


Long time lurker here, actually since debut! I've admired the cozy vibes of your zatsudans and I admired how you'd keep to your 10 am schedule (1 am for me but it fits just right before going to bed). I always liked hearing the stories and such. Your interactions with the boys were fun to watch too! Thank you for sharing a part of you to the Vesties!

From: Mori/Luke


Thank you for everything, Vesper! Your crazy, unhinged stories and bits are always a treat to listen through! I wish you the very best on your next journey. I want you to know that you did help others discover their dreams and help them out, just like what your debut line said!

From: T


Vesper: Thank you for bringing us Vesties lots of laughs and fun during your time in Tempus! Since I heard your story about the plastic ball and I gradually heard you tell us more and more goofy anecdotes, those funny stories have, in a way, made me look forward to the future even more! I always enjoyed how you found humor and enjoyment in the seemingly mundane– there’s so much fun to be had and so many stories to be told just from everyday life. I had a great time tuning into your zatsudans. Even though I’m just now entering my gamer Renaissance (:P) and learning more about computers, TTRPGs, and different types of video games outside my usual comfort zone, it was a lot of fun hearing you talk about all of that. I’ve played D&D a decent bit, but I have a feeling your advice and attitude surrounding it will come in handy in the future. It was really nice seeing how welcoming you were to the other Tempus members with various levels of experience and comfort when you started a TTRPG with them! If I ever DM a game, I’ll strive to be a DM as inclusive and open to experimentation as you were. Do remember that, although we don’t know you personally, us Vesties appreciate you and all the work you put in for us! You contributed to a nice "playing games and eating pizza with the boys on a Saturday afternoon" vibe that I and so many of us Tempura really enjoy. That relaxed, personable vibe is what kept me coming to watch Tempus, and you and Magni were huge contributors to that! While it may have been a somewhat short time, your time in the Guild Tempus was a valuable adventure, just as much for us as it was for you! Thanks again! o7



Hello Vesper, Watching you always made me feel comfortable, and I really enjoyed the stories that you've told in your streams. Somehow, you really give the feeling of a cool grandpa or an uncle that I could trust. Hearing you talk about tea was fun too! In fact, I've actually started drinking tea because of you. You really did influence me in a lot of ways... Thank you for the memories, Vesper! I'm wishing you luck, success, and happiness.

From: Ames


Kronii is my oshi and seeing you guys bantering is my favorite thing to watch!! M-O-I-S-T!

From: flos gelida. (san)


i wish all the luck in your future endeavors ♡ i will think of you with every cup of tea i brew

From: ForkInTheFridge


Hey Vesper, thank you for all of the laughs and great times through this past year. You were my first membership not just in Holo but out of all of YouTube. You helped bring me comfort and were a great way to help relax during the stressful times of studying for exams in nursing school. Your stream schedule being so early helped me fix my super broken sleep patterns that got me used to waking up earlier just to prepare for your streams even during my off days. It’s repetitive, but all I can say is thank you so much for all of your work, love, and charm you gave to all the Vesties and Tempuras that tuned into your streams! You have given me such joy and wisdom both hinged and unhinged that I’ll remember for life. Best of wishes Grampire! ForkInTheFridge

From: Siân


I don’t know how to get across how much it has meant to me to find someone like you that I could relate to. I know you’ve heard similar things before from us ‘older’ Vesties. I hope you have some idea of how much you’ve enhanced mine and certainly many others days over the months you’ve been sharing your time with us Vesties. Thank you for everything. I’ve been happy for you seeing what you’ve achieved and I hope you feel good about your achievements with Tempus too. I also hope you continue to have fun with art. Your art journey has been fun to witness. I’ll miss you but I wish you well and much happiness! I’ll always be a Vestie. Take care!

From: bridgette


vesper! my surrogate parasocial grandfather… i’ll miss you so much! thank you for always being so sweet to us tempura and you always made us laugh with your crazy stories. i’m very proud of how far you’ve come as a person and creator and i hope life will continue to treat you kindly. i’ll miss and love you always! so much love.

From: DramaticalHearts


Best wishes to you, Vesper – I wasn't always able to attend your streams live, but I watched you whenever I could; I was there for your debut, your karaoke, your cover song debut, and your 2.0 model debut and more, and I was so happy during them all. Your streams always had a way of making me smile, whether it was through your stories, your cultural references, your bits, or just your laugh. And, as a thirty-something who's not sure where they're going in life, watching you chasing your dreams made me emotional at times, and gave me hope, too. My biggest wish for you, in wherever you go from here in life, is that you'll never give up on yourself, and that you'll believe in yourself, at the very least, because we, the Vesties, have believed in you. ♥ Your time in Tempus meant a lot to us, and won't soon be forgotten. Love forever, Nowa Oji!!

From: Watotodile


Vesper, it was always a treat to catch your streams during my lunch break and listen to you like a podcast during work to help make my days way more entertaining during your morning streams. Even if I couldn't always watch the streams while working, I still found you so entertaining that I didn't even need visuals to have a good time while listening in. Thank you for all of the fun Zatsudans, Collabs, Gaming and Special Streams like your DnD campaign; they were all amazing and hilarious at the same time. Especially an extra thank you for considering Outer Wilds after reading my SC recommending the game; that stream was magical, and it made me so happy to see you experience it first hand like so many other Vesties and HoloPro members did. I hope you were able to catch Shinri's stream of the game while on hiatus, as I know you wanted to see your other guildmates experience the game too! You are and always will be my Kamioshi Grampire, and I wish your the best in your future endeavors whatever they may be. Warm regards, Watotodile o7

From: ImNemo598


Thanks for joining Holostars. You were the first person I felt oshiness with. From the moment of debut, it was like "oh shi*, this is my guy. This is that feeling ! I'mma support the crap out of this man!" I was always more of a lurker in chat and in the Tempura community as a whole, but I've been trying to change that recently; everyone is so nice, especially now. Thanks for everything you did for us on stream and behind the scenes. Thanks for being you because you're great. I regret nothing. PS, I got a folding bike because of you, a Brompton A Line. Please take responsibility. Thank you.

From: appledress


Vesper, I had so much fun watching you during your time at Hololive! I felt seen as an older otaku with your zatsudan streams and you kept me company at work every day. Your stream time at 1pm made sure I got back from lunch and back to work on time 😂. Best wishes in the future!!

From: Coltic


when i first heard of tempus, i honestly didn't think much about vesper. But i didn't expect i'd end up liking him so much. from watching him explaining the deep mechanics of zomboid, making a 69 story tower of stone on minecraft or him fucking around with magni on sims 4 or sonic, i didn't think i'd ever watch anyone playing those games that i either didn't know nothing about or i don't think it would be that entertaining if it wasn't for him. he could pretty much make any stream entertaining just from his wildest tangents or his sheer commitment to the bit. i don't think i've seen this from other people i've watched quite like vesper did, and i'm gonna miss all that.

From: Misfortune’s Herald


To my favourite adopted Grandpa and Scholar of Guild Tempus - Ah, where do I even begin. You may, perhaps, have been the strangest person I have ever had the pleasure to meet, but in my world, there is no bigger compliment than that. If I could say one thing about your streams and why I watched them, it would have been this - because you were you, with your stories that maybe no one else could tell like that, and an attitude that I can only describe as genuine. You didn't hide your happiness, your wonder, but also your struggles (and sometimes, the psychic damage from certain collabs...), and your laughter was infectious. Traits that seem to be rare in people, somehow. I'll have you know that I did actually stay up until 7 am just so that I could hear you die from eating stupidly spicy hot wings for your monetisation. I hope that makes you proud somehow - or at least makes you question my sanity. I also remember that you always tried your best to interact with chat, and of all my comments you could have noticed... you happened to catch the one where I asked "Does he even read dialogue anymore" after a very stupid West of Loathing part (dies from cringe). I'm still not sure whether to be happy that senpai noticed me or to hide my head in shame, but I do hope you know it was well intentioned! There are so many other legendary moments that I'd want to mention, from your psychiatry side job to your artist arc, your interviews with your guild mates, but I don't have the space. But I've loved them all, and I hope that you had at least as much as a fraction of the fun streaming these things as I had watching them. Alas, we have come to the end of the journey. I didn't think or hope I'd write these words so soon, but, well, sometimes that's how the dice roll and the story goes. From one LotR fan to another, I'll leave you with this - "Roads go ever on and on / Under cloud and under star"... Take care out there, and all the best.

From: Plum


Dear Vesper, Thank you for the time you shared with us. I'll always cherish the memories you shared with us. Your morning zatsudans were some of my favorite things to watch. I admire your passion for the things you love, and I loved getting to hear your wild life stories. Like many others, I was endeared by your plastic ball story you told during your debut, and I've considered you my kamioshi since. I'll miss you and all the time we spent together, but I'm so happy and thankful for everything. You'll always be my favorite (not-vampire) Grampire, and I'll always be a Vestie. Thank you again for everything, Plum (staged_plum)

From: Taro or Latte


I've been an Uncle Nowa fan from the start. When TEMPUS debuted, he's the one that caught my attention! His design reminded me to some series I used to watch as a kid back in the 2000s. As a nearly 30 years old old hag, I could relate to his sense of humour. I also could relate to some of his stories, as wild as that sounds. He brought me so much comfort and happiness with his streams. In fact, he's the only VTuber that I ended up both donating AND paying membership. No one captured my heart as much as him, and it was always a delight to see his streams when I had lunch. Although in still saddened that he graduated so suddenly, I wish him the best, and I also wish the best to my fellow Vesties too!. Farewell, Vesper Noir! May your spear live forever in our hearts. You will be forever my one and only kamioshi!

From: Eri


I wanted to send you off with congratulations, but for now, congratulations on your graduation! May your future be filled with even more happiness! I will miss you, but I send you a message from a faraway land: Thank you for one year.

From: Chrissy


Hey Gramps. I miss you and your morning streams. I wish I would have been able to catch more of your streams and have met you sooner. Despite this, I am happy with the time that I had with you. I hope your journey out there in the stars is going well! I'm sure those Martians will love your spear! If you see Magni on Uranus, say hello to him for me, won't you? I miss you dearly and will always miss you dearly, but please take care. I hope you are always happy, healthy, and well loved. Dont worry about us Vesties, we'll be ok, so go enjoy your journey among the stars, and just maybe think of us from time to time, ok?

From: VII


Hi Vesper! I hope you're doing well. Thank you so much for everything, Gramps. Your streams, your tangents, your stories, your rants – they're all a blast. I really had fun! I hope you had fun, too. I will never forget your plastic ball story and I will always cherish that. I wish you nothing but the best, Gramps! We love you! You will always be our one and only resident scholar! May you have fun in your next adventure. Take good care of yourself always! <3

From: Lime 52


On August 15 of last year, I was having a pretty terrible night. Without getting into detail, I was in a stressful situation that I couldn't get out of, where my only choice was to lie in bed and wait to fall asleep. I was a ball of anxiety. I couldn't calm down. I clicked your MS Paint stream because I was hoping it would distract me, and it did. After watching you scribble on the canvas for a few minutes, belly-laughing at the memes you were referencing and the boys' faces on them, I was actually smiling. I've never felt that before – going from peak anxiety to soothed and even happy in just a few minutes. I'll always treasure the time I spent watching you in Tempus. You made a real-life, meaningful, genuinely positive impact in my life that will stay with me even after you've moved on. Thank you. Your streams were my plastic ball.

From: Brittbleu


Vesper, When you first debuted, you wowed me with your excitement. You also inspired me as an artist and as a wanna-be streamer with your interesting zatzudans and hilarious stories. You made me feel like I could do it too. You also helped me through the roughest time of my life. I always looked forward to your streams and your projects. You had great ideas and execution of them. When Shinigami came out, I was as my lowest point. But your song cheered me up and I still jam out to it till this day. I've always wanted to cover a song and you inspired me and helped me to see if I put in the work it can be done. Maybe one day youll get to hear me sing. Anyways, thank you for your time as a Holostar. Thank you for being a part of TEMPUS. Thank you for being Vesper Noir. I hope your future endeavors make you even happier than ever. -Brittbleu

From: SharkFinTempura


Hey Grampa. Hope you’re faring alright. Thank you for your time here in Holostars. You made lots of people laugh and inspired many to chase their dreams once more. I’ll miss hearing you laugh with the boys, but looking back, you’ve given us many reasons to smile, and you can be proud of that!! I wish you happiness just as you’ve given us. Farewell.

From: Nyx


Hey Vesper, Thanks for the memories this past year, the good and not-so-great, and everything in between. I will always cherish you as my kamioshi, and I hope you were able to read the story I made for you in the birthday project. Best wishes wherever you land, and may your guild retirement be fruitful and full of adventure. Best regards, Nyx

From: Chamomile


Last year was really rough for me. Tempus HQ’s debuts kinda snuck up on me. A certain story about a plastic ball got to me that day. After debut, I kept watching you and the boys. All of your stories and bits have made me the happiest I’ve been in a while. Thank you for uplifting me and giving me things to look forward to. I wish you well! I’ll forever be a Vestie. 📗

From: Mabopoki


I Wish You The Very Best Vesper!!! Wish You The Best With Graduation!!! We Will Miss You!! - Mabopoki

From: Plagesama


Hey man, was sorry to see you go, wished we could have chatted more. Thanks for all the greats zatsus and all the funny moments. You were just a ton of fun both solo and in collabs. It was always fun wondering how you might bounce of X person or what crazy thing you'd say next time I saw you or if it would wind up being a chill vibes day. You were a lot of fun for me personally since half the time you were "just like me fr fr", and the other half the time your life experiences were hilarious, almost as different from mine as humanly possible. I know you were always self-conscious about your singing, but your Shinigami cover really is excellent. I'll continue listening to it for a long time to come. Wishing you the best in your future endeavors!

From: Vantablack


Now he'll never get that Zomboid pizza for us. HE HATES US. Jokes aside, it's been a wonderful time; you've given us lots of amazing memories. Gonna miss your unhinged fun zatsus that accompany me while I'm working, and HoloSALT collab streams are legit my favorite streams of all time, I absolutely love the banter you guys bring. Sad to see you go, but I sincerely wish nothing but happiness for you in your future endeavors. Thanks for everything, be proud of yourself cos we're proud of you, Peepaw!

From: Mikki


You were the best unhinged grandpa that Tempus ever had. We're gonna miss you very much, and I hope you're doing well and are happy wherever you are.

From: Wackywarrior13


Vesper Noir, thank you for this past year of streams. Thank you for getting me invested into Holostars as a majority. Thank you for streaming at 10am your time which made for a perfect watch time for me. Overall, having watched your content this past year, it felt like I was watching an older brother enjoy his time here in Holopro with numerous friends. I will always remember those times fondly as I watch the Tempus boys. Thank you for your time, Vesper, Respected Scholar.

From: renren


I've always enjoyed the late-night (for me) zatsus and it always was such a treat to just listen to your crazy stories. I will miss those days, but whatever you decide to do next, I wish you the best. Thank you and good luck with your next adventure!

From: Denebu


Vesper, I can't thank you enough for your time in Tempus. You really helped me out when I was in a slump and reignited my passion for gaming. Before that, I was just grinding away in my white-collar job, unmotivated and unsatisfied with everything and too tired to play anything. I will miss your zatsudans; your unhinged stories showed me that it's never too late break out of the circle of mundanity and cherish every moment of it. My gaming horizon was also broadened thanks to your based game picks. I will never forget you, Vesper! Otsustars~☆

From: Dominik K


Thanks soooo much for being the older streamer that always seemed like the chillest guy. Your passionate storytelling was always fun, and even being mostly VOD gang, I really liked your old PC stuff. Made me feel nostalgic.

From: Sai


Hey Grampire. Thanks for all the fun content you did with the Tempus guild. I loved every collab content you did with Holostars and Hololive members. I love your DnD videos, the table top collabs, the Shinigami cover, and the WoW videos (I wish I had the full game so I can play so I'm kinda sad that I can't participate on that anymore). Even though you didn't stream a lot of games, you made up for it by being cool in collabs. I wish you would've stayed longer but I hope the best for you and Magni, wherever you guys might be. Thank you for your time, the laughs, and the moments you made in Holostars.

From: Flyingspacewhale


Thank you for inspiring me to write again. The plastic ball story lives rent-free in my head.

From: i.o.


hey gramps. i'm gonna miss you. i always loved watching your streams during my lunch break from work they always brought me joy. i really loved hearing your stories and your laugh. i'd say my favorite stream was probably your zomboid one where you tried to get pizza for all the vesties. but no matter where you are or where you go, i wish you the best

From: Destiny


It seems like the time slowly passed, but you got more confident the more you streamed, even if there were burn-out points. It was a long and wild ride. Your spear talk, fishing info, just all of it was amazing, including you singing Soulja Boy. Enjoy the long ride, and try not to lose forklift certification! Keep spearing and keep smiling, Vesper!!

From: takoyoaki


Thank you so much for being a part of Holostars! I've made so many happy memories because of you and the boys. I wish you luck on your future endeavors! Love forever.

From: Koko


Farewell book boy.

From: Kingshound


Hey Vesper, thanks for making my afternoons more entertaining and introducing me to games I never thought would be so addicting. Your unhinged but relatable rants have always brought a big smile to my face while I scream "HE IS JUST LIKE ME FRFR" and I will never forget it. Tempus will always be sailing the same boat in my heart. Wherever your path may take you, I know you will kill it out there. Best of luck Gramps!

From: Comment King


Dear Vesper. Thanks for your time in Tempus! It was always a joy to watch your stream and hear you speak so passionately about your interests that I could hear you talk all day long and not get tired of it. You were the coolest, dandiest vampire ojisan ever and you will always be the one and only Nowa oji! Good luck!

From: Atitaru


hi Noir Vesper, the resident scholar of the guild TEMPUS! i want to thank you for all the memories you've given us — and i think this is a sentiment all the tempura and vesties share. there is no doubt you have made us laugh with the streams you've had, brightening up our day (or, maybe night). you introduced me to many new things and encouraged me to touch more grass, LOL. my mom has an illustration i made of you set as her profile picture on social media, but i don't think she knows it's you. she just thought it looked pretty. it makes me laugh every time, haha! i've always wanted to tell you that one day — so better late than never. never forget how much the guild TEMPUS and the tempuras love you! you'll always be the best grampire in our hearts!!

From: LemonyLulu


Thank you for everything, Grandpa!! Your enthusiasm for everything always boosted my spirits! Fly high, King.

From: Katy Papercrafts


Thank you for the time you spent with us over this past year. I know it's hard to compress into a few words just how much you've meant to all of us, but the best thing I can say is that you've made a huge impact on everyone by just being yourself. I've always found you quite relatable as I'm not one of the younger fans. Your storytelling skills and warm demeanor will always be something I'll cherish. Not only that, but you broke out of your comfort zone and sang a beautiful cover that I'll play for a very long time. Please don't worry about us too much; we'll be okay, just as I know you will be too.

From: franaderia


Hi, Vesper! I was new to the Tempus fandom at the time and only started watching your streams after you started collabing with Bettel. My husband loves WoW and other kinds of vintage games, and I later learned that my best friend is a lurking Vestie. Ever since I started watching your own streams and VODs, it opened up more ways I could bond with my husband and best friend~. We all looked forward to your zatsus and your stories, your WoW Wednesdays... and all our breaths were taken away at your 2.0 model reveal. I just wanted to say, thank you so much for bringing all of us so much joy and laughter~. Keep being pumped and heated in your current life! Them spears aren't gonna brandish themselves! We're always looking forward to watching you grow~. Thank you for being the grand scholar of the Tempus Guild.

From: CrissCross


Hi Vesper! I know that you probably won't get time to acknowledge me, but I just wanted to say thank you for everything you've done for me. Tempus has changed my life since day 1 and it's all because of you. I'm gonna let you in on something a bit personal. Earlier in July last year, just before you, Altare, Axel, and Dez debuted, my granddad tragically died. It was a huge loss for my family and we all had our different ways of coping. My way of coping was to watch your streams. I'd always catch your morning zatsudan streams (I live in the UK, so the time your morning streams would start would be around 18:00pm) and I loved every second of it. It's a shame to see you go so soon, but at least you know that you helped someone through a really tough time in my life. Say hi to the Tempus boys for me! .....I'm gonna miss you Ves and good luck~. Thanks for changing my life Vesper <3 CrissCross64

From: BubblegumPatty


I've always loved your stories and sense of humor, and how infectious your laugh was. I'm sad to see you go, but I hope your future adventures are enjoyable and wonderful! Take care Grandpa. We'll miss you!

From: FelixWuff


Henlo Vesper! Oh how short was the time with you. Every single moment you allowed us to be part of your silly little world was like a blessing and a wonderful distraction. Your sillyness and unhingedness was a welcome distraction and made the cold world a little bit brighter for so many Vesties. I am a proud Vestie, and I am very happy you have been my very first Oshi in the VTubing world. I wish you a happy journey and may your path be blessed with dry ground to hike and drive on with your bike. We love you! And thank you for everything. (Vestie forever, you can't change that)

From: garou


yo gramps, thank you for the rambling zatsus (unhinged & thought provoking) and your intense admiration for niche subjects and games. there hasnt been a stream where i didnt walk away learning something new; you've been a true scholar through and through. much love from all the vesties,

From: Aspen


hi Vesper! while i’m sad you’re graduating, i’m super elated we got to make so many memories together with the other Vesties! i’ll always be cheering for you, and i wish you the best in your future endeavors! Vesties for life!!! 🩶🩶🩶🩶

From: Krolid


Image submission from Krolid

Hey Vesper. It is kind of crazy not to see you and Magni together with Tempus going forward. However, thank you for the good memories and for sharing your experience as a member of HoloPro, Holostars, and last but not least as a member of Tempus. Wish I could have seen you sing more and improve, be on stage, and your old man antics with the rest of the boys. Wish I could have continued to support your journey with the Vesties and all of Tempura. I am sad about your graduation, but at the same time, I wish you the best on your next journey in whatever you do and hope you are happy and healthy. There is probably more for me to say but I did my best in sharing them. Thank you for showing us that it is never too late to chase your dreams and try new things. Good luck out there Gramps! I will miss you.

From: nanabmon


Image submission from nanabmon

Hi, Vesper! I really wanted to say thank you for the number of comfy streams you have. Most days are a treat whenever I see clips of you talking about something random (or at least something unexpected on my end). Like learning that you love camping, hiking, getting a spear, you walking around during a big storm, and you going on your bike - disappearing into the night - just got me hooked. By the way, I have to say that your birthday merch is so awesome! Great timing because I was looking for a tea set. I hope you're having a really good day while sipping your tea... Now I remember you putting a coin in a teacup. Thank you for doing karaoke streams and for releasing your latest cover song! They're a blessing to every Vestie listening. Your voice is amazing! I'm going to miss you saying "I don't hate you" whenever you go on break, and everyone spamming "He hates us!" in the chat. To be honest, I love how you interact with chat. It's so fun. It's like we're part of the stream. I don't know how else to describe it. Thank you, Vespapa, for being such a positive vibe for Vesties. I gained confidence being part of a fandom project because of you. I wanted to greet you on your birthday. I got so hyped up and made a Vestie in yarn form. Also, speaking of yarn, I want to tell you that I'm selling stuff at conventions. I was always just a con-goer or a lurker in most fandoms, but this time, I got the confidence to make stuff! I sell mostly crochet keychains. I made a bad Vestie in crochet form during your birthday... But I promise, next con, I will make a good Vestie, and I will show it off! The Philippine Vesties love you, Vespapa! Advance Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I hope you have the best year and have a very good year next year, too! - nanabmon

From: 81Deities


Image submission from 81Deities

I rarely got to catch you live, but I always loved listening to/watching the VODs. They always made me laugh and helped me through many a boring work day. Thanks so much and best of luck in your future endeavors!

From: KayKay


Image submission from KayKay

Dear Vesper: This little Vestie has prepared a graduation gift for you: a bouquet of flowers, each one carefully selected to express her thoughts on the past year and well-wishes for your future. First, the gladiolus, on the left – she wanted to assure you that her feelings are sincere. Next to the gladiolus lies blue iris, expressing her grief over the loss of days gone by; not wanting you to feel any guilt, she asks for your forgiveness with the purple hyacinth. The blue violet was selected as a sign of faithfulness: you’ll always be her oshi. She’ll never forget you and is deeply grateful for the time that you and the Vesties spent together – that’s what the pink carnation means. With the sweet pea, she bids you farewell and expresses her gratitude for a wonderful year, but not before sending you off with the protection and good luck bestowed by white heather. As for the black rose? Well, that symbolizes you, of course! The flowers this little Vestie picked for you won’t ever wilt. Will you accept them?

From: Micky C:


Image submission from Micky C:

I remember I was about to start my last semester of college when Tempus debuted. Usually it took me a week to really get involved, but Tempus was different, and you especially were the first person I immediately declared as my oshi. As the months went on I found myself being more motivated to finish college and better myself in small ways because I wanted to tell you about what I did. I didn’t have money to spare so I couldn’t send superchats, and I was always busy so I couldn’t interact with chat or anything, so the moment never came, even on my birthday when I wanted to send a birthday message (again, too poor so that’s on me only, not you). I still kept going though, because I would imagine you and the other boys cheering me on, and it helped a lot on tougher days. I admire the things you did too, like how streaming helps with your social anxiety and going to Japan for work. Yes, the trip itself was probably a wild ride but going to a foreign country while only kind of knowing the language, especially Japan, is something I’ve always wanted to do but was too afraid to do so. I think Japan is a beautiful country, so while I may not have the hiking willpower, maybe it’s an idea I shouldn't toss away just yet. That and honestly just you being here made me think more of things I value for myself, something I’ve had to brush aside to be more “reasonable”, and it started rekindling my own dreams and aspirations slowly but surely. Creativity and art is vital for life in my opinion, and I can’t thank you or anyone enough for bringing that back to me. It’s not like I’m gonna stop now though. I might as well keep going and keep making you and the boys proud. And myself, that too, haha. Have fun with Sana up in the stars! Or in that cabin in the woods with great internet, or Antarctica, or wherever else you go. And thank you again, for everything.

From: Semiluminary


Image submission from Semiluminary

Dear Vesper, Thanks for the ride; it was great while it lasted! I will never forget your great zatsus, your warm laugh, and your crazy antics. I also want to thank you for what you’ve done for me, whether you know it or not. (Well, I guess now you will know.) When you became a Holostar despite your older age (some report you to be 890 years old!), it inspired me, an older person myself, to get off my butt and start doing cool things again. I set up my own PNGtuber (though I’m still not quite ready to start streaming), joined the wonderful Tempura community, and started working on my art, writing, and crochet in greater earnest than I had in quite some time. Your example inspired many of us to do cool things we hadn’t done before, to join together, and to work together to build a great community! I hope that motivation stays with us for as long as we remember you! So thanks again for being you! Good luck! -Semiluminary

From: eyyyyo


Image submission from eyyyyo

I will never forget the late night streams while I do work at 3am. It was always a good time to listen to your talks. Both you and Magni deserve all the happiness. I wish you the best of luck in your journey, Old Man; but ngl gonna miss this gramps and his spear.

From: Dandelion


Image submission from Dandelion

Hey Vesper. One of your Vesties, Dandelion, here. Thanks for all the good times, your streams were always such a great way to settle into my day. I'll always remember your hearty and joyful laugh, the way you repeat key parts of your sentence (it's both charming and easy to follow!), and your passion and curiosity. I especially loved seeing you open up to allowing creativity back into your life. I remember early on you cautiously telling us you used to write. At the time you seemed to consider that an activity that was simply in the past for you. As much as your tablet had its own frustrations, it was absolutely beautiful to hear you start talking about your viewpoints on the importance of art and creativity as you began to explore drawing again. I know you don't consider your ability to work from reference very valuable, but I hope you can learn to give yourself more credit- all the most highly praised masterworks of realism in the world come from a strong use of reference. You have a great innate capacity for observation and for applying that understanding of light and form to your art. If you choose to continue working on your art for your own enjoyment (crossing my fingers that you do!), I do think that getting an entry-level tablet without the screen display would help take the tech issues out of the equation while you're still learning the fundamentals! Over time you started talking about wanting to write fiction again as well. It absolutely made my heart sing that you wanted to explore these creative passions again, because being involved in the Tempura community inspired ME to get back into digital art, something I hadn't done in a decade or so and had truly thought was just... in the past for me. I don't have twitter, so I only really share my art with friends and through Tempura fan projects, but it's the process that's most fulfilling at the end of the day! Thinking about the fan projects I've had the opportunity to participate in also reminds me of your incredibly sweet love for animals. I'm pretty sure every Vesper piece I made for a fan project had you somehow interacting with a cute animal (petting a bunny, being smothered in bunnies, Vesper AS a bunny, you get the idea hahaha). Every time you talked about your deep love and regard for pets and animals on stream it brought a tear to my eye with how cute and heartfelt it was, whether it was wanting to go to Bunny Island while in Japan, finding the perfect cat in the block game and naming her Antigone, talking about orange himbo cats, or bonding with Starbark as salty sea captain Vesper. Wishing you many many creative pursuits and the space and lifestyle for a dog in your future! With love, Dandelion

From: Kirisaki Jake


Image submission from Kirisaki Jake

I really don't have much to say, so I'll keep this simple: I just want you to know, you'll always be a part of the boys.

From: ChocoMilkTea


Image submission from ChocoMilkTea

It has been a wild ride. Thank you for all your hard work and the memories, Vesper Noir, resident scholar of the adventurer's guild TEMPUS and a member of HOLOSTARS English. Every stream you're in has been a delight and I am proud of what you were able to accomplish as a Holostar, including your solo cover and aspiring artist arc from MS Paint to CSP (especially the assets you made). I had a great time drawing with Vesties and Hakkitos in your art collab with Hakka, I hope you keep drawing! I also remember your unarchived karaoke, you have a great voice and I hope you will keep singing! From your morning zatsudans to your membership art streams and watchalongs, it's been an honor for me to support your journey o7. I will carry on as a Tempura and support the rest of the boys, but I will never forget you and your catchphrases like "get rotated". I'm glad to have an oshi that had so much passion for tea and I enjoyed learning facts about tea. From one tea enjoyer to another, stay safe and keep doing your best in your future endeavors. Take care, Vespapa ^^ -ChocoMilk P.S. To explain the fanart with your 2.0 design, it's inspired from a past zatsu: you let me sit next to you in a plane as you fly it into an uninhabited island and I'm forever grateful. It took me a while to get around to it but I finally made it, hope you like it!

From: Kay (Kawaii Kaychu)


Image submission from Kay (Kawaii Kaychu)

Vesper, thanks for getting me an M&M McFlurry, that was very cool of you. Jokes aside, I'm glad you made it into Holostars. You really did deserve to be there, no matter what your brain may say, and though your time as an idol only lasted for a bit, it was still memorable and you, yes you, won over thousands with your personality alone. You're an unhinged old man with spears and I wish you nothing but the best. Good luck on your next adventure, Vesper!

From: SK-Aprilia


Image submission from SK-Aprilia

Hi, Vesper! Thank you so much for accompanying us in the past year. I've spent hours listening to your streams while working or drawing. It was really helpful in keeping up my productivity or to just calm my nerves after a stressful day. You were the first VTuber I've really followed, so thank you too for dragging me into the rest of the Tempus gang. I'm gonna miss your jokes, your funny stories, and your Tempus DnD sessions. Wish you all the best for your future endeavours, wherever you go. Love ya, Vespapa!

From: Loreleice


Image submission from Loreleice

Thank you for sharing your insights and stories with us! Through your streams, you've made us feel different kinds of emotions. Here's to the tea-loving guild scholar with a lot of experiences to share!



Image submission from JUICE MAN

Hey Gramps! I had no idea what I was in for when I started watching you around when you debuted as a Holostar. For a lot of my life, I never believed in myself because I rarely saw people who were like me being happy or making a positive impact on others. Soon, though, I realized you were just that. Not only did I love you for your authenticity, sense of humor, passion for your interests, and kindness, I saw a lot of myself in you, too. I saw you do ambitious things and that you were so loved and accepted by the Tempura and the boys. I realized that if you could do all that, that I could too, and that me believing in you means also believing in myself. I’ll never forget all the great times spent listening to you tell your wild stories, talking about PC parts and anime, playing fun games, flirting with evil robots, gelding, stealing pantsu, learning new things, committing to bits and even the time when you used my art as a thumbnail. I’m grateful to have spent this last year with you and the Vesties, so I hope whatever you’re off to next, it treats you just as well as you treated us. I’ll keep believing in myself, and I’ll certainly keep believing in you. No matter what crosses your path, you’ll always overcome it, or at least get a good stab in with the boar spear. Thanks for letting us be a part of this amazing chapter of your story!

From: nozu autumn


Image submission from nozu autumn

Hi, Vesper. Where do I start… Since you debuted, you brought lots of joy to my days. Your streams were an important part of my day during a time on my life nothing was certain, mostly the zatsudans, I used to take my breakfast alongside them. You made me laugh like only a few did. Your tweets and your voice cheered me up in the bad days. When I got accepted into university, it was the same day Top of the World released. I was so proud to hear you sing. In the streams afterwards hearing how much you wanted to improve and learn new things made me even prouder of being part of your community, well, one of the Vesties. As time passed and I watched you grow, I felt even prouder for being part of the vesties. When you released the Shinagami cover I had it on repeat for a long time. It is even my ringtone. And just as a random anecdote: When you mentioned Princess Tutu once in your stream, I yelled of happiness. It was the first time I heard someone talking about that anime, and the fact that my oshi knew about its existence made me happy. I always will hold the memories you gave me close to my heart. There are more things I want to express, but right now I cannot find the right words for it... I'mma miss you, Old Man. Thank you for everything.

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