Ina's Birthday - IN TIMES SQUARE!

A tentacultist has purchased time on the Thomson Reuters billboard in Times Square - and we're going to put Ina fanart on it!



From: The Tentacult Temple and HololiveEN Fan Server discords, and many other fans who joined in!


Original Reddit Post:

Ina's initial reaction to the plan:


For those who don't know anything about Ina

An explanation by UnstoppablePhoenix

Hello, New York City! My name is UnstoppablePhoenix, and unless you know who this is, you might be confused about what you're seeing right now.

This is a fan-organised project celebrating the birthday of Ninomae Ina'nis of Hololive English generation 1 (also known as HoloMyth)! But you may be asking yourself, "What is Hololive, and who is Ninomae Ina'nis?". That's why I'm here to help you out and explain.

Hololive is a talent agency based out of Tokyo, Japan that manages Virtual YouTubers (VTubers) - content creators who stream using digital avatars. Think of someone like Pewdiepie when he had videos using an avatar. That's what a VTuber is. There are many reasons for using a digital avatar. It's fun, it's unique, and it provides a degree of anonymity. It's also a showcase of how technology has advanced over recent years. Within Hololive, most of the talents are Japanese, but there is also an Indonesian and English branch too! The talents provide all sorts of entertainment, including but not limited to: gaming streams, karaoke streams, drawing streams and talking streams. Some of the content is family friendly, others a bit more risque.

Now, to understand Ina more. According to her lore, she was a normal girl until she found a book which gave her strange and wonderful new powers. She's accompanied by this book, known as The Ancient Ones (or AO-chan for short). She is very cute and an amazing drawer, and this is our way to give back! You can find clips of Ina by searching her name or Hololive on YouTube.

Throughout this website, there are messages and artwork from the Takodachis (Ina's fan name), so please take the time to look at them! Enjoy, and happy birthday, Ina!


Tako Times Square Project Description:

This project consists of a website (congrats, you found it!) to host image/animation/video submissions as well as text submissions from fans all over the world! Pretty much this is the birthday present part of this project. The other part of this project is the billboards at Thomson Reuters Tower, which are set to display approximately 99 fan illustrations and 4 animated works on the day of Ina'nis' birthday, May 20th. They will be shown for seven minutes an hour for the duration of the day, displaying a number of fanworks and an animation specifically created for usage with their vertical screens.


Special thanks to:

Thalio: Animation

Xenefia: Animation, Timing, and Splicing

JGblkshot: Editor/Video compositor

And all the fan artists, the people who submitted messages, as well as the planning team on the Discord servers! None of this could have been done without you!


Details and Links:

The advertisement will be running from 06:00 Eastern on May 20th to 01:00 Eastern May 21st in Times Square, on the Thomson Reuters billboard. Our submission for the billboard is 60 seconds long, so it will play 7 times per hour. If you want to go see it in person, that's your time window!

If you're tweeting out your fanart, make sure to use the hashtags #TakoTimesSquare and #inart! Also, if Ina decides on a birthday hashtag, be sure to use that as well!

Also, if you're sharing a video of the billboards at Times Square, make sure to use #TakoTimesSquare for that so it's all organized!


The Hololive EN Fans youtube channel, where we'll post this project's videos and maybe future ones if the project needs it:

Sneak-peek at what will be on each display - you'll have to use your imagination to see what they'll look like put together!

Display 3 Animation by Thalio and Xenefia

Display 4 Animation by Thalio and Xenefia, art compilation by JGblkshot

Display 6 Art compilation by JGblkshot

Display 7 QR display by Xenefia

Display 8 Art compilation by JGblkshot

Display 9 Art compilation by JGblkshot

For those of you who just want to see what the video would look like if you were in Times Square (this is a mockup, not actual footage) it will go live when the billboard does (06:00 Eastern time May 20th), and has a premiere linked here: note: this is not monetized or anything of the sort, it's just a premiere so people can have a countdown and those who can't physically be there can have a little bit of a watch party

Discord Server Organizers (links):

Tentacult Temple Discord Server and their Twitter

HololiveEN Fan Server yes it's a mouthful just call us HEFS and their Twitter

Website for our affiliated EN fan discords and their projects: You're on it!

Ina's Channel:

P.S: Art is in the Submissions, just need to scroll past the text submissions - it starts past submission 553 or so!



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