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HoloEN Fan Website

A website featuring amazing projects organized by the community!

Featured projects

IRyS Timeline Project

A timeline of IRyS' journey so far.


AnniversaRyS 2023

We're doing anniversary message cards again this year!


HoloFes 2023 Fan Ad

HoloFes 2023 Celebratory Projects


EN Servers

Bae's Sewer Rats

"Bae's Sewer Rats" is dedicated to everything Hakos Baelz related! whether you're in the mood to be cozy or chaotic, come on down!


Mumei's Sanctuary

A fan server dedicated to our guardian - Nanashi Mumei, come hang out with the fellow hoomans!


🦉Mumei Civilization🦉

🦉Mumei Civilization🦉is a community server dedicated to the Nanashi Mumei, we are still a growing yet warm civilization, but feel free to join us and build your nest with us!


Kronii's Clock Tower

GWAK! Server dedicated to being down bad for Ouro Kronii. Come spend some TIME with us~


Kronii's Time Vault

Kronichiwa! Kronii's Time Vault, the Ouro Kronii fan server, a place to appreciate Kronii's content together with Kronies!


Fauna's Forest

Konfauna! We're a fan server dedicated to Ceres Fauna. Stop by to join the forest of saplings enjoying everything Fauna related.


Sana's Milky Way

Hi! We're Sana's Milky Way, and we're here to worship the giant space gyaru! Please feel free to join us. We have Minecraft.


IRyS' Stage

Server for the Hololive English VSinger, IRyS! We hope you enjoy your stay!


Hololive English Fan Server

A place to chat with other fans of Hololive English! If you want to hang out, you've come to the right place. I have been told I need to fill this out more to make it look better so... this should be enough?


Ame's Detective Bureau

Aspiring to be the world's best detective? That's too bad, we already have one and her name is Amelia Watson. You can be the best assistant instead, so join the Bureau and become a TeaMate today!


Gura's Gawrdians

Shaak! Greetings from Gura's Gawrdians, fanserver dedicated to the Virtual YouTuber Gawr Gura! (English/日本語)


Tentacult Server

Ina Ina Inaaaa~ We're a fan server dedicated to Ninomae Ina'nis! Come hang out with your fellow Takodachis and enjoy everything Ina-related together!


Kiara Fried Phoenix

Dedicated simp server for Takanashi Kiara of Hololive English


Mori's Realm

A fan server for Calliope Mori!


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