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HoloEN Fan Advertisement Project

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Project Info


Hololive did an ad for their very first HoloFes blu-ray DVD back in 2020 at Yunika Vision, before Myth's debut, so in order to show our apprecation and to congratulate EN on all being featured in HoloFes (and CouncilRyS on their 3D models!), we thought it was fitting to make a return to Yunika Vision!

We also chose Yunika Vision because this is THE PLACE to do fan ads for idols. Many popular idols such as Blackpink, Twice, Aespa and Jin of BTS were featured in Yunika Vision!


Unlike Ina's and Kronii's birthday Time Square, we can't show fan art or message submissions directly on the fan ad. However, we are still taking text submissions and art submissions, and everything will go on the website for our oshis to see, which will be accessible through a QR code on the advertisement just like the Kronii project!


Yunika Vision, Tokyo, Japan (That's the same place as Cover used for advertising [hololive 1st fes]!)


Mar. 13~19th, 2023

(During the week of 4th Hololive Festival)

It will show 18 times (once every hour, exact time not decided yet) a day for 60sec each time

  • 30 seconds Myth
  • 30 seconds CouncilRyS


  • To celebrate HoloMyth's second anniversary of being part of Hololive Festival and all of their hardwork
  • To celebrate CouncilRyS' most likely first 3D concert and being part of Hololive Festival for the first time and all of their hardwork

Artists Involved

* She also did art for fan ad project during SeoulPOPCON

Ad Agency

Cublic Media (Fanlab)

Hololive Fan ads they did:



7000 USD

  • Ad space + Ad agency fees
  • Artists commission
  • Paypal fees + Bank fees

Project donation link

KFP The Office [Ko-fi]

What will happen to extra money raised?

As fans of Hololive EN, we will donate through an organization.

All additional proceeds will go to:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If this is all Hololive English members billboard project why are we using KFP's Ko-fi?

  • It is because of some of the issues we ran in with paypal and transferring money. Project Manager already worked with KFP | The Office before so this will help minimize any troubles we might run into. All the money we raise for this project will be used only for this project and if we have any excess funds we will donate to non-profit organization as fans of Hololive EN.

2. Where will you donate the excess funds?

3. I can't go to Japan to see this billboard how am I going to see it?

  • There is an youtube live video feed that shows Yunika Vision. It is a billboard on the top left. Also when the billboard goes up we will be there to see it personally and will post video of it.


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